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NY Post - Page Six - Just Asking - 2/1/11

From Page Six 2/1/11 -

Which junior publicist at a management firm pimped out his well-connected boyfriend for $10,000 a pop? The executive offered access to his mate's Rolodex and publicity power to prospective clients, promising exposure to fashion's elite for a five-figure price . . . 
WHICH married actor has been hiding a secret affair with a younger beauty, but is waiting until after the Oscars to decide whether he should split up with his wife?

Then, Ted from Awful Truth had this to say about it  2/3/11 - 

Who's the Dude Leaving His Wife, Post-Oscars?

80 Years of the Oscar: The Official History of the Academy AwardsAccording to the always highly readable but only sometimes reliable New York Post (they spell Barbra Streisand "Barbara"?), a "married actor" is waiting until after the Oscars to see if he wants to ditch his wife—or not.
Oh man, now we know how it feels to be friggin' tortured when we run one our salacious Blind Vices!
That beef aside, we're dying to find out which cheating successful star Page Six says is being so callous with his partner. Could it be...
Jeff Bridges, who's nominated as Best Actor for True Grit? Surely not. He's stuck with his handsome wife, Susan, for three decades, and by Bridges' own account, she's put up with "a lot" of his bad-boy behavior through the years, drinking too much, etc. Let's hope Jeff's not stupid enough to let such a patient (and good-looking) catch go for some young come-hither grasping thing.
Or maybe it's newly married...
Javier Bardem, who got the top Oscar acting nod for Biutiful, and who's, of course, got that gorgeous Penélope Cruz by his hunky side, not to mention their gorgeous newborn baby! Certainly Javier couldn't be freaked about by daddy-hood so soon? Not to mention with that vixen of a wife he's got at home, he'd have to be totally loco to pull something so moronic.
Perhaps it's the much older...
Geoffrey Rush, 59, nominated for Best Supporting Actor for The King's Speech? Geoffrey is married for 28 years to actress Jane Menelaus, they've got kids, and he's very adept at keeping his private life private—totally weird for an Australian heavy-weight talent who already owns one Oscar as it is.
Of course, Geoffrey doesn't exactly look like that other import talent...
Colin Firth, who's also been Oscar-nominated for his glorious work in King's Speech, and whose adorable British dimples have been making us all swoon ever since movies like Bridget Jones's Diary and Love, Actually. Cutie Colin's currently hitched to producer Livia Giuggioli, with whom he has two children, and he's always going on about the lucky bitch, so, maybe it's not him?
In fact, maybe the guy's not the one who's been nominated at all—and he's just waiting for his wife to get past the Oscars, which would pretty much point to somebody like...
Annette Bening and Warren Beatty, would it not? Certainly would make sense, as Annette's a major contender for nabbing Best Actress for The Kids Are Alright. And, don't forget, something's been brewing in the Beatty household for some time now, though Annette and Warren have gone to great lengths to keep it all hush-hush. Hmm.
That would be such sad news, really, I mean, it would be like Sandra Bullock dealing with divorce right after winning for The Blind Side last year. Talk about a major downer right after a major upper.
But, on the last blinded hand, maybe it's not any of the folks mentioned above?
Who the hell is it, then?
Tell us who you think!

Top suspect - ?


Caz1310 said...

Beatty & Benning. He's apparently furious at their daughter's desire to have a sex change. Annette supports it. Sad situation. Thought these two were solid after his epic shenaigans over the decades.

FrenchGirl said...

i agree with you on Beatty & Benning guess:he doesn't want to ruin Bening's Oscar chance and Annette B starts her Oscar campaign(before her Golden Globe loss,she did Oscar Rountable only and now she really campaigns in the festival,TV shows...)

Clancy said...

I wonder if 'Dude' in the title refers to Jeff Bridges' character 'The Dude' in The Big Lebowski.

sistah2 said...

I love this one! Great that TEd picked up on it and is stirring the pot.
Beatty/Bening has been rumored for awhile - could be them.
There is a rumor today re: Javier B having an affair w/Julia roberts - far fetched but interesting.

Tara said...

Caz, I agree that Bening and Beatty are on the rocks because of the transgender thing. If he were planning on leaving her for jailbait, that would be sick!!

Clancy, I love the connection you made. That movie was so weirdly funny.

Sistah, wow, Julia and Javier. He is rumored to be a completely horrible person, so I would not put it past him. I am still kind of hoping he is gay, making Pene a professional beard for the second time.

I know I sound like a broken record, and I realize every one cannot be him (a la Jessica Simpson), but technically it can because they are all different gossip columns, I gotta throw out Ben Affleck again. If he is screwing around all over the place, the gossip is flying and I don't think it is a coincidence that all these similar blinds are popping up that sound like him. The one about the meeting on how to put on a united front and the Veronica Bee-Stings blind w/Affleck suspected as the married tool. It makes sense that this one can at least line up with the one about the meeting to discuss how to handle rumors, because it all has to do with Oscar buzz and keeping the wholesome image before the big awards.

Now I have used up all my Affleck guesses and I solemnly swear I will not guess him for anything for another 3 months. Unless Ted brings his BV back from the grave.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking along the lines of a tangential connection to this awards season, not necessarily someone actually nominated. There has to be a reason to wait such as a spouse nominated, like the Bening/Beatty, but also having a movie in contention, or intense publicity right now.

Mark Wahlberg, perhaps. He is doing well this season since he is a producer for both Boardwalk Empire and The Fighter. So, although he is not nominated himself, everytime Buscemi, Bale, or Leo collects an award...Mark gets kudos.

Josh Brolin...always questions about his marriage to Diane and True Grit is a huge, huge hit. Something he has needed to be associated with for a long time (ahem..Jonah Hex).

Johnny Depp isn't married, so he's out. Matt Damon seems too nice/vanilla/decent for this. Too bad Fake A la F, isn't married. THAT would make my year if she got dumped :-). Ben is a good guess, too. But I feel like he's terrified of actually leaving Jen. Why is it I keep visualizing him with his hands protecting his head while she thwacks him with an umbrella for some husbandly offense??

Clancy said...

Lol, can just see her doing that.

So this is totally left field but I wanted to throw it out there - Michael Douglas and Catherine ZJ.

He's not gonna be at the Oscars I don't think (not nominated) but he was at the GGs. I just remember reading of a rumour he and Minnie Driver were having an affair, and perhaps that now he's largely through his cancer battle, he may be having a life-is-short epiphany and wanting to change things; if not with her with someone other bit on the side. Then again, he could be cherishing his wife more than ever.

I'm not sure why he'd wait till after the Oscars - perhaps it may be seen as trying to draw attention even though he wasn't nominated, ie sour grapes - but probably not a likely occurrence.

Unknown said...

warren beatty

FrenchGirl said...

Or Ben Affleck:he's married,he'll be in Oscar ceremony(Renner is nod for THE TOWN) and Blake Lively(the younger beauty) lives in NY

Gabby said...

I don't Ted saying at the end, "maybe it's not any of the folks mentioned above" my first thought was that it isn't anyone he mentioned in his post.

Felix said...

Without reading DuskyJewels post, I came to Josh Brolin and Diane Liane.

I arrived at them because I don't think that Ted would outright mention the people in the blind. He goes on talking about who could it be without leaving any real clues. Except for:

1. He mentions it could be someone completely different.
2. Let's have a look at the very beginning of the blind: Barbra Streisand, that's the clue!!

Wiki Barbra; she is married to James Brolin, father of Josh Brolin, who is married to Diane Lane. Both are very likely to attend the awards ceremony, and they are both in their 40s. I guess I see this as prime time for having an affair with a younger beauty. :)

Also, Josh Brolin, successfull. Check.

MISCH said...

Every time someone calls Blake Lively a beauty I feel like heaving...

Stacey said...

The guesses I like so far as Beatty, Brolin, and Affleck because none of their marriages are very stable.

Unknown said...

@Felix: I usually think peoples' bizarre theories...such as thinking Ted spends his time making up anagrams to give us clues (LOL!! - Really?) are just ludicrous. Waaaay out there. Ted's not that nutty.

However, in this case...I agree that when I read this blind the whole Barbra S thing just came out of NOWHERE. Pretty common that Babs is married to a Brolin. And pretty common that Josh Brolin has a history of cheating on Diane Lane. (At least I have heard that a lot...and I don't even follow celebs all THAT much.)

Also, Josh Brolin's last film (Jonah Hex) was a complete bomb, so he really wants True Grit to do well.

Agree with Josh Brolin and Diane Lane (sadly) for this!!

Unknown said...

Oops...when I say "pretty common" I mean "pretty common knowledge"...of course.

Anonymous said...

@I - How about you not resort to mocking the people on here? You might think that some of our ideas are "ludicrous" but a lot of good ideas come from thinking outside the box. And by the way, you've had plenty of "ludicrous" ideas yourself, but that's just from lack of thought, rather than too much creativity.

"I usually think peoples' bizarre theories...such as thinking Ted spends his time making up anagrams to give us clues (LOL!! - Really?) are just ludicrous. Waaaay out there. Ted's not that nutty."

thomasonclan said...

A lot of great guesses! I think Ted puts things in quite often to throw us off track, but have to agree on the Barbra / Brolin clue. My first thought was Christian Bale...however, Affleck, Brolin, Beatty, all great guesses. I know Bale has had trouble w/ his mom/sister before, so perhaps his wife too. Will be quite interesting to see who it actually is, although sad nonetheless.

Love this site!

Unknown said...

Oy, Cathy chill. I meant nothing by it just like I meant nothing by the abortion theorizing. I'm just kicking around ideas and some ideas are arguably a bit kooky/nutty. I'm sure I've had a few myself, but it doesn't bother me.

Guesswho said...

I'm on board the Josh Brolin train. Choo choo! Article in the Huff Post today where Brolin is proclaiming he doesn't eff around on his wife. Yeah, sure. Thou doth protest too much.

duffgrl said...

Wasn't there a blind not long ago that Annette was waiting for after the Oscars so that SHE could leave HIM? Same reason mentioned earlier, the daughter,etc; but that she was going to wait...who knows.
I think this is someone who is nominated or whose spouse is nominated...maybe Christian Bale? Doubtful that it's Ben Affleck; his film wasn't even nominated. Bardem/Roberts is interesting...they are apparently close friends.

Tara said...

I just realized that Duff, it was a Golden Globe that The Town was nommed for.

Unknown said...

Can't see Christian Bale for this. One, b/c he is known as a straight shooter with a temper. So if it were him I think he would be too hotheaded about this to wait. Two, b/c he apparently gave a loving tribute to his wife at the GGs just recently - but that could be argued to the opposite way of throw people off.

I don't know why but for some reason I think after the Oscars we will see more than one couple announcing divorce plans. I'm thinking at least two but maybe three. And I'm thinking that's another reason why "whoever" will wait until after the Oscars to that it doesn't look as bad what with the other announcers and all.

But that's just blatant speculation on my part.

Unknown said...

I was on the Warren/Annette train originally, but I think throwing in Barbra was a huge clue too. I'm going with Brolin/Lane FTW. However have we suspected him for any other BV's, like the one who beats his wife from several years ago? Not the Mr. Stipper Rip-Ya, goes farther back.

Rita said...

Hordac: following CDAN a bit more lately, and it has been revealed that the man beating his wife for many years was Sean Penn, as well as stepping on her all the time. Sad! Will find Ted's blind again and make sure that he hadn't notted Sean.

This leaves Josh free, for it surely fits.

Tara said...

Hordac & Rita, since there is no BV name specified in this article, I think it could be anyone including someone who has a BV name already. I think you are referring to Sock it to you Sleazewad, and Penn is an AIA.

Rita I had no idea about Sean Penn! That is crazy.

Clancy said...

So crazy. I remember reading that blind somewhere a long time ago and it's stayed with me - the person who caught it kept waiting for the woman to call 911 but the ambulances never came. Gave me chills.
So CDAN has said it's Sean Penn but Ted's AIAed him? Where does that leave things? Maybe there are two of these scumbags around, although there are probably so many more.

Rita said...

Wow, did not know Ted AIA'd him. that Sean was a mean SOB. Will find the link this w/e guys on CDAN and post it here. Am sure it might ring a bell, you might see something I haven't and connect the dots.

Rita said...

Here are some links regarding Sean's repeated cheating, which I think would help link him to his BV, BUT not to the beating - can't find that one, hope he didn't pull it from his site... legal, etc.
Hope the sisters don't mind the links:

Sean Penn caught by wife in a threesome:

Check-out the Josh Brolin photo part, he hit on Robin, insinuating that Diane is cool with it, hinting that she could be «bought» by a little lunch or dinner date:

Robin gets REVENGE!!! Love it!

The final straw in the marriage: Natalie Portman!

Also, nothing to do with Sean Penn, but about Matthew Broderick's blind, an interesting one linking him to meth: Scroll down (way down) to see the caption over Matthew’s picture with his son (doesn’t Ted have a blind about this one?):

Will try and find the one about the beatings. My heart weeped for the sadness of that woman's story.

Clancy said...

Rita, this is where I saw it first, taken from CDAN, which is where you might have seen it. Is this the same story?

Rita said...

Not Sean Penn. He had been married to Robin for over 8 years, together for 13, I think. Have to check. But for sure they have been married before 2006.

However, this is truly disgusting! Have read it 'till the end. Don't know why the site thinks is Tom Cruise, when we know that the Scavidge awful caracter takes care of all the shit. Also, the short time Tom and Katie had dated, she was pregnant, and they were officially engaged some 6 weeks after they «met».

Also, TOM HAS SECURITY! Unless you are riding a helicopter, you can never take pictures of them inside the house, only the front, with never access to the back. He had bought neighbouring houses, and made sure of this.

What is so odd about the blind, is the fact that they keep talking about the girlfriend. No mention of career or popularity. Is she an actress? Singer? Reality Star?
No mention whatsoever.

This deserves a blind item posting on its own. Wonder if it has anything to do with Caesar Anchovy.

Unknown said...

Again, I simply cannot see Johnny Depp leaving his wife for some random 19 year old model girl he met on the set of a film. This is a man who adores his kids. Talks very highly of his wife. He would not do this to them for...what....some 19 year old random girl he met on set? Please. I read that rumor and it totally seems to me that the girl is embellishing her story. Depp probably showed her some kindness and she blew it way out of proportion. Even if he flirted with her, reading it...sounds like she blew it WAY WAY out of proportion.

I mean, this is a guy who is known for long-term meaningful relationships...not for random hookups. If the rumor was about a girl who he was very good friends with...over a period of time...and attractive...and they had obvious chemistry...then I would be more inclined to believe it. But some random frou frou 19 year old desperate for a shot at fame? Please.

KaDixonLaw said...

@I... Agree 100%. This just doesn't jive with Depp's reputation. Even with a great PR team, stories to the contrary would certainly have been leaked during the course of his long career. Jolie and Kidman are great examples of this.


Unknown said...

Johnny Depp is one of these few men that look better with age and with some facial hair. Lucky guy. Googled him with his ex-wife and I could barely recognize him. He didn't look good at all (to me). But now - I think he is the most gorgeous man alive...well him and Jon Hamm. Stunning male specimens. And both are apparently two of the kindest people. Love when that happens. :)

blurry vice said...

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I am so excited about the possibly of Annette Bening winning a much deserved Oscar, but I hate the idea of her marriage to one of my all-time faves ending (as seems to be the fate of Best Actress winners' marriages). Is there any hope she can win and still be with Warren Beatty, or am I wishing for too much?

Dear TBD:
I'm certainly not convinced they'll make it to the end, but I wouldn't be quick to assume they would give up on all their years together (not to mention their large family) that quickly, either. What I do know is some of the stuff they are dealing with behind the scenes is very personal and can be debilitating to a relationship. Still, there are plenty of possibilities to the "which dude is leaving his wife post Oscars" Vice."

Caz1310 said...

Well...the Oscars are done & dusted. Any reported rumblings or is it too early yet? We'll see if this one is legit, hey?

misswendy said...

Bruce Boxleitner and Melissa Gilbert announced a spilt today.

Clancy said...

That made me laugh :)

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
Your Black Swan costume and dancing made me belly laugh! Thank you. My question is about Gwyneth Paltrow. Is an announcement about her and Chris Martin

separating coming soon? She looks so unhappy. It would be sad.
—Carmel in Minnesota

Dear Country Sad:
That separation would be sad, indeed. We've really developed a newfound appreciation for Paltrow, post-Country Strong. You know what, though? That separation

would explain the curious fervor surrounding our dude leaving his wife after the Oscars. But still I have a hunch it ain't them, as down in the dumps as she

looked on Sunday night."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is Colin Firth the star that is planning to leave his wife after the Oscars?

Dear King's Speechless:
Nope. Colin is crazy for his wife, and we love this couple even more."

blurry vice said...

the article deleted from e - thanks kate 16

HRH_Lady J said...

Hi all!!
Im so glad i found this site! So much fun!! The star IS James Brolin and he wants to leave BABS!!! I actually never even guessed it was them but after a little digging i figured it out!!!

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Just wondering if the couple that was to break up after the Oscars were Bruce Boxleitner and Melissa Gilbert? They were the only two the broke up after the

event. Much thanks!

Dear Keep Wondering:
Could be, but my gut tells me there is another, much more public (much more Oscar-associated) couple out there that is waiting on some promotions to pass

before they can call their marriage quits."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
So, now that the Oscars are over, any idea on the man leaving his wife? I first thought was Colin Firth, but after his adorable speech, I thought, nah.

Dear Big Reveal:
I'm sure after all the hype, said couple decided to squash that plan—for now, at least. But come on, you know another big divorce is around the corner."

Caz1310 said...

I don't think Ted has any real dirt on this. Pick 10 random hollywood couples and according to gossip columnists (not just Ted) half of them always seem to be on the rocks!

Rita said...

The thing is, we forget that it wasn't Ted's Blind. He is pondering as well about which couple it is, Page Six seems to have the answer to.

Very oddly, I thing the couple to announce imminent divorce would be John Crazinsky and Emily Blunt... She was nominated for an Oscar last year... Anything she was in this year?

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I know it was supposed to be a husband waiting to ditch his wife until after the Oscars, but it couldn't have been Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel they

were talking about, could it? She was such a ball and chain she was practically a wife.

Dear Wifey or Clinger GF:
Same thing, right? Well, no. This married dude who had everyone blindly wondering if he would show his face and ditch his wife post-Oscars never showed. Or

at least we don't think. Your guess is as good as mine, but as much of a ball-and-chain as Jess was, I don't think they qualify. Still, Justin choosing to

take his mom as his Oscar date should have been a red flag. Plus, Justin and Jess not feeling it, or each other, at the afterparties was too obvious. This

Blind couple is being discrete, and they are still out there. Probably promoting one of their big movies still."

Caz1310 said...

Good guess Rita on Emily & husband. She's in quite a few high profile movies, including the Matt Damon one, Gullivers Travels & voice in Gnomeo & Juliet - saw it today and it's hilarious (big reference?). Oh yeah, forgot this wasn't a Ted article..oops. Surely Bradley & Renee don't count for this one?

Rita said...

Hey Caz! No, Brad and René are not married. It does insist on the married actor.

Wonder if we'll ever learn. Would rather it be Emily and John, that Annette and long-term with a lot of kids hubby!

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
Why haven't you commented on Bradley Cooper's break up with Renée? Could it be that he was the Oscar stud who was going to break up with his girlfriend or

wife? He seems like such a nice person, and I think he is a Vice, so with that combination I cannot understand why he didn't break up with her in earlier.

Honestly, Renée looks tired and in desperate need of some food, so if he really did care about her, why didn't he try and get her some in gain some


Dear Breakups and Burgers:
Girl needs a burger or two, but come on, breakups are hard on everyone. Don't think she'll be gaining any weight soon, unless she got all Bridget Jones on

us. She was so much prettier with a few more pounds, we think at least. As for B.C. being the Oscar dude, doubt it. I have a hunch it's someone way older.

Plus, Renée and Brad had no reason to wait until post-Oscars. That breakup was bound to happen, whenever and however."

HKCCRCLC said...'s item seems to indicate one of the guesses BIE has already made:

Dear Ted:
Who do you think will call it quit first, TomKat, Bennifer or Brangelina? I feel all these couples are fake and put on a show. Team Robsten.

Dear Fakin' It: