Tuesday, May 13, 2008

CD & N - 5/12

From Crazy Days and Nights - May 12
#1 - This B list film star who most of you think is gorgeous, and who has really made a move up in the world as of late is engaged to someone who considers herself an actress. It makes me laugh, but she says she is. Unfortunately for her, her affianced seems to be searching for someone else. While working recently he met a woman and exchanged phone numbers. Nothing wrong with that, but how about the invitation to fly her to LA and stay at his place. Presumably his significant other would be off "acting."

#2 - Another engaged guy and another sticky situation. This guy is C list but you are all familiar with his work. Starring in a Golden Globe nominated television show he is engaged to an actress who stars in a network drama that has won a Golden Globe. While out with his affianced at dinner, he spotted a woman heading to the bathroom, and attempted to get her phone number. When asked about the woman he was with, our actor said she was just a friend. Nice.