Saturday, August 1, 2009

Twilight Blind Vice: Terry Tush-Trade's Freaked

From Ted yesterday...

Twilight Blind Vice: Terry Tush Trade's Freaked

What a mess Terry Tush-Trade feels overwhelmed by right now, both professionally and personally.
If only someone could shake Terry's well-coiffed little head and say it's all OK, you've got the world before you, fans are quivering at your gorgeous toes—you have nothing to worry about, sweet stuff!
But Terry just doesn't see it that way, not at all. Result: The good-looking Twilight franchise performer is sinking further and further into checking out, via booze and drugs, nothing too heavy right now, but we all know where that getting-high road leads, right?
Dammit, get it together, Tush-Trade, before it's too late! Pressure to perform for Summit in top-capacity isn't the only thing troubling TTT. As we told you before, Terr-bear's got a little lovin' secret (actually not so secret) that's already creating pressure for the beauty. Not to mention affairs of the heart from both sexes pulling TTT strongly.
And now, to add to that very Toothy Tile-esque endeavor, Terry's getting piles more directions from Summit on how to act, what to say, what not to say, don't go there, don't wink this, don't utter that—Terry's goin' nutso in the process!
Therefore, Tush-Trade's mode of response has become increasingly...
Soaked in the 80-proof stuff, not to mention smoking this and popping that, just to keep it together.
Oh, if only everybody concerned (mainly you, Summit, you chastising corporate spoilsports) would let Terry be the natural bisexual lover Tush-Trade was born as. I mean, certainly didn't hurt Angelina Jolie any, right? She finally chose a mate to settle down with, once she was allowed to romp and roam on whichever mattress she chose.
And good for her! It's one of the things we admire about Jolie, that she never hid her sexuality, something Terry's dying to do, as well.
But Terry keeps getting told, "Pull that one, and you're on the next train to Rachelle Lefevre-ville." And we all know where that is: totally the wrong side of the career tracks...for now, at least.
Fight back, Terry and Rachelle, you can both change the world!
And it ain't: Rachelle Lefevre, Ashley Greene, Billy Burke

* The link to the first TTT BV from 6/5/09 is here including a full list of who has been eliminated.
And here is the link to the most recent TTT BV from 7/9/10.

* Our top suspect: ??? Although Kristen Stewart is one of the only ones left for this... but we think she may be Twyla Babe Sucker from a different BV.


duffgrl said...

This really sounds like Kristen Stewart;judging by Ted's "manly tendencies" comment. I guess Kellan Lutz would also fit...these 2 are the only 2 left who seem to fit(?)

wanabRPsmom said...

TTT- is pointing more and more towards Kristen.

Even though kellanL has NOT been eliminated....He does NOT have so much going on with the Twi saga/or other roles to feel a TREMENDOUS pressure to perform for Summit.

ktmotorfinger said...

If that's the case, Twyla Babe-Sucker has to be someone other than KS.

soulin8 said...

Why not a dude? He did eliminate B. Burke suggesting it could be either. I say that handsome devil Taylor Lautner - totally could go either way I say...

Ellie said...

It says Terry has a "well-coiffed little head". Kstew has the mullet right now & Kellan has really short hair.

M said...

I think that when Ted says thigns like "you've got the world before you, fans are quivering at your gorgeous toes" really points to Kristen rather than Kellan. She is the one with all the focus on her, and this kind of talk makes it sound like someone really young with high potential, someone that everyone is watching. I think she fits much better than him. Also the mention of smoking drugs, she definately likes to have a puff of the green. And RPatz for Nevise too.

M said...

also, comparison to Jolie hints that Terry is a girl

~*~Leanne~*~ said...

Did I miss something? Was R-Patz eliminated?

M said...

No I don't think he was eliminated, I personally just think that Kristen is a better fit. And lots of people think RPatz is Nevis Divine, which would mean he can't be Terry

SarCraw said...

Sorry that this comment is not relative to this blind item, though it does involve Ted C -- if you ask me, I think he confirmed Angelina Jolie as Fake a la Ferocity on Monday - the header of a "Bitch-Back" has pictures of Angelina Jolie and Michael Jackson side-by-side, and one of the questions is this:

Dear Ted:
Do you think Fake à la Ferocity has learned anything from Michael Jackson's death, even if it's just to slow down a little?

Dear Lesson Unlearned:
Unfortunately, much like Michael, F2 doesn't think her problem is that bad.

The only other mention of AJ is brief, so I don't know why else her pic would be up there.

ktmotorfinger said...

Not sold on K-Stew yet, as Ted has CONSISTENTLY said that she, along with RP and TL, is safe from any Rachelle-style firing.

Plus, it seems like every coupling other than her and RP have been eliminated as TBS.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Love you and your column. If Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are in fact a couple but Summit won't allow them to "out" themselves, do you think that frustration and pressure could cause them to break up? Also, it's obvious that they are both overwhelmed and stressed with their Twilight fame and "undercover relationship," but who is having the harder time? Kristen or Rob? At Comic-Con, they both looked tired and stressed, but Kristen looked particularly bad and very fidgety, causing me to wonder if she is Terry Tush-Trade? While Rob definitely looked tired. His disposition seemed much better than Kristen's. What do you think?

Dear Pressure Cooker:
The spotlight (but not the good one) has always been on poor Kristen to please the fans who are oh so jealous of her proximity to Rob. If Rob is stressed, Kristen must be 100 times more so, if only because of what everyone puts on her to perform well!"

blurry vice said...

SarCraw - yes we saw that. Please keep comments related to FakeALaFerocity on that thread only. This one is for TerryTushTrade.
Do a search at the top of the page. Or, click on the Angelina Jolie link in the right column.

wanabRPsmom said...

Makes no sense for Kellan to be TTT. His role is NOT that important for Summit to put pressure on perform well.

He always seen exercising, healthy looking and dabble in pill popping, drinking and weed.

I am on KStew..for TTT, still.

wanabRPsmom said...

*meant to say:
hard to imagine kellan popping pills, drinking and smoking weeds. Photos of him always showing - working out and dress neatly. He cares about his appearance.

blurry vice said...

Kellan Lutz and AnnaLynne McCord broke up, reports Ted.

Also this was on his column today -

"Dear Ted:
Have you thought of making tweets for your Blind Vices? You could tweet hints about who are they are and answer readers' questions about them. I would love to see what Twyla Babe-Sucker or Terry Tush-Trade would tweet about.
—Short Gurl

Dear Blind Tweeting:
That's a fab idea. TTT would say something like, "I'm more confused than ever right now! But at least I'm having fun. Jealous much?" "

mgmoviegirl said...

It sound like it Taylor Lautner with a recent pisting on the awful truth

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
What's going on with Terry Tush-Trade? You haven't given us anything on him/her for a long time. So what's up? Or do you think it's time to let us now who he/she is?
—Where's TTT?

Dear Rough Terry-ain:
Trust, the only thing TTT hasn't done lately is reveal who he/she is."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Over the last couple of weeks Kellan Lutz is looking well...distant and like he doesn't know what to do with things going on around him. He doesn't answer questions, he lets other Twilighters answer them and he is always with someone when in the spotlight now. What is going on? This is not the same person who loved walking the red carpet a couple of months ago.

Dear Kellan Me Softly:
Maybe he was just depressed that AnnaLynne wouldn't take him back? Give him a couple of weeks and he'll be shacking up with a new semi-famous face.

duffgrl said...

I have been leaning more towards K Stew for this, but- has Taylor Lautner been ruled out? Ted mentioned him today "if Summit keeps forcing this poor kid everywhere"...

J said...

I would have to say K. Stew.... Ted mentions "Kristen Stweart having persona problems." Sounds a lot like this BV

blurry vice said...

Yes Taylor Lautner has already been eliminated.

M said...

Ted eliminated Kellan today, I'm going with Kristin

nissivm said...

So.. who´s Twilla Babe-Sucker?

ktmotorfinger said...

Thank you nissivm... I've been saying this all along.

P.M. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
P.M. said...

So Kristen Stewart no longer in the running for Twyla Babe Sucker? Hmm, this is all too confusing! She seemed so obvious for that.

ella said...

Ted's 2 tweets from 8/1. First, he denies it's Kristen. ******* @theawfultruth C'mon, Ted! That Last sentence in the "Girlfight" piece pretty obviously outs our little Terry! @twiphreak67 not really, #Terry's not exactly an obvious one ****** @theawfultruth could Kellan be TTT? @ontd09 That is the smartest guess I've heard yet!****But in a recent BB, Ted says it's not Kellan. So it's neither Kristen nor Kellan. Kristen is Twyla.

wanabRPsmom said...


have you read the latest by Ted and the clues above? Kristen has a very impt. role for the saga.

we have to re read Twyla BV to see if we can eliminate KS. more emails to Ted to ask if this is KS or someone else in the twi group.

after all...maybe Ted got confused! lol!

Kristen for TTT.

ella said...


Yes, I have. I don't see how KS being important to the saga doesn't eliminate her. I'm with ktmotorfinger above in saying that she's highly unlikely to be replaced (unlike Rachelle). Bi or not, she's with Rob now and their chemistry makes The Twilight Saga.

Ted tweeted it wasn't the obvious choice when someone asked if it was KS. That was the day of the Heineken-drinking video and shortly after Comic Con when a lot of people thought she was acting twitchy, many thought she was on drugs.

I still think she's Twyla. No one else seems to fit that BV. I think Ted wants controversy so he made TTT sound like KS, but TTT isn't the obvious choice. Also, that same day, the second tweet said Kellan was the best guess so far after the KS guess. And it's not Kellan. Can't think of who TTT can be.

ktmotorfinger said...

Perhaps we're looking at the wrong installment of the "saga"?... The first TTT BV came out around the time New Moon was finishing and pushing for publicity.

Maybe TTT IS NOT in Twilight, but IS in New Moon (and will be in Eclipse because Ted mentioned the drama pushing into the new movie).

Also, reasons why KS cannot be TTT:

- TTT was threatened to be fired: KS is SAFE, Ted has said this on MANY occasions
- KS is Twyla... Ted has pretty much hint-confirmed this
- Ted said TTT is getting almost as much attention or drama (however he worded it) as Robsten is- KS is 1/2 of Robsten, and Ted's word choice suggests TTT is not part of that duo
- Kristen/Nikki was the obvious choice for this BV, and Ted has said TTT is not the "obvious choice". Another reason for KS being the obvious choice is Rob being Nevis... TTT's partner is bi aswell

wanabRPsmom said...

TTT is in the Twilight saga from the start. SHe/he is not part of the volturi or the wolf clan. AT - BitchBack 8/26/09

Kristen is the only one not eliminated.

Others would insist Kristen is Twyla. Everyone jumped as her for the answer because.... At the time TBS cane out she seems to be the obvious one due to MA still around.

IMO. who cares if K is bi? She is a young girl (confusing time) and maybe experiencing her sexuality. Does not make her a bad person!
I don't think Ted will out her til BDawn is done.
Above is just my opinion so Robsten lovers please don't hate. Lol!

ella said...

Kristen has been eliminated as much as some other people have. When someone asked if it was Kristen, Ted tweeted that TTT's not the obvious and then Kellan was the best guess.

Again, Ted's most recent tweets from 8/26. *****I can't be THAT obvious @SpankRansom But I think TTT seems a bit happier for cameras now than Terry did around the timing of our last BV. ****the question was: @theawfultruth Does TTT carry a man purse while smiling for cameras in a wife-beater?***Here's a picture of Kellan matching the description.

Also, this tweet about Twyla: @theawfultruth haven't heard about Twyla lately; did she ditch the on again off again BF?Is she having fun with the hottie costar?....Consider the poor schmuck ditched. A while ago @Thia2 **** Kristen hasn't been seen with Angarano since the end of April.

Most recent B!tch Back (8/27) confirmed Kristen can only be Twyla or Terry, not both. My bet's on Twyla.

ella said...

FYI, these are the Q&As that eliminate Kellan.

Bitch-Back (8/20)
Dear Ted:
Is Kellan Lutz Terry Tush-Trade? I know you said he isn't Toothy Tile, but I haven't seen you say he wasn't TTT. If not him, is it Christian Serratos? She made a comment about Saint Angelina Jolie at a convention and there's a TTT blind item description with a big chunk mentioning Angie. I personally think it's a female, and I could see either one, but the Kellan debate is more urgent since it gets heated by the moment. Please shed some light and put those flames out (no pun intented).
Dear Trade-off:
Kellan's currently only pining over his ex AnnaLynne—not a dude. T3's not C.S., either, better keep poking your cranium for another guess!

Bitch-Back (8/21)
Dear Ted:
Is Terry Tush-Trade still dating his/her significant other? Or have they broken up?
Dear So Many Blinds!
Trust, TTT and his/her honey/boy-toy are still very, very much an item.

Unless Ted is playing some cryptic games (referring to the third party of the TTT love triangle in his answers), Kellan seems to be eliminated. But Kristen would be on the same level of elimination with regard to the tweets. Peter hasn't been notted, Ted just said TTT wasn't NECESSARILY married. Make what you will of this mess!

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
We mentioned all the cast in Twilight and you say he or she is not Terry Tush-Trade. I guess TTT does not exist? If TTT does exist, can you give more hints?

Dear Wants It In Code:
Terry is happier now than in recent days past. Terry has terrific taste in rebel-wear. Terry needs to stop worrying about the bod and start worrying about the so."

ella said...

so = significant other? Kellan has been on and off with AnnaLynne McCord.

Rebel-wear? Kellan modeled for Royal Rebel.

He looks body conscious to me.

Paulita said...

kristen stewart modeled for rebel yell zip hoodie.

check this link:

too bad. as much as i hate to admit it, i think she's ttt. since, she's obviously twyla, ted probably made another monicker for her. let's say she can't be both. all the same many clues point to her.

kellan could be ttt but in the first post, ted described ttt as slim. i don't think kellan with his muscles and stature can be described as slim.

ktmotorfinger said...

Okay, it's official: I really REALLY hate this BV and the TBS BV!!

It seems like Kristen Stewart is BOTH of these BVs. Even though The Awful Truth team denied it. I think Ted might have broken his "1 nickname only" rule.

This was posted today on the bitch-back section:

"Dear Ted:
Is Twyla Babe-Sucker still considered Twyla Babe-Sucker or have her problems been fixed?

Dear Twyla Trouble:
Not really, sorry."

What part of the question his answer refers to, I have no idea.

decker said...

Twyla is not Kristen. We need more emails to Ted to get the right answer for TBS.

TTT seems more like Kristen, though. Most of the clues fit her.
Lately she is rocking the rebel wear look. No more reason because she is shooting The Runaways! I could be wrong... hoping she finds her true self and be content in life. She has beauty, fame and looks. HW is a tough world to live in...

As for Kellan..he is by no means SLIM, Bad as s and gorgeous hair. He has short hair..buffed and does not look nervous/sassy in any appearances.

decker said...

*meant to write: she has beauty fame and money.* :)

ella said...

"Dear Awful Truth:
How can Kristen Stewart be both Twyla Babe-Sucker and Terry Tush-Trade Blind Vices as you've been insinuating lately? I thought each person was limited to only once Blind Vice. What gives?
—Corn Nugget

Dear Bella-Squared:
How can she be both? Well, I'll clear it up for you then, buddy—she's not! Oh, hey, look at that, problem solved!"

ktmotorfinger said...

Today Ted has posted a blind vice picture gallery, and non other than Nikki Reed is in it. She's always given of a bi-vibe (and maybe admitted it?). When did Ted eliminate Nikki for TTT? Or did he at all? Because She's definitely not TBS...

ktmotorfinger said...

Also, I should add: On Ted's twitter he mentioned a "Super special Blind Vice surprise coming tomorrow". When someone asked if it had anything to do with TTT, Ted answered "so very possibly!" (which is as close a comfirmation as I've seen Ted give on this subject). Looking through the pictures, there are NONE of Kristen.

If TTT is Nikki, the clue that Kellan was a close guess would make sense, as they're a couple in the movies (and books).

blurry vice said...

Kellan Lutz was indeed eliminated according to TEd. See the other post for the original TTT BV. Also see the comments under that post.

P.M. said...

Yea, Ted says Nikki Reed has been in a blind vice, yet as I'm looking through all the twilight blinds, Nikki has been eliminated from all of them. What gives? I think he messed up, and I don't think he'll admit it. Now I'm beginning to think TTT is Nikki Reed.

decker said...

Maybe Nikki Reed.s BV is not under Twilight blinds?

NevisDevine as everyone thinks is RPattz...just an example.

That Ted...better not be playing us all.

P.M. said...

That's what I thought too, but not to be rude, but what relevance has she had without twilight? And none of the blinds since she started making headlines really make sense for her :/

blurry vice said...

I know... the Nikki Reed thing. She has been eliminated as Twyla Babe Sucker, Julie Bone Jumper, and Terry Tush Trade. Did Ted lie to us or F up and she is one of them? Or is she another BV altogether? I have looked through every BV since the Twilight buzz started and she doesn't seem to fit. Unless she was a BV more than a year ago when she was a nobody. But who would care about that? I don't know... Ted messed up I think... I hate to say it. :(

wanabRPsmom said...

Ted's BitchBack Sept. 19. 2009:

TTT is a she!

Eliminated Kellan and leaves Kristen for the answer to the BV Terry Tush Trade.

ella said...

If Kristen is TTT, then Ted was misleading in his tweets that I posted above on 8/22. There are still things that don't add up.
1. Who is Twyla?
2. Ted posted Nikki's picture in his Blind Vice gallery, so which one is she? She was one of the "And It Ain'ts" for Twyla.
3. Ted has twice stated that Kristen and Nikki aren't an item. From the 9/18 Bitch-Back:
"Dear Ted:
Why isn't anyone reporting on the obvious Kristen Stewart-Nikki Reed relationship? I don't think Rob Pattinson is really dating her.
—Jo Sigler
Dear Lesby-Light:
Wow, who would make a hotter couple Robsten or Kiki? But let's get real: Robsten is; Kiki isn't."
From 3/24 Bitch-Back:
"Dear Ted:
The gossip is that Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed are a couple, and Stewart is bearding for her boyfriend Michael Angarano. He doesn't seem effeminate to me. Is this gossip true? Has Stewart been with any guys in the past? And what about Angarano?
Dear Lesbylight:
Nik def has a girl crush on K the way she praised her back at the Twilight premiere. But I'm thinking these babes are BFF's instead of lovers. Kris is for sure into guys."
Ted's just yanking everyone's chain.

wanabRPsmom said...

In Ted's older BitchBack, could be... he did not know much about the Twilight casts personal lives.

So, Kristen is bi?...does not mean she is not hooking up with RobPattz. Bisexuals swing both ways....and in HW not such a big deal!

ella said...

From 9/19 Bitch-Back:
Dear Ted:
How's Terry Tush-Trade going in the media? Big on attending all the awards shows and benefits? Or usually keeping it low-key?
Dear Dog and Pony Show:
She keeps it pretty low-key while still making the T-town rounds, which means she isn't truly a look-at-me Paris Hilton type. Thank god for that.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
How's Terry Tush-Trade going in the media? Big on attending all the awards shows and benefits? Or usually keeping it low-key?

Dear Dog and Pony Show:
She keeps it pretty low-key while still making the T-town rounds, which means she isn't truly a look-at-me Paris Hilton type. Thank god for that."


ktmotorfinger said...

I'm totally on the "Ted F-ed up" bandwagon. Not because I don't believe Kristen is bi, but that he's hinting TTT is her WHILE he had hinted (really strongly) in the past that she was TBS.

Additionally, a clue he gave a while back was when he was asked if Rob had ever been a BV, Ted replied "Yes, and has made an appearance in another". This was at the time that Nevis Divine only had one of his own and when TBS joined the BV ranks. Suggests KS and RP were the couple in the TBS vice.

This BV is SOOOOO frustrating.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I noticed that some of the gossip sites have picked up on the comments made by K.Stew about "I'm with him, I'm not with him, I'm a lesbian"...implying that she is, in fact gay. Do you think she will have to fess up one way or the other? Will Summit wring her neck for that statement? The suits must be s--ting a blue bean. By the way, you seem happier, I am happy for you.

Dear Swingin' Stew:
No, must say, ever since the Summit switchout everything seems to be rolling much smoother over there—which means happier talent. Kristen says what she wants, they know that, it's why we all love her. And, yes, I am happier, much. Who knew life went on after divorce?"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Can I just say you are the funniest gossip columnist on the Net. Love your comeback answers to the sarcastic questions. Here's mine: In a brawl-out catfight, who do you think will win: Twyla Babe-Sucker or Terry Tush-Trade?

Dear Good One:
Hard question 'cause they're the same person. Just kidding. Terry, hands down."

Anonymous said...

What if Twyla is Christian Serratos? That would make it possible for Kristen to be TTT.

Anonymous said...

Ted said that Twyla is MORE recognizable than Anna Kendrick, so I think Christian is at a different fame level than Twyla.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ted: Is Terry Tush-Trade Kristen Stewart? You can tell by looking at her these days that she is on something. In her latest interviews it's almost as if she's reading from a script. Lesbians go nutty for this chick. She gives off such a strong vibe, even in "Panic Room" when she was just a little baby dyke.

Anonymous said...


"Dear Ted:
This is completely random, but did you know that if you made Tom Cruise a blond, he would look just like Peter Facinelli? It's creepy! On a completely different note, who's Terry Tush-Trade? For the love of all that's holy and good, Ted (I know you're a devout Presby)! I have to know. Your loving, devoted and faithful followers want, need, to know. Please! It's almost Christmas ya know. Spill!
Dear Twins:
Um, no way will Facinelli ever look like Cruise. You might be right, but I refuse to imagine it. As for TTT, my lips are sealed until Terry's are not. Or until he gets caught with one of those damn flipcams."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
This is completely random, but did you know that if you made Tom Cruise a blond, he would look just like Peter Facinelli? It's creepy! On a completely different note, who's Terry Tush-Trade? For the love of all that's holy and good, Ted (I know you're a devout Presby)! I have to know. Your loving, devoted and faithful followers want, need, to know. Please! It's almost Christmas ya know. Spill!

Dear Twins:
Um, no way will Facinelli ever look like Cruise. You might be right, but I refuse to imagine it. As for TTT, my lips are sealed until Terry's are not. Or until he gets caught with one of those damn flipcams."

Anonymous said...

So now TTT is a "he", as referred to above re: getting caught with a flipcam? I am soo confused!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone guessed Tinsel Korey? Been in Twilight and New Moon, plays a minor character. She could have been in danger of being replaced.

daffodil said...

Whoops! I was anon November 28. Didn't know that Tinsel Korey wasn't in Twilight. But there are claims that's she isn't Native American/First Nations. Not super familiar with the franchise, but would that cause controversy? Any other minor actors? What about Noot Seear? (Only heard her name being thrown around.)

Or maybe Ted did get confused, or broke his one name rule.

literal_chaos said...

Just an interesting fact that could perhaps be a hint linking Kristen Stewart for this BV is her character's name from 'Into the Wild' which is Tracy Tatro. Just like krisTen sTewarT, the name Tracy TaTro contain three T's just like Terry Tush-Trade. Both of these names (TTT and TT) are forms of alliteration.

itissoover said...

My guess, it's either Kellan, Robert Pattinson or Rachelle? Ted said TTT is a he, but I thought Nevine was Robert.

I think Ted makes it all up, I'm going with that.

Jennifer said...

Hello? P-Fach.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
You haven't said anything about Terry Tush-Trade in a while. Last we heard, he/she was dabbling in booze and drugs just to deal with all the craziness. Has it gotten worse? Anything new to report?

Dear Det. Double-T:
Yep, happy to report Terry's cleaned it up—a lot. Shows, too. I'm sure you've noticed, as well."

Tori said...

Totally agree it's Peter Facinelli. Recently admitted he broke down on the set of 'Nurse Jackie.' Plus, him and Kellan Lutz are seen together a lot...

blurry vice said...

Tori - No, it's not Peter FAcinelli. Ted said March 10 2010 that PF was never a BV.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I'm the proud mother of three rescue dogs, all gorgeous and all spoiled. My question is regarding Nevis Devine's girlie. I gather that she's been the star of her own BV but is she into girl-on-girl action as well? Love your it all the time!

Dear Lady Love:
I'll just say this, to be down with Nevis's sexy shenanigans, the babe's got to be pretty open minded, right? And she is. Very."

loll one said...

An interesting parallel I just noticed between a BB from a few days ago & one from back in September:

(on Kstew):

Seems like Kristen may be a master of disguise, since she also flew so under the radar at Coachella, no? She's pretty chill, she doesn't dress up in hot pink like Paris or carry the latest It bag, so it's no surprise that she doesn't stick out while traveling. But when Rob's there, that's a whole different story!

(on TTT):

She keeps it pretty low-key while still making the T-town rounds, which means she isn't truly a look-at-me Paris Hilton type. Thank god for that.

Anyone else think the similar descriptions might be more than coincidence?

blurry vice said...

Good catch loll one!

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I have a challenge if you're (legally) willing to accept! My friends and I are all admittedly huge Twilight fans, and this whole "bisexual shenanigans" (or however you put it!) among the cast has got me, my tight-knit group of friends and our collective gaydar going nuts trying to give it our very best in figuring it out! That said, can you name two or three castmembers who are very, most definitely heterosexual? I unfortunately don't have a rescue dog or kitty (yet), but I do donate to some of our local no-kill shelters every month. Thanks, Ted, hate to love the column, but I so do!

Dear Bi Curious:
Will one Twi hetero tide you over? Billy Burke. Shocker, I know. And thanks for the donations—so important to keep these animals from being killed whenever we can."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
What's the status on Terry Tush-Trade's "affairs of the heart"? Have they progressed into something more, or simply gone away?

Dear Good Question:
She's still having two: her career and her beard."

asmith said...

My gaydar is usually spot on, and I definitely get that vibe from Kristen Stewart! I think she's TTT.
I don't think Ted saying she's "for sure into guys" means that she's for sure NOT into girls, as well. That's the beauty of bisexuality! :)

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
With Twilight promotions coming up, can you let me know if Rocky Trailer and TTT are up to anything naughty? Will their secrets be revealed?

Dear Twi-Tastic:
No and yes! Surprisingly, Rocky's seen how much the spotlight can sometimes burn his fellow Twi actors, and he's been unusually shy, as of late. Totally unlike T. Tush-Trade, who's more rebellious and daring than ever!"

noahglass said...

"Dear Ted:
You once said that in a catfight between Terry Tush-Trade and Twyla Babe-Sucker, TTT would win hands down. Since we're comparing the two, mind telling me which one of them is more famous?

Dear Scratching for Clues:
The former, by far."

This leads me to believe TTT is definitely Kristen.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is Terry Tush-Trade only hanging out with her beard, or is she simultaneously seeing someone else on the side?

Dear Terry Wary:
Sexually swingin' T3's gotta lotta ridin' professionally right now—it's her main thing. For the moment..."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Do Nevis Divine and Terry Tush-Trade know each other intimately?

Dear Erotic Emphasis:
You know, I can italicize words, too."

katrina said...

Dear Ted:
How do Rob and Kristen "define" their relationship? I am so confused now. At first it seemed very real, and now not so much.

Dear Bookish:
I would look under the V's and check out two entries: "very chill" and "versatile."

(From the B*tch Back, June 24th)

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Are "Terry" and "Tush-Trade" two different people? How's that for thinking out of the box? Smooches!

Dear Boxed In:
Nice try, K, but it's definitely only one person. Though Terry does have enough Vices for multiple people, that much is true."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Does Terry Tush-Trade have a type? Does she go for Bettys or Veronicas?

Dear Comic Times:
Bettys, babe. And we mean that for gals and guys. Laid-back is totally Terry's style."

oups! said...

Dear Ted,
does Terry Tush-Trade has a beard or a serious relationship? Or meabe it works both ways?

fadafofura said...

Twyla is Kristen Stewart.
PS:I hate twilight

Charlie Pridgen said...
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