Sunday, January 20, 2008

Crazy Days and Nights - Friday 1/18

Crazy Days and Nights' blind items from Friday...

For some reason known only to them, this site is very popular in India. So, as part of the Four For Friday I am going to go ahead and post one of maybe two blind items I know about Indian stars.

#1 One of our India's biggest actors _____________, had an affair going on with one of India's most famous beauty queens turned actress ________________ However, after some time, the actor convinced his son to marry the actress - which he did, and the father now tags along to almost all the events with the son and mistress/daughter-in-law with the son looking like the third wheel. Our actor's wife, was an actress in her own right back in the day and acts as if she knows nothing. To make this even more interesting there are other rumors that the son has something on the side going on with another actor, who is the son of the chief minister of one of the Indian states.

Got it? Yeah, but in India it's gold baby.

#2 Here is another one from the perverted dad's file. Our father who is just a regular guy has a daughter who is a B list television actress/"singer" who plays much younger than she really is. In the back of the house is a hot tub. Our actress has been known to have her girlfriends over and whenever they use the hot tub, within five minutes dad comes out in his bathing suit and gets in with them. Somewhere along the way, he adjusts his suit so that when he stands up to get out, the girls in the tub get an up close and personal look at Mr. Winky who is standing at attention and waving hello. This is not a one time event.

#3 Mom's aren't perfect either. Do you recall our actress who drinks the bottle of vodka a day and has it delivered by the same guy everyday. Well that guy is now renting out the guest house. At least that is what she tells her friends and the father of her child(ren). In actuality he spends every night with our actress in her room. Hopefully he is getting some very big tips or is half blind because no one would want to wake up next to her in the mornings.

#4 This B+ list award winning film actress has been sleeping with her agent. It was slimy enough that he kept taking his 10% of her earnings, but now he wants to just manage her, and all for the low discount rate of 15%. In order to make as much money off of her as quickly as possible he has convinced her to sign up for roles that are totally opposite anything she has ever done before, just so she can get a bigger paycheck, and him. I wonder if she knows about the other actress he sees when our B lister is out of town.

#1 I have no idea, I don't know Indian actors. #2 I am thinking Miley Cyrus/ Billy Ray Cyrus. Maybe one of the High School Musical chicks - Vanessa Hudgens or Ashley Tisdale. #3 sounds like Britney Spears but he says actress... so not sure. Denise Richards? #4 screams Hilary Swank to me. She and her manager are supposedly dating.


Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure this is referring to the recent marriage of Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan. Look them up and see.

Anonymous said...

I think #2 is Raven Symone from that's so Raven....she is definitely older than the character she plays AND she sings...

blurry vice said...

Yes, totally could be Raven!