Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Perez Hilton- not-so-blind-item 5/5/08

Tried and TrueWhat closeted American Idol alum has finally got a boyfriend!
The repressed homo is dating another Broadway queen.
We know who he is and what show the new guy's in. But, it's more fun if you guess!

-Got to be Clay Gayken: he was starring in "Spamalot"...I think he just ended his run. Don't know who the other guy is though. Maybe Nathan Lane?? He is starring in "November".


blurry vice said...

Oh yeah, def Clay. Good for him! The bf is probably a random no-name. Clay wouldn't date someone famous.

Anonymous said...

I did hear about Clay and Nathan Lane hooking up 2 months ago. Everyone thought it was an odd pairing! But...if they're happy...


duffgrl said...

"broadway queen" immediately made me think Nathan Lane- he is THE broadway quenn. But, I guess it could be a no-name.