Friday, July 30, 2010

Blind Vice: Gay Star With No Shame? No Way!

New from Ted today -

Whip ItBlind Vice: Gay Star With No Shame?  No Way!

With those somewhat closeted chicks Terry Tush-Trade and Venetia Vag-O-Matic still lurking behind their closet doors, how very refreshing is it to see Jerry Menage-e-No at least peek out from behind hers! Sure, Jerry's no Ellen DeGeneres, for sure, but Jerry's certainly got folks thinking she's preppin' to come kinda out super soon.
See, there's a gal who's already pretty much friggin' out there, sexually, and Jerry's buds are convinced this is the woman she's emulating, PR-wise: 

Jodie Foster.
You know, the woman who's never really said one way or another but who mentions her "girlfriend" in acceptance speeches, and such. Never sues when the rags say she's gay, etc. And that's going to be precisely Jerry's style, according to her chums:
"She's not hiding it, but she won't answer relationship questions. She would never do a showmance—just doesn't think it's anyone's business about her personal life."
Also, like Foster did (for a while, at least), J.M. believes in being true to her gal. The lucky babe was all over the set of Jerry's recent hit movie, Imagined Proposal, coming to visit "all the time," say other castmembers.
Added the fellow actors: "[Jerry] is super open about it with cast and crew, and doesn't hide it with friends. Everyone in her circle knows."
Fabulous! But here's hoping Jerry decides to ultimately not take the Foster route and actually come out? I mean, who was Jodie really kidding all those years?
Maybe Sarah Palin, but we would imagine that's probably about it.

It Ain't: Jodie Foster, Emma Roberts, Sofia Vergara
Top suspect: Ellen Page

Monday, July 26, 2010

Bonus Blind Vice: Who's Cheating at Comic-Con?

From Ted today -

Bonus Blind Vice: Who's Cheating at Comic-Con?

Babes, the most fun stuff going down in San Diego is never at the Comic-Con panels. Oh no, it's when the supercelebs need to unleash all their geek energy they've been storing up during the nerd fest.
Naturally, for Chubster Hunkster, this means proving to himself that he is no longer the quasi-loser guy from high school. As if. Now he is…a star! Chubster can bed practically any woman he wants now that he has A-list movie credits, not to mention an adoring, equally beautiful family. And you know the ol' story there, right? What's more attractive to the ladies than an unavailable, good-looking daddy-type?
But maybe he's not so unavailable?
Apparently not!
See, Chubby is totally doable in the offbeat kind of way. Unconventionally handsome and super charming. This is why he scored himself a Hollywood equal. But as is the case with most men (and women, really) in this business, one hot babe is never enough.
Several onlookers in San Diego were shocked when Chubster Hunkster, alone for his trip, was seen canoodling up to a blonde gal not his famous significant other while at a bar during a Comic-Con pit stop.
"If I were [Chubster's] girl I would be pissed at the way he was so touchy-feely with the random women in here," one nosy bartender told us who was witness to Hunkster's flirtfest.
Of course we're not surprised at all, being the jaded L.A. gossip reporters we are. The random blonde is not the first girl we've heard Hunkster may or may not have crossed the line with...nor the first babe he was seen escaping into an elevator with, for that matter.
Indeed, Chubs boozed it up and then left with the bimbo, so we can only imagine the party for two didn't stop at the chic hang. Where does he take them? Her room or his? Maybe the roof?
Chubby and his amazing girl are totally the perfect couple, too, but it's not out of the question that C.H. and his babe have an arrangement of some sort, because Hunky was not hiding his gropage, like, at all.
Nor, as we said, has he in the past.
Why do women put up with this in their men?

And it Ain't:  Michael C. Hall, Will Ferrell, Joe Manganiello

Please see the label below for a link to the new Chubster Hunkster BV.

Eliminated as of 10/22/11:  Michael C. Hall, Will Ferrell, Joe Mangianello, Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum, Rob Pattinson, Ryan Gosling

 Top suspects: Liev Schrieber

Friday, July 23, 2010

Mini Lost blind 7/22/10

In Ted's Bitch-Back on Thursday 7/22, he slid in a mini-blind about one Lost castmember.

Lost: The Complete Sixth and Final Season [Blu-ray]Dear Ted:
I'd love to hear some more dirt about what was going on with the cast of Lost in the past few years. Just how bad was the hated castmember and why didn't we hear anything about it before?

Dear Lost in Translation:
What, you think the cast of Lost is one known for blabbing? Please. Damn tight lips. There are more secrets among them than about that damn island. Including: guess which castmember threw a party and invited everyone...but the producers! Hint: She's gorgeous.

Any guesses?

Bonus Blind: TV Star Gets High-larious!

Sorry we missed this.  Family issues this week so everything is just getting updated this weekend.  Bear with us!  Anyway, this was from Ted on Tue July 20 -

DOMINIC MONAGHAN 24X36 COLOUR POSTER PRINTBonus Blind: TV Star Gets High-larious!

Not all of our Blind Vices are totally upsetting. In fact, today's bonus job is a total riot!
Some of you might remember Teddy O'Bong from his days on the big screen, but recently, the scruffy dude has been making his appearances on network television. In fact, it was his antics at a wrap party for his latest on-air gig that's got us all happy-go-lucky. Though maybe not as much as him:
Teddy isn't exactly the most talented dude we know, but he's always likeable, y'see, and easy to approach. And it turns out, now we know exactly why!
At a semi-recent pricey wrap party for Teddy's latest show, Photo Op, the dude was apparently stoned out of his mind the entire night. We're talking bloodshot eyes, philosophical musings, and everything else that comes with a little puff of the ganja!
A lowly crew member who worked on the show was hangin' out on the patio when, wouldn't ya know it, O'Bong trotted on up and offered the chick's beau a joint, how incredibly gracious. However, the rather shocked guy politely said no, but Teddy wasn't too upset. He scooted on over to another end of the party and made his offer again. Score!
Then, Teddy hit up the karaoke machine, and started jamming. Naturally, the guy wouldn't share the mic with anyone and hogged the whole thing all night long. Literally. And as far as how angelic his voice was (usually, he can hold a tune)...well, he was high as a kite, so just imagine how good that was.
We say, let loose, dude, and keep on flyin' high: pretty much everyone seems to be enjoying his happy nature (even his sometimes-scowly sometimes-girlfriend). We've seen his old work...maybe it's method acting?

And It Ain't: Taylor Kitsch, Zachary Levi, Ian Somerhalder
Update 7/23 - Ted has also eliminated James Franco.

Top suspect: Dominic Monaghan

Proven by timeline of dates when Ted said he was not a BV and later confirmed as one: Dominic Monaghan.

Blind Vice: Cruella Cashes in While Pawning Her Kids

Sorry for the delay gossip freaks.  Here's Ted's new BV from today:

NICOLE KIDMAN 24X36 POSTER PRINT SEXY POSE FROM NINEBlind Vice: Cruella Cashes in While Pawning Her Kids

While Cruella was busy buying herself new boobs, two things happened: 1) She knew she'd never have to worry about the bill, and, 2) she knew it would help her in her life-long mission numero uno: to stay vital, sexy and—most importantly—ahead of the game in the press.
See, media coverage is so important to Cruella, she'll do anything to be portrayed as the sympathetic sexy muffin she most certainly ain't.
She's even stooped low enough to...
Barter her own children!
Yep, absolute fact: Cruella's offspring have not only complained that they will "go to the press" if they get used for any more press (mainly photo ops), but, the mom who makes Faye Dunaway in Mommie Dearest look like June Friggin' Cleaver also trades information on her kiddies out to journalists, just so they'll write nicer, more wholesome copy about her.
I'm sorry, but, maybe we could give a little breather to the outrage we all feel towards gay actors who intentionally lie about their sexuality, in order to get ahead. 'Cause whoring out your children (ya know, involving others in your hunger for stardom who arguably have no choice in the matter) is just as bad, if not far worse.
Oh, and if you're wondering why one of the many men in Cruella's storied life doesn't swoop in and do something about how she uses her kiddos like magazine-copy currency, well, let's say the one who's best able to (as he's got the deepest pockets and the most fame) is already pretty legally encumbered, and busy, as it is.
Getting those Titanic-sized monthly checks to Cruella is pretty much a Herculean effort in itself, you know. And, girlfriends, does she ever cash them—can't wait to see what St. Shackles' next set of knockers look like!

And It Ain't: Tatum O'Neal, Jada Pinkett Smith, Melanie Griffith

This is the 4th Cruella St. Shackles BV.  Here are the links to the previous Cruella Blind Vices:
The 1st, on 2/26/10 including a full list of who has been eliminated; alsothe 2nd 4/2/10 and the 3rd, more recent on 7/2/10.

Top suspect: Nicole Kidman

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Buzzfoto Blind Item #357

This B/C list celebrity dad’s coke habit is so out of control, he is now sending his teenage son to do drug runs for him.
Not Michael Douglas.


Friday, July 16, 2010

Vampire Blind Vice: Biting Her Way to the Top!

New from Ted today -

Vampire Blind Vice: Biting Her Way to the Top!

The Vampire Diaries: The Complete First SeasonPoor Valyrie Tress-Trap, she didn't think anybody was onto her. Isn't it always the way with Hollywood's most ambition, most conniving? They like to convince themselves they're so stealth with their naughty, master plans. Nobody will ever find out! Well, more and more folks are discovering exactly how Valyrie, a member of a highly successful fang franchise, works it off-camera—and that she's been doing so for quite some time.
At first, cast and crewmembers just thought it was a coincidence that Val was seen out and about with one or two of the show's hottest stars. But that was before these on-set folks discovered a couple of things:
First, Val has actually bedded at least two of the hot vamp show's beautiful leads. We're not talkin' supporting players here, babes. We mean the top names. Second, it's no accident Ms. Tress-Trap happened to get it on with her bloody-TV offering's most famous talent. She planned it from the beginning! Wow, what a total user! You'd think all the attention and fancy Hollywood perks Val got as a result was worth it for her, in the end—I mean, having to sell herself like that?
(If you even have to think twice about answering this question, you're reading the wrong gossip column.)
This sorry and rather typical way of achieving fame is exactly what people who still toil on the megapopular franchise are just now discovering: that this was Valyrie's whoring plan from the get-go. According to certain knowledgeable, blabbing set sources, VT-T stupidly told one crewmember (who then told a few more):  "I'm going to f--k whoever gets me the most famous."
Well, points to Valyrie for being honest!
Problem is, Tress-Trap—who really is a cold fish, as she convinced her lovely female paramour she's really into chicks, when she's not—doesn't understand why more and more of her castmates are suddenly finding they've got other post-filming places to be that don't usually include her. And the crafty looker is simply flummoxed about what to do about it.
She's even thinking of rekindling her original two affairs on the show, just to try and get back in their good graces, among other totally stupid making a spoof project about their franchise.
Silly girl, doesn't she know the spoof's on her?

And It Ain't: Anna Kendrick, Anna Paquin, Ashley Greene 

Update 1/28/11 - Ted has eliminated Evan Rachel Wood.

Top suspect: Nina Dobrev,

Monday, July 12, 2010

Bonus Blind! The Mayhems Keep It in the Family

New from Ted today...

All The Way AroundBonus Blind!  The Mayhems Keep It in the Family

It's no wonder Morgan Mayhem has such issues. True, we said we wouldn't talk about the notoriously troubled starlet until she got her act together, but curiosity about M.M.'s ways seemed to have peaked again with you readers, so here's the latest behind-the-scenes update (even though most of her secrets are fairly public right now).
It seems that Morgan isn't the only member of her family with issues right now, as if that's a surprise. Meet Misha Mayhem, a relative to one Miss Morgan...
It's not like Mish has made his or her way through the tabloids unscathed. No, this "star" (‘though it pains us to use that term) has had a fair share of press woes.
Considering the age gap between M and M, you would think Misha would know how to behave (after all, Morg is a walking example of how not to act in Hollywood). But when does anyone in this Industry ever do the right thing?
You can find sometimes Mish sneaking in the back of the clubs behind Morgan. Because a family that parties together stays together, right?
In usual Morgan fashion, the frowned-upon festivities hardly end there. If Misha decides to skip out on the preparty (you know, to avoid those "WTF Is Wrong With This Family" headlines) M.M. and M.M. will meet up late at night at their hills bash of choice and continue to blow it out.
Of course, superstealth cars drop Misha off because the paparazzi still usually catch Morg at these late-night shindigs. However, quite surprisingly Mish escapes unseen. You know, Morgan takes one for the team and goes out the front door while Misha sneaks out through underground garages. What a sweet, sweet gesture Morgy! Good thing too, because those bloodshot eyes could be a dead giveaway as to what the fam is really doing together.
One house in particular they like to hit up is Dougy Dry-Hump's local haunt of choice too. How small this effed-up town is, no?

And It Ain't: Bruce Jenner, Holly Montag, Angel McCord

See the label for "Morgan Mayhem" for the many other posts about her.  We strongly believe she is Lindsay Lohan. 
Therefore, the top guesses for Misha Mayhem = either Ali Lohan or Dina Lohan.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Blind Vice! Terry Tush-Trade Has Everyone in a Tizzy!

New from Ted today -

Blind Vice!  Terry Tush-Trade Has Everyone in a Tizzy!

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse SoundtrackWe know we promised you a Twyla Babe-Sucker Vice this week, but we realized that everyone in the friggin' world is already gabbing about the boy-hoppin' babe's business. And with the, um, not so subtle ways of Miss B.S., we might as well reveal her!
But we won't, at least not today...
Now, calm your tortured Twilight-lovin' hearts because we still have vamp juice for ya. One of the franchise's Vicey players has just as many tongues a wagging as Twayla does. Though, when it comes to Terry Tush-Trade, the word on everybody's lips has nothing to do with the hump-happy star's public personal life. Oh no, it's all about the goings-on behind T's closed bedroom door:
Everyone is saying that the bisexual superstar is straight gay, gay, gay pun intended.
Terr isn't too secretive about lusting on the guys ‘n' gals—at least not on the Vancouver set where all the canoodling has gone down.
But lately, around T-town, the suits at the Twilight studio have been gossing nonstop that Terry is just a big ol'...well, that TTT is into sex with the same-sex exclusively.
We say not so fast.
We know T3 pretty well—or at least whose bed the hottie is slipping in and out of—and Tushy's libido is definitely not limited to only those with the same chromosome arrangement as the über-successful star.
If you need a refresher on the Tush-Trade hookup checklist here goes: Terr has had serious significant others of the opposite sex but has also more than dabbled in affairs with the same gender. Remember back when we told you that Terr hooked up with a costar of the same sex? Well, we hear murmuring that T3 may have scored some lovin' from another sexy (and sexually liberated) member of the cast more recently.
If that doesn't scream bisexual, we don't know what does.
Good thing Terry doesn't give an ef what anyone thinks—at least when it comes to bedroom behavior. And that's just the way we like it!

And It Ain't: Xavier Samuel, Michael Welch, Wyck Godfrey

Links to the previous TTT BVs:
The 1st one - 6/5/09 including a full list of who has been eliminated
The 2nd one -  7/31/09

Top suspect: Kristen Stewart

Friday, July 2, 2010

Blind Vice! Cruella Buys Boingier Boobs - Again

New from Ted today....

Blind Vice!  Cruella Buys Boingier Boobs - Again

NICOLE KIDMAN 24X36 COLOUR POSTER PRINTForget sex, drugs, and all the usual juicy tidbits that celebs work so hard to keep under wraps. These days a T-town tart's worst fear is that her on-call plastic surgeon will fess up to the nip 'n' tuck she hoped no one would notice.
But we weren't too shocked when we heard word that our (least) fave ice-queen Cruella St. Shackles has gone under the knife. So what did the über-bitchy broad get plumped, pinched, or prodded this time?
Her boobs, of course!
Seems nasty ol' Cruella has bigger worries than her loose-lipped employees. Like, say, gravity?
Cruella, who some would argue was a knockout in her heyday, was tres unhappy with her not-so-perky friends and called her trusty doc for boob job numero dos. Just FYI, she got her first set of around the time she married Marky Sweet-Puss (not that he was interested, really).
Way to come late to the big-tittie committee, Cruella! Aren't you getting a bit old to focus on your breasticles, especially since all your plastic-surgery peers are prepping to get their faces injected with the latest fountain-of-youth chemicals?
Or maybe that's exactly why Cruella went for the cleavage upgrade.
See, Cruella is no stranger to going under the knife—no matter how many times she may deny it. Let's say that if surgeons gave out "buy five, get one on the house" procedures, this plastic prima donna would be cashing in freebies quite a bit.
And she's starting to become a cautionary tale of Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong.
But now with her new and improved silicone sisters, Cruella probably thinks she may finally be able to divert some of the attention away from her messed-up mug. Uh, too late for that, sister.
Wondering where she got the cash to pay for all these "cosmetic enhancements"? That's a Vice so for another day, kiddies.
And It Ain't: Sarah Palin, Sarah Jessica Parker, Victoria Beckham

Here are the links to the two previous Cruella/Marky BVs - from Feb 2010 including a full list of who has been eliminated; and April 2010.  And here is the 4th, most recent BV from 7/23/10.

Top suspects: Cruella St. Shackles = Nicole Kidman;Marky Sweet-Puss = Keith Urban