Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One Moon-Glow Blind Vice

From last Friday July 3 - sorry for the delay!

One Moon-Glow Blind Vice
The Robert Pattinson Album: Revised and UpdatedNevis Divine, that crafty, good-looking charmer of a stud, is at it again. He had a falling-out with one of his former costars (because he, well, just can't help from engaging in a certain amount of ungentlemanly behavior, once in a while), and obviously, nobody warned N.D.'s latest costar that Neddy boy likes to play. A lot.
First, let's get something straight: Miss Costar, a sexy-enough thing who's becoming famous, I suppose (in her own way), thought she really had something going with N.D., even though nothing ever really went down between them. But you know how clingy actresses can get, right? This look means that, and that look means this, she thought, and so on.
But then, when Missy intercepted a text from Nevis to another gal they both knew, well, that's when...
All hell broke out on the set of the movie they're shooting, but only their personal handlers are aware—at this point. For now, both Nevis, whose skin his ladyloves like to say has a "moon glow" to it, and Miss Costar are keeping their rift from most of the other cast and crew.
Jeez, why didn't somebody warn Missy Costar that Nevis isn't really good for the long haul anyway (with two major exceptions) and that texting other gals while he's supposedly seeing another is the least of his manly wanderings. Yep, of course, as usual, like most of the good studs these days, Mr. D likes to keep his boy side on from time to time. Just not lately.
But one thing's for sure: N.D. sure as hell isn't giving up that inclination for Miss Costar, much to the latter's extreme and revolting dissatisfaction.
And it ain't: Jake Gyllenhaal, George Clooney, Will Smith

Here is the link to the first (Feb '09) Nevis Devine Blind Vice including a full list of who has been eliminated. And here is the link to the newest ND BV (March '10).

* Our top suspects for Nevis Divine: still Rob Pattinson

* For Miss Costar:
Eliminated as of 8/17/10: Jessica Szohr
Top guess - Nikki Reed (?)

* Proven by timeline of Ted's dates he was and wasn't a BV: Nevis Divine is Robert Pattinson.


Unknown said...

Ut-oh, is Ted talking about Robert Pattinson getting his abs painted on for New Moon?

Dear Ted:
So handsome, so sexy, so stinky (now that you've started smoking again). You've noted Bradley Cooper, Justin Bartha, Orlando Bloom and Shia LaBeouf as the divine one. Coincidentally, all four of these strapping young men are in the movie New York, I Love You... Can you just go ahead and confirm at this point that Nevis is not in this movie, even if he has been romantically linked with someone in this movie?

Dear Nevis, I Love You:
Where would the fun be in that be, honey? But I'll give you something else, instead: The real Nevis Divine sometimes has to use makeup on his bod parts to appear even more real. Get it?

Unknown said...

"Ut-oh, is Ted talking about Robert Pattinson getting his abs painted on for New Moon?"

I was thinking the same thing.

Looks like everyone that guessed Rob a long time ago are proven correct.

Pao said...

Don't be too hasty in saying it's Rob Pattinson. There are many folks out there that use makeup to enhance body parts. My guess is Zac Efron. He uses makeup regularly both onscreen and offscreen.

Pao said...

How about Stephen Moyer?

Xinobas said...

I'm betting on stephen moyer too. he's the person nearest to alexander and has the characteristics given by Ted...

Stephen Moyer, for sure!

Interesting, in 2 BV everyone was betting on RPattz and in both BV Ted was talking about a bi.

Pao said...

To Anime. The 2 BVs speak of just 1 person. Anyway, it's either Zac Efron, Stephen Moyer or Russel Brand.

Xinobas said...

To Pao. The other BV is about Twilight, the extraordinary TTT, everybody was betting on RPattz too.
I think Zac Efron has been eliminated...

thomasonclan said...

I thought Nevis was RPattz too until Ted said a couple of things including make the comment SEVERAL times that Nevis is not immediately humpy or hump worthy. Well, we all know Ted thinks Rob hangs the moon. Also, Rob was in a 9 minute cut scene in Vanity Fair with Reese Witherspoon and Ted said Nevis was not in a movie w/ Reese....also, Ted has NOT made a single comment to any of the questions or comments we've made to his post/blog asking him about this inconsistency.

duffgrl said...

Not Stephen Moyer or Zac Efron-they are not filming now. Could be Russell Brand-good guess. Or Robert P.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Has Emilie de Ravin ever been the subject of, or can she be linked to or associated with, any Blind Vice(s)?

Dear Sneaky:
What do you mean by linked? "

- Hint for Miss Costar!

burnzie said...

"why didn't somebody warn Missy Costar that Nevis isn't really good for the long haul anyway (with two major exceptions)"

this line makes me think of rob pattinson, kristen stewart, and the final two installments of twilight. they are doing the last two, right? moon is also mentioned a lot, but it seems too obvious.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I think I've figured it out about Nevis Divine. You gave it away with the body-paint parts. It's Edward Norton, right? He had to wear a ton of green makeup when he played the Hulk for the transition scenes. So, anything you can tell us about the fella he took to the soiree years ago? Is the fella also in the Biz? Is he, too, famous, or still up and coming? And has he met Nevis' GF, or are they arch rivals?

Dear No on Norton:
You seem so sure of yourself! Too bad, doll, it ain't Ed. Wrong level of heartthrob, entirely."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
If Summit's going to these extreme lengths to fabricate some sort of relaysh between Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin (i.e. the paps on the set, hundreds of pics a day, tabloids, etc.), I'm guessing Robsten is more than just "dating." No PR person spends this amount of time and money covering up a "teenage romance." Never followed gossip so closely. And sorry I was on the other side with Brangelina. Still love Jen more than Angie. Friends was my fave.
—Ann Marie

Dear Cover-Up:
Emilie 'n' Rob rumors not only cover up Robsten, but promote the heck out of Remember Me, too, how clever. And as far as Jen goes, have you liked any of her stuff since Friends? I sure haven't!"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I don't know whether you made or wrecked my day by mentioning that David Boreanaz has been a Blind Vice. Willing to give us any hints on which one?

Dear Hint:
He's not Nevis Divine! The rest you will have to figure out on your own. And it's more about his temper than his crotch."

Unknown said...

Nevis isn't R. Pattz. Ted pretty much said everyone is wrong on this blind vice in his Bitch Back today. And since almost everyone seems to be saying it's R.P., I think he pretty much said those who said that were wrong. He also commented on the Reese Witherspoon/Vanity Fair part when someone pretty much asked if Nevis Divine was R.P. and asked if he was "wrong" about it.

Littlelilac said...

Here is a thought if we assume not RP.

What about Sam Rockwell - the question is whether his lusciousness quotient is enough or is he not young enough for ND - but his movie career is white hot right now and he has been around for a while, ie famous. He is in 6 films this year including one titled "Moon", the directorial debut of David Bowie's son Duncan Jones and he is costarring in Iron Man 2 next year with Robert Downey Jr. which is blockbuster city babies. May not fit all the clues, I am stretching. And as far as I can tell, with cursory review, he has never shared the screen with Reese Witherspoon. He also seems decidedly anti marriage and there have been rumours of him checking into sex addiction rehab.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Well, it's true he hasn't been clearly eliminated, but the fact that he did work with Reese, and Ted admittedly knows it, and stated that Nevis did not work with her, leads me to believe he did kind of not him. However, if Rob has been a blind vice, which one? The only one that could possibly match him would be Nevis or Crescent Kremquat or whatever. The only thing I can think of is that around the time he first broke out in Harry Potter, there was a vice written about a cast member then, and that was him. I dunno. It's a mystery never to be solved!

Unknown said...

I don´t know what Ted is doing anymore. I think he kinda shot himself on the foot, and that´s why: In a BitchBack on november 2008 (don´t remember the exact date) Ted said RP didn´t have a BV. On March or April 2009 he said RP HAD a bv. So, his BV is in between these dates. I checked each one of the BVs and NONE of them (besides Nevis) could possibily be (always about merried sluts, ultra druggies or something like that). But now Ted seems to have eliminated Rob as Nevis. So, who the hell is he? Maybe Ted is backing off..

peppermint p said...

@ nissivm
Maybe Ted was pressured. There are gazillions involved in Twilight and maybe he was threatened with lawsuits. I dont know how it goes, but when there's an extraordinary amount of money involved...
every man has his price
didn't he do the same when everyone figured out toothy was jakey? didnt he eliminate him or sidestep backstep sashay or sumthin? i think so.

jittacatgirl said...

shot in the dark, but alex o'loughlin? was in Moonlight and is now in Whiteout (white-hot infamy). was in August Rush and plays guitar. broke up with longtime girlfriend in January.

Littlelilac said...

I think you got it, someone else posted it over at the E! board.

He's Australia, formal drama training like Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

In Moonlight he played a detective/vampire. He was famous before, he was on the series The Shield.

The show was interrupted by the strike and CBS was going to cancel it but fan reaction was strong they eeked out a few more episode before they cancelled it again and then the fans were trying to resurrect the show someone how, CW Network was interest, never happened.

Now someone pointed out that the AIA for the first blind vice were all actors involved in the CW network shows.

This guy's new CBS series Three Rivers, which is premiering this fall and Ted just made some reference to Ned being on the screen soon is directed by a woman
who is also directing a new CW show called It's a Beautiful Life.

The AIAs for this vice are all movie actors.

Besides Whiteout, Alex just finished filming a movie The Back Up Plan that co stars Jennifer Lopez. I doubt she is Miss Costar though. Ha.

And I don't see that he's ever done a film with Reese Witherspoon.

Littlelilac said...

And right he was in August Rush with Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Close in a different way?

Littlelilac said...

PS I was so excited I did not make sense. Moonlight is the series CBS cancelled despite fan objections.

Ted also said he wasn't obviously humpworthy - he is one of those actors that looks very different with each character and can look very different in each photo so some photos he looks meh and other photos, wow. His character in Moonlight, very humpworthy.

blurry vice said...

Alex O'Loughlin... don't know him but looking into it. I loved August Rush. Interesting!

wanabRPsmom said...

Am sticking with RPattz...I am a FAN though! :)
Too many clues point to him.

Too bad Ted erred in the Reese W movie with RP..or maybe technically he(RP) was not part of the movie because all the nine minutes of his part was CUT.

Alex O' is too old/35..imo.

Nevis hangs with the younger crowd. Everyone should re read the BV ...

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is Nevis Divine Hayden Christensen?

Dear Hayden Hoping:
Can you believe he's not? It's someone just as dreamy! Though Hayden has one B.V. that's just as juicy.

Dear Ted:
Love Rob! Love, love, love him. Love you, too. Keep up the strong voice for animal shelter adoption. I got my cat at a shelter here in Boston. Is Mike Myers Nevis Divine?

Dear Mike Muck:
No, just no! Much, much hotter—bod and career wise."

Unknown said...

Dear Ted:
I have gone over your clues for Nevis and everyone's guesses. Talk about being all over the dart board! Young, old, light, dark, muscles, skinny. Here's my guess. Another shot in the dark, but Alex O'Loughlin? Australian. He was a vampire in Moonlight and is now in Whiteout (white-hot infamy?). He was in August Rush with Jonathan Rhys Meyers and plays guitar. He broke up with his longtime girlfriend in January. He's not especially "cut" and not immediately humpy, but I find him dead sexy. Close?

Dear Sure:
But not close enough.

jittacatgirl said...

yep, that would be my email he responded to. i feel so special. :)

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I have gone over your clues for Nevis and everyone's guesses. Talk about being all over the dart board! Young, old, light, dark, muscles, skinny. Here's my guess. Another shot in the dark, but Alex O'Loughlin? Australian. He was a vampire in Moonlight and is now in Whiteout (white-hot infamy?). He was in August Rush with Jonathan Rhys Meyers and plays guitar. He broke up with his longtime girlfriend in January. He's not especially "cut" and not immediately humpy, but I find him dead sexy. Close?

Dear Sure:
But not close enough."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
We get so many conflicting stories about Rob Pattinson. He's a womanizer (i.e. Nikki Reed, Megan Fox) or he's the humble romantic "absolutely devoted" to Kristen Stewart. He "enjoys the hunt" going after already-taken gals, or he is the shy, humble guy drinking beers in the corner who prefers women to approach him. Who is this guy and what's the real story on his dating habits?

Dear Mystery Man:
Not sure he's entirely sure."

Lisa said...

I'm not sure if Ted exposes Nevis as Gerard Butler or not:

Dear Ted:
Is Gerard Butler a good guess for Nevis?

Dear Close:

Lisa said...

Never mind...he's eliminated GB previously. Gah!

Anonymous said...

In response to Lisa...this might be totally off base but whenever I hear Gerard Butler I think Jeffery Dean Morgan. Has he been in any BVs previously? Someone let me know if i'm totally wrong haha I'm just trying to put a new name out there since the Rob thing has been dragged out soooo long

Unknown said...

I just saw this: and immediately cliqued that this Dominique Cooper SO could be Nevis. What do you guys think?!

jittacatgirl said...

I considered that for awhile. Two problems that I could see.

1) Hayley Atwell was DC's high school sweetheart/fiance, no? and Nevis has TWO notable exceptions to his "not good for the long haul" rule. Unless he had a gf lasting from age 12-16, I think that rules him out, as I would not yet consider Amanda Seyfried to be the second of those...

2) Ted said that Nevis was musically inclined, but that wasn't what he was known for. I'm fairly certain Dominic Cooper is known for his role in Mamma Mia now.

According to Wikipedia, "He is possibly best known for his work in Mamma Mia!, in which he sang several songs."

jittacatgirl said...

Correction -- Joanna Carolan was his gf of 13 years.

jittacatgirl said...

also, he's not currently filming.

Unknown said...

Damn it, you´re right. I was considering Amanda as the second exception (because he was/is with her for a while, and very publicly so), but i just notice that the affair is going on in the backstages of a MOVIE, and not theather, as is the case with Dominic.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Nevis Divine is such a pain. No other B.V. seemed so hard to figure out (and even if our final guess in some other B.V. is actually wrong, we don't think it is, so it gives us some closure and peace of mind, hehe). But anyway, now I think I finally saw the light at the end of the long, long tunnel. Yes, I have the audacity of thinking I know who Nevis is! So please tell me, Ted: Has Nevis ever worked with Meryl Streep?
—B.V. Addict

Dear Streep Throat:
No, but we're sure he'd love to!"

"Dear Awful Truth:
Is Joshua Jackson Nevis Devine?

Dear Mighty Ducks Maybe:
Yawn, nope. Think much more famous, and much less...vanilla."

"Dear Awful Truth:
Blind vice guesses: Hugh Jackman is Nevis Divine, Rob Pattinson is Bart Farts-a-Lot and Kellan Lutz is Terry Tush-Trade. Am I close of any of these?
—Corn Nugget

Dear Ménage à Trois:
What, just because Ted's gone you think I'll give up the goods on three of the most wanted B.V.'s? Sure, you're very close on some of them."

"Dear Awful Truth:
I had a hard time believing it, but the more I read about Terry Tush-Trade, I am more convinced it's Robert Pattinson. Please let me know if I am getting warmer. Thanks!

Dear Say It Ain't So:
What about Rob gives you the bisexual vibe? The hair?"

"Dear Awful Truth:
Ted, Hope you had a good vacation and got to take the dogs to the beach or the park or something! Question: Seems like you haven't had a lot to say about Nevis Divine lately. Could it be because he recently got married? Is Channing Tatum our mysterious bisexual bombshell?

Dear No Ring on It:
Nope, Nevis is legally a bachelor."

Unknown said...

Meh, I responded to the older post by accident. I'm throwing Rodrigo Santoro out there.

blurry vice said...

Taylor Lautner for Nevis???

blurry vice said...

Taylor Lautner for Nevis???

"Dear Awful Truth:
I love the Twilight movies. However, am I the only fan that thinks Taylor is actually gay and the Selena Gomez thing was just a cover-up? Not sure I'm really bitching. Just curious since I seem to be the only one I know who thinks that but I've always had a fantastic gaydar.

Dear Off the Gaydar:
You are definitely not the only one who thinks so. I'll give you 100 percent certainty on that one, big guy."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Toothy is Taylor Lautner, right? I'm going out on a limb, but I definitely think it's him.

Dear Taylor Tile:
No. Taylor's got dirty laundry, to be sure, but T.L. and T.T. are not the same hunk." "

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
How's Nevis Divine and Miss Costar's current relationship status?

Dear Relaysh Wondering:
Strictly plutonic, as far as we've heard, but they don't see much of each other."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I gotta say...I started reading your column in May, and I'm addicted. I'm in medical school, and this is the closet escape from my books. I also love that you rescue animals—I've been passionate about that for a long time, and it's nice to see someone making it a real issue. That said, why is everyone so harsh toward Taylor Lautner? He seems like a nice, wholesome kid and a good actor. Does not having any visible "vices" mean he's boring? I almost like him better than anyone else in that cast (insert horrified gasps from Twi fans around the world). Can you give him some love once in a while?

Dear Love for Lautner:
We heart our Tay-Tay, as if it wasn't evident enough—we drool over him as much as we can a 17 year old. We just can't stand the way Summit is constantly throwing him in the middle of Robsten to keep them separate (i.e. seating arrangements at the MTV Movie Awards, Comic-Con, etc.). Plus, we know that buff bod can't keep him innocent for long!"

Anonymous said...

Obviously we can't be 100% on any of these until Ted actually reveals them (every once in a blue moon), but in my gut I think this one is without a doubt, Rob Pattinson. Seemed too obvious at first, and in truth you could work these clues to go a number of different ways... but after checking into it a little deeper, I'm pretty convinced. However, if it is Rob, I don't see Ted giving us the satisfaction of knowing, since it will surely cause insanity amongst some of the Twilight maniacs out there. For the record, I actually am a huge fan of Rob's and truly don't care which way he swings as long as he keeps being his lovely self :)

1. Ben 'NEVIS' is the name of a prominent mountain peak in Scotland.
>> Notice a link between Rob as NEVIS & Twilight's production company, SUMMIT?
>> Rob is from England. Ben Nevis is located in Scotland. These countries both apart of Great Britain.

2. Def of 'DIVINE' as an adjective: Godlike, Heavenly, Extremely Good, Unusually Lovely, or Superhuman. Worshipped.
>> Synonymous to the way Bella repeatedly describes Edward in 'Twilight' books.
>> The term 'Superhuman' could be directly related to his vampire character.
>> Most woman would agree that the same descriptions apply to RP in real life as well lol

3. Def of 'DIVINE' as a verb: To have perception by intuition or insight.
>> RP's character has an extra-sensory ability to read minds and hear people's thoughts. It was a special power that he carried with him to his vampire life, due to the fact that he was "extremely perceptive and intuitive of the people around him" while still human.

4. Nevis Divine's ladyloves claim his skin has a "moon glow" to it
>> If you Google "moonglow skin" you'll see a link for a cosmetics company called "Skin One". Ironically, one of their items is a bronzer (obvious joke here) shade named "Moon Glow", and it claims to "brighten up ANY complexion"... certainly could be put to good use on a vampire, or even RP's real-life pale skin lol
>> The bigger connection is found in the description of the shade itself. It's supposed to give the customer an "allover gentle SHIMMER on the skin" and you should "apply where the SUN would hit the face first"
>> RP's character is a vampire who, instead of exploding in flames when exposed to sunlight, he "shimmers & sparkles as though there were millions of diamonds embedded in his skin".
...Hence ND's skin having a "moon glow" look?

Anonymous said...

5. Nevis has "two major exceptions" where he's "in it for the long haul"...
>> Referrence to the supposed relationship between RP & KS? As well as the rumored sexual relationship between RP & TomStu? This one has been widely speculated since before his popularity even exploded from the Twilight phenom. The two were photographed often and were reported to act more "flirty" & "lovey-dovey" then you would expect from two men who were straight.

* OR *

>> The 'long haul' could be viewed as RPs future career obligations, which include two films that he is dedicated (by contract) to finish out; "Eclipse" and "Breaking Dawn". He mentioned back at Cannes that he was signed on to finish a fourth film if it was given the green-light.

6. Apparently ND likes his fun with the boys... "Just not lately"
>> RP and TomStu haven't been spotted together in quite some time since Summit started flexing their power over the lead actors of the popular film. The last reported sighting was a dinner between the two and other celeb friends in NY while Rob was filming "Remember Me"

7. Nev's "sorta hairy frame"
>> Obviously RP's head of hair has become a popular topic, even Seth Meyer's made the joke about having it appear on SNL recently. The rest of his body is hairy too. RP has teased himself about it the past often. In 'Twilight' commentary near beginning, he laughs about his bushy eyebrows, and recalls having them plucked for "hours" by the make-up artist. Check out the pictures from any number of magazine shoots (i.e. GQ and Vanity Fair) and you can peek at his rather hairy chest; especially in comparison to other male actors his age who obviously shave themselves smooth (taylor lautner).

Anonymous said...

9. "NDs been famous for a while... White hot infamy just building now"...
>> Pattinson had a mildly successful (but short-lived) modeling career when he was younger. Then, he was in Harry Potter, which undoubtedly made him more recognizable. But it wasn't until 'Twilight' that he shot to superstar status.

* on further (maybe even unnecessary) analysis *

>> WHITE can be defined as "lack of pigmentation", "bloodless" and "pale"...
...All relative to vampires and their obviously pale/white skin. Not to mention RPs own skin tone.
>> INFAMY is defined as: "Public reproach or strong comdemnation as the result of a shameful criminal or outrageous act. Someone who has a loss of rights"... It's possible that Ted used this word in the wrong context, but if we're to assume he didn't then it seems he's implying that Nevis Divine is someone who has done something criminal or that the public would generally condemn him for...

... Perhaps his rumored affair with Kristen while she was in a serious relationship?
... His is OTHER rumored affair with Emilie deRaven while he was 'supposedly' with Kristen?
... Maybe his "loss of rights" is a connection to his loss of freedom to come & go as he pleases, to date who he wants, to not be judged, etc etc. He's reported as keeping himself a "prisoner" in his own home/hotel
... Or is it's a sly connection to RP's "loss of rights" from the overly controlling Summit?
... Only other thing I could figure is it's a referrence to his character Edward. Most would consider vampires to rather infamous creatures...?

*As far as the Reese Witherspoon debacle, I'm assuming Ted either messed up, flat out lied to keep us guessing, or maybe he's just being coy and saying they "didn't work together" because Rob isn't in the final cut or perhaps their scene wasn't together? I'm not sure...*

*Haven't found the Industy event that ND supposedly took a male to, but maybe he wasn't a big enough star at the time for it to be easily found... not sure I'm stll looking trust me lol, that would be the final nail in the coffin for me*

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry all of that took me three postings just to get it all out!! But I did a lot of searching on this one, I was more interested in it than I usually am by the other BVs. Probably because it was so undecided amongst the people on the boards.

I actually went through the BBs to and deciphered most of Ted's coy replies to further prove my theory from the little clues he drops... but instead of posting those, if you anyone wants to debate a specific one that they think goes against ND being RP, just post and I'll reply back :)

blurry vice said...

literal_cha0s - I just read your analysis. I do agree with all of those points! I think Rob P is the top contender although not a popular guess with everyone. ;)

Leanne said...

Did anyone see today's BB in which Ted talks about ND's and says his sexual ambiquity is a "foreigner thing"?

Anonymous said...

I'm convinced Nevis is Jamie Campbell Bower, 'Cauis'of the Volturi. Why hasn't anyone pegged him for this vice yet?

He's a Brit, fits the age demographic, has quite the teen following, pretty-boy handsome with a penchant for a 'coif', has quite a sound movie background and is on the cast for the latest Harry Potter. He's musically talented (guitar player).
He was in Sweeney Todd with Depp and he was in Guy Richie's film, RocknRolla...and guess what?...Gerard Butler was a lead in RocknRolla...perhaps why Ted has previously said Gerard is an "Excellent Guess" for Nevis ???

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Greetings from across the pond, Nevis Divine is driving me mad! You've got to give me something—how about your opinion of him? Is he a nice guy? Sweetheart? Bit of a douche? Help me out here, I'm in danger of failing my uni degree as I spend more time trying to figure out your B.V.'s than I do studying.

Dear Fan of Nevis:
I like Nevis. He's a bit unsure of himself, as we all are, but I think he's found his way just fine."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Does Nevis Divine still live in merry ole across-the-pond-land most of the time, or has he made his home in the U.S.? Also, what color eyes does he have?

Dear Nationality Confusion:
He seems to spend his time equally traveling. Eye color is dreamy."

Unknown said...

literal_chaos said:

"Haven't found the Industy event that ND supposedly took a male to"

I think i may have found it. I was going through Harry Potter premiere photos and couldn't find one of Rob with anyone. Then I happened on a youtube video with a short clip of him walking down the red carpet of the LA Order of the Phoenix premiere with....guess who? Tom Sturridge. That would fit in the timeline of "only a couple of years ago" because the premiere was on July 8 2007, a little less than 2 years before the blind was written.

I'm still not totally convinced ND is Rob, but I"m definitely leaning that way.

ChaosThierry said...

Ted just dropped a doozy on Nevis - Nevis is most definitely not bi for pay or gay all the way. Lots of guys on the other side of the pond experiment around. It's not as big of a deal over there.

How many Twilight stars come from 'the other side of the pond' i.e. the UK?

Matches up with the Sturridge story.

Anonymous said...

ND is RPattz. Ted is now backtracking a bit that ND is not totally gay or bi..just an experiment because it is okay with the Euro men.

Ted can be full of s ** t too!

Anonymous said...

"Dear Ted: Is Jude Law Nevis Divine?"

Ted's Answer: "As for Jude Law, that's a terrific guess for N.D. But Nevis is more Divine than Jude currently is right now."

Anonymous said...

Shalom: Wow thanks for the great find :) I spent a good amount of time trying to dig up photos of Rob and a man-date at a red carpet event. I had assumed it would be TomStu, but couldn't find anything! I've been able to find the pics with the added information you gave, so thank you so much!

I'm definitely convinced that this BV was intended to represent Rob Pattinson. Obviously the question of "how exaggerated" it might be is a compeletely different argument. But I have no doubt that Ted intended this to be Pattinson.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I think Nevis Divine is Sam Worthington - he is from England - he has been around since 2000 - but ONLY gained huge success in 2009 from Avatar and Terminator Salvation - AND in Terminator Salavation - he co-starred with a woman named "Moon Bloodgood" - i think that is tooo much of a Coincidence to be over looked!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with who said that Ted is now backtracking a bit (maybe because all the obsesses Robsten fans who visit his site).

I remeber that Ted said that Nevis Divine's boyfriend had NOT been dumped.....Tom Studrrige, anyone?

Anonymous said...

If not RP could it be Orlando Bloom, I didn't see him on the eliminated list and he had to be painted for LOTR didn't he? Plus, I think he had stopped smoking for awhile and I think he's now started back (I think, not sure) Just a thought...RP seems too obvious...

Anonymous said...

Orlano Bloom. he hasn't been eliminated by Ted

Anonymous said...

I think N.D. could be Rob Pattinson Ted gave a clue about body make up. found this article

Anonymous said...

I used to think Nevis was RPatz, but not so much now after having read this:

J said...

ted also said today that nevis "has been burying himself in boys and booze" as of late. doesn't sound like robert pattinson at all to me.

Kelly Ann said...

gosh i was sure RP was ND. not so much anymore...

Anonymous said...

Rob has been in England with all his mates, drinking and partying away! It's totally him.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
You haven't mentioned my favorite Blind Vicer, Nevis Divine, in a while. What is he up to? Is he, by chance, getting some boy action on the side these days?

Dear Divine Intervention:
We all know old Nev can't go out with his boyfriends (def one word) anymore, but that doesn't mean he's given up dudes for good. Like all the great B.V.s, Nevis just gets his sexy fun on the DL, duh."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I just watched an interview with Nikki Reed at the New Moon DVD release party in LA. As usual, she is full of praise for Taylor Lautner. I'm guessing then she's still Team Jacob and hates Rob's guts. I know you like Nikki Reed, Ted, but I think it's obvious that there's some bad blood between her and Rob. Are her and Kristen still BFFs? Cause they both seem to love praising Taylor and leaving Rob out of the picture.

Dear Complex Cast:
I'm staying out of this one—for a change."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I got to say, I'm done with the flip-flopping on Nikki Reed. Like calling her lonely and labeling her a skank and then saying she unfairly got a bad rep. I agree her rep was unfairly given. But a lot of it was because of you and your team. People for someone reason have become emotionally attached and think that if they watch a few interviews they automatically know what went down on the Twi sets. It's sad, so once and for all, no vague speak, what do you think about Nikki Reed?

Dear For The Record:
Sure, I've poked at the babe in the past, but she's beyond talented and obviously super sexy, so you can't hate her for that? Well, you could but it would totally just be because you're jealous."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
My boyfriend is a veterinarian and recently adopted two beagle mix puppies that some heartless jerk left in a cardboard box (in the freezing rain, no less). He's a great guy and the puppies are now thriving, happy balls of energy—I'm all Team K.Stew while he just can't resist Nikki Reed, but since he was the rescuer, we've gotta ask: Any hints as to what Nikki's BV is? Love your column and the Twi-goss!

Dear Naughty Nikki:
Super big kiss to the fab bf! And let's just say Nikki's BV wasn't totally her fault."

blurry vice said...

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
How difficult must it be for Robsten to work with Nikki on Breaking Dawn after all drama with their relationship? Just read an article about her pulling out from the movie project with K.Stew here.

Dear Two's a Crowd:
They were fine on Eclipse, they'll be cool on the set of Breaking Dawn. These are all professional kids."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I know you say that Rob, Kristen and Nikki all get along and will be completely professional on the set of Breaking Dawn, but I am curious, are Kristen and Nikki still friends? We always used to see them together outside of "work," but Nikki was nowhere in sight at The Runaways premiere, and now she's pulled out of K-11. Does this mean their friendship is over, too?

Dear Frenemies:
Let's just say—while they make get along on set—the duo are definitely not BFFs anymore. Sad too, because both of them are supertalented and superhot, which, come to think of it, is the perfect formula for a drama-filled friendship, no?"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Love you here in Ireland. I was just thinking that maybe Nikki Reed and Kristen aren't as close anymore because Nikki is really good friends with Michael A. and didn't agree with the way Kristen broke up with him? Or maybe she's jealous of Kristen's friendship with Dakota?

Dear Catfight:
There's a bigger problem that certainly caused some tension in their BFFship."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Just adopted one beautiful dog, and I can tell you he's dying to know just like me what the deal is with the love triangle between Rob/Kristen/Nikki. It must have been pretty messy considering Kris and Nikki's BFF status.

Dear Geometry Lesson:
No love triangle anymore, Ashley. The Nikki side is long over."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Just two Robsten questions. One, why was Michael Angarano never interviewed about Rob and Kristen? I mean, I think she told him that Rob was the reason she left him. Second. What was the deal with Rob and Nikki, was it serious? Was she more into him than he? When did it happen exactly? BTW proud mama of a rescue dog called Scottie.

Dear Zipped Lips:
M.A. and Kristen aren't on hateful ex terms, so there's no reason for him to trash to Twi duo. Pretty mature of the dude, wouldn't you say? He'd sure get a ton of press. As for N.R. and R.Pattz, things definitely heated up—but then became ice cold real quick."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
So since Nevis isn't split with his girlfriend and he's not doing hard drugs again, what's the deal with Miss Co-star? Is Nevis sniffing around her again recently and hooking up with her behind his girlfriend's back?

Dear Third Wheel:
Hardly, much to the dismay of Miss Co-star. She'd love a little lovin' right now. Boo hoo, poor lady."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is Orlando Bloom Nevis Divine?

Dear Bloomin' Pirate:

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I was just wondering, if Kristen Stewart wasn't in the picture, how would you have felt about the whole Robki situation as a legit pairing? I mean, you can't deny that Robert Pattinson and Nikki Reed would have probably made a smokin' couple.

Dear What If:
Robki would have been hot, no doubt. But their personalities absolutely do not mesh—at least not in the way that Rob's and Kris' do. But they're both totally talented and obviously hot, so why not? Could have been fun for a while."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is there any chance Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed will be tight like they used to be again? It seemed like they had a nice friendship up until whatever happened with Rob went down.

Dear On Drugs:
Sweetheart, you really need to get help, your addiction is clearly affecting your thinking."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is there any famous person who you feel gets a bad rap? Anyone who's actually a better human being than the public gives them credit for?

Dear Sure:
There are a few. Megan Fox, for one. People give the gal crap, but she's actually pretty brave and hilarious. Also, I think Britney, Nikki Reed and Jessica Simpson deserve to be treated far better than they usually are (sometimes by me)."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I'm curious about Miss Costar of Nevis Divine fame. Is that her actual Blind Vice name or can she be found under another B.V. name?

Dear Costar Kissin':
That's her BV name, all right, 'cause that's really all she's got going for her. A bit sad, huh?"

-- That sound like Nikki Reed???

blurry vice said...

repeat elim

"Dear Ted:
Is Ed Westwick Nevis Divine and is Jessica Szohr Miss Costar? Am I close?

Dear Szhor Thing:
Nope, but what fantastic and close guesses those were! Kudos!"

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking this could be Christian Serratos instead of Nikki Reed. Ted said today that Miss Costar doesn't have a bf and hasn't for awhile, and Nikki is pretty serious with Paris Lastiss (sp?). Christian looks pretty similar to Jessica Szohr which could by why Ted thought it was a fantastic guess. She also doesn't have much going on besides the Twilight films.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
What is Nevis Divine's ex-Miss Costar up to these days? Has she found someone new? I hope there isn't any tension left over between her and Nevis...maybe she can benefit from his open relationship policy?

Dear Costar Crossed:
Miss Costar hasn't been starring—or even costarring—in any relaysh lately, as sad as that is. As for her and Nev, well, they wouldn't be caught canoodling again in a million years. She's far too PO'd for that."

Anonymous said...


Nikki and Paris split up in June.

dazed said...

emile de ravin is miss costar......

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
What is Miss Costar up to lately? Still mooning over Nevis Divine? And by the way, how did she feel about Barrington back in the day?

Dear Love and Sex:
Please, Miss Costar was most concerned with nabbing Nevis and making sure everybody on set knew. She wouldn't care two poops about Barrington as long as she got her time to bed the good-looking guy. As for now, she's over it. After getting burned like that, there's no choice but to move on."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I feel sorry for Nikki Reed. Yes, she's young, beautiful and talented, and yes, she fell for her costar and couldn't stop gushing about him. However, said costar then dumped her for one of her friends, and to top it all off, this all played out in public. Now she is painted as a she-devil incarnate for crushing on said costar when we all know given half a chance, we would snog him ourselves in the blink of an eye. Just my thoughts.
—A Sympathetic Observer

Dear Nikkotine Patch:
Totally agree, babe. Nikki is way snoggable herself, and her talent only makes her more appealing, which is why she's an easy target for haters. Same goes for Ashley Greene (minus a bit of the talent)."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Although we all know it's all in the past, Robki questions keep popping up, which makes me wonder how serious it was. Nikki Reed was obviously more into Rob than he was into her...but how long did it last? Was it just during Twilight filming or did it last into promotion as well? I can't help but think we're all blowing it out of proportion, and it was really nothing. After all, why does Nikki deny it? You'd think given her attention seeking and name-dropping ways she'd talk it up as much as possible. So is she quiet because it was mostly just in her own head? Or is she embarrassed that Rob preferred Kristen?

Dear No Past for Twi-hards:
Look, it was two totally hot babes who decided to hookup! When you're young, that good lookin', and around each other a lot what else would you expect? It was a fling that didn't last long. Especially once Rob found out Kristen Stewart was interested. Now when R. and K. first started up is the timeline you all really should be interested in."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted;
Has Miss Costar ever fooled around with the ladies?

Dear It's a Girl Thing:
Sure she has. Most Hollywood chicks have at some point."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Did Rachelle Lefevre and Robert Pattinson hook up during New Moon? Is that why Kristen Stewart had her fired from Eclipse, because she found out? My rescue pooch B loves Twi-gossip and really wants to know what really went down with these three.

Dear Dying for Gossip:
Plain and simple, Rachelle Lefevre was fired from Eclipse because the babe overbooked herself and jeopardized the entire crew's schedule! You've got the totally wrong triangle. The only Robsten drama during New Moon involved Nikki Reed and Michael Angarano.

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
Everyone always seems so concerned about Nikki Reed and Robert Pattinson's past relationship. I think it may have been a Kristen-Nikki romantic connection

that put the tension into the triad. Am I warm?

Dear Threesome:
I love the way you think. Wish I could say you were real warm, but I don't think Nikki was as big a fan of K.Stew in the beginning as she was the Brit beau

who is now Kristen's. Still, who's to say these three haven't really connected?

Dear Ted:
Why would everyone think that Nikki Reed and Robert Pattinson have hooked up? For me, they were just buddies who have a few commonalities, and she said a

million times that Rob is like a brother for her, and she used to go out a few times with Michael Angarano, and Kristen would have never dated her BFF's ex.

Dear Loyalty over Loving:
It wasn't serious. And the thing is, as much as the Twi-hards love them their Robsten, they love to stir the pot and see if they can triangulate some more

Twilight drama to satisfy their needs. Is it impossible for everyone (except Robsten, of course) to just be friends at this point? Also, it's about time

everyone ditched this Angarano business. Who cares? Especially since K.Stew doesn't!

blurry vice said...

asnwhite86 said...

Is Nevis Ben Barnes? Im new to this.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
So Nikki Reed got hitched this weekend and I've seen no mention of any of her Twilight costars in attendance. We all know how strained the ties became at one

point between her and Kristen Stewart, but I find it rather odd that no one from the Twi cast was there to support her on her happy day. Have things

deteriorated that badly on the set?

Dear Let's Be Happy:
Oh, doll, come on: it was Nikki's big day, be happy for her! Can't a bride want all the attention without being called selfish? Because Nikki knows—just like

you know—that if she starts making it a big Twi party, there goes her special day. That's, of course, if they would even accept the invites in the first

place, but let's not even go there, shall we? We're just too happy for gorgeous Nik!

Dear Ted:
Was Nevis Divine once romantically and sexually in love with one of his costars. If so, what's their relationship nowadays?

Dear Sneaky:
I love how you distinguish between sexual and romantic love. Funny, because Nevis always thinks it's the latter when with him it's consistently the former

(he's just the last to realized it, the dumb sweetie). To answer your question more specifically, yes, and it's over—for one of them, at least.

Dear Ted:
It's been a while. I was waiting for your Potter comparisons to Twilight like you did when Potter opened with the bogus polling questions so they could win

but I guess that won't happen. But the Five Ways the World etc.. without Twilight well, you and this John Boone guy couldn't wait to sink your Twilight

hating claws into the franchise. Rob didn't date Nikki Reed nor Megan Fox. You keep bringing up Jennifer Lawrence's Oscar nom as if Anna Kendrick doesn't

exist. Jen will have a chance to see if her copycat Hunger Games franchise will be more successful than T.L. They enhanced the script with more sexual

interaction because we know it just wouldn't sell otherwise. T.L didn't have to do that by the way and Potter didn't. So far SWATH has had more buzz but I

digress. This time in 2013, you're going to wish you still had the Twi-hards to kick around. Keep biting the hand that feeds you Ted. Good job. Keep up

quitting the cigs.

Dear Excuse Me?
Is there a point to your letter—besides bitchiness and a rather arguable definition of the word date?

Dear Ted:
You've said Robert Pattinson is a B.V. All Star, that his Vice is delicious, that Kristen Stewart knows about it, that their relaysh is defined on their

terms and totally "chill" and that should his fame evaporate he'd live his "European debauched" life happily. So am I correct that we're talking sexy

goodness for Rob's Vice? And that it's not bad behavior or cheating related since you give it such positive descriptors?

Dear Nice Vice:
Oh, it's definitely sexy."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
With all of Nikki Reed's drama do you think what she's saying about Rob and Kristen is true? Did they let success get to them and ruin their friendship with

Nikki? Or is she just being bitter?

Dear Twi-Harder:
It wasn't success that got between these three, doll."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I just watched the Twi-hard Ellen special, and all I can think is awkward! Is Kristen Stewart over public niceties with Nikki Reed or what? She hugged Ashley

Greene, but basically ignored Nikki. And then, during the last segment when they were standing in a semi-circle? Kellan Lutz rushed away from her side, and

the whole cast was on the side of Robsten while Nikki stood by herself in the corner. Am I reading too much into this?

Dear Reeding Between the Lines:
You're not overreacting, doll. Certain cast dynamics have been rocky since, like, forever (or at least New Moon), but the series is wrapping up and everyone

is apparently over faking it for the cameras. I've been saying it all along, but the cast is finally ready to 'fess up that things aren't quite so peachy

behind the scenes.

Dear Ted:
So do you think there is any chance whatsoever of a tell-all book behind the scenes of the Twilight movies? If so, who do you think would be the one to spill

it all?

Dear Biting the Hand that Feeds You:
Well of course there's a chance, and it has to be our fave Twilight-trash talker, Ms. Nikki Reed. Gal's already been dishing the dirt in the form of

Seventeen magazine interviews, and trust, Nik certainly has the talent to pen her own tell-all. And hey, since the gal can't ditch the drama, writing it down

could be the perfect therapy, no?"