Monday, February 28, 2011

Bonus Blind: She-Devil Dees Screws Hot TV Guy, Oh No!

New from Ted today -

Bonus Blind: She-Devil Dees Screws Hot TV Guy, Oh No!

Darlings, if you're on overload from all the glitz yesterday, you're in luck! We've got some nice, down-home, dirty slut action for ya!
HEY OLIVIA! (MYMAG, Volume 3: Olivia Munn)She-Devil Dees (who will get an Oscar nomination about as soon as I do, the little TV tramp) has been angling her latest conquest. Girl really does climb on top of dudes better than she does television roles, but hey, that's not so unusual in this town.
So who is She-Devil crowing loudly about this time—and what particular body part?
A stud from the hottest show in the world! Can you believe it?
We can, as we'd expect nothing less from SDD, who only likes to move on the hottest guys around. And she usually can, too, as her bod's totally bitchin'.
Since She-Devil's already tired of her latest bed conquests, it makes complete sense she's now succeeding in seducing a very talented (and cute) dude from the hit show.
They met in L.A. recently at a party, and true to form, Ms. Dees lost no time in taking him right home and ripping both their clothes off.
In a moment that's worth far more notice than most of She's oncamera performances, She-Devil breathlessly whispered to her new man: "You're about to f--k the p--sy that every guy in Hollywood wants."
Wow. Who writes this chick's dialog, Charlie Sheen?
Do straight guys actually go for that porn talk? Never mind. We already know the answer because said guy did...did again...and will do again.
Maybe he'll only stop when he realizes She-Devil's the one who's been calling the paparazzi, who just happen to be around, no matter how stealth they try to be?
Yep, that's what it's gonna take.
And It Ain't: Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively, Vanessa Hudgens

Please see the label below for our post on the previous SDD BV, including a full list of who has been eliminated.

Top suspect: Olivia Munn

Hot TV Guy: Matthew Morrison

Friday, February 25, 2011

Blind Vice: Stupid Star Gets Crapped on Yet Again

New from Ted today -

Blind Vice: Stupid Star Gets Crapped on Yet Again

We are really starting to feel sorry for Lucretia Johnson.
Last time we checked in on the quasi bloated, not preggers blond babe, she was seriously turning to alcohol to cope with her seemingly downward spiral. She's just not what (and where) she used to be, career-wise, ya know?
Adding to Lucretia's woes, her newest beau (with whom things have gotten quite serious since we last checked in) is making matters worse. Much.
See, it appears as if L.J. and her dude are on the marriage track.
Unfortunately for Ms. Johnson, what she doesn't know is that despite tabloid appearances, her man has "no intention" of ever walking down the aisle with her, claims an insider.
In fact, he is so grossed out by her, impeccable sources tell us, that he's still sleeping with his ex!
At a cheap nail salon in L.A., the ex was bitching to her manicurist about her ex's new high-profile romance:
"He has been f--king me practically during their whole relationship."
If that wasn't bad enough, apparently Lucretia's dude (who's blah in every way, hint, hint) was also talking about how "disgusted" he was with Johnson, admitting he was only using her for her money and fame.
Thing is, Ms. Johnson plays into this, totally. She's completely his sugar mama and is cutting out friends who try to tell her that she's just being used.
Apparently, the ex lady admitted they stopped doing the nasty behind Lucretia's back because the dude needed to keep up appearances in the press that he and Johnson are totally in love.
Could this get any grosser?
Wake up and smell the future, Lucretia! It's only going to get stinkier if you keep hanging with guys like this.
And It Ain't: Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Britney Spears

Please see the label below for our post on the other LJ BV, including a full list of who has been eliminated.

Top suspects: either Jessica Simpson or Christina Aguilera

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lainey- Boy Crazy

New from Lainey -

Boy Crazy

Everyone's expecting the next wave of straight up psycho to hit any time now, or at least just as soon as her current romance sours. Especially those who had experience with it last time, seeing as she keeps picking men who inevitably step out on her.

Her ex was cheating, and he wasn't careful about. Word got out to a magazine because the other girl talked. She of course lost her f-cking sh-t. Complete meltdown. Which is not unusual, no. But you don't let them see, right? You should never let them see.

What did she do?

Mega A list star calls up the editor. Of a tabloid. And wails her ass. WAILS. Screaming, cursing, threatening... and then this:

"I hope that bitch gets cancer. You can print that."
Embarrassing, right?

Amazingly, they spared her the humiliation and did not publish the quote. But the publicist owed some favours after that. And next time, with a new regime, she may not be so lucky.

Update: As of 3/16/11, Lainey has eliminated: Taylor Swift

Top suspect -

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another contradiction by Ted: Jo Frost

Pardon the delay on this.  But on Saturday February 19, Ted gave us another one of his contradictions.  He said that Jo Frost was never a Blind Vice.  However, she was already REVEALED in the past as Brood-Zilla Clump-Butt.  Read for yourself in the letters below.  We are tired of the inconsistency lately.  Why bother to read Ted's column and keep up with who has been a BV or not, when he is constantly contradicting himself?  Now, watch - someone will call him out on this and then he will say that his point came across incorrectly or something.  However you say it Ted, it's getting old.  Between the Jennifer Aniston issue - denying for years that she is a BV, then to say she has had two nicknames as supporting roles; to Sandra Bullock, Jesse James, Viggo Mortensen, Britney Spears, Steve Carrell, also King Schlong having been a supporting role in a BV before... I could go on and on.  He stated certain "rules" that they could only be a BV one time, with one nickname.  Then said once one was revealed they could get a new one.  Now recently he is saying that supporting roles don't count... that someone is only a BV when they have a starring role.  Read the Jennifer Aniston post for further discussion on that.  Ayayay!

Anyway, here are the Jo Frost issues.  First, Brood-Zilla Clump-Butt's BV.  Then the letter in which he revealed it was Jo Frost.  Then his answer from this past Saturday, Feb 19, in which he contradicts his reveal.  Read for yourself.

One Domestic Disturbance Blind Vice: May 25, 2007

Supernanny: How to Get the Best From Your ChildrenBrood-Zilla Clump-Butt is so prime-time prancing on thin ice, and no, this is not a blind item about anybody on Dancing with the Stars—think I’ve already done enough plus-size derriere digging on that boob-tube offering. Agreed? Sure ya do, which is why we're zeroing in on one of the country’s other hottest offerings… How to Happy Up Your Household! You all do watch every week, don’t you? Well, I don’t, but that’s certainly not enough to keep me from reporting the following:
Brood-Zilla, host of said offering (which appears on cable or network, hmmm, I wonder which?), is scoring myriad fan-backed points for her winning ways on camera making families bond ‘n’ beautify within themselves. It’s all so touching I could puke, and quite frankly, the only thing saving me from such is the delish scoop that Brood-Zilla is turning into a veritable broom-riding be-yotch who’s getting so friggin’ corpulent not even a luxury broom built for Star Jones-Reynolds, circa the pre-wedding years, could support her.
“She’s gone way up in her size,” snipped a Household source, who’s fed up with Brood-Zilla’s overly demanding ways on set. And he’s not the only one. Other Household-ers and insiders are starting to sass supreme with scuttlebutt about the big ‘tude terrible:
“The only thing bigger than her ass is her head,” bitched back another Household vet, “which is getting horribly out of control—she’s simply a nightmare and the biggest bitch I’ve ever worked with, and that’s saying something.”
Unfortunately for these TV toilers (at various levels on the fairly popular show), Ms. Clump-Butt doesn’t look to be getting any nice-it-up notes from the show’s top brass, as ratings are good. But, uh, if I were Ms. C.B., I wouldn’t exactly inhale the craft services table when I waddled near it.
‘Cause the (edible) knives are out.

And it ain't: Katie Couric, Joy Behar, Star Jones-Reynolds

Then a letter from his mailbag June 5, 2007 -

Dear Ted:
Brood-Zilla Clump-Butt must be Rachael Ray! I can't possibly believe that spaz is anywhere near as nice as she acts. Plus, she is getting a bit rounder as of late, doncha think?
Iowa City, Iowa

Dear Midwest Woeful:
Gosh, you calorie-counting chicks are harsh! Nope, ain’t Rachael, it’s Jo Frost, supersnot of prime time—off camera, ‘course. 

THEN - his mailbag from February 19, 2011 -

Dear Ted:
Has Jo Frost ever been a Blind Vice? I hope not! I love her to pieces but I've always wondered if, because she made Supernanny, she developed any diva habits. Also, you write about so many blatant gay stars married to straight people, I have to wonder, do their spouses know? If so, why do they stay in the relationship?

Dear Vicin' Around:
Are you kidding? She was a diva coming into that show, and with reason. Did you see the nutso parents and kids she's had to deal with? But she's never been a Vice star. And about the gay stars marrying the straight: It depends. Some spouses know and some don't. It's more of a contract than anything else at times. You know, in Hollywood it's all interest all the time, as sad as it sounds.

So what gives, Ted?  Are you losing your memory?  Poor record keeping skills?  Are your interns answering all of your letters for you now?  Was the real Ted fired?  Are you just messing with us for kicks?  Regardless of the reason, it's getting old.  No one is going to read the column anymore if the gossip is no longer credible!

Blind Vice! Dark Secret Could Ruin Fey Oiled-Tush

This was new from ted yesterday - Tue Feb 22:

Blind Vice: Dark Secret Could Ruin Fey Oiled-Tush

Risky Business (25th Anniversary Edition)Oh, Fey Oiled-Tush! How the mighty have fallen, and may fall even further down the carnivorous Hollywood food chain.
Last time we checked in with this married mega celebrity, he was mucho nervous, afraid his boy-on-boy mile-high club antics were going to be exposed by his pilot, whom Tushy treated with zero respect.
Well, if that wasn't bad enough...
We hear a major, major scandal is about to come seeping through the tabloids that will bring Fey—and his reputation he's tried so hard to keep in tact—down.
Fey Oiled-Tush has tons of secrets, like getting it on with dude after dude, but this particular skeleton in his well-guarded attic is nevertheless on the verge of being exposed. And it's something that's, uh, a little more complicated than simply being a good-looking closet-case in Hollywood.
See, some folks Oiled-Tush has gotten involved with behind the scenes are very bad people (even by Tinseltown standards, which is saying quite a lot). If those Fey's consorted with decide to air their dirty laundry on Fey, the onetime stud could quite practically be run right out of the business.
And Fey's lawful beard and family will all be hurt, no doubt about it, and he can kiss his career adios.
Despite this looming scenario, FOT finally booked himself a potential movie that could revive his career. But if this scandal comes out before its release date, the movie will be shelved—or at the very least, crushed (same difference). No family will go see this leading man in said blockbuster.
"I've never seen him so nervous," dishes our insider close to Fey, who very well knows what is at stake if these extra-dirty little secrets come out. "He knows that if this movie gets killed, he will never work in this town again." And Fey's nervousness is hardly without reason—as he's been told by his shady biz partners they aren't shy about leaking certain bits of damaging info they have on the dude.
Wonder what the darling wifey will do if all this threatened exposing comes to be? Certainly she won't want to stick around to be dragged down with him. Wife still has to have some brains, right?
And It Ain't: Kevin Bacon, Kevin Jonas, Marc Anthony

Please see the label below for our other posts on the previous FOT BVs, including a full list of who has been eliminated.

Top suspect: Tom Cruise

Friday, February 18, 2011

Blind Vice: Strippa's Abusive Relationship Gets Worse

New from Ted today -

Blind Vice: Strippa's Abusive Relationship Gets Worse

BraveLast time we checked in on poor Strippa Rip-Ya, the usually outspoken babe had told her close pals that she was staying with that abusive man of hers, Caesar Anchovy-Arse, because he only beats her occasionally and it's "not that bad."
So sad, because Strippa's friends have been too scared to tell her to leave the schmuck.
But is there hope? Now more Industry acquaintances of SRY's have now taken notice of her weird dynamic with Caesar...
At a photo shoot for S recently, we're told by sources on set that they were "incredibly uncomfortable" when her husband popped in for an unexpected visit.
Controlling much? You bet.
See, Caesar rarely lets Strippa go anywhere without him. Anywhere. Notice the watchdog pattern developing here? No relationship with that kind of dynamic is healthy—as you don't have to just hit somebody to abuse them.
Apparently Mr. Arse showed up to the photo shoot when it started, around 7 a.m., cracked open a Pabst Blue Ribbon and started getting drunk.
"He would shout horrible things at everyone, including [Strippa]," our insider tells us. "He was brash, rude, and it made everyone awkward."
Dude's clearly super jealous his career remains stagnant while Strippa's is super hot again. Meanwhile, Strippa just stood there silent, taking any jab he threw her way, which is pretty much what she always does these days.
Hopefully her team, who witnessed this, has the balls enough to say—and finally do--something. At what point will her "friends" start worrying about her very well-being, already?
It may be unpleasant to bring it up, but isn't her life more important?

And it Ain't: Lea Michele, Lady Gaga, Oprah Winfrey

Please see our post here on the previous SRY and CAA BVs for a full list of who has been eliminated.

Top suspects: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Blind Vice Valentine: One Horny, Lonely Sleazeball!

New from Ted yesterday -

Blind Vice Valentine: One Horny, Lonely Sleazeball!

What would Valentines Day be without our favorite dirt bag, Super-Duper Cooper?
Remember the last time we heard from him?
Heavier ThingsFor all of you single and slightly depressed folks out there, be damn grateful you're sharing a bed alone tonight, not with Cooper's feces and, ahem, other things mixed in.
But we didn't know just how kinky SDC likes to get? You'll never believe who he invited to crawl in bed with him...
A dude! What, is Super-Duper Cooper's reputation so tarnished with the ladies he's switching teams on us?
Look, we're not entirely surprised here. After all, this is a celeb who likes to have gay porn on in the background when he gives it to the ladies. And he certainly hasn't been shy about making out with a few guys here and there.
But, I digress.
While at a secluded West Hollywood hideout recently, Super slithered up to a very good looking, very obviously gay dude who was at the hotel bar hanging out with a couple pals.
Coops invited himself to join the table, he is a famous and good-looking guy after all, so the others weren't quick to shoo him away.
However, S. fixated on one gentleman in particular. After making some charming small talk, he invited the pretty boy (and him alone), up for a night cap to Super's hotel room.
Said dude politely declined.
SDC touched the good looking gay on his upper bicep and tried his best at convincing him it would be "worth his while."
The few other people sitting there in the group watched all of this go down, completely dumbfounded.
The guy still declined. Sleazy celeb hookups aren't his thing. How very refreshing, see, some proper guys do exist in this town!
Super-Duper Cooper sulked away, but we're sure he didn't do it alone. Coops apparently went out on the town to find a fix for the evening. No word on if it was male or female. Poor thing whoever it was!
But, after Super-D departed the table full of beautiful people, the group had the nerve to joust the guy for not taking one for the team and going upstairs with the hunky celeb.
What are friends for, if not to steer you straight into an STD den, huh?

And It Ain't: Tom Cruise, Channing Tatum, Matthew Morrison

Please see our label below to lead you to our discussion on the many previous SDC BVs.  Our April 2008 SDC post includes a full list of who has been eliminated.

Top suspect: John Mayer

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Vintage BV: Skinny McScratchy

We've been slackin' in the vintage department.  Getting back into the digging.  Here's an old one that a lot of people thought was about the late Adam Goldstein, also known as DJ AM. 

One Double Do-Me Blind Vice - August 10, 2006

Fix Your FaceSkinny McScratchy is one of those under-the-radar type of dudes. He's not gorgeous or particularly impressive of deltoid, but Skinny has made quite a name for himself over the past few years. For one, he's a très talented performer. His star has been rising on the über-hip scene lately, fer sure.
And second, S.M. breaks up and makes up with a certain gal who makes regular Blind Vice appearances herself more often than I change my hairstyle. (And that's sayin' something!)
Peeps thought the twosome was back on, as they've been snapped together recently by paps. I wonder if said chica knows about Skinny's recent randy behavior at a do outside their Hell-Ay hometown. See, S.M. (his initials suit the boy far more than most folks realize) was flirtin' with a brunette all night. No biggie there, right? But it's what he suggested, post-pah-tay, that really raised a few eyebrows.
"My assistant wants those two," said McScratch, pointing to two fetching gals nearby, as if he were picking out new shoes. M.S. then got back to himself (which, by the by, he happens to feel he's been ignoring too much as of late) and invited the brown-haired beauty back to his hotel room for late-night lust--complete with generous descriptions of kan-kee offerings to come. "Do you have any hot friends?" added Skinny. "I'll do them, too."
Whoa there, partner! (The girl politely declined, by the by.) But something tells me your high-profile lady would not be too thrilled about this naughty invite. Then again, maybe she would...only if she could join. 'Cause she has been rumored to be a Sapphic sweetie herself every now and again.
Crap, like who isn't in this town these days?
Hey, I was gay back when it meant something.

And it ain't: Cisco Adler, Luke Wilson, Simon Cowell

Top suspect was: DJ AM (on/off high profile gf Nicole Richie)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Lainey - Careful while you're using

New riddle from Lainey today -

Careful while you're using

Young pretty star lives the fast life, parties hard on the circuit. A lot of access, a lot of money, not much responsibility, not unlike so many privileged twentysomethings, only his problem is that the rage comes out when he uses. On several occasions, he’s been so violent, they’ve had to hold him back from causing serious damage to his friends. On one occasion, he beat the sh-t out of one of his boys. The aftermath is always tearful, he’s always ashamed by his behaviour which, sadly, stems from the shame he feels about the fact that he’d prefer dating men, but is afraid to admit it. He resorts to sneaking around, is paranoid that he’ll be found out, and is frustrated that he has to go to such lengths to hide his hookups. It doesn’t help that professionally he’s been cautioned against being honest about being gay.

Top suspect:

Blind Vice: Relationship Status = Coked Up

New from Ted today -

Blind Vice: Relationship Status = Coked Up

Bittersweet WorldRelationships are hard, nobody know that more than I do, as I divorced last year. Certainly one big reason why I started smoking again (a habit I will no doubt kick, yet again. It's hideous!). So, it's with more than a bit of sympathy I present to you the sad, sad tale of Vicky Vamp-Void, a gal who knows her way around cocaine far better than she does how to make a successful marriage (or career?) work.
Gosh, and there was such hope for cute Vicky, back when she met her sweet, hot man, who some said was even cuter than Vick!
However, not long ago, Vicky and her guy (who's really a pretty fun dude) made a major change to their relationship:
They decided to get the law involved. Out went their pretty free-spirited living arrangement, and in came rules, traditions and California state laws regarding their domestic situation, which ended up totally cramping the young couple, who were very laid back and quite chill before all this.
Therefore, Vicky's back to her bad habits, which she had avoided while with her man. She's recently been hitting the club-and-party scene with abandon, drunkenly snorting blow whenever and wherever she can. And really, the chick is a total mess; she doesn't even always get it up her nostrils—and the white stuff ends up all over some stained shag carpet, or somebody's shoulder, for all the horrified looky-loos to gasp at.
And to be honest, we're really not certain if Vicky's fellow debauched partiers are more aghast at the waste of cocaine or the callous disregard for whoever may be watching.
But the point is, with only a modicum of talent to fall back on and a man who she's decided she really wants nothing to do with, Vicky's momentary blissful moment of healthy living and a more promising career, seem forever dashed...Certainly at this Lindsay-Lohan-type rate, we have to say.
And It Ain't: Scarlett Johansson, Camille Grammer, Courteney Cox

Here is the link to our discussion on the previous Vicky Vamp-Void BV from March 2008, including a full list of who has been eliminated.

Top suspect: Ashlee Simpson

Saturday, February 5, 2011

NY Post - Page Six - Just Asking - 2/1/11

From Page Six 2/1/11 -

Which junior publicist at a management firm pimped out his well-connected boyfriend for $10,000 a pop? The executive offered access to his mate's Rolodex and publicity power to prospective clients, promising exposure to fashion's elite for a five-figure price . . . 
WHICH married actor has been hiding a secret affair with a younger beauty, but is waiting until after the Oscars to decide whether he should split up with his wife?

Then, Ted from Awful Truth had this to say about it  2/3/11 - 

Who's the Dude Leaving His Wife, Post-Oscars?

80 Years of the Oscar: The Official History of the Academy AwardsAccording to the always highly readable but only sometimes reliable New York Post (they spell Barbra Streisand "Barbara"?), a "married actor" is waiting until after the Oscars to see if he wants to ditch his wife—or not.
Oh man, now we know how it feels to be friggin' tortured when we run one our salacious Blind Vices!
That beef aside, we're dying to find out which cheating successful star Page Six says is being so callous with his partner. Could it be...
Jeff Bridges, who's nominated as Best Actor for True Grit? Surely not. He's stuck with his handsome wife, Susan, for three decades, and by Bridges' own account, she's put up with "a lot" of his bad-boy behavior through the years, drinking too much, etc. Let's hope Jeff's not stupid enough to let such a patient (and good-looking) catch go for some young come-hither grasping thing.
Or maybe it's newly married...
Javier Bardem, who got the top Oscar acting nod for Biutiful, and who's, of course, got that gorgeous Penélope Cruz by his hunky side, not to mention their gorgeous newborn baby! Certainly Javier couldn't be freaked about by daddy-hood so soon? Not to mention with that vixen of a wife he's got at home, he'd have to be totally loco to pull something so moronic.
Perhaps it's the much older...
Geoffrey Rush, 59, nominated for Best Supporting Actor for The King's Speech? Geoffrey is married for 28 years to actress Jane Menelaus, they've got kids, and he's very adept at keeping his private life private—totally weird for an Australian heavy-weight talent who already owns one Oscar as it is.
Of course, Geoffrey doesn't exactly look like that other import talent...
Colin Firth, who's also been Oscar-nominated for his glorious work in King's Speech, and whose adorable British dimples have been making us all swoon ever since movies like Bridget Jones's Diary and Love, Actually. Cutie Colin's currently hitched to producer Livia Giuggioli, with whom he has two children, and he's always going on about the lucky bitch, so, maybe it's not him?
In fact, maybe the guy's not the one who's been nominated at all—and he's just waiting for his wife to get past the Oscars, which would pretty much point to somebody like...
Annette Bening and Warren Beatty, would it not? Certainly would make sense, as Annette's a major contender for nabbing Best Actress for The Kids Are Alright. And, don't forget, something's been brewing in the Beatty household for some time now, though Annette and Warren have gone to great lengths to keep it all hush-hush. Hmm.
That would be such sad news, really, I mean, it would be like Sandra Bullock dealing with divorce right after winning for The Blind Side last year. Talk about a major downer right after a major upper.
But, on the last blinded hand, maybe it's not any of the folks mentioned above?
Who the hell is it, then?
Tell us who you think!

Top suspect - ?

Blind Vice: Oscar Gold Digger Gobbles Drugs & Boys

New from Ted yesterday, Feb 4 2011 -

Blind Vice: Oscar Gold Digger Gobbles Drugs & Boys

Beyond the SeaAs we discovered yesterday, the Oscar-winning Vice crowd is gearing up not just for the Academy Awards, but for their not-so-private, scandalous crescendos, as well! Jeez, do these folks deal with the strain of competition by resorting to their bad habits even more than usual?
Kinda the same way Charlie Sheen copes with the rigors of being the world's highest paid television star by engaging in habits that cause his teeth, cars and sobriety to disappear?
Yep. And you're about to read about the gay equivalent of sordid Mr. Sheen:
Meet Dick Wadd, Oscar-nominated scumbag who doesn't live in L.A. full-time. Therefore, he needs an impossibly snooty hotel to stay in when he's in town—as he has been, lately, for tons of Academy-Award-type events.
And just as Dick's counting on winning the big gold Feb. 27,  he's also relying on the playthings that help him survive a Hollywood stay, which has never been one of his favorite things (Dick thinks he's slumming it, really, when he visits the West Coast).
So, Mr. Wadd always has the higher-up worker bees at his temporary address manage a few necessities for him. You know, just the usuals: drugs, male hookers, more drugs and...more male hookers. See, straights like Sheen aren't the only dumbos who live this way! Only difference is Dick likes his boys young and fresh, unlike Charlie, who seems to like his girls more on the partied-out side, let's say.
Indeed, it's gotten so bad, the unlucky employees who are forced by Wadd to do his illegal bidding have gone to their bosses to complain.
Result? "We don't want to know." Meaning: We value our high-profile client's stays with us more than your distaste with silly little things like prostitution and cocaine runs.
Wadd would have it no other way. The only thing he enjoys more than his debauched requests is the extreme discomfort he knows these arrangements cause the people who provide them. He really is true to his moniker—and then some.
It Ain't: Geoffrey Rush, Colin Firth, Christian Bale

Update 3/11/11 - Ted has also eliminated Aaron Sorki, Sean Penn, Scott Rudin

Top suspect - Kevin Spacey

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lainey - a riddle for your troubles...

Today's new riddle from Lainey.  This was in her "Smutty Shout-Outs" section.

Ali! I’m sorry to hear about the pipe, the flood, that beautiful kitchen!!! A riddle for your troubles? How about this? He strayed with an actress on the set of his recent film, and is now desperate to keep it from his wife, who suspected, but who was won over by a family holiday and his new doting attitude. Only now the other woman is upset, threatening to overturn the peace, so he’s been calling in favours everywhere else to get her cast in another movie she’s not actually right for, just to get her to shut up. The favours he’s using up however could jeopardise his own project, and the people who are counting on his participation are getting increasingly anxious that he might f-ck it up for everyone else. Major stress and sleepless nights. Not unlike how it would be to be quarantined to one room with four kids and a dog!

Top suspect: 

Blind Vice: Nelly Fang Name-Checks His Junk!

New from Ted yesterday -

Blind Vice: Nelly Fang Name-Checks His Junk!

True Blood Rolling Stone Poster Skarsgard, Moyer, PaquinFor all the ladies who broke down with angry tears once you found out how the very hot vampire star Nelly Fang also likes to do it with boys, we have very good news: Gorgeous Nelly's cheating on his beard girlfriend with...girls! Tons of 'em!
Oh, those good-looking Hollywood studs, just never know what they're going to do with their privates, huh?
Well, get this: Nelly also has a name for his extremely well-used private parts. Want to know what it is?
The Captain!
Oh, this is too much. But, I think we're actually kinda into it, sort of fits Nelly's fun-loving, free-spirit personality. But, here are the deets:
Recently, Nelly's been working on his latest project (he has a ton lately), The Chrysanthemum Coffin, and the predominantly fake gf—who he does sometimes occasionally take a romp with, mind you—has been to visit him on set. But, whenever that tired girlfriend of his vanishes, Nelly pulls into his trailer with whichever chick is willing.
And, trust us, that be a lotta chicks, who always get a little after-sex show, courtesy of Nelly.
"The Captain got the job done!" Nelly will scream and moan, right after he's completed satisfying his lady friend (and himself). Or perhaps he'll say, rhetorically, "How 'bout that Captain, huh?"
This is funnier than Russell Crowe talking about himself in third person during sex—"Go, Russ, Go!," he is rumored to say.
And for those of you who are grimacing and wondering how perfect-specimen Nelly could ruin such a great moment (as the dude is totally great, in all departments), let us assure you once you've been in Mr. Fang's arms, no utterances, no matter how dorky, can deflate the moment—or his.
And It Ain't: Tom Cruise, Denis O'Hare, Paul Wesley

Ted also included a link to this video below the BV: 

See the label below for a link to the previous Nelly Fang BV including a full list of who has been eliminated.

Top suspect: Alexander Skarsgard.