Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Another Lainey reveal! - Diddy

Wow, Lainey is giving us Thanksgiving treats. Another semi-reveal today about Diddy ... referencing "Star Treatment" from September.

Here is what Lainey said today:

You are a douche
This is Diddy in a new ad for his new fragrance I Am King that will be plastered in Times Square.
I Am King?
No! You Are Douche. You Are SUCK.
Oh, and it gets worse. Much worse.
When describing the ad, Diddy offered these enlightening words:
"When you see Barack Obama, you see a strong, elegant black man and when people see my ad, it's almost like that's the trend.”
Diddy = Barack Obama?
Sit the f-ck DOWN B List!
Barack Obama wouldn’t tell people not to make eye contact. Barack Obama wouldn’t tell hotel staff to kowtow in his presence and be honoured to breathe his air. Barack Obama wouldn’t make a 100 people wait during what was promised to be a live interactive interview and cancel at the last minute for no reason.
But Diddy would. And Diddy did.
And who are the f-cking idiots spending money on this sh-t?

Diddy reveal!

Update: Lainey-Because He Ignores Her

Lainey again hints that Sarah Jessica Parker is the subject of Because He Ignores Her from 9/30/08:

Alone at the ballet
Actually no. Valentino was there to keep her company, so at least one gay was by her side … and a orange one at that…just not the one she was hoping for. Seriously, how fashionable is it to look as though you’re being asphyxiated? This is Sarah Jessica Parker last night at the New York City Ballet opening in a killer short dress but no one to appreciate it. And an update on the Sex & the City movie sequel: Kim Cattrall revealed it was happening, then SJP claimed that was premature, now she’s explaining that they’re hoping to nail everything down by February, shoot this summer, and go for a 2010 release…so basically what Kim said. Apparently Michael Patrick King needs to decide on what the story should be. How about no story and just montage after montage of Carrie trying on clothes interspersed with random sightings of the mute Asian baby? At least the dress porn wouldn’t be boring and contrived.SJP also confirmed (for now) that Carrie likely won’t have babies. Then again, Carrie seemed uncomfortable talking about sex with her best friends in the last movie. Out of character decisions don’t seem to be a problem.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Update: Lainey reveals Debra Messing as subject of past BI

Lainey revealed Debra Messing today as the subject of Body or Baby! (10/14/08). Our original post can be found here. Blurry guessed her right away....

It`s all about healthy eating
But isn’t it always? Debra Messing with her “new amazing body!” graces the cover of the new issue of Self. Inside the magazine, she discusses her frustration with the tabloids over losing her baby weight and what finally led her to finding a program that worked.Her secret?Oh just healthy eating. That’s all. Nothing invasive. Nothing suspicious. She says it’s all about the diet. Of course it is… "I was exhausted! I couldn't work out three hours a day and do my job as a mother and an actress. So I took the pressure off. I cut back on seeing the trainer but started eating healthier. Ultimately I'm very proud of how I dropped the weight because I think it was the healthy approach. I've finally taken ownership of my body."Right.Now that she has her body back, her priority now is to spend time with her husband: "I can't tell you the last time I had a date with my husband. My ideal date with Daniel would be a spectacular meal, maybe Italian, followed by dancing. That's a New Year's resolution I'm looking forward to."Italian?Carbs expand in your stomach. Then again, that’s what elasticity is for.

Monday, November 24, 2008

NY Post, Page Six - 11.24.08

From today's NY Post Page Six - Just Asking...

WHICH ex-couple - an actor and a model - still share some aspects of their sex life? Both are known to sleep with a fa mous Lower East Side topless dancer who has a reputation of never going home alone . . .
WHICH TV host has such good rapport with his fetching female co-host that his wife has correctly guessed they're having an affair?

Daily Mirror Wicked Whisper - 11.21.08

This was from Daily Mirror, Wicked Whisper from Friday 11/21

Which Us actress has been trying to mend her recently broken heart with a two-month cocaine bender?

Her entourage fear constant sniffing and weight-loss will lead to grief.

Perez Not-So-Blind

Shirtless Cam Gigandet Signed Twilight 8x10A not-so-blind item from Perez Hilton from Friday 11/21 -

What up-and-coming young actor cheated on his girlfriend of 3 years and got a 23 year old waitress pregnant?????! His publicist is making him stay far away from the waitress, as they obviously don't want this to come out!!!!

**Update 12/11: Perez has revealed this is Cam Gigandet.

Friday, November 21, 2008

One Two-Timing Blind Vice

New BV today, from Eonline's Awful Truth by Ted Casablanca, Nov 21 2008-

One Two-Timing Blind Vice

Angelina Jolie~ Angelina Jolie Poster~ Rare Poster!!~ Approx 24" x 36"Been awhile since we heard from Fake-à-la Ferocity, I know. The babe who has used prescribed synthetic goodies to help her get off a nasty drug habit is two-timing her man, didn’t you know?
No, not that hunk she’s got at home stashed in the fully toy-equipped bedroom, but her doctor, I mean. Turns out F.F. knows how to work her fierce femme charm on the good docs (a very old story in this town, right? Just ask Liz Taylor’s 263,000 docs if you don’t believe me). So you know the last Vice tale: Ms. Ferocity needed to get off her substantial habit so she could not only save her home life and marriage but make a movie, too. Thought nobody would notice that she went right back to using not that long ago.
Yeah, right, exactly. So gotta get clean again! Yep, she’s back on the synthetic stuff, and not just with one doc but two. Two pro docs who don’t know about the other, by the by. Guess Ms. F. really likes to feel good when she’s feelin’ bad comin’ down from the hard stuff? I swear, it’s not the docs and the man at home, nor F.F.’s family, that’s gonna find out first how much crap she’s shooting into her bod, it’s gonna be the public, when she keels over dead one day. Jeez already, get help, woman!
And It Ain't: Felicity Huffman, Kate Bosworth, Ashley Olsen

From the past two Fake-a-la Ferocity Blind Vices, we believe Ted is talking about Angelina Jolie. Is this BV real or not, that was the debate last time. Here is the discussion on the other two Fake-a-la Ferocity Blind Vices, including a list of who has been eliminated.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Page Six- Just Asking: 11.19.08

November 19, 2008 --
WHICH Park Avenue socialite split from her husband when she discovered that he'd been enjoying secret conjugal relations with one of her best friends for years? . . . WHICH hit television show sidekick kicked an aspiring actress out of his cab after she refused to go to his apartment with him to "cuddle over milk and cookies"? . . . WHICH longtime New York basketball legend, whose wife handles his business, has gone bankrupt twice? . . . WHICH talk-show host has a flatulence problem so bad, he's said to have an assistant follow him around with an odor-vaporizing spray can?

Monday, November 17, 2008

NYDN Full Disclosure 11/16

From New York Daily News - Full Disclosure:

Which recently rehabbed actress is still dabbling in the hard stuff? Whatever she put up her nose the other night was so toxic, it melted the Blackberry screen she was using to cut up her drugs.

Vintage Blind Vice - Jiggly Wiggle Poof

A brief mention of Jiggly Wiggle Poof in The Awful Truth today brings us back to a few vintage Blind Vices from Ted from 2006. four to be exact! JWP was highly suspected to be Ryan Seacrest but can no longer be him, since Ted said he was never a BV after this

Please note - in digging these up, we have realized that Ted changed the name from Wiggly Jiggle Poof to Jiggly Wiggle Poof a few weeks later. Why, we don't know... but he was clearly referring to the same person. Here they are, enjoy!

One Homo Helper Blind Vice - June 2006:

Oh gosh, Wiggly Jiggle-Poof is too cute. America loves her. I mean, him. Or do I? Oh, let's back up, shall we? And that's an appropriate segue if there ever was one, because Wiggly--a desperate eager type from Blandsville, Anywhere--got more than just a foot in the door, know what I mean, my jaded jellybeans? Let me be more clear (not exactly my strong suit, I know): Wiggly was helped enormously with his glitzy 'n' glam gig by a certain in-the-closet major Biz player by the name of Burp Behemoth. Yes, sexual favors were included in exchange for W.'s 9-to-5 rise. Just as long as W.J.P. remained available for Burp's pleasures, when he so chose, which actually turned out to be not that often. So, was it all that bad, in the end? Certainly not for Mr. Jiggle. That is, unless more and more boob-tube devotees discover the little deal J.P. made with the Tinseltown devil--with whom many of us are so often tempted to do bidness.
AND IT AIN'T: Mike Myers; Will Smith; Matt LeBlanc
(Burp Behemoth was suspected to be Merv Griffin.)

One Diva Damming Blind Vice - June 2006:

Hell hath no fury like a homo threatened, that's fer sure.
A few weeks ago I told you all about Jiggly Wiggle-Poof, this queen America is so busy watching be outwardly hetero but inwardly so "show tunes and smart cocktails" it's pathetic. See, Jiggly got his rise to fame via sexual and other transactions with a well-heeled, fellow-closeted homo, a fact Mr. Wiggle-Poof goes to great lengths to hide.
However, over at the Hollywood offering on which Mr. Wiggle-P. performs, there lies another pooftah who's far less caring about his sexuality. Name's Press Prune. In fact, Press could give a Homo Depot clerk's ass if anybody discusses his bedroom habits, just for the record.
This bothers Jiggly enormously. See, Mr. Wiggle-Poof, an ultimately rather small-minded and unimaginative nerd, is so busy imagining the zillions of slights he thinks Mr. Prune is busy concocting against him he's not bothered to notice Press has done activities far worse than J. could dare imagine--as in nothing. Press doesn't give a whit for Poof, one way or the other.
Who cares?
Jiggly, that's who. So much so that Jiggly, frantic and rageful, cried to the guns that control his and Press' shared booby-tubey offering, just to see to it that P2 is punished.
Didn't work. Wonder why?
And it's not: Jamie Foxx, Laurence Fishburne, Anderson Cooper
(*Press Prune was susprected to be Ted Casablanca, but he clearly was a different BV more recently.)

Two Tush Trying Blind Vices - Oct 2006:

That Toothy Tile. He just lives to push the fagola envelope, love that about the young acting hunk! (And I know you do, too.)
Now, quite frankly, T2's latest man-on-man moves far outshine his recent movie choices; though, that's an arguable statement at best—I just don't go fer this hetero image Mr. T. is busy trying to push over on his ever loyal, hapless, ticket-buying fans.
But we'll just leave that li'l bit o' politically incorrect poo-pooing and get straight, as it were, to the attempted wild sex in the back of the limousine, 'kay? Thought you might agree...
Oh, gawd, I am getting old. I'm confusing all these closeted fruits into one big ass-banging aspic! So, sorry. It was Jiggly Wiggle-Poof who pounced—quite stupidly, I might add—on his so-not-gay limo driver while out promoting his supersuccessful boob-tube show in some hick state. And let's just say what went down was not at all what Jiggly had in mind (something bruised, not blushing).
Also, there's hope, I want you all to know, for Mr. Tile's movie career. Dare I say some of his future film projects are looking up, because, uh, how can I put this? T.T. has decided to start sleeping with better-looking people now to get his future projects—is that being too crass about it all?
In other words, for T.T.'s next 40-foot-wide job, Tooth-doll not only seduced the man who would decide the whole-deal shebang (it's sort of a studly adventure story, in so many ways), he now shares cocaine, hotel suites and party favors with the bigwig. Isn't that sweet when one can stay bestest amigos with one's ladder-climbing bed partners?
Warms my jaded-ass heart.
AND IT AIN'T: Danny Bonaduce, Isaiah Washington, Josh Duhamel

One Disgustingly Delirious Blind Vice - Dec 2006:

Oh, that Jiggly Wiggle-Poof sure is a talented girlfriend! Sure enough, just as I winked a few weeks ago, our parking-lot Lothario, Toothy Tile, is becoming sickeningly domesticated with his sweet, if not chastising, b-f, so we can't look to Mr. T. for our naughty-time tuchus terrorizing—at least, not right now. But one can hope, right?
Meantime, the pooftah-outta-control award goes to the hugely untalented Mistah Wiggle-Poof. I mean, if this joker actually put into his career the dastardly effed-up scheming he applies to his loin activities, the dude would have an Emmy in less time than it takes to trim his scrotum so expertly.
Speaking of balls, guess where Jiggly's been putting his little ones? Are you ready for the shocker o' the week? J.W.-P.'s been screwing not just elder, almost homely geezers (no, not me, you bitchy snitchies) but...a woman. Quelle horreur!
Hey, not that there's anything wrong with nooky involving the female sex (I think it's simply adorable, used to do it plenty!), it's just that I happen to be hyperaware Mr. W.-P.'s not inclined that way—at all.
Apparently, said woman who got boffed by J.W.-P. knows it was for appearance's sake, as it were, 'cause when I asked her how J.W.-P.'s performance was, she answered:
"Any good?" I pressed.
"Well, I was," she replied, deadpan. "But I think he kept looking for something between my legs that wasn't there."
Hmmm. Nasty. Did Jiggle think the number to People's editorial office was tucked away in this poor babe's privates?
And It Ain't: Taye Diggs, Josh Duhamel, Jerry O'Connell

*** Update 4/26/09 -
Ted says that Ryan Seacrest has never been a blind vice!!! So he can't be this one. Back to guessing.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

One Poochy Pathetic Blind Vice

New BV from Ted yesterday Nov 14 -
Family Guy, Vol. 7
One Poochy Pathetic Blind Vice

We were gonna inform you folks about Mooney Tuna, a TV titan whose return to the boob tube was so explosive he can't keep up with all the money his network's throwing at him to stay put this time. Too bad all that cash can't buy some sex education. M.T.'s former bedmates tell us the dude can't even put on his prophylactics correctly. When you're that rich, guess you really can't do anything by yourself.

So predictable, just like the following sad tale we rather prefer:
Chubby Asparagus used to be so cute, in that trash-collector-hit-the-lottery-and-got-a-makeover kinda way.
Always something likable about his in-your-face appeal, totally doable, too. Until he decided bad TV was his thing and Sara Lee was his lady, along with all those real-life ladies you have to purchase.
So, Chubby's unhappy in his marriage, big deal. Oldest story in the book, right? It's what the malcontents do about the bad situation at home that separates the duds from the studs.
Try and work it out? Awesome. Decide to leave with dignity and without busting up all the china? Cool, too. Go to Vegas and order a hooker to the club where you're having a drink instead of straight to your hotel room? Total loserville on so many levels.
Geez, man, you paid for that kinda public humiliation? You must truly be desperate.
And It Ain't: John Travolta, Scott Baio, Howie Mandel

* Update Nov 18:
- For Chubby Asparagus, Ted has eliminated David Boreanaz, Kevin James.
- For Mooney Tuna, Ted has eliminated Charlie Sheen, Alec Baldwin.

*** Update Dec 4: Ted has revealed Mooney Tuna to be Seth MacFarlane. ***

Monday, November 10, 2008

Crazy Days and Nights - Nov 10

From CD&N today Nov 10 2008 -

Even an A lister gets unlucky sometimes. There was some previous discussion whether this individual is actually A list. If he isn't A then he is right on the cusp. Apparently all the women surrounding his table thought he was A list or at least wanted him to think so. Allegedly dating someone everyone thought he was behaving himself except in the drinking department until a model walked by. He immediately ran over to the model and began trying to hit on her. Apparently though she didn't know who he was. When he informed her drunkenly who he was and what he had been in, she said, "I don't really care. Plus if you need to list your accomplishments to get a date, you really have not accomplished all that much." It would have been nice if this had been a quiet conversation, but unfortunately for our film actor the entire group surrounding the table all heard it. Nice.

Lainey: Nicole Kidman hermaphrodite rumor

We have had multiple conversations about the Nicole Kidman hermaphrodite rumor, but had been unable to pinpoint where it came from. Today on LaineyGossip, Lainey gossips about Nicole Kidman and the rumors...

Granny with penis and Oprah

Inspired casting. Really.
For years there have been totally unsubstantiated rumours that Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman was born a herm. Someone knows someone else whose doctor attended a conference and they discussed Gran’s girly boy parts and yet when it comes down to it, there is never a first hand account.
Gran is totally frozen. But Gran is not a herm.
She put her fertility on display front and centre and pillow this year to make sure you know and I know that she’s a woman through and through. Knowing this, and her incessant efforts to fight 40, and her avoidance of those women who are aging so much more naturally and beautifully than she is, it’s admirable that Granny signed on to this next project.
The film will be called The Danish Girl, the true story of an artist couple whose lives were upended when the husband decided to get a sex change.
Nicole is attached to the role of the man who becomes a woman.
Even more amazing – she’ll be starring opposite the stunning Charlize Theron, an unusual move for Granny who does not like to juxtapose herself next to living breathing females, especially since her husband seems to have a preference for them.
But Gran is above all things an artist. She will sacrifice for art. And she will work and work and work…
Nicole will be producing The Danish Girl as well –even though she claims she’s yet to hire a daytime nanny which is about as believable as her claims that she’s all natural without injections.
And finally….
Gran and Hugh Jackman are on Oprah today to promote Australia which has yet to present a final cut. Some of you are watching as I write. And a few of you have already written to tell me Gran is working super super hard to move that forehead. Now I totally have to PVR that sh-t.

There you go! It is interesting that Lainey says that Nicole showed us all that she was a woman recently when she had her baby.... stating "Granny is not a herm" flat out, but hinting that she thinks she really is. Lainey was the one who kept dishing the dirt - what all the Australian tabloids were saying - that NK's sister who is a Fertile Myrtle hadn't been seen in months, and was rumored to be the surrogate mother to NK's baby. And kept commenting how small NK's belly was. I guess Lainey doesn't want to encourage these hermaphrodite rumors too much, or take the blame for them... but it's obvious by mentioning the rumors she wants everyone to know about them!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

One Unmanageable Blind Vice

BV from Ted in Friday's Awful Truth..
Get Rich or Die Tryin'

One Unmanageable Blind Vice
As we have made abundantly clear, there are a ton of closeted gay actors and performers in this business. Some are more flagrant (Toothy Tile) than others (Crotch Uh-Lastic).
And whether or not these sexually deceiving dudes choose to be public about their shenanigans, usually their reps—managers, publicists, agents, gardeners, etc.—find out via some email or some shocked coworker that their client goes homo. Not so with Oded Good-Head...
His manager discovered the boy likes to do it with other boys by walking in on Oded in his dressing room! Was most awkward, too, as the man who was being serviced by Mr. Good-Head—who has quite the reputation with the girlies, not to mention multitalents in front of concert audiences and movie cameras alike—saw the manager first.
Very whuh-whoh kinda sitch, ya know?
Poor Od-y didn't notice his 10 percent guy was standing right there until his latest surreptitious conquest pulled him up and away from what the awfully good-looking performer was so earnestly doing.
End result? Fellatio interruptus—and new pics of Oded and assorted chickies coming out soon in Us Weekly and other razor-sharp standards of Hollywood journalism.
And It Ain't: Ludacris, Timbaland, James Marsden

* Update 1/14/11: Ted has eliminated Ludacris, Timbaland, James Marsden, Justin Timberlake, Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, Jeremy Piven, Adam Levine, Bow Wow, LL Cool J, Ray-J, Chris Brown, Kanye West, Nelly, Eminem, Andre 3000, Busta Rhymes, Tyrese, Ice Cube, Jamie Foxx, Common, P-Diddy, Bow Wow, Omarion, Ne-Yo, Usher, Will Smith, Robert Pattinson, Shaquille O'Neill, Dave Matthews, John Travolta, John Mayer, Trey Songz

* Top guess: 50 Cent

* Here is the link to our discussion of the new OGH BV from Sept 2010.   And here is the most recent from Oct 2010.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Page Six- Just Asking: 11.5.08

November 5, 2008 --
WHICH aggressive TV, stage and movie actor has a shady past? Rumor is he sexually assaulted a girl while in high school and his family had the situation "swept under the rug" . . . WHICH screen god isn't as happy as he and his paramour would like the world to think? Whenever the couple and their children are in LA, he "goes to a bar in a Beverly Hills hotel and drinks for hours before going home" . . . WHICH oft-photographed socialite/designer is losing her grip on the fashion world? Luxury brands no longer send her clothing and accessories and don't want her in their ad campaigns.

Good ones!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

One year of Blind Items Exposed

Happy Birthday to us.... we've been blogging for one year! Thank you to all of our dedicated Blind Items Exposed readers who have found us this past year. We hope to dish the dirt for many more!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Page Six- Just Asking: 11.1.08

WHICH former TV star gets Botox injections when she goes in for hair and makeup? The Hollywood mom avidly avoids the paparazzi, but is very friendly to photographers on the red carpet - after being fully prepped of course.