Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lainey- One more couple to mourn

One more couple to mourn - 8/29/12

Nothing to laugh about here -- this one we will all be sad about. All of us. Because it’s almost over for them. After rising together and stabilising together and conveniently finding a home together, where you’d think work would be so much easier, and having the babies too, they’re close to formally ending it, and there may be an announcement soon...which, well, if you look at him it doesn’t seem to have affected him physically. Everyone says he really cares about his appearance these days, more than ever, and is looking hotter than ever. Or, as one person put it, “hot all of a sudden”. Emotionally too he hasn’t let on that there’s anything wrong. For what it’s worth, I’m told there was no third party involvement. Perhaps that means it’s amicable, just the end of their story. Perhaps we’ll be more choked about it than they are. As I drench my waffles in more maple syrup.

Revealed to be: Will Arnett and Amy Poehler

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Enquirer - 8.22.12

From the National Enquirer Aug 22nd-

Which one time blonde A-list hottie has MORE than “exhaustion” issues? Plus:  who’s the mistress for the prosecution who’s NOW turning tricks in Bangkok?
THIS 50-something former A-lister has been partying way too much, dating much younger guys and canceling gigs at the last minute – and now her team is so concerned that they’re making a list of rehab facilities for her to check out. The blonde movie star has been very vocal about her willingness to fire anyone who suggests she has a problem, but she’s finally agreed to get some help for her “exhaustion” issues.
WHICH TV actress has secretly broken up with her hunky sitcom co-star – she never owned up to the romance publicly – and is going through a massive midlife crisis? The rail-thin single mom doesn’t think she can keep a good man, so she’s actually contemplating taking back her wacky ex!
WHICH early ’90s badboy reality star, who’s now married with children, has found love away from his manipulative and cheating wife...with another MAN? The hard-partying personality, whose cast mates once referred to as “homophobic,” is this close to coming out as gay! Who is he?
THIS former famous mistress, who helped send her ex-lover to jail for murdering his wife by testifying for the prosecution at his trial, is now turning tricks for money in Thailand! She’s so broke that she’s telling friends she had to turn to the world’s oldest profession just to make ends meet.
WHICH closeted TV chef is carrying on a down-low romance with an openly gay actor/comedian from a popular sketch comedy show? The handsome cook refuses to come out of the closet – he has a gorgeous girlfriend – but his gay secret is about to explode because his new lover is yapping all over town about his celebrity boyfriend!

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Lainey - Who Did Your Eyes?

Yeah, this is way late.  Sorry!  From Lainey August 10 -

Who Did Your Eyes?

One of the best pieces of gossip I’ve heard lately. I wish I could have watched it go down. Wait, but now I’ve built it up too much. So I’ll pull it back first: this does not involve sex or cheating or secret gays or garden vegetables which means some of you may find it boring. But it does involve two celebrated actors, super powerful, super respected, neither of whom seem to be particularly vain physically beyond staying trim.
A few months ago, one wrote the other asking for some advice:
Actor A: I was just wondering...who did your eyes?
Actor B: I don’t know, I’ve never had my eyes done.
Actor A: Yeah, ok, sure. Merry Christmas.
And then they spent the rest of the season sh-t talking each other while smiling down the carpets at all the events during the season because one suspects the other of holding out on him for a good surgeon. In Hollywood, you’re never too mature to be pretty...and petty!

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Actor A:
Actor B: