Friday, April 30, 2010

Blind Vice: Who's the Not-So-Gleeful Diva?

New from Ted today -

Blind Vice: Who's the Not-So-Gleeful Diva?

Jeez, whenever we try to give people benefit of the doubt (à la Buck Me-Good), it turns out to bite us in the ass.
Remember how we told you the Glee kids were all, like, one moderately happy family—by Hollywood standards, that is?
Well, one snitty star on that totally lovable show is causing quite the dramatic ruckus, pulling a Heigl on set. And it just pains us to report this, but alas, it is our jobs. So let's get the nasty stuff over with, shall we?
Introducing Pat Poisonpuss, one of the main faces of Fox's hit show. Actually, Pat would probably smack us across the head for saying "introducing" before this sexy babe's name because, according to P.P., Pat has been in the Hollywood game forever. So much more than the minions (crew and fellow actors) Poisonpuss is "forced" to deal with everyday.
A source close to Team Awful recently visited the Glee set and reported, among other snitty deets, that Pat was totally isolated in between takes.
Pat, we're told, "really gave off the impression that [he or she?] is a huge diva," our insider dished. The set snooper insisted P.P. positively reeked of entitled-itis—think it's going to be catching soon on that show, too.
But say it ain't so! We're told diva doesn't even begin to describe how bitchy this par-tick star behaved, not mingling with anyone, choosing, instead to do eye-rolls over in a corner while other actors we're doing their bits. Talk about tacky!
But hey, maybe it's a method-acting kinda thing? You know, P.P. is just trying to stay in character in between takes? Could that be it?
We're choosing to believe that scenario, 'cause we think Pat is a total fox and supertalented.
Anyway, hopefully this seminew celeb won't get too big a tude, 'cause this behavior so screams Katherine Heigl.

And It Ain't: Dijon Talton, Heather Morris, Harry Shum Jr.

Update 5/10/10 - Ted has revealed that Pat Poisonpuss is Lea MicheleHere is the link to the reveal. 


Unknown said...

lea michele maybe? i dont watch the show, but she was in spring awakening so that may be why she thinks she as part of hollywood? otherwise maybe jayma mays, shes been in a few movies/ on tv as a recurring character. but i could see LM as a diva before JM

dinosaur_l said...

This so reeks of Lea Michele.

Leanne said...

I feel like Lea is too obvious. I like the Jayma Mays guess, though.

Unknown said...

I think it's Lea Michele too. In yesterday's Bitch Back, Ted said:

Dear Ted:
Is Lea Michele as nice as she seems? I sure hope so.
—Forever Smiling

Dear True Glee:
Lea's a doll and we hope she stays that way! But, more on her later.

MM said...

Hmm, Ted mentions method acting, which means that it's someone who plays a meanie on the show as well. It's probably Dianna Agron (Quinn), the blonde cheerleader. She's one of the main faces of the show and is very pretty. Her IMDB page shows she's been working since 2005.

duffgrl said...

I agree w/ the Diana Agron guess.

sarochka said...

This screams Jane Lynch to me. She's been around for awhile, and the method acting thing would fit her character on the show.

Unknown said...

To me, if you read the rolling stone article that Erik Hedegaard did recently (very interesting interview, first read it when lainey liked to it) that this is probably Lea Michelle. She even brags that she's been "working professionally since I was eight.". She also seemed the most moody out of everyone he interviewed.

Check it out for yourself, see what you think.

Rins said...
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Rins said...

I'm wondering if it's Matthew Morrison, based on the AIAs with Heather Morris' name and two other men, along with the alliterated Blind nickname (PP=MM) and Morrison's acting record on IMDB going back to 1999. Kind of thrown off on the "staying in character" thing, although Will Schuester's been depressed lately.

Meghan said...

Lea Michele's diva attitude is infamous, even back when she was just on Broadway. Ted describes her as ~super talented~, which I wouldn't apply to Diana. And if you see the Glee cast's behind the scenes photos, everyone's always in them except Lea, who is only in a couple.

Molly said...

The consensus at several places, and I agree with it, is Naya Rivera, who plays Santana. She's had a long career in Hollywood, and in interviews she comes off as a bit of a diva. The implication that she was staying in character would make sense too, because Santana is a snob. Ted has come to Lea's defense many times already, and Lea would be rather obvious, too. Plus, the AIAs would point to one of the Cheerios.

Bobo said...

I agree with the Naya Rivera. That's actually the first person who popped into my head. Jany Lynch was second, but I just refuse to believe that could be true.

Einstein DeGeneres said...

Ted says Lea is a doll, not a b*tch.
Look at Naya Rivera's bio:

she has been around since she was 5 or so!

S N Humphreys said...

It's Naya. Lea is more Broadway than hollywood. Jane Lynch and Diana Agron are both sweethearts.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I think Lea Michele is great and a real talent (the Golden Globe nom shows that I'm not alone), so do you have any news about her other projects like movies and play? What is up next on her work front?

Dear All Work:
Up next for Glee's reigning a capella queen? Glee, Glee and more Glee. Fox has a supersmash hit on its hands and it's going to milk every last drop out of these cash cow kids—as in more records, more tours, more everything. But hey, it'll pay off. Lea and cast are some of the biggest stars out there right now!"

mo said...

I think it's probably Naya Rivera, who is the other (dark-haired) mean Cheerio. All of the AIAs are about the same level status on the show as her... not the major stars but still in the glee club. Plus her character is usually miserable/snobby. So it fits.
p.s. I heard that Jane Lynch is super nice in real life, so it can't be her.

Anonymous said...

All the A.I.As Ted mentioned are DEFINITELY not main characters. my guess is Naya Rivera. Her supporting character has a snobby attitude, plus she just seems like acting that part wouldn't be that hard for her in real life.

Unknown said...

This is purely speculation and I'm not sure if "supertalented" with super being italized is hinting anything but Dianna Agron (Quinn) and Jessalyn Gilsig (Terri) have both been on "Hereos" according to their bio. I've heard they're both really sweet in person though. Jessalyn would make sense she is one of the older castmates and her younger castmates are getting all the attention and she isn't. But again, I've read that she is a super nice person in real life though so just throwing those guesses out there.

blurry vice said...

I'm glad my 3 sisters watch Glee so they have some insight on this one. I have never seen it although I am aware it's great and looks from the previews as something I would love. If only I had the time I would watch much more TV! Anyway... needless to say I have NO guesses on this one. Leaving this one up to the rest of you! :)

Unknown said...

I'm sticking with Jayma Mays as she has a long track record in the business... also including Heroes. Her character keeps her distance from people because of her neurosis. She is also top billed in the credits where the rest of the cast is listed alphabetically... She doesn't seem the part and he is not normally blatant. I'm excited about this one because under the surface I think I have this.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Here in the U.K. there have been reports that Glee's Lea Michele is really not so nice. And I'm seriously hoping that's not true, as she seems like a good person and role model, not to mention she is supertalented. So tell me, is Lea nice or not? And is she friends with the rest of the cast of Glee?

Dear H.S. Drama:
I plead the fifth. We sure heart her, though! Think the cast does, too. Most days."

Anonymous said...

Lea Michelle. The event the other day where her and Patrick fought, which DEFINITELY happened, according to people who were actually there. People who worked with her on Spring Awakening always say how stuck up she is and from experience, a friend of mine met her and bitch! Sad, I liked her and wanted her to be nice SO BADLY!!! Alas, she isn't. =(

Unknown said...

I think Lea has a total diva attitude, but there are so many reasons this blind is not about her.
1) Almost no Hollywood record pre-Glee. Check out her IMDB page.
2) No way she would be isolated between takes/not mingling. She lives with Quinn, and even if they are on the outs, Jonathan Grocoff is her best, best friend (and he clearly knows her ways being on Broadway with her for a year!). He would be filming around the time E! was on the set, so she would be hanging out with him at the least.
3) Rachel Berry does not stand in the corner rolling her eyes. She's dying to be approved of (just goes about it wrong), so this behavior would not be termed method acting for Lea.
The only things that fit are diva and supertalented, both too generic to be the real meat of the blind item.

Anonymous said...

Emily, yeah, you are right. I guess I missed those points. =)

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I am a huge Matthew Morrison fan, ever since Hairspray and now Glee, and sometimes he comes across like a bit of an ass and other times he is really sweet. Can you shed any light on Mr. Matty Fresh? Thanks!
—In Love But Confused

Dear Gleeless:
While M2 may cop a 'tude from time to time, he's definitely not the resident diva on the Glee set. But more on that Monday..."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
What do you mean Lea Michele and Cory Monteith aren't on the same level of anything? I think they are so cute.

Dear Mis-match:
Miss Lea seems way more mature and relationship-ready than goofy Cory, even though he's older. But maybe that's just Cory's good-boy image juxtaposed with Lea's little starlet one. The dude is so down-to-earth that it's hard to pry him from the surface.

Dear Ted:
Seems everybody loves the Glee goss! Does this mean we'll be getting another Glee B.V. soon?

Dear Gleek Vice:
I think I can manage that. I'll keep an eye out and an ear open..."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
So I've been reading that there are more reports of Lea Michele's diva attitude on the set of Glee. I'm not at all surprised but I just wanted to know if her awful behavior stopped you from watching the show? I watched an episode and I have to say Jane Lynch is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I honestly don't like the how, with the exception of when Jane is on. What are your thoughts of it? Is Jane Lynch a BV?

Dear Sing For Your Goss:
There's big difference between awful behavior and diva behavior. Lea is a normal actress by Hollywood standards with her 'tude, my whole point is that she's not famous enough to pull some of the stunts she has. Girlfriend is no Jennifer Lopez yet! Jane definitely carries the show in my opinion, but honestly, I'm way more interested in the behind the scenes dirt than what's sweetly being portrayed on Fox."