Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Perez Not-So-Blind Items

Some recent "Not-So-Blind-Item"s from Perez...

What not-so-innocent tween superstar was smoking out (yes, the 420) with her half-brother, backstage before the Z100 Zootopia concert this past weekend???

What reviled British personality, generally reviled by everyone, has started to pull a Heidi and Spencer?????
That's right, the media-hating (at least in public) skank is now traveling with her very own paparazzi photographer. The snapper arranges with her to get exclusive pics of the hooker and then they split the profits.
Hey, she's gotta make money somehow, right?

What hard-pAArtying starlet stole clothes from a girl who was her roommate during one of her recent rehab stints (at Cirque Lodge)???????
Damn, girl, you should seek treatment for your kleptomania too!!!

His are always so obvious! Discuss in comments...


blurry vice said...

Miley Cyrus

Heather Mills

Lindsay Lohan

Anonymous said...

The radio station Z100 discussed the first one and they were adamant that it wasn't Miley. They think it's someone from Danity Kane but I also tend to think it's Miley. Agree with Heather Mills and Lindsay.


duffgrl said...

the 3 people blurry posted are right...apparently miley's half-brother is in a band that played at that concert so- obviously, her.