Wednesday, May 21, 2008

CD & N - Idiot Drug User Awards

From Crazy Days and Nights Today 5/21 -
Today's Blind Items - Idiot Drug User Awards
I have been hanging onto the first of these for awhile because I just knew in my heart of hearts that there would be another idiot and then I could have my dream of posting Idiot Drug Users. No, it isn't as good as Will It Float?, but, it isn't bad.

#1 - Our first award today goes to this former B list television actor who was on a very hit show and since then has pretty much done jack crap. Oh, he still has just about A list name recognition, but he is dropping to C list as far as roles. So, as I said this first one was a few months ago. Our actor was with a woman at lunch. Outside on a patio, reaching into his little baggie every couple of minutes, and also sharing with his lady friend. Just passing the bag back and forth across the table. Outside. On a patio next to a public sidewalk. Finish lunch and management comps the check. Our actor doesn't have any cash for a tip and his girlfriend has like $5. So, our actor leaves the $5 and the remaining coke as a tip for the waitress. Leaves it right out on the table. Points to it and says something to the effect. There's your tip. Have a great night tonight.

#2 - Our second award goes to another actor. This actor is C list. 95% films. B+ name recognition just because it is kind of an odd name and from some roles he did ten years ago or so. He even has some music connections that are cool, but not known at all as a singer. Also known as a guy who thinks he is better than he actually is, and that women should throw themselves at him. Well our actor has a little meth problem. He doesn't snort it anymore, just smokes it. So, at a club the other night, our actor wanted to spend some time enjoying his favorite hobby. Problem was his lighter was out. So, instead of just asking someone to borrow their lighter and being done with it, our actor went out to the indoor/outdoor smoking area and went up to each person and asked for a light and asked if they wanted to share his meth. He asked males, females, and then he asked the bouncers. They asked him to repeat what he said, and he did and then showed it to them. They then asked him to leave.


blurry vice said...

#1 - Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, Ray Romano?

#2 - Judge Reinhold?

duffgrl said...

#1 I agree-one of the Matthews from Friends.
#2 Crspin Glover?