Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hoping to expose Bradley Cooper blind...

Ted has stated that Bradley Cooper has been a blind vice. We haven't figured that out yet. Here was a letter to Ted -

"Dear Ted:

Ever since you mentioned Bradley Cooper had been the subject of a B.V., I can think of nothing else! Will you tell me if the B.V. still appears in the archives?

Dear Hangin' With Mr. Cooper:
Well, I would certainly hope so. Ain't he a dee-lish goody-baddy?"
We're dying to figure it out too! If anyone has an idea, please post a comment so that we can figure this out. Thanks!

Update on 3/3/2010 - top guess is Topher Hairy-Tuchus ... however the timeline does not match up.


LiddypoolBird said...

BC is Jiggly Wiggle-Poof. Victor Garber is Burp Behometh.

LiddypoolBird said...
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blurry vice said...

Could be... Jiggly Wiggle Poo AKA Wiggly Jiggle Poof (Ted has used both names for that BV) ... we used to think that was Ryan SEacrest until Ted said that RS was never a BV. Going to look into that now!

blurry vice said...

Hmmm... JWP/WGP is more of a TV player. BC is more of a movie type.

LiddypoolBird said...

He was on Alias (with Mr. Garber) when this Blind was originally written.

Dayna said...

I don't think this ads up... in 2006 when Ted started writing these BVs, Bradley's character had already been "dead" for 3 years on Alias! He came for ONE episode in 2006, and I don't think it's because of any favors to Victor Garber... i think we need to keep looking

ps... i also don't see how BC fits in with any of the AIAs, and I think that's a good place to start

margo said...

BC played a super duper cocky tv-star on Nip/Tuck for a season in the 2006/2007 timeframe - maybe that's the TV that it references?

sk8chic said...

Wasn't BC in Kitchen Confidential, though the series didn't last long?

Frosty Family said...

I feel like Ted's "dee-lish goody-baddy" comment is a hint to the name of the BV. Something beginning with a D or referencing good/bad...

Unknown said...

Ted's been doing BVs since at least 2003-2004.

duffgrl said...

We have been following Ted since the beginning, trust! We just don't have a list of all of his blinds on here yet. (Although there is a great list on another site)-Anyway, I agree that there is a hint in "dee-lish goody-baddy",too.

blurry vice said...

Oh Ted's been doing the blind vices for a very long time, we know that. Trust! However, Bradley Cooper has NOT been around that long, and neither has our blog. We hope that he fits with one of the ones we have dicussed on here.
If not we will dig back, no problem. But that's what we are saying... bring up one of the old ones if he seems to fit!

alana said...

With all do respect I usually agree with all of the "top suspects", but there is one that I think we had figured but really didn't... No Beave Steve! The said moniker is suspected to be Zachary Quinto, but I really do think it could be Bradley Cooper.

The franchise would be the Old School/ Wedding Crashers/ The Hangover movies and he has squashed any inclining of being romantically linked to his co-stars.

I don't know, I might be way off, but please do me at least the favor of re-reading it (under March if you are so inclined). Thanks much!

alana said...

Oh and one more thing. Ted gives the clue, "dee-lish goody-baddy"...

"...No-Beave Steve has a decent gig making a name for himself playing loveable but hateful characters."

hmmm, really fits to me

Unknown said...

I was responding to Danya about the time-frame. I'm just saying that the Blind Vices have been around since 2003-ish, which is about when Bradley Cooper was a regular on Alias. He could very well be one of the really old ones.

I don't think No-Beave Steve fits. First off, he wasn't even in Old School, and the other two movies don't constitute a franchise just because they're similar R-rated comedies. Also, BC was married (for a while), whereas NBS isn't even willing to hook up with a fake girlfriend. ZQ is a much better fit for that one.

alana said...

He was married for 4 months and has not been romantically linked since. He acutally goes out of his way to say that he isn't involved with his current co-stars that is seems production would love to link him with. My guess is that he tried the beard and said never again... that might not be direct in the BV, but it didn't say otherwise, just that he is not going to be on the red carpet with a fake girlfriend (not that he ever hasn't).

I never said he was in Old School, just that it is the franchise. Todd Phillips is earning a name for these top grossing R rated comedies (sorry you got me on Wedding Crashers but it was aimed at the same audience and uses the same cast members).

The vice was posted in March when BC would be on the radar because He's Just Not That Into You was released the month before and there was buzz about The Hangover.

PLUS, he is gay gay gay (not there is anything wrong with it). He was rumored to have been with Victor Garber.

Unknown said...

I remember hearing some domestic violence rumors about him when he and Jennifer Esposito divorced. Him being with Jennifer Aniston may have just been wishful thinking, but he's been linked with Cameron Diaz since his marriage ended.

I don't argue that Todd Phillips aims for a specific demographic and tends to reuse actors, but it's still a stretch to call that a franchise.

I can buy BC as gay, but I disagree (respectfully, of course) about him being NBS.

MTS said...

I think BC is straight as well, him and Jen Esposito dated for a long time, they apparently split because he was unfaithful.

I think his BV will be more along the lines of sex/drugs/drink, he filmed Kitchen Confidential in Vancouver (where I live) and allegedly slept with everything that moved and got in a lot of trouble with booze. Or maybe he was trying to overcompensate, who knows!

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I just saw The Hangover, and yes, I know I am very late on that one. I thought it was hysterical! Bradley Cooper is a sexy beast. My questions are: Has he ever been a B.V.? And what's going on with him these days? Is he still trying to hook up with Renée Zellweger—and why her, seriously?
—Jenni S.

Dear Brad's Babe:
Yep, B-Diddy has been a juicy little naughty Vice before. And as for what his current sitch is, it's tough to differentiate what his true ladylovin' feelings are from what he's only doing to stay relevant now that the spotlight has found him again. Could Jen Aniston be the former, or the latter? Hmmm, indeed. "

blurry vice said...

Ted hints in the above post that BC is gay. He compares Bradley dating Renee Zellweger to Reese Witherspoon.
Hint that the BC blind is a gay one.

Anonymous said...

My guess:
Sally Sedate Me = Cameron Diaz
New Guy = Bradley Cooper
Last loser = John Mayer or Criss Angel

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
You should know that when Charlie and Margo appear on Truth, Lies & Ted, they divert all my attention away from you. Such cuties! OK, so I've been through the B.V. archives, and I have zero clue which B.V. might be Bradley Cooper. Any chance you could offer up a clue? Please?

Dear Scrunchy Face:
No clues from this mouth! Tough luck, my dear!"

blurry vice said...

chickie - thanks for reminding us of that blind vice. I do agree that it appears to be about Cameron and BC. We thought at the time that it was Jennifer Aniston until Ted revelaed that she was not a BV subject.

I have updated the Sally Sedate me BV to Cameron and BC. Thanks readers!

Anonymous said...

From D-Listed: "Jennifer Garner and B.Coop's alleged former sugar daddy pal around in L.A." (posted with a picture of Victor Garber.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Awful Truth:
I just saw pictures of Bradley Cooper and Nick Lachey hanging out together. How do they know each other? It looked suspicious.

Dear Bradley Brotherhood:
Seeing as Brad is only recently coming off his stint as a total C-lister, maybe he's giving D-list buddy Nick a few tips on how to cope."

blurry vice said...

Bradley Coop made it to the Blind Vice Superstar Gallery - here is the hint next to his photo -

Bradley Cooper

Newest hot dude on the block and basically attached to every babe in T-town, Brad's making a name for himself in Hollywood—and in our Blind Vice annals. Can he keep his indiscretions secret for long?

Unknown said...

Found this one from 2005. Who knows (just shoting in the dark, here!)

One Hirsute, Hellraising 'n' Horny Blind Vice: It's not like there's anyone alive who doesn't wish they could get a little nooky on the job. (Well, except maybe Laura Bush.) I can hear the yell over the cubicle now: "Yo, boss, I'm gonna head downstairs for some coffee and a little whoopee! Back in five!" Yeah, right. But, hey, it wouldn't be such a salivating dream if you were to spend a day in Barker Kümeselot's boxers. Perhaps you've heard stories about this dirty dawg before. Yes, he gets around. And how. Oh sure, B.K. has made more than a few trips to the Playboy Mansion. Yeah, he's lost his cherry more than once in the grotto. (I knew I should have worn a wetsuit when I filmed there last for E! News!) But look, bros 'n' sisses, Barker is talented. So, we call him "eccentric." It's a nicer word than pervert, doncha think? I mean, he's so special that without Barker K., Three and a Half Pricks, his superhot TV show, would stink, bien sûr ! It's time to knock on woody, though. Ya see, Barker still hasn't signed a new deal, which is up sooner than it takes Paris to change stalls, I mean, men. And Barker's friggin' barkin' for a bigger trailer, blah cushy this and blah oversize that. Duh. Maybe because it's hard to have an orgy in a twin bed? And it ain't Kiefer Sutherland, Josh Duhamel or Matthew Fox. Look, here's the bottom line: Most everybody who toils away on Three is getting downright grossed out by how many extras Bark bangs his way through. No discretion. Whatever. His most pathetic excuse while his coworkers are made to wait during B.K.'s trailer-rockin' rompings? "I was getting a pedicure." Must have been one helluva toe job. Sir Kümeselot, please learn to keep it in your pants at work. At least until that new gig is sealed up--the little screen would just be too, uh, unsubstantial, without you.

P.s.: Lainey just responded to some emails about Renee being a beard for BC that every gossip she ever heard aout BC involved him and lots of ladies. So.. don´t know. Maybe he´s BV isn´t the gay kind?

Unknown said...

P.p.s: people thought this one was about Jeremy Piven. Oh, well..

Anonymous said...


Lainey is lying or she isn't paying attention.

She has done that with a few celebrities.

Hell, she think Jake Gyllenhaal is straight.

Who is she foolin'?

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Please explain your definition of a bad boy.

Dear Bad-Boy Action:
Bad boy: a Bradley Cooper-esque guy who's sexy and sophisticated with tons of secrets, yet there's a slight dirty, rugged quality about him."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I have a question about Bradley Cooper. We all know that he has been a Blind Vice, and I believe he was included in the Superstars Gallery. Is his Vice as old as his Alias days, or is this something that has come up during his Hangover fame?

Dear Something Borrowed, Something New:
A Tiger doesn't change its stripes, now does it? The Vice goes back to his Alias days, sure."

EmmyC said...

did anyone see the new info on BC's vice?

Ted wrote:

Dear Yes and No:
Congrats on your rescue! Where's the pic and what's the name? For your prize you get the seemingly innocuous, but actually quite delicious clue that Mr. Cooper's Vice requires the use of the Internet.

Read more:

Wouldn't that be the glory hole vice???? Using craigslist. Just because it goes back to his Alias days doesn't mean it was posted then just that he's been up to this for a while.

mo said...

Yes, I saw that today and was going to post it!

So... Bradley Cooper's BV "requires the use of the internet"... it really does fit with Topher Hairy-Tuchus. See back-to-back BVs from 9/6/09 & 9/11/09. Claiming that he is a closeted gay, who used the internet to get a anon guy to come to his house. It also says that he was once married, which Bradley Cooper was, to Jennifer Esposito. Btw, I am totally not buying BC's relationship to Renee Z. Puh-lease!!

mo said...

And by the way, BC could've also been "New Guy", bc Ted said (in the Topher Hairy-Tuchus clues) that THT has been part of a BV before, but only in a "supporting role". That would make sense, since "New Guy" isn't really much of a name or major player, and we also thought "New Guy" was Bradley Cooper.

blurry vice said...

I agree that all clues point to Bradley being THT. However, he was said to be a BV BEFORE the THT BV came out. Yes in the first paragraph of the THT BV, Ted said that THT made an appearance in Awful Truth before, as a supporting player, but was never given a name until now. That doesn't go along with BRadley Cooper already being a "delish goody baddy" blind vice already at that point. I will keep his name attached to the THT BVs for now... but I just fee like time-wise he doesn't fit.

blurry vice said...

blurry vice said...

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Every pet I've ever had I have adopted or, like the sweet kitty I have now, found on my doorstep. My question is about Kenny Chesney. Can you give us any hint as to what really went down for him and Renée to break up so quickly? Has he ever been a Blind?

Dear Wedding Woes:
Probably had something to do with the subzero heat between the two. You know, like what R.W. has going on now with Bradley Cooper. (And don't forget the ginormous tequila bill right after the quickie wedding, not a good omen of things to come.)"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I read an account that Bradley Cooper flipped out when he (mistakenly) thought an extra had snapped a pic on set. Would you be surprised?

Dear Egomania:
Uh, no I wouldn't. Bradley is an actor, right? Still he's no David Boreanaz. The Coop's B.V. has nothing to do with his temper."

Caz1310 said...

Why is Renee a beard to so many (inc. George Clooney)? What's in it for her? Am I missing something obvious about her?

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
What is Bradley Cooper's Blind Vice? He seems like such a nice person! I can't imagine him having a beard or doing something relating to drugs! I have a friend with a professor who went to school with him and he said that Brad was a great person! Does his Vice have anything to do with that stick he's dating?

Dear Denial:
Think again, babe. Bradley's very good (or not so good, actually, depending on who you're chatting with) at hiding his secret—which is devilishly sexy, just like him!"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
What juicy things can you tell us about the cast of The Hangover? Or what juicy B.V. tidbits can you not tell us about the cast? We know one of the leads is a B.V. superstar!

Dear Viced in Vegas:
Let's just say that Bradley Cooper was making a name for himself in the B.V. Hall of Fame long before he was making a name for himself on the big screen."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted;
I recently watched Valentine's Day for the first time. I tuned in because of my larger-than-life, decade-old crush on Julia Roberts. But it was yummy Bradley Cooper that stole the scenes! Is he still dating what's-her-face?

Dear Here Renée, Gone Tomorrow:
Yes. And I'd love to throw in some unfortunate adjectives and whatnot about the relaysh, but we've got to be at least a little nice to the actors, right?"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
You recently said Bradley Cooper was making a name as a B.V. long before he was making a name on the big screen. Are his B.V. antics the reason he actually made it in the business? Apart from being gorgeous, of course.

Dear From the Bottom Up:
Nope, B.Coop was working his way up the ladder the entire time he was engaging in his Vicey ways, just separately. He keeps it supersecret because, unlike most Vicers, Bradley doesn't even want T-town folks to know about it."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Do any of the Blind Vice Superstars know that know you know their dirty deeds ever approach you or confront you about how you know, or rather, who you know, in order to get your information? If so, I'm assuming they promptly throw a legal contract your way with the snap of their fingers...
– Kim

Dear Hide Behind Their Vice:
Usually I don't hear a peep from the star's legal team. Better I vice it than out it, eh? But you should have seen the look Bradley Cooper gave me backstage at last year's Golden Globes. Who knew he read our blind items?"


blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
So Bradley Cooper and his peeps gave you the hairy eyeball, huh? Does his Vice have to do with casual encounters or partying? Hi Bradley if you're reading!

Dear BV Vengeance:
Oh, he's reading. And let's just say Brad isn't exactly a Team Truth fan. But we still totally heart him—Vice included! Which just happens to be as delish as he is, though hate to say it doesn't so much have to do with any partying ways. Renee so wouldn't allow that."

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
You've got to give me some clues on Bradley Cooper's Vice. He's my dream guy and I'm dying to know! Pretty please, with a rescue kitty on top?

Dear Pussy Galore:
Only cause you're a friend to felines, but Brad-Brad was up to his Vicey ways long before he made it famous in The Hangover. Hell, it may have predated his

time on the boob tube if that gives you a better time frame (and it hasn't stopped, far from it)."

Jolie said...

Dear Ted:
Will Bradley Cooper's Vice somehow be revealed, sooner rather than later?

Dear Specific:
That depends entirely upon Bradley and his computer, I mean, companions

I really would like to figure out Bradley's B.V. Now I'm guessing it has something to do with meeting people on dating sites maybe. That seems to be what Ted is hinting at here

Unknown said...

want there a blind about a star that would google himself before an encounter...? what was that?! I think the popular guess was Jeremy Piven hmm.... off to research

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Will Bradley Cooper's Vice somehow be revealed, sooner rather than later?

Dear Specific:
That depends entirely upon Bradley and his computer, I mean, companions."

blurry vice said...

A lot of people think that Ted was referring to Topher HAiry Tuchus. The guy who hooked up with other guys via craiglist but hid behind a sheet. A lot of the clues do match up.

However, 2 things: The timeline does not match up. BC was a BV July 2009 TEd said. THT was not written until Sept 2009. Also, Ted said that BC's BV was about something that happened a long time ago... around his boob tube days.

I think we may have to look back into Jiggly Wiggle Poof/Wiggly Jiggle Poof. Any other ideas?

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I'm completely addicted to your Blind Vices—seriously been reading for hours! Does Bradley Cooper's Vice have anything to do with the exchange of money?

Dear Way Off:
Sorry, S, Bradley Cooper may be Vicey, but his Vice has nothing to do with money exchange. The upside? It's much hotter."

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
You know I'm a pessimist gossip at heart, so of course, looking at the play behind Bradley Cooper's management is making me wonder: Isn't it clear that

Bradley pretends to play the Hollywood Love Connection, but halfway through, his hookups suddenly are painted as too needy and demanding? I feel like telling

these starlets to wake up and smell the not-so-fresh tabloid cover. Shouldn't it come with a warning, that when you agree to standard Hollywood love, you

make sure that an addendum is included, stating that no one in no way is to paint you desperate and needy. But of course I believe Mr. Cooper is just that

lovable and fawn-worthy.

Dear Cooper Hangover:
That's what's tough about this town, babe, there are no addendums in the Hollywood love game (unless, of course, you're talking to one of our expert Blind

Vicers). But the gals willing to date someone as sexy (and in demand) as Cooper know the tabloids come with the territory. Hey, a rather small price to pay

for dating the sexiest man alive, no?"