Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lainey - Cheater Uninterrupted

From LaineyGossip 1/21 -

Cheater Uninterrupted
The recent embarrassment and exposure has not deterred Cheese from cheating. When his much better half is in town, he of course is on his best behaviour. Especially since she seems to have forgiven and forgotten. Or perhaps she’s much less savvy than we’ve all given her credit for.But a return to the road means a return to the rock’n’roll lifestyle. Only now his predilections seem even dirtier. Whereas before the philandering was concentrated on one girl at a time, with an insistence on cleanliness and then accompanied by a camera, these days, he’s graduated to multiples – plucked from the cro
wd during his shows, two or three at a time, always very young, they end up in a giggling heap in his bus or in his room, plied with alcohol and other intoxicants until they’re good and ready to get nasty. At which point he pulls out the trusty camera and commemorates the occasion. Stupidly however, he also lets them do the same with their phones.So far it’s been 4 cities and counting – the same routine, the same debauchery…only on one of the stops, he hit up someone a tad too young. As in 17. He was kind enough to single her out. Poor thing believed him when he promised her the world. And she has pictures. Of course she’s too sweet to do anything about it… at least not yet. But what is it they say?Hell hath no fury like a girl who waits by a silent phone…
"Cheese" was a subject of a past BI that was rumored to be Michael Buble, so again, looks like it is Buble. I can't help but think of Scott Stapp and his Kid Rock sex video thing as an "embarassment" that happened while on tour. Anyhow, today Lainey has eliminated Keith Urban.

* Suspected to be: Michael Buble


blurry vice said...

Lainey has excluded Chris Martin and James Blunt.

duffgrl said...

Both Scott Stapp and Michael Buble are good guesses. Buble is currently touring in Canada where Lainey is in the know. BUT- Stapp does seem to fit this better. He has been arrested several times in the past few years-most recently for domestic violence-and is famous,as you said, for the sex-video-w/ strippers and Kid Rock.
By the way-I wouldn't have guessed either James Blunt or Chris Martin anyway. Coldplay has not recently toured. James Blunt does not have a better half.

blurry vice said...

Jon Bon Jovi and James Blunt have been eliminated. Lainey says we are closer to home on the cheese factor with James Blunt.

duffgrl said...

I think it's Michael Buble. Lainey hinted it wasn't a real ROCK singer

Anonymous said...

Lainey pretty much outed Michael Buble yesterday.