Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Crazy Days and Nights B.I.s - Jan 28

Here are a few blind items from Crazy Days and Nights yesterday...

#1 - This cable B list actor who is now getting a shot at the big time wanted everyone to believe that his separation from his wife was all about not getting along and not making their schedules work. The actual problem was that he couldn't get away from his boyfriend enough to make his wife happy.

#2 This C/B- film actress and only film. Big films at that. Is not quite of the legal age of consent. This might explain her father's concern when she brought home her 35 year old boyfriend she met on her most recently completed film.

#3 Spot the delivery boy. They were both at the SAG Awards last night.

Clarification on #3 - The EL posted a BI in the past about a B-list television actress who gets vodka delivered to her house every day. The second BI he said she answers the door naked. The most recent BI about it before this, he said they are now sleeping together.

We here at Blind Items Exposed are now going to post our guesses in the comments below each post. We want a chance to make our individual points and our reasons for each. Please visit the comments and post your own guesses too!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Update on Page Six Blind Items- 2 solved

#1 is most likely The Edge and Isabella Rosellini(see comments on below post)
#2 is Rachel Ray...she endorses Dunkin' Donuts but asks for Starbucks

NY Post Page Six - Jan 28

New York Post's Page Six - "Just Asking" blind item:

January 28, 2008 -- WHICH beautiful movie star/model of a certain age is dating a married man? She conveniently showed up to the Self magazine/Origins "Green" party at the Sundance Film Festival just moments before her rock star guitar-playing boyfriend did . . . WHICH daytime gabber should be nicer to her staffers? She snipes at them all day long, particularly if they bring her the coffee she endorses - she prefers Starbucks . . . WHICH celebrity publicist has her hands all over one of her clients, a married hip-hop star?

#1 - I'm not sure. I think the "of a certain age" could be a hint... someone who just had a birthday? And someone who is both movie star AND model. ? Guitar playing boyfriend, could that be Jon Bon Jovi? I don't know guitar players well.... I am clueless on this one.
#2 - Oprah Winfrey, Tyra Banks, or Martha Stewart? I don't think Kelly Ripa endorses any coffee. I know Rachael Ray endorses Dunkin Donuts coffee so it's not her.
#3 - I don't know publicists' names.

Please comment - need help on these!

Friday, January 25, 2008

One Pooftah-Patrol Blind Vice

Now or NeverToday's Blind Vice from the Awful Truth ...

Slurpa Pop-Off's pups may not always escape their closets, but her exes are frolicking out one by one. One of Slurpa’s old boudoir conquests obvs needed something a little more in the sack—like eight inches more, as he’s been known to tryst with transvestites since bustin’ up with sexin’ Slurpa. Another one of SPO’s past and most precious "dating" pets, Purcell Poke-Me, is spotted regularly at a hole-in-the-wall gym on Beverly Boulevard. (Not mine, you heathens!) PPM lives to tone his totally taut bod with personal training seshes early in the ayem. Boy looks completely cut and coiffed—all for naught, perhaps, since the once superpoppy PPO’s poster-boy days are pretty much dunzo. Or so it would seem. Nevertheless, Purcell puts on quite the show, stretching out on the mat oh-so-intimately with his equally arduous and good-looking trainer as the gym bunnies gawk 'n' gawk. Smell-it-all mattress word reveals that Slurpa’s former flame boffs the dudes right 'n' left and hits the bars in Boys Town (and their mostly man-filled gyms) when visiting this coast, throwing drinks back with WeHo’s finest in a way most straight men are not exactly wont to do.

Is Purcell going to be the next Lance Bass to come pirouetting out of the closet? His well-manicured mane says yes, but his well-known mucho macho aggression suggests otherwise. Slurpa’s been known to toe the bi-line herself. Maybe these two should replay the charade all over again?
And it ain't: Justin Timberlake, Kevin Federline, Jared Leto

OK this is what we know: We are pretty sure that Slurpa Pop-Off is Paris Hilton. She has many exes but the one I am thinking here is Nick Carter. Remember they dated, and he supposeldy punched her in the face? Anyway, I know he has lost weight recently (hitting the gym), usually has a "hairstyle" going on, and the Lance Bass and Justin Timberlake mentions, and "poster-boy days" are hints that he was in a boy-band. I am going to call this one as Purcell Poke Me = Nick Carter. Any other thoughts?
Ooh.. I just realized the three AIA's are Britney Spears exes. Has Britney been eliminated as SPO? Just in case, which one of her exes would fit this? I don't think SPO is her though. Still going with Paris/Nick!!!

** TOP SUSPECT: Nick Carter

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Recent Clues To Past Blind Items....

Ted's column on Wednesday 1/23 included an item on SJP and Matthew Broderick which (I believe) drops several clues to the exposure of MB as our Corny Beefy, from One Lamentable Blind Vice. He ran a photo of the couple taken last weekend at Sundance, and complimented them on looking better than usual.
"See, Matthew was slowly morphing into a chubby, frumpy hub-unit"-one clue.
"Matty's halfway doable in this pic, which is 50 percent more doable than he's been in the past decade." 2nd clue...(quote from the BI: "Mr. B used to be such the doable little hon")...
I think it's him!

Also-I hate to mention another past Heath Ledger BI but here's one from the NY Post from 10/07, said to be about him:
Which recently separated star had his sidekick secure two young ladies to join him for a wild night back at his new bachelor pad?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lainey - Cheater Uninterrupted

From LaineyGossip 1/21 -

Cheater Uninterrupted
The recent embarrassment and exposure has not deterred Cheese from cheating. When his much better half is in town, he of course is on his best behaviour. Especially since she seems to have forgiven and forgotten. Or perhaps she’s much less savvy than we’ve all given her credit for.But a return to the road means a return to the rock’n’roll lifestyle. Only now his predilections seem even dirtier. Whereas before the philandering was concentrated on one girl at a time, with an insistence on cleanliness and then accompanied by a camera, these days, he’s graduated to multiples – plucked from the cro
wd during his shows, two or three at a time, always very young, they end up in a giggling heap in his bus or in his room, plied with alcohol and other intoxicants until they’re good and ready to get nasty. At which point he pulls out the trusty camera and commemorates the occasion. Stupidly however, he also lets them do the same with their phones.So far it’s been 4 cities and counting – the same routine, the same debauchery…only on one of the stops, he hit up someone a tad too young. As in 17. He was kind enough to single her out. Poor thing believed him when he promised her the world. And she has pictures. Of course she’s too sweet to do anything about it… at least not yet. But what is it they say?Hell hath no fury like a girl who waits by a silent phone…
"Cheese" was a subject of a past BI that was rumored to be Michael Buble, so again, looks like it is Buble. I can't help but think of Scott Stapp and his Kid Rock sex video thing as an "embarassment" that happened while on tour. Anyhow, today Lainey has eliminated Keith Urban.

* Suspected to be: Michael Buble

Heath Ledger - subject of past blind items?

Heath Ledger~ Rare Poster!!~ Approx 22" x 34"We are saddened to read of the the sudden, tragic death of Heath Ledger. As requested by reader Ginny, we have uncovered past blind items that may have been him.

From Lainey Gossip, Sept 2006-
Grizzly, Grumpy, and High
All one person.
Not that doing drugs is any kind of shocker but a supposed family man? A serious actor? Settled down and severe? Apparently what happens in Toronto stays in Toronto.
So as I’m sure you know, celebrities don’t procure their own happy substances. That’s what wranglers are for. Go-t0-guys and girls assigned to the task of purchasing the poison and getting it i
nto the hands of the stars who want it.
Popular local hot spot, A list actor is itching for some action. His runner is dispatched on the errand and comes back with more than enough to satisfy a five member rock band. But on this night, only one knight is the user, and according to my source – lock tight at that – he did s0 much blow it’s a wonder he hasn’t died from a heart attack.
Which explains the Jekyll & Hyde behaviour. Super accommodating one day, sullen and snarky the next. Method acting perhaps… but still, if I were the woman in his life, I’d probably keep a closer eye.
Just a suggestion…

Heath fit this one because he was filming in Toronto at the time, and the "knight" reference no doubt refers to his role as The Joker in Dark Knight, coming out this summer.
* Update: Today, Lainey basically reveals that this is him, note the "grizzly" hint:
If you’ve been reading this column awhile, and if you’ve been paying close attention to the riddles, a grizzly one in particular, you should not be surprised. Still…it is shocking.
And it is sad smut.
UPDATE: yes. I'm talking about Heath Ledger. And yes, there is a clue in there about a riddle. Go to archives if you're curious and search.


There was also this BI from RadarOnline from Sept 2006:

Acclaimed Actor Blows His Lines
Which young actor gives a true Method performance in a recent film? The star, who has a reputation for devoting himself to roles with scary intensity, got into character with the help of regular cocaine infusions, according to a source on the set. In several cases, he was actually high on-camera for scenes in which he was supposed to be strung out. The directors, far from getting concerned over the actor's habits, encouraged them—whether to keep him happy or to enhance the "authenticity" of his performance, the source couldn't say.
This one was also rumored to be Heath Ledger. The "method acting" reference may point to Heath, who was portraying a drug addict in Candy. He stated in interviews that he got very into that role.
If this was him it is very sad. Perhaps his drug addiction is what caused his breakup with Michelle Williams a few months ago.
We'll miss you Heath!

Toothy Tile buying a new house in San Fran?

In the Awful Truth today, Ted's blurb about Jake Gyllenhaal once again correlates with recent hints about Toothy Tile...

While we’re told by giddy, gay real estate movers ‘n’ minders that Jake Gyllenhaal is buying swank, family oriented real estate in San Francisco’s Noe Valley (the boys are praying Reese doesn’t come along and put flowered curtains up all over the place)...

Becoming domesticated, family-oriented... his buddies hoping that the beard stays away. JAKE = TOOTHY! Now, we wonder, about the family oriented pad? Will Gray Goose be living there? Will there be a nursery for Baby Tile?

Monday, January 21, 2008

1/21/08: Lainey's "Holiday Detox": solved?

Update on Lainey's blind vice from 12/10/07...
Lainey today posted this blurb ( w/ pictures) on Liv Tyler:
Liv at the Beach
Looks like Liv has her curves back spending the holidays with her husband and son, photographed by X17online.com at the beach still on vacation. I prefer my Liv healthy and fuller and not spending time with Kate Moss… don’t you? source Full Story

... Funny because she was one of our suspects-and the only one Lainey didn't rule out. (Kate Beckinsale was recently ruled out). There were pics of Liv and Kate partying last summer in London-I didn't want to believe it was her but maybe? Is Lainey giving us a hint?

NYDN Gatecrasher 1/21

I don't know playwrights enough... maybe someone else can shed some light on this one!
From the New York Daily News - Gatecrasher today...

Which famous playwright has Broadway gossips twittering by casting the woman widely regarded as being his longtime mistress as the lead in his new production?

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Crazy Days and Nights - Friday 1/18

Crazy Days and Nights' blind items from Friday...

For some reason known only to them, this site is very popular in India. So, as part of the Four For Friday I am going to go ahead and post one of maybe two blind items I know about Indian stars.

#1 One of our India's biggest actors _____________, had an affair going on with one of India's most famous beauty queens turned actress ________________ However, after some time, the actor convinced his son to marry the actress - which he did, and the father now tags along to almost all the events with the son and mistress/daughter-in-law with the son looking like the third wheel. Our actor's wife, was an actress in her own right back in the day and acts as if she knows nothing. To make this even more interesting there are other rumors that the son has something on the side going on with another actor, who is the son of the chief minister of one of the Indian states.

Got it? Yeah, but in India it's gold baby.

#2 Here is another one from the perverted dad's file. Our father who is just a regular guy has a daughter who is a B list television actress/"singer" who plays much younger than she really is. In the back of the house is a hot tub. Our actress has been known to have her girlfriends over and whenever they use the hot tub, within five minutes dad comes out in his bathing suit and gets in with them. Somewhere along the way, he adjusts his suit so that when he stands up to get out, the girls in the tub get an up close and personal look at Mr. Winky who is standing at attention and waving hello. This is not a one time event.

#3 Mom's aren't perfect either. Do you recall our actress who drinks the bottle of vodka a day and has it delivered by the same guy everyday. Well that guy is now renting out the guest house. At least that is what she tells her friends and the father of her child(ren). In actuality he spends every night with our actress in her room. Hopefully he is getting some very big tips or is half blind because no one would want to wake up next to her in the mornings.

#4 This B+ list award winning film actress has been sleeping with her agent. It was slimy enough that he kept taking his 10% of her earnings, but now he wants to just manage her, and all for the low discount rate of 15%. In order to make as much money off of her as quickly as possible he has convinced her to sign up for roles that are totally opposite anything she has ever done before, just so she can get a bigger paycheck, and him. I wonder if she knows about the other actress he sees when our B lister is out of town.

#1 I have no idea, I don't know Indian actors. #2 I am thinking Miley Cyrus/ Billy Ray Cyrus. Maybe one of the High School Musical chicks - Vanessa Hudgens or Ashley Tisdale. #3 sounds like Britney Spears but he says actress... so not sure. Denise Richards? #4 screams Hilary Swank to me. She and her manager are supposedly dating.

Friday, January 18, 2008

One Remind Us to Never Sleep Over There Blind Vice

Awful Truth - Blind Spot - 1/17/08

Well, we were going to blab all about pee-happy Super-Duper
nasty-ass demand that his (ex) blondie ditz dame get an
abortion—most men are simply hideous, straight and gay, all there is to it—but
after last week’s pooch-offing Blind left us in a very bad mood, just had to
offer up something, uh, a tad more festive to ponder this week. Hope you don’t
mind. Promise, back to the desultory trash soon!
So, remember
Bravado Boom-Cocks, the star with the overly loud, potty-mouthed manners who chewed out a poor party host? He’s just gotten himself a fabulous new mansion. Ain’t entertainment money just devilishly over-the-top? The pad’s as huge as the boy’s rumored endowment, promise. And he was bragging about the spread’s size to an amigo recently. And
said amigo was quite aware of BBC’s fondness for masturbation.
So, he asked the award-winning celebrity if he had yet autoerotically christened
the new mansion yet.
“Are you kidding?” bellowed the outspoken pisser. “Every room.”
Jeez. He hasn't even moved in to the joint yet. That sex addict works fast.

And it ain't - Kevin Nealon,
Kevin Costner, Kevin Spacey

Let' refresh our memory with the past Blind vice about Bravado Boom-Cocks from Sept 20, 2007 -

One Hell Phone Blind Vice - 9/20/07
Bravado Boom-Cocks is quite famous but not always exactly
beloved. Even though he’s a mucho gifted, award-showered, multitalented
performer, he’s not really known for his private cool. Indeed, BBC was out here
on the coast, having flown in for a project he’s doing, as well as a charity gig
he was asked to participate in—reason being, the charity’s contributing beaucoup
bucks to B’s latest pro undertaking. He was sorta forced into it,
actually. The organizer of said project had been in direct contact (no rep
go-between) with Bravado, a line of communication Mr. Boom-Cocks sometimes
chooses, as he detests pretense intensely. But Boomy-baby now regrets that
decision, big-time. See, Bravado isn’t exactly known for dressing, how shall
we say, chicly? BBC rarely wears anything even approaching couture. For this
reason, the organizer gave the charity event’s handler Boom-Cock’s private cell
number, which the handler blithely called pronto.
“Even though things are more casual out here,” the charitable worker bee blathered on, once Bravado answered, “you really shouldn’t be dressing like you’re going to somebody’s
barbecue or anything.” Bravado’s polite response? “F--k you, lady!” he
bellowed, and promptly hung up.
Then B dialed, brow slightly sweating with anger. Called up the guy who had given out his number in the first place. “How dare you? If you ever give out my number again,” BBC fumed, “I will see to it that you get me a new phone and call every one of my contacts and give them the
new number, you f--king bastard!”
BBC wasn’t done, either: “And for punishment, tonight, when I show up, I will be taking no pictures whatsoever, not with anybody, no matter how much money they’ve donated, so you can learn your lesson and never do this to me again, you f--king jerk!”
The poor man, no doubt holding his own phone far away from his eardrums, begged BBC to
reconsider. He did not. And you thought Ireland Baldwin was the only put-upon
cellie caller in town?
Think again.
And it aint: Sean Penn,
Billy Bob Thornton, Denis Leary

* Super Duper Cooper - Suspected to be John Mayer (making the ditzy ex forced to get an abortion Jessica Simpson).

Here are the links to the other Super Dooper Cooper BVs:
Oct' 07 and Apr '08 including a full list of the eliminated; and the most recent from Nov 2010.

*Bravado Boom Cocks - Suspected to be Ricky Gervais or Simon Cowell

Another Toothy hint today...

Today Ted Casablanca was blabbing about Matthew McConaughey's pregnancy news and mentioned Jake Gyllenhaal, with more hints from Ted that Jake is Toothy Tile. Excerpt below...

So, looks like M’s been nude 'n’ bangin’ on something other than his bongo
set. 'Course, Matty and his girlfriend, Camila Alves, are expecting their first
child together, which is absolutely mind-blowing to us, especially since when
has M2 been spending terribly much quality time with someone other than Lance
Armstrong or Jake Gyllenhaal? I’m surprised neither of those two are
expecting, after all those shirtless bike rides and panting parades in the
Maybe Jakey’s been teaching our sexy surfer stud about the
joys of domesticity...He himself has been spending an awful lotta time
getting all cozy and family oriented—and we don't mean Reese, trust.

Past BI solved? - Condom-Free Sleaze

Looks like this Lainey blind item from Dec 3 is now solved. Apparently, David Spade announced on the Howard Stern show that he has knocked up a 20-something starlet.

Here is that BI -

Condom-Free Sleaze
Here’s a riddle for all riddles…took several weeks to research and confirm
because the level of atrocity is just so unspeakable. A legendary
philanderer, now that he’s allowed, managed to talk some random **** into
sleeping with him…repeatedly. She of course is an aspiring celebrity, like so
many young 20 somethings running around these days, obsessed with The Hills,
believing they can be the next Lauren Conrad, dreaming of finally “moving to
LA” and then when getting there, hooking up with any actor that can get them
papped while leaving a club. Why are some girls so
dumb? So dumb they get talked into sex without a condom, so dumb they
get knocked up? When he found out, of course he promised he’d make it
official…he’d legitimise her as his girlfriend but she had to, as you would
expect, get rid of the bump. A nice cheque and a bauble, along with several
thousand dollars worth of merchandise from Fred Segal came along with the
promise. Naturally she believes him. And she gets it done. And now
he won’t return her calls preferring instead to set up a few photo opps
depicting him the perfect single man. Her friends, seeing a cash opportunity,
are imploring her to run to the tabs. Only she’s in love and is afraid to ruin
her chances. So all she does is keep calling. Only to be met with
radio silence on the other end. Pray Xenu she finally starts singing
the jilted blues all the way to the National Enquirer. It’s about time this
sleaze loses what’s left of a dwindling fanbase.

* Update, this BI is suspected to be about Ryan Philippe.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

PerezHilton 1/17/08

Not So Blind ItemFiled under: Not So Blind Item
What buxom blonde is planning to get an abortion? The semi-retired actress' soon-to-be ex-husband was said to be livid when she was pAArtying on New Year's eve. Coke and unborn babies don't go well together!
Posted: January 17, 2008 at 7:57 pm

Pam Anderson ...sad and awful if true

NY Post-Page Six: 1.17.08


January 17, 2008 -- WHICH slave-driving producer of a morning TV show was ordered by the network's legal department to cease and desist offering staffers tequila shots on Friday afternoons? The grinch-like suits were worried about liability . . . WHICH talented singer/guitar player seems to have forgotten he's married with children? He's been spotted entering and exiting a building in Battery Park City where he spends the night with a beautiful record company executive.

For #1 I'm thinking Gelman from Regis & Kelly...or that older dude from The View-
For #2: I'm stumped. There are so many musicians it could be-maybe Bono? He does have a place in NYC...

Monday, January 14, 2008

Crazy Days and Nights 1/14/08

Today's blind items from Crazy Days and Nights...

#1 This B list film actor from some all-time biggest hit films has a new mentor and daddy. And when I say daddy, it really could be a granddaddy. There is an almost 40 year age difference between the couple. Of course our actor keeps insisting he isn't gay.

#2 This A list actor's daughter was recently spotted by dad making out and groping some random guy in a corner of a bar. Dad went over and scared the guy off. Not to be outdone, the daughter got back at the dad by repeatedly walking up to him and crying whenever he was engaged in conversation with another woman.

I think #1 Orlando Bloom ... he is supposedly gay and in my opinion B List. But who is the granddaddy? For #2 Rumer Willis - she is all over the place these days claiming she is "famous now" and could totally see this happen. By the way I have always crushed on Bruce Willis!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Toothy Tile still trying hard to convince us...

In the latest Us Weekly, Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon were photgraphed Dec 29 and 30 together. Before their "beard" fallout? Who knows. Anyway, Dec 29 it was the two of them walking in Santa Monica. Dec 30 it was them with little Ava and Deacon in Malibu. Guess who was wearing the same exact blue plaid shirt he was wearing the day before? Our Toothy. Oh Tooth, trying so hard to convince us that he hadn't been home, couldn't change clothes. Trying so hard to make it look like he is having overnight visits with Reese. Hilarious!

One In-The-Closet Blind Vice

Blind Spot, Ted Casablanca, 1/10/08:

One In-The-Closet Blind Vice
Surprise! Gotcha babes, didn’t I? You probably think this Vice is gonna be about some sexually repressed, hugely successful TV sitcom actor from the '90s who got caught servicing some random model in the walk-in closet of some Hollywood mansion, right? Well, for a rare change, this little walk-in wondering you’re about to experience is not about fellating some random fella, sorry.
Nope, this sordid story’s about something quite grotesque and hideous. Have you eaten yet? No? Then please, close this item, go get sustenance, wait at least 20 minutes (maybe 30) and then, only then, give things another try.
Ya see, Ellen DeGeneres’ canine catastrophe is chopped liver compared to today’s Blind job. First off, our source is one of the myriad personal employees reporting to one Slurpa Pop-Off, the bitch who serviced that dude in the bathroom of that Sunset Strip eatery, if you remember, and we’re sure you do.
Now, many times our lady of the Slurpa has brought a brand-new pooch home as a new pet, which she fawns all over until it dawns on the dummy she’s now in charge of a living, breathing animal—and not a stuffed Pound Puppy. And, gosh, responsibility is not our go-to girl’s strong suit. Therefore, upon leaving her house, she often locks these pups in one of her many closets, supposedly to prevent them from making messies all over her expensive pad.
But, uh, sometimes SPO would be gone for hours...days...weeks...and not tell anybody about the dog in its wardrobe dungeon. The animal’s existence would simply slip from her mind! Oh, doesn’t that happen to everybody? While cleaning the house, Pop-Off’s staff have—reportedly more than once—opened a closet to discover a tiny, dead dog.
Beyond hideous. I swear, I may have to out this bitch. But Pop-Off’s employees just may have beaten moi to the punch, as animal services have been alerted.
And just why the hell is this woman still allowed to purchase pooches? Please neuter and spay your pets, otherwise their offspring might one day meet their maker in Slurpa’s closet captivity.
And IT Ain't: Tara Reid, Whitney Port, Katie Holmes

Most probably Paris, judging by past BIs about her. I wouldn't rule out Britney though; she seems to collect those poor little dogs too.

* Update - Slurpa Pop-Off is suspected to be Paris Hilton.

Here is the link to our post for the vintage Slurpa Pop-Off BVs.  Also check our labels for more Paris Hilton related blinds.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

NY Post Page Six-Just Asking 1/10/08

-- WHICH political candidate showed extreme bad judgment in the woman he picked to have an extramarital affair with? The New Age hippie, who friends say "mooches off other people and sleeps on their couches because she doesn't believe in money," tells anyone who will listen about her fling with the good-looking guy. She recently walked up to a Page Six pal she'd just met and said, "Oh, I'm so stressed out. I've been having an affair with [a candidate]."

Has to be John Edwards. Apparently her name is Rielle Hunter and-this is the kicker-she's pregnant. I thought she was being paid for her silence-she has moved into a gated community in D.C. which is being paid for by a man by the name of Andrew Young,who works for John Edwards. When The National Enquirer broke this story, Andrew Young claimed he was the father but that's a joke because he is married w/ kids and apparently he and his wife together have been spotted at her house.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

One Fagola-Addled Blind Vice

Ted's lastest BV...

Oh, sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, what else is new in T-town, right? Just homosexual sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, that’s what. (Like this is a news flash, but hey, I’m just the goss messenger here, ‘kay?) Sally Sedate Me has hooked up with her latest man. You saw that, didn’tcha? Yep, sure ya did. This latest guy is simply divine, so delish, much more so than the last loser the sweetie star hung out with. Indeed, fans are so relieved SSM has found herself a he-man worthy of her luscious locks, winning smile and utterly adorable personality. It’s a tabloid team made in heaven! Why? Well, because New Guy’s also got a killer grin, a fab sense of humor, a total do-me coif and—best of all—absolutely no desire whatsoever to make love to Sally, just like she likes it. See, Sally-Sweets lives for getting high, not orgasmic. But she likes the company, and she knows her career will suffer if she’s seen manless for too long. And New Guy, ‘course, wouldn’t even have a job if his homo ways were known. Or so he thinks. Sally really should get over her habit, already. Doesn’t she see it’s what’s marginalizing her career, not her male companionship (or lack thereof)? It’s a good flick that’s hard to find, not a fella or a fix.

And it ain't - Alicia Keys, Reese Witherspoon, Beyonce Knowles

[Here is what I am thinking. My first thought was what I just read in Ted's column was of Mena Suvari and her new man Simone Sestito. I don't know anything about this guy, but his name isn't particularly manly, is it? Anyway, I am also thinking about Jessica Simpson. Is Tony Romo gay?! I am also thinking of Kirsten Dunst for this person, she is rumored to be an IV drug abuser and has dated our fave closeted one Toothy/Jake. But who is Kirsten dating now, if anyone? There are also rumors that Jennifer Aniston is dating Jason Lewis, and even speculation that she is pregnant. Could be them!]

* Ted has also eliminated: Penelope Cruz/Javier Bardem, Jessica Simpson/Tony Romo, Carrie Underwood/Chace Crawford, Matthew McConaughey/Kate Hudson, Rachel Bilson

* * Update 12/22/08: Our top suspect WAS Jennifer Aniston for this, however Ted has revealed that J.A. has never been in a Blind Vice of his.

New top suspects: Sally Sedate Me - Cameron Diaz; New Guy - Bradley Cooper

Toothy Tile and Beard no longer?

Reese WitherspoonJake Gyllenhaal

In the Awful Truth today, Ted discusses Toothy Tile and his beard. We all knew here at Blind Items Exposed that Reese and Jake were only friends! (With a few tabloid PR-placed made up dates to make it look like something more). See below...

Certain H-town know-it-alls claim Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal plan to (again) end their romance. “They were never romantically involved,” relayed a close amiga to both stars. “They were just very good friends, trying to help each other out.” For the moment, I’ll leave the why on that particular non-Cupid score alone. After all, could have been for any number of reasons—a messy end to a relationship with horndog Ryan Phillippe will leave any girl ripe for some good ol’ hand-holding, trust. But look, Reese is a guaranteed movie star. She has an Oscar. She can open a movie. True, she’s had her share of bombs (Rendition with Jake, for ince), but she’s not exactly cautioning her every public move. She can afford to sass ‘n’ screw around a little more than Jake can. Gyllenhaal’s career is still climbing and somewhat unproven, less so Reese’s. That’s just one reason why a lotta Jakey’s buds have been getting increasingly miffed by the relationship between Reese and Jake (which People had the guffaw-inducing temerity to call “low-key,” after it ran any java-run pic of the two babes it could get its hot little Time Inc. hands on). Gyllenhaal’s friends—who really got tested by this whatever with Reese—feel J.G. was letting himself be used. He didn’t need to do this,” bitched one particularly frustrated companion to Jake. “His career was fine. His friends are fine. He has a family. I don’t know why he felt the need to attach himself to Reese like that. Well, I do. But he didn’t need to do it.” Oh, whatev. Certainly wouldn’t be the first time two famous folks hooked up because they thought it would be a personal and professional tabloid shot in the arm. Hookin'-up hijinks usually don't work out that way. Don’t believe me? Ask Pam and what’s his name. But back to R 'n' J. Think Jakey finally got sick to death of so many of his buds lampooning him, to put it very mildly, for being Reese’s bitch. You two, could it possibly be true? Is dimpled paradise ending for you both?

This gives us SO many hints that Jake is Toothy Tile. Remember a few weeks ago when Ted said that Toothy's friends are fed up with him lately? Above Ted says that Jake's friends are not happy with the Reese fake relationship thing. I also like the "dimpled paradise" thrown in. Thanks Ted for another Jake/Toothy update!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Jan. 2,2008 NY Post,Page Six Just Asking

January 2, 2008 -- WHICH 40ish actress has finally gotten pregnant for the first time? Her rep is denying it because she's only a month into it, and has suffered miscarriages in the past. Said our source: "Watch for her to get bangs and start wearing hats to hide her sagging face because you can't be on Botox when you are pregnant" . . . WHICH gorgeous daughter of a foreign-born billionaire had a fling last year with Prince William? While their families don't get along, and she could never marry the future King of England, the hookup between their clans was not unprecedented.
1. Nicole Kidman
2. Camilla Al-Fayed