Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Vintage Lainey - Gaydar Interrupted

We here at Blind Items Exposed are going to try to bring out some old "vintage" blind items from before we started discussing them here. Today, we bring you one of Lainey's riddles, this one dated Jan. 2, 2006:

Gaydar interrupted
There are 2 subjects to this riddle. Both are famous, one more so than the other, and both are actors. One is recognized for award winning prestige projects. The other – umm….not so much. But he does have brawn. And while I don’t appreciate the shoot ‘em up, beat ‘em up genre, there is certainly a market for it. Unfortunately for his legion of female admirers, he prefers sex of the homo variety. And he’s looking for a boyfriend.

For his part, the true thespian has battled gay suspicions for years. I’ve heard it incessantly but I can’t confirm it. Oddly enough, no one in Hollywood knows for sure either. So it’s no surprise that his less talented counterpart decided to hit on him one night recently at a party. And my man came on STRONG. Bad move. Too many people around and not the right approach. He was completely rebuffed. With a room full of witnesses. And it gets worse. The next day, one publicist called the other and issued a stern warning and they also came to an agreement to make sure their clients never cross paths again. And since one dude is clearly more connected than the other, I can assure you that Mr B list was rebuked and ridiculed around town so much that he had to lay low for a while before venturing out in public once again.

* The top suspected answer for this one were: Leonardo DiCaprio/Jean Claude Van Damme.


Anonymous said...

My question is - how could someone as famous as Leo be gay and nobody in H-wood seems to know for sure? Does he pay off the models he "dates" that well, so he can trust they'll never reveal his secret? Or does he have them fooled into thinking he is hetero? Hmmm.