Thursday, May 8, 2008

Crazy Days and Nights - 5/6 and 5/7

One from yesterday 5/7...

This C list primarily television actress should probably be B list. Very attractive. Most of you would know who she is, and even the shows she has been on, but she is probably not a household name. She has been on one huge hit and one of a more modest nature. Our actress and her attorneys have been in discussions with a drug manufacturer trying to reach a settlement. The reason for the settlement is that she lost her job when she tried to commit suicide. Seems that an attempted suicide kinds of freaks producers out. Who knew? Anyway she and her attorneys believe it was due to a specific drug she was taking and have threatened a lawsuit. The drug company wants to keep it quiet because the story would be all over the media and at the same time our actress is trying to keep it quiet so someone will hire her and not always refer to as the actress who attempted suicide.


And here's 5/6 -

Wow. It is just 59 days and counting until the next mass reveal. Seems like only yesterday I spent my entire New Year holiday sitting in front of the computer for 40 hours straight going through all the blind items. I should start now, but probably won't actually get started until about July 3rd and then cuss and drink and promise myself I am never going to do it again. Oh, and just to let you know, the singer who is HIV+ should be out by then, but if not, well it will be here.

#1 - I don't know about you, but I just can't get enough of celebrity hooker items. Although I love the items that were about celebrities being hookers before they became famous, I especially adore the ones where it is a celebrity who used to be the star of movies, and was and actually is a household name. I guess she is C list now, although she does still have A list name recognition. She isn't cheap, but she sure does cost less than some of those hookers who have been in the news. From what I understand if you would like to have this woman who used to be fairly good looking but now is just a washed up mess be your companion, you do need to hire her for at least a week. You need to spend your entire time with her outside the United States and provide her airfare to and from the States. There are no guarantees she will even come close to remaining sober throughout your time together, but she does only charge $50,000 for the week. She also claims she is drug and disease free but I think she is referring to drugs of the injectable variety.

Interesting to see who he reveals. As for the hooker I have some thoughts...


blurry vice said...

For 5/6 - At first I was thinking someone over the age of 40... Meg Ryan, etc. But then I read someone had guessed Tara Reid and I think she fits. She is always photographed overseas.

Anonymous said...

Not able to remain sober is so Tara Reid. She needs the $$.

Colts#1Filly said...

I think it may be Sharon Stone. She's been rumored to have an alcohol problem for a few years now - often associated with her bizarre and obnoxious behavior at social funtions (ie. Elton John's Oscar parties, various fundraisers, etc). Also, she's definitely C list now, career-wise, but has A list name recognition. Over the past several months she's popped up in tabloids with pics of her overseas. The most recent one she was with an anonymous man shopping in Paris (I think) and most tabloids referred to him as the "mystery man"...of course, we haven't seen him since (he was quite unattractive too). She also fits the description of quite attractive in the past but nowadays looks a mess (usually b/c she's rumored to be half in the bag, so to speak).

I'm not sure it could be Tara Reid - she was never really A list name recognition and this BI really makes it seem this actress is past her prime. TR is still in her early 30's.

kris said...

I'm thinking Pam Anderson