Friday, May 23, 2008

New York Daily News BI

NYDN Full Disclosure -
Which new-mama publicist has named her bundle of joy after a certain D-list "celebrity" she has been crushing on for years, much to the embarrassment of her baby daddy?

Which celebrity starlet are magazines desperately trying to get to come out on their pages? Editors say they are willing to pay big bucks for the first interview.

I don't know about #1. But I do #2...


blurry vice said...

Was thinking Jake G but it says "starlet", so... Lindsay Lohan. Everyone is buzzing about the recent photos of her BFF Samantha Ronson's hickey, and now photos of them hugging and kissing in Cannes. These two have been "together" for a very long time, so it's not new... but it could be getting more serious. It does appear they are slowly going public. Will LiLo come out in a magazine soon? We'll see.

duffgrl said...

She's desperate for attention and maybe. But they really haven't been together that long; they've been on-and-off. She was actually living w/ another known lesbian- Courtney Semel-just a few months ago. I don't know if she's bi or what but I'm sick of her!

blurry vice said...

Been on and off but for a looong time... they have been BFF/suspected lesbos for like 2 years or so.

Anonymous said...

For #1 I thought of Lizzy Grubman.
She named her baby "Harrison"
I can't think of a D list to go with it but it could be first or last name of the crush.

Anonymous said...

For #1 if it's Lizzie Grubman, the D-lister would be George, I think Weissberger? the winner from I Love NY. They were seen having lunch together.