Friday, May 30, 2008

One Air-Sick Blind Vice

Lindsay Lohan New York Magazine February 2008 IssueNew BV from Ted - Morgan Mayhem returns. We have been familiar with Morgan Mayhem for a few years now... after numerous past BV's we know she is Lindsay Lohan.

Hip-hip ho-ray, Morgan Mayhem's returned for a weird-ass Blind Vice, and she's nuttier than merde!

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's Outrageous!
organ Mayhem's polluted thinking in today's Blind Vice installment is so out there, she actually makes pink-wigged Spears seem like a pretty together chick. When is somebody gonna save poor M2's soul? Uh, is never good for you?

One Air-Sick Blind Vice

Morgan Mayhem is up to her old tricks. Well, I guess they can't really be considered old if she never stopped doing them?
Ms. May has a load of talents, but her best (and most often used) one is alienating her amigos. One of the buds she's burned as of late is the brother of one of her former flames, Dare to Do Me, the cute eye candy from a band still pretty popular on the charts. M2 is still psycho for the rocker she's shared several rendezvous romps with in the past, but D.D.'s moved on to focus on his music, good boy. Morg still keeps Dare's bro around, prolly as a resource if the fella ever wants to play with this par-tick groupie again.
Morgy is prone to wrestling up some wacky stuff to put her so-called friends through. She'll call the dreamy Do Me's brother up on a random weekday, claming she just bought them both plane tickets to Europe for that very day. If that wasn't spontaneous and silly enough, Do Me 2 will pick May-babe up and drive her to the airport, only to find out there's no ticket for him. Girl just straight up lies. Can you imagine that in Los Angeles? Oh, you shouldn't treat pals like that, M2, especially when they're related to amours you may want to snag back once you're finished with your current, more curious, conquests.
But listen up: Maybe it's not all drugs, dudes and rock 'n' roll with Mayhem, after all. Close buds swears Morgan's got a bona fide mental disorder that would explain her notorious behavior. It ain't chemicals or drink that's driving this doll up the walls—just like Britney's problemos were more brain-centered than everyone first thought. For real: Morgan insists there exists, somewhere in ultraluxurious, née looney, la-la land, a special private jet that takes celebs from L.A. to London in one hour. Swears.
Jeez, why isn't somebody helping this broad? She's screaming for aid, really. Nobody's listening.
And it ain't: Courtney Love, Drew Barrymore, Scarlett Johansson

We have posted some of the old vintage Morgan Mayhem BV's are in the post below. She is most definitely Lindsay Lohan. We will just have to figure out who Dare to Do Me is. Anyone know?

Vintage Ted - Morgan Mayhem

Here are the previous Morgan Mayhem Blind Vices:

July 2006 - One Overly Caring Blind Vice
We all know bod-goons are paid to protect the overly watched frames of the celebs who employ them. Most times, these bossy gorillas are très busy trying to keep pesky paps away or simply shooing starstruck autograph seekers. Occasionally, these walking barricades even help carry celebs' purses or pups. Too cute!

Not this, though: The security staff utilized by one Morgan Mayhem (a repeat offender in the naughty narrative known as the Blind Vice archive) is far more, uh, hands-on. See, Morg's men protect way more than her bitchin' bod. They also keep more than a hawklike eye on her damn drug stash.

Picture it: a swanky Hollywood hotel, known for its crazy parties and late-night flings. A very nearly has-been actor is escorting two lovely ladies to a friend's room upstairs. Said gray-haired type accidentally happens into the wrong suite at a very inopportune time. Morgan is alone in the room, 'cept for her coke stash and bodyguards.

And one particularly helpful guard is choppin' up lines for Miz M. Now, that's stellar service!

And even though M2 was gettin' blown all alone, she ain't happy about the company. Has-been actor offers a hello. "Who are they?" demands M., who's known to hate pretty gals who dare get anywhere near her sleep-deprived vicinity. "This is my room, and my coke!" bitches Morgan. "Get out."

Geez, Morg. Didn't anyone teach you to share?

And heaven knows it wouldn't hurt you (or your nose) to cut back.

And it ain't Mischa Barton, Whitney Houston, Nicky Hilton

October 2006 - One Unsisterly Blind Vice
Morgan Mayhem, consider yourself warned!
Gal-friend, those unpredictable ways have gotten you into trouble in myriad areas of your life, but now it seems your social-butterfly status is in serious jeopardy, too. Hid-eee-us, I know. See, there's this über-exclusive boîte of fabulousness here in Tinseltown that certain celebs consider their personal playground. The door at said joint is tighter than Nicole Kidman's forehead and has turned away highly celebrated, professional partiers without batting a stoic eye.

But not Morg, of course. She's nevah had a problem getting into exclusive places. Also, there's always packs of paps following Morg who are bound to snap her leaving such swanky locales. So, owners are usually happy to have M2 hangin' out.

But the owner of the former spot ain't so thrilled anymore. First off, he's already received wrist slaps and warnings from police for allowing other questionable antics to go down, as it were, at his establishment (which really should look a bit more fab considering the loot this guy poured into it). And secondly, Morg's not just hittin' the snowy slopes anymore. She's got a newer, dirtier drug of choice. And it's becoming painfully obvious.

"She's behaving like a monster," says one of my super-inside (and relatively sober) sources. Not only does M.M. pick fights with other patrons, sashay out of stalls with her sniffer covered in powder and even pass out in them, now she's takin' to doin' the girl-on-girl thang not so discreetly in these dark hangs!

Love the last sin, which, natch, ain't, but I'll just go along with my republican detractors for a sec and pretend like is it, 'kay?

Oh, girl, for gawd's sake, get it together! Your career, sex appeal and hetero status (big whoop!) are going down the toilet as we type.

And it ain't: Hilary Swank, Gina Gershon, Queen Latifah

May 2006 - One Employee of the Month Blind Vice
Once upon a time, there was a talented young lass by the name of Morgan Mayhem. Oh, could she act! She was such a good performer that bitchy rivals simmered with green-eyed jealousy. But one day, a big bad she-wolf in Kitson duds named Coco Cocaine came along. She seduced Morgan with her overly vibrant, come-hither eyes--prettier than Wentworth Miller's, even--and then, suddenly, the big fat studio pigs were very, very sad.

Okay, hold on. This is Hell-Ay; the pigs aren't heartbroken exactly. They're just plain disgusted and scared for their precious beaucoup-bucks accounts.

Darlings, Ms. Mayhem has become the hottest li'l liability in Tinseltown.

"Studios were all but in love with her," blabs one über-connected Armani clad producer. "But she's so unstable that everyone's becoming afraid to hire her. Her behavior on the set of Jump, Jive and High Five! is still talked about. She was beyond "distracted," for myriad reasons. At this point, Armani wearer makes air quotes with his hands and rolls his eyes, sucking back the rest of an overpriced designer something or other. "And we all know what that means."
Queen LatifahParis HiltonKeira Knightley

Oy, oy, boy. I wish there were something I could do to help ol' Morgan out. The problem is that she's about as solid and reliable as a sponge. Stick her with serious, stable, Oscar-hoarding types, and she'll transform into a Jodie Foster. But plop this babe in a Bel-Air frat-house crowd and, well, she'll be first in line for body shots.

The solution is obvious. Ya stick the sponge in the desert and let it dry out.

'Course, first, you'd have to convince her to go. Not an easy task.

June 2005 - One Randy Candy Blind Vice
Did somebody mention food? What's that? Something one puts in one's mouth? Yech! Poo! Feh!

Morgan Mayhem sure thinks so. I mean, really. If it's not some body part attached to some sorry-ass man she's currently taking hostage, M2 really has no interest in placing much else in her increasingly bizarrely painted mouth.

Morgan's new bud, Pixie Mixie, knows this too well. In fact, ol' Pix got so tired of telling her broad-unit to eat, like, sustenance, Ms. Mix decided to throw the lecturing out the window (along with her old size-six outfits) and join the too-thin brigade!

Why do they do it? No idea. How do they do it? Ah, more luck there. Read on...

Yep, M.'s up to her ol' very public antics, yet again. You see, Seduce magazine just had a big bash at one of Hell-Ay's hotter clubs. All the more successful fashion victims in town were there, including Pix 'n' Morg, who were so damned thin (despite the high-caloric booze going down their combined gullets) they thought they owned the pretentious place.

Must be why M.M. (with P.M. along for the vicarious ride) had no compunction whatsoever about going into the women's restroom and snorting enough blow to make even Courtney Love blanch. Right there. In the open. In front of other pissy patrons.

Jeez. When I did that crap, I at least closed the bathroom stall. Youths today have no class.

And it ain't: Nicky Hilton, Paris Hilton, Tara Reid. (Pixie Mixie is Nicole Richie).

May 2005 - One Disappearing Blind Vice
Sex, sex, sex. Is that all we mortals think about?

Well, I'm single (dating eternally), and, I answer oui to the above. But, then there's my bestest girlfriend, hitched for over a decade. Ditto on the doing-it brain. Or take my gray, gruff editor (straight), who's also married and doing the white-picket fence thang. He, too, thinks of little else. Or, so it would seem from his dribbling mouth after he edits these damn Vices.

Take a breather this week, bossman, this one's about a gal who prefers to sniff, not suck, her candy.

Mayhem is the doll. Such a cutie-tamootie, she's got charm pouring out of her sweet little dimples--not to mention that great ass of hers. Unfortunately, M.'s well-photographed behind is oddly altered as of late.

Surgery? Or just a high-colonic and new cheek-bones sucked and inserted at one of those posh 'n' creepy Bev Hills "hospitals?" Regardless, M2 has taken upon herself to use this time to remove her booby implants. Sorta like getting a new haircut when one gets a face-lift, right? Not that I would know, just what I've heard, 'course.

Oh, crap, I hate it when these perfectly lovely babes start playing mix 'n' match with the bod-parts--so boring. I mean, come on, it's almost as predictable as getting hooked on drugs (really boring), 'cause everybody can see what's on the horizon for chicks who start doing the surgery thang too much: lifetime movies with the likes of Faye Dunaway, right? Isn't that where you go when you start playing doc too much with your bod?

Besides, I thought M.M. had a much more mattress-worthy figure before she began altering it so.

Who cares how many dudes she was doing (she didn't). It was the ol' vicarious va-va-voom ride just watching M. strut her sex-ay stuff--especially with hunky regular beau Burr Ito.

But then again, this item isn't about sex, so never mind.

And it ain't: Nicole Ritchie, Nicky Hilton, Lara Flynn Boyle

Thursday, May 29, 2008

One Surprise, Surprise Blind Vice

A surprise Thursday BV from Ted.... Furrowed Frank returns!

Dudes, Degrees, n' Dirt
Special Edition: We've got a Thursday Blind Vice for ya today—in addition to tomorrow's drug-addled mystery nonsense—and you'll never guess who's being propositioned to be one of Furrowed Frank's latest boy-toys!

He Didn't!
What's a goss columnist to do when he's propositioned—by a somewhat discreet third party, mind you—to go have sex with one of his past Blind Vice subjects? Particularly if said gosser's recently married? Ah, the trials and tribulations one must endure just to report on our beloved Furrowed Frank, closeted-homo TV star.

One Surprise, Surprise Blind Vice
Remember Furrowed Frank, the big TV figure who has a straight trainer whom he sends out to hunt for bedtime playmates at the gym where they both train? Sure ya do! Only because the heartless fagola lothario is so predictably dude about it all, and not only does he not bother to secure his own ass assignations (thinks he'll be too recognized, as if F.F. standing by drooling while the deal's going down isn't obvs enough), he ditches the poor guys right after he's had his way with them.

Why are men—both gay and het—so damn unconcerned with their partner's feelings, huh? Were we all kicked as children, or something? Regardless, F.F. and his muscled accomplice continue right along with their disposable mattress machinations, blithely unaware the A.T. is totally on to them. Or not?

Went to a snot-butt din-din party the other night, and who would be seated across from me other than F2's prime purveyor of all things manly and clandestine—yes, the trainer himself. And said pro pumper is either one smart deltoid dude, or he's as dumb as Lindsay Lohan's current life coach. 'Cause, how can I put this? Let's just say I was given the opportunity, if I cared to, to take a turn on F2's casting bench.

I demurred. After all, I'm married now...otherwise?

And it ain't: Chris Noth, Jason Lewis, Kyle Maclachlan

AIA's from the previous FF BV: Justin Timberlake, Ty Pennington, Alec Baldwin

Also excluded: Will Smith, Rocco DiSpirito, Matt Damon, Johnny Knoxville, The Rock, Ryan Seacrest, Donald Trump, John Corbett, Luke Wilson

Why the Sex in the City hints? We thought this was Anderson Cooper last time but were never sure. After RS was eliminated we were thrown for a loop.

* Here is the earlier FF BV from February '08.

*** Top suspect: Anderson Cooper

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Vintage Lainey - Gaydar Interrupted

We here at Blind Items Exposed are going to try to bring out some old "vintage" blind items from before we started discussing them here. Today, we bring you one of Lainey's riddles, this one dated Jan. 2, 2006:

Gaydar interrupted
There are 2 subjects to this riddle. Both are famous, one more so than the other, and both are actors. One is recognized for award winning prestige projects. The other – umm….not so much. But he does have brawn. And while I don’t appreciate the shoot ‘em up, beat ‘em up genre, there is certainly a market for it. Unfortunately for his legion of female admirers, he prefers sex of the homo variety. And he’s looking for a boyfriend.

For his part, the true thespian has battled gay suspicions for years. I’ve heard it incessantly but I can’t confirm it. Oddly enough, no one in Hollywood knows for sure either. So it’s no surprise that his less talented counterpart decided to hit on him one night recently at a party. And my man came on STRONG. Bad move. Too many people around and not the right approach. He was completely rebuffed. With a room full of witnesses. And it gets worse. The next day, one publicist called the other and issued a stern warning and they also came to an agreement to make sure their clients never cross paths again. And since one dude is clearly more connected than the other, I can assure you that Mr B list was rebuked and ridiculed around town so much that he had to lay low for a while before venturing out in public once again.

* The top suspected answer for this one were: Leonardo DiCaprio/Jean Claude Van Damme.

Page Six-Just Asking: 5.28.08

May 28, 2008 -- WHICH actress whose name has been dragged through the weeds more than once should know who is selling her secrets to the celebrity magazines? Residents of her Village building are buzzing that one of their doormen has been dropping dimes on her, even picking up tips for the paparazzi on where she'll be from her employees.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

NY Post - 5/26

May 26, 2008 --

WHICH titled European aristocrat is disloyal to his high- profile wife? The nobleman has a girlfriend and two kids on the side in Thailand . . .

WHICH socialite displayed bad manners by getting pregnant? The father of her baby hadn't even signed a separation agreement when she conceived.

Friday, May 23, 2008

New York Daily News BI

NYDN Full Disclosure -
Which new-mama publicist has named her bundle of joy after a certain D-list "celebrity" she has been crushing on for years, much to the embarrassment of her baby daddy?

Which celebrity starlet are magazines desperately trying to get to come out on their pages? Editors say they are willing to pay big bucks for the first interview.

I don't know about #1. But I do #2...

One Remove-With-Care Blind Vice

Finally a new Blind Vice from Ted. Traceless Turncoat returns...

Age Defying and Idolizing
One of our former Blind Vice femmes comes back on the scene, but less fresh-faced, and she knows it. This television gal tries to keep up with all the twenty-something's through some pretty painful procedures, while young H'wood is looking older 'n' older each daywe got that one covered, too! Geez, isn't anyone satisfied with their natural age? Besides Madonna? Or are the starlets just as pissed off as some former Idol hopefuls?

Ouch! Boob-tube terror Traceless Turncoat is back and bitchier than ever! Only this time, her hurtful machinations or more inwardly turned. Wait until you hear what this broad does to look more voluptuous—haven't heard this kind of idiocy since Marlene Dietrich took a needle and thread to her forehead!

One Remove-With-Care Blind Vice

I Do, Now What?: Secrets, Stories, and Advice from a Madly-in-Love CoupleTraceless Turncoat, our ol' backstabbing TV babe, who's made quite the career outta selling out her boob-tube amigos (for cash and prizes, mind you) has been—horrors!—behaving herself, as of late. Too boring for words. But, wouldn't ya know it: Word got back to T.T. that her network's higher-ups were perfectly aware she'd turned herself into a Jackie Collins version of Benedict Arnold, and that she'd better cool it. That, she did.
That is until her glitzy place of employment began hiring much younger, prettier, more shapely things who just happened to have far more impressive cleavages than does our babe, Trace. Yikes! What's an averagely endowed, amoral, conniving, man-munching, nominally talented bitch to do? Surgery? Amazingly engineered push-up bras? Suicide?
Nope. But duct tape certainly seemed to be a viable option. So to the hardware store went Ms. T's horrified stylist, who didn't know whether to laugh, cry or get some spackle, too (T2's not quite as flawless as she used to be). See, Ms. T had a plan, and this is indeed what that poor stylin' worker bee has to put up with every day Traceless is glammed up for her TV show: They both go into T.T.'s private dressing room, and before the latest ta-tas-showing outfit is practically painted onto the girl's increasingly diminishing figure, the dresser wraps an entirely nude Turncoat's midsection in industrial-strength tape, winding up just underneath Ms. T's breasts, thereby turning her natural-born babies into Pam Anderson-style bazookas.
Get it? Duct tape, babes. Directly onto—and then off of, 'course—the vain honey's skin. Every damn day. Oh, and Trace is hardly subtle about the pain during the taking off process. Swears like...well, me.
And it ain't: Maria Menounos, Samantha Harris, Kelly Ripa

*** Here are the old Traceless Turncoat BVs...

Sept 2006 - One Badass-Babe Blind Vice
Traceless Turncoat is either getting sloppy or impressively gutsy, maybe a bit of both--as is often the case with very popular career gals 'n' guys.
T2, 'course, helps host a fairly popular TV offering. She has other correspondents who help her with her bubbly duties, but there's one talking head in particular who helps T.T. share and hone her hosting requirements in front of the camera.
Let's say this quasi-attractive head is, oh, Dorky Dingleberry--name's not really important. The vital thing to understand here is how much Trace-babe despises D.D. See, Traceless abhors the PR D. receives (on a not so regular basis, so you really can see how outta control Ms. T. happens to be), and she feels the producers of her little boob-tube offering pay way too much time to the D.D.-ster.
So, remember when I told you in our last Turncoat installment about how the TelePrompTer princess was peddling items on her myriad guests to gossip columns? Sometimes for cash?
Well, now Traceless is really upping the ante: She's including tacky little tidbits about her almost homely nemesis/colleague in the wares she offers.
Damn, bitch, you somethin'!
And it ain't: Diane Sawyer, Nancy Grace, Anderson Cooper

Aug 2006 - One Designing Woman Blind Vice
Princess Di's alive and well, did you know that?

Well, not in the too thin, decrowned bod of her actual self but rather in the too thin, media-crowned puss of a boob-tube correspondent over here in the States. How fab, right?

Not really, according to Traceless Turncoat's colleagues, who have been mowed down--right, left and dead-on center--by the skinny broad's ambitious climb up the proverbial little-screen ladder. Old story, right?

Well, not really. 'Cause two things are diff with this ambitious babe (who has a thing fer kank-ee nooky, I'm told):

1. T2 has not slept her way to the top, a fact Trace likes to claim is due to her moral fiber but which, in reality, some people know is due to the fact that Ms. T. strangely resembles something created by, say, Jim Henson, when you catch her in just the right light, without all the coiffure and makeup bells 'n' whistles.

2. Turncoat has a hotline to most every gossip rag--blog or otherwise--in the Biz, peddling her self-serving stories wherever she can find a gullible buyer.

Not that she pays cash, mind you. She serves up dish on her interview subjects--and even her colleagues. What an effin' immoral snake!

Oh, my. And folks at home in the ratings-powered hinterlands think Trace is just a sweet thang--and that her rise up the image-controlled ranks has been such the inspiration. Yeah, right.

If folks only knew she's been as downright dirty as the dudes.

And it ain't: Steven Cojocaru, Greta Von Sustern, Oprah Winfrey
*** Eliminated as Traceless Turnocoat as of 7/25/11: Oprah Winfrey, Greta Von Sustern, Steven Cojocaru, Ellen DeGeneres, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Mary Hart, Kristin Cavallari, Tyra Banks, Star Jones Reynolds, Katie Couric, Nancy O'Dell, Meredith Viera, Lara Spencer, Diane Sawyer, Nancy Grace, Anderson Cooper, Maria Menounos, Samantha Harris, Kelly Ripa, Paris Hilton.

*** CURRENT TOP SUSPECTS: Debbie Matenopolous, Giuliana DiPandi Rancic ***
(For both Traceless Turncoat and Dorky Dingleberry/ vice versa.)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Perez Not-So-Blind Items

Some recent "Not-So-Blind-Item"s from Perez...

What not-so-innocent tween superstar was smoking out (yes, the 420) with her half-brother, backstage before the Z100 Zootopia concert this past weekend???

What reviled British personality, generally reviled by everyone, has started to pull a Heidi and Spencer?????
That's right, the media-hating (at least in public) skank is now traveling with her very own paparazzi photographer. The snapper arranges with her to get exclusive pics of the hooker and then they split the profits.
Hey, she's gotta make money somehow, right?

What hard-pAArtying starlet stole clothes from a girl who was her roommate during one of her recent rehab stints (at Cirque Lodge)???????
Damn, girl, you should seek treatment for your kleptomania too!!!

His are always so obvious! Discuss in comments...

Daily Mirror - Wicked Whisper: 5.21.08

Which fiercely "antiairbrush" fading pop star's "intimate" tattoos were digitally removed after a photoshoot? When she eventually found out, she was absolutely livid.

Psychic's take on Jake and Reese's relationship

Psychic Kenny Kingston is claiming that Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon are destined to be together, that they were in love in a past life. LOL! Readers of BIE know that Jake is Toothy Tile, and Reese is his beard. Maybe Kenny Kingston should put away his crystal ball and catch up with Blind Items Exposed.

Here is the ridiculous "psychic"'s claim:

Washington, May 21 : The inseparable couple Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal were always destined to be together, as they were separated in a previous life, says a celebrity psychic.

According to top Tinseltown psychic Kenny Kingston, his spiritual guides have told him that both these actors were romantically involved when they were medics in World War One.

"He was a doctor, she was a nurse. They worked closely together and were also romantically involved," Contactmusic quoted him, as saying.

"But too soon, he was called to more active duty and they were separated. So, in this life. they must complete their relationship, both romantically and in some capacity, to work together.

"This (new relationship) will allow the relationship that started during World War One to fully blossom," he added.

Witherspoon and Gyllenhaal have been dating ever since the actress was separated from husband Ryan Phillippe last year (07).


CD & N - Idiot Drug User Awards

From Crazy Days and Nights Today 5/21 -
Today's Blind Items - Idiot Drug User Awards
I have been hanging onto the first of these for awhile because I just knew in my heart of hearts that there would be another idiot and then I could have my dream of posting Idiot Drug Users. No, it isn't as good as Will It Float?, but, it isn't bad.

#1 - Our first award today goes to this former B list television actor who was on a very hit show and since then has pretty much done jack crap. Oh, he still has just about A list name recognition, but he is dropping to C list as far as roles. So, as I said this first one was a few months ago. Our actor was with a woman at lunch. Outside on a patio, reaching into his little baggie every couple of minutes, and also sharing with his lady friend. Just passing the bag back and forth across the table. Outside. On a patio next to a public sidewalk. Finish lunch and management comps the check. Our actor doesn't have any cash for a tip and his girlfriend has like $5. So, our actor leaves the $5 and the remaining coke as a tip for the waitress. Leaves it right out on the table. Points to it and says something to the effect. There's your tip. Have a great night tonight.

#2 - Our second award goes to another actor. This actor is C list. 95% films. B+ name recognition just because it is kind of an odd name and from some roles he did ten years ago or so. He even has some music connections that are cool, but not known at all as a singer. Also known as a guy who thinks he is better than he actually is, and that women should throw themselves at him. Well our actor has a little meth problem. He doesn't snort it anymore, just smokes it. So, at a club the other night, our actor wanted to spend some time enjoying his favorite hobby. Problem was his lighter was out. So, instead of just asking someone to borrow their lighter and being done with it, our actor went out to the indoor/outdoor smoking area and went up to each person and asked for a light and asked if they wanted to share his meth. He asked males, females, and then he asked the bouncers. They asked him to repeat what he said, and he did and then showed it to them. They then asked him to leave.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Crazy Days & Nights - 5/19

I've written about this couple before, but for such a young age they have certainly caught on to how the game is played. Married. She is an extremely popular singer and he is a nobody. He goes both ways, and she doesn't really care. She loves him, and doesn't want to give up so she lets him be. This is their latest trick. When they attend a party, they walk the red carpet and kiss and make nicey nice for the cameras. If a tabloid runs their picture, there they are. The happy couple. What they don't see is the husband taking off five minutes later to go meet his boyfriend. If someone asks about her husband inside the event, our singer just says that he is around somewhere.

Lainey - Late Night Prowling

Late Night Prowling, May 20 -
Recently reunited with his long time lover, this celebrated actor is supposed to be taking his new role seriously … which is why perhaps why he has spent several late nights hitting up the decadent continental club scene, rolling in at no earlier than 3am and staying til sun up. Three times in the last 5 days. And there’s nothing wrong with that…only on 2 of those nights he hasn’t left alone. They are leggy and orange and immediately replaceable. Would certainly go against the recommitment but then again, maybe that’s how the recommitment was arranged.

We'll update who she eliminates here.

Present Suspect: Sean Penn.

NY Post-Page Six: 5.20.08

May 20, 2008 -- WHICH television correspondent got her job the old-fashioned way? After she bedded her boss at her former network, she became very close with the married news head of her current network.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Lainey - Photo Negotiation

New one from Lainey 5/16 -
She says she is free and fabulous, embarking on a new chapter in her life, and recently went in for a little touch-me-up in the chest area. Some changes leave things super saggy and the sagging never stops. Which is why she opens up the scar between her tits once a year – a scar that is visible in person but oddly enough, never in photographs.

What she does, you see, is she barters with the paps. She wheels and deals and offers to give it up for them if they go home and click away her breast scabs. So they shake on it and she does something outrageous to guarantee they sell her pictures with what looks like baby’s skin on her chest, and everybody’s happy.

Protecting oneself against bad pictures is one thing…but what about arranging bad pictures for your enemy? There’s another celebrity who not only works with the paps to pimp out herself, she also works with them to make sure those she detests are not only photographed badly but also touched DOWN to look especially horrid. She’ll either give up exclusive tips or exclusive shots on herself in exchange for a photographic smear job on those she hates. Like doctoring images to reveal unflattering body parts, receding hairlines, pimples, and especially fat.

The paparazzi aren’t the real scum…

Update 5/27 - Part 1 is not Pamela Anderson. Part 2 is "who you think it is".

Thursday, May 15, 2008

US Weekly Blind Item

Another US Weekly BI, in the issue dated May 26 (but that was delivered May 15)...
Which Golden Globe-winning television star was disinvited from her own sister's wedding because her family is so distrustful of her longtime beau? Says a source, "Her mom thinks the guy is a mooch."

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

NYDN Blind - 5/13

From the New York Daily News, Full Disclosure -
#1 - Which music-producing superstar recently had his nether regions pierced in hopes of increasing his, you know, sensation?

#2 - Which formerly awesome Major League pitcher can the blame loss of shoulder strength on years of smoking pot and one drug-addled incident where he had to carry a passed-out date up three flights of stairs? His fastball hasn't been the same since.

CD & N - 5/12

From Crazy Days and Nights - May 12
#1 - This B list film star who most of you think is gorgeous, and who has really made a move up in the world as of late is engaged to someone who considers herself an actress. It makes me laugh, but she says she is. Unfortunately for her, her affianced seems to be searching for someone else. While working recently he met a woman and exchanged phone numbers. Nothing wrong with that, but how about the invitation to fly her to LA and stay at his place. Presumably his significant other would be off "acting."

#2 - Another engaged guy and another sticky situation. This guy is C list but you are all familiar with his work. Starring in a Golden Globe nominated television show he is engaged to an actress who stars in a network drama that has won a Golden Globe. While out with his affianced at dinner, he spotted a woman heading to the bathroom, and attempted to get her phone number. When asked about the woman he was with, our actor said she was just a friend. Nice.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Page Six magazine 5/11/08 Question Of The Week

Which married, high-profile actress has a girlfriend on the side? To keep her on film sets, the actress calls her a personal assistant.

-I'm wondering if this actress and Browhilda Frown-Free could be one and the same(?)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Wicked Whisper - 5/9

From the UK's Daily Mirror...
Which precocious teen keeps telling her famous parents she's never tried drugs? Yet she has a £150-a-week coke habit...

Barbara Walters admits she was a Blind Item

This week, Barbara Walters came out and told everyone about her affair with a married senator in the 1970's, Edward Brooke. She went on Oprah the other day and dished about how she was "infatuated" with the guy, now 88 and remarried. Anyway, just found out - in her new book Audition, Babs goes into more detail about the affair, where she also claims that she was the subject of some blind items written in the Washington Post! I would love to see those. If anyone finds these WP blind items about Babs, let us know!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Popbitch - Jogging Partners

Which two LA-based superstars have started jogging together. Beverly Hills neighbours are enjoying gossiping about what they do to warm down.

Crazy Days and Nights - 5/8

Two new ones today from the "entertainment lawyer" ...

#1 - This A list film actor. I was thinking about it, but he definitely has opened movies on his own. Action though. That is kind of like women opening a horror film and being called A list. Oh, well, everyone knows him, and when I say know him, you know him. You know, (points eyes)down there. Well seems that our actor is a very generous sort to women on the street who he is attracted to. When he meets someone he likes and likes a great deal, he gives them his card. On the back of the card is a 1-800 number to a credit card concierge with a note that says, "buy something as beautiful and exotic as you... my treat xoxo". There is a pre-set spending limit on the gift.

#2 - What cast of a hit television show that is changing coasts is sitting in front of their computers right now reading this blind item? At least one of you has been a blind item, and one of you is permanently safe.

Post your guesses in comments...

Crazy Days and Nights - 5/6 and 5/7

One from yesterday 5/7...

This C list primarily television actress should probably be B list. Very attractive. Most of you would know who she is, and even the shows she has been on, but she is probably not a household name. She has been on one huge hit and one of a more modest nature. Our actress and her attorneys have been in discussions with a drug manufacturer trying to reach a settlement. The reason for the settlement is that she lost her job when she tried to commit suicide. Seems that an attempted suicide kinds of freaks producers out. Who knew? Anyway she and her attorneys believe it was due to a specific drug she was taking and have threatened a lawsuit. The drug company wants to keep it quiet because the story would be all over the media and at the same time our actress is trying to keep it quiet so someone will hire her and not always refer to as the actress who attempted suicide.


And here's 5/6 -

Wow. It is just 59 days and counting until the next mass reveal. Seems like only yesterday I spent my entire New Year holiday sitting in front of the computer for 40 hours straight going through all the blind items. I should start now, but probably won't actually get started until about July 3rd and then cuss and drink and promise myself I am never going to do it again. Oh, and just to let you know, the singer who is HIV+ should be out by then, but if not, well it will be here.

#1 - I don't know about you, but I just can't get enough of celebrity hooker items. Although I love the items that were about celebrities being hookers before they became famous, I especially adore the ones where it is a celebrity who used to be the star of movies, and was and actually is a household name. I guess she is C list now, although she does still have A list name recognition. She isn't cheap, but she sure does cost less than some of those hookers who have been in the news. From what I understand if you would like to have this woman who used to be fairly good looking but now is just a washed up mess be your companion, you do need to hire her for at least a week. You need to spend your entire time with her outside the United States and provide her airfare to and from the States. There are no guarantees she will even come close to remaining sober throughout your time together, but she does only charge $50,000 for the week. She also claims she is drug and disease free but I think she is referring to drugs of the injectable variety.

Interesting to see who he reveals. As for the hooker I have some thoughts...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Perez Hilton- not-so-blind-item 5/5/08

Tried and TrueWhat closeted American Idol alum has finally got a boyfriend!
The repressed homo is dating another Broadway queen.
We know who he is and what show the new guy's in. But, it's more fun if you guess!

-Got to be Clay Gayken: he was starring in "Spamalot"...I think he just ended his run. Don't know who the other guy is though. Maybe Nathan Lane?? He is starring in "November".

Sunday, May 4, 2008

NY Post from 5/1

Just Asking, NY Post Page Six...

May 1, 2008 -- WHICH columnist for a sleepy tabloid - whose physical stature is as small as his ego is large - is quite the prima donna? Before his recent speech and book-signing at a library in Connecticut, he presented a list of demands, from the mundane (a glass of water, a reserved parking space) to the persnickety (no round table, no tablecloth) . . .
WHICH celebrity dad is just as rebellious as his starlet daughter? The troubled parent wears a ring through a piercing on his nether regions.

I don't know #1 but #2 is interesting. Probably Jamie Spears (Britney's dad) or Michael Lohan (Lindsay's dad). But maybe Billy Ray Cyrus? Now that Miley has posed nude she could be "rebellious".

Friday, May 2, 2008

US Weekly Blind Item

US Weekly has a first in their new issue. Featured is a "Blind Item of the Week". I guess that means this will be a new recurring thing? Anyway, here it is:

Which silver-screen sweetheart regrets having tubing inserted into her lips to keep them perfectly pouty because the procedure is irreversible? Says a source, "She's not happy about it, but there's nothing much she can do."

Make your guess in a comment!

One Girle, Gonzo Blind Vice

Ted's latest...

Oh, Brother, Can You Believe This Sister?

And folks say the guys are dirty little birdies? Meet Vadge-Fly Trap. In today’s Blind Vice, she proves that it isn't just the fellas who think with their crotches first and their publicists’ speed-dialing second.

One Girlie, Gonzo Blind Vice

As I’m off to get hitched, thought it would be terribly appropriate to give you a little salacious het-on-het action. I mean, why not, more straights than fruits get married, right? Oh, but could that just be because it’s only legal for you guys? Never mind. This isn’t a political soap bitch; it’s a Blind Vice, and as intent as I was to bring on the hetero horniness, Vadge Fly-Trap interfered. Or at least her gal-hungry paws did.

Vadge, really, is just as ballsy as most of the guys she’s simply clobbered in the Biz. More so, I’d say. She’s sorta like that Spitzer dude in fact—so obviously gunnin’ for the girls, while (stupidly) thinking nobody’ll notice. Hardly!

While Ms. VFT rakes in the major dough for her TV and movie appearances, much of the world may indeed have fallen in love with her, but I’m tellin’ ya, those worshippers certainly don’t include some rich-ass Bev Hills babes.

“She was sitting next to me, and her hand kept brushing up against my leg!” revealed one 30ish, single, Chanel-suited gal (who doesn’t like gals, at least, not in that way), regarding a luncheon party she attended with Ms. Fly-Trap. “She was actually squeezing my thigh at one point,” continued the guy-lovin’ lady, “and I, very directly, just had to ask her to stop it.”

How very polite. What’s the matter with a good ol’ bitch-slap to the overly painted puss, huh? I mean, if a guy had done that to some broad who didn’t want it, it’s safe to assume his pucker would be sucker-punched, essentially.

Oh, completely forgot. People dare not cross Vadge Fly-Trap, that’s why. She is, in T-town, what Tom Cruise used to be: megapowered and poop-proof. But not for very much longer.

And it ain't: Paris Hilton, Scarlett Johansson, Martha Stewart

Also eliminated: Katherine Heigl, Julia Roberts, Rebecca Rojmin, Jennifer Love Hewitt

*** Top Suspects: Oprah Winfrey, Sally Field

Guess in comments!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Lainey - Keeping it Legal

From Lainey today, May 1st...

I love how often the self righteous, artistic ones are always end up being the douchiest and the perviest.

The backstory:

Several years ago, while dating a high profile, fiery actress, he was on location shooting a movie and found himself one night at a local bar. A young hot thing approached, they flirted, they made the call, and pretty soon she was telling her friends she was heading home with the star, protected by both his bodyguards and a personal driver.

So they get back to his place, start making out, she services him with her mouth, and tries to get him to return the favour, at which point he balks and then, no longer blinded by arousal, finally gets around to asking her:

"Are you really 19?"

Well of course she wasn’t 19. She was actually only 16. And when her guilty face confirmed it for him, he quickly called her a cab and sent her home, not offering to pay for her cab. He did however offer to pay for the silence.

His security detail and the chauffeur, all of whom were witnesses to his tryst with the teen, were compensated handsomely for their discretion. They were so trustworthy that he wanted to use their services again when he returned to town for a new project recently. Unfortunately the same team wasn’t entirely intact.

So instead, now single, he went to great lengths to secure a very capable staff to make sure he didn’t find himself in the kind of icky underage situation as last time. Was like having a personal assistant for the express purpose of getting him head and occasionally laid. Only he was strict about wanting it from “real” girls and not from professionals. Every few days or so, his people had to scour the city looking a girl he could spend a short time with. They’d all start off at a group dinner, and by the end of the night, he’d end up sated at place. A few girls were lucky enough for repeats but effort on his part was never forthcoming.

Still… at the very least… he kept it legal.

Update May 12 - Lainey has eliminated: Ryan Phillipe, Vince Vaughn, Michael Buble, Wilmer Valderamma.

* Suspected: Edward Norton

Daily Mirror - Wicked Whisper 4/30/08

Which star raised eyebrows when she used up all of her pal's kitchen foil to feed her bad habits on holiday?

The babe locked herself away and didn't come out for days on end...

Crazy Days and Nights - 4/30/08

Today's blind items from Crazy Days and Nights...

#1 - This A list director at least by reputation and name recognition has always lived in his own world. Apparently this world now includes his new found love for women in their 60's. That's great for them since our director is approximately half their age. Hey its approximate. This is a blind item. For now.

#2 - If you never admitted to dating this person then how can you ever be accused of cheating on him? This reality star with more than one speciality never acknowledged her relationship with her long term boyfriend. This way when she started sleeping with a married producer they could call her a home wrecker, but they couldn't accuse her of cheating on her boyfriend. I'm sure it all worked out ok in her mind when she thought it through. Listening to her logic on the other hand had me really confused and I wasn't even that drunk.

Looks like he might reveal #1 at some point. Guesses in comments...