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Friday, March 16, 2012

Robert Downey Jr. stirring up blind items?

Of all people, our one brother sent us this article from the Daily Beast -

Rep: Robery Downey Jr. Isn't Online Commenter

Is Robert Downey Jr. the anonymous blog commenter who’s been rocking the Internet chattering class with scandalous allegations about beloved Hollywood celebrities? Speculation came to a head last week about a frequent guest to the comments section of the gossip website Crazy Days and Nights identifying himself as “Himmmm” who dropped vividly detailed, insider-y blind items about a secret call-girl ring alleged to include Hayden Panettiere and Amanda Bynes. Citing a number of telltale clues, the website Jezebel was first to ponder Downey’s involvement, and from there it became a parlor game among celeb-loving Web users to prove it. Asked point-blank whether the anonymous commenter is in fact Downey, the star’s publicist, Alan Nierob, told The Daily Beast, “Of course it’s not.”

Interesting!  Although we have boycotted CDAN ever since that loser called us "bored housewives" (AS IF!).  The article on Jezebel really sums it up.... the prostitution ring sounds disgusting.  RDJ if you post on here too, HI and please don't leave! ;)

Friday, June 19, 2009

One Vagina'd Deceiver Blind Vice

Hayden Panettiere 24X36 Poster #08We didn't name the title so don't blame us. Ted's latest posted today...

One Vagina'd Deceiver Blind Vice
Remember meeting Dommy-Do-Rightly a couple of weeks ago? The Hollywood wannabe princess who definitely thinks her sh-t don't stank?
Well, Dommy dearest just doesn't know how to keep her indiscretions all that quiet. Which, of course, we love.
The TV, and attempted big-screen, queen has been in one fairly high-profile relaysh and is definitely no stranger to the dating scene—despite her youngish age. Well, it turns out she's much more experienced than any of you would have guessed.
Think you know what we mean?
DDR is a freak in the sheets! Her lap-dancin', powder-inhalin' party ways were just the beginning, kids, 'cause we just got sex-smelly wind of a crazyass threesome DDR recently had overseas. After splitting with her boyfriend, Dommy got her skank on during one of her save-the-world efforts. And we're talking about a totally kinky ménage à trois!
One stud, one gal and Ms. Rightly doing the horizontal mambo all drunken night long! Oh love it, she's into girls, too—don't tell Carrie Prejean! (Anything that reeks of being gay sends that bitch over the edge, as you know.)
Seriously, looking at little miss blondie, you would never think she had it in her—we don't know whether to be impressed or disturbed. Most likely the latter, because despite D's efforts to the contrary, publicly, Ms. D.-R. just lacks total sex appeal in our very biased minds.
And It Ain't: Ana Paquin, Lauren Conrad, AnnaLynne McCord

Here is a link to the other Dommy Blind Vice post, including a full list of who has been eliminated.

Our top guess is still Hayden Panetierre.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

One Total Femme-Faker Blind Vice

Hayden Panettiere 24X36 Poster #10From Friday May 29 -

One Total Femme-Faker Blind Vice
No kinky homo lovin' in this week's Blind, either, folks, just some straight-up hetero debauchery! Does that make you happy or sad? Relieved, regardless, I'm sure. Anyways, guess all the gays were too busy protesting this week (or hiding indoors lest they come across as too sympathetic to the cause—we know we didn't see Toothy out and about holding a sign in WeHo!). So, that leaves us with Dominique (Dommy) Do-Rightly, rising star.
See, Dom's a ton more popular on the small screen than on the big one—tho for some silly reason she keeps desperately trying to make the film thing work. But Dommy's still managed to rack up a ridiculous amount of fans, all who think she's just so über-cute and cuddly, like a posh stuffed teddy bear.
But would they still fawn over her so much if they knew their darling 'n' wholesome girl's one freaky wild party animal? We know we'd like her a whole lot more if she just fessed up to it!
Ms. Do-Rightly likes the public to think she's all about goin' organic, living healthy, saving the world and being an all-around sweetie-pie. Make me puke right now. Ugh.
I never bought that faux persona on this stink-eyed star, but I'm used to celebs totally lying about who they are! Those who know Dommy personally can't stand how stuck-up the bitchy babe is. She often refuses to promote her latest flicks as much as she's told, leaving all the legwork to her second billed, bitter costars.
No one can friggin' put up with the diva's demands anymore—that is, of course, except other divas! DDR is spending more and more time with skanky H'wood regulars—privately, at house parties, since public outings together would be oh so disastrous to Dom's clean-cut image.
At one such recent drug-infested fete, DDR boozed-and-bashed till all hours of the morning, blasting party energy up her nose and wrapping her legs, tongues, what have ya around dudes left and right, using the hostess's totally expensive living room couch to show off her moves (not like that sofa hasn't been tarnished enough with party germs already). And this was milliseconds after splitting with her last famous man! Guess that explains who did the dumping in that doomed relaysh.
Hey, got an idea! Maybe Dommy oughta bring her slutty ways out of hiding—look how much press Paris gets! And she gets whole damn perfume lines, too! What does Dommy have? A few politically correct endorsements here and there—and we sure know that ain't enough headline attention for a naughty nose-candy princess like DDR!
And it ain't: Amber Tamblyn, Blake Lively, Miley Cyrus
Update 7/8/09 - Ted has eliminated: Katherine Heigl, Sophia Bush, Chelsea Handler, Amber Tamblyn, Blake Lively, Miley Cyrus, Ana Paquin, Lauren Conrad, AnnaLynne McCord, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Aniston, Amanda Bynes.

* Top guess: Hayden Panetierre.

Here is a link to the second (more recent) Dommy Blind Vice.

Monday, February 11, 2008

NY POST Page Six 2/11/08

February 11, 2008 -- WHICH teenage TV cutie was sharing cocktails with her permissive mom at a fashion party in New York? The mom - who favors short shirts and wears her hair just like her daughter - needs to grow up
This is an obvious one-Hayden Panetierre. See page six's column from 2/1/08. Looks like Hayden's mom could be the new Dina Lohan-(AKA the Orange Oprah)