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Blind Vice! Dark Secret Could Ruin Fey Oiled-Tush

This was new from ted yesterday - Tue Feb 22:

Blind Vice: Dark Secret Could Ruin Fey Oiled-Tush

Risky Business (25th Anniversary Edition)Oh, Fey Oiled-Tush! How the mighty have fallen, and may fall even further down the carnivorous Hollywood food chain.
Last time we checked in with this married mega celebrity, he was mucho nervous, afraid his boy-on-boy mile-high club antics were going to be exposed by his pilot, whom Tushy treated with zero respect.
Well, if that wasn't bad enough...
We hear a major, major scandal is about to come seeping through the tabloids that will bring Fey—and his reputation he's tried so hard to keep in tact—down.
Fey Oiled-Tush has tons of secrets, like getting it on with dude after dude, but this particular skeleton in his well-guarded attic is nevertheless on the verge of being exposed. And it's something that's, uh, a little more complicated than simply being a good-looking closet-case in Hollywood.
See, some folks Oiled-Tush has gotten involved with behind the scenes are very bad people (even by Tinseltown standards, which is saying quite a lot). If those Fey's consorted with decide to air their dirty laundry on Fey, the onetime stud could quite practically be run right out of the business.
And Fey's lawful beard and family will all be hurt, no doubt about it, and he can kiss his career adios.
Despite this looming scenario, FOT finally booked himself a potential movie that could revive his career. But if this scandal comes out before its release date, the movie will be shelved—or at the very least, crushed (same difference). No family will go see this leading man in said blockbuster.
"I've never seen him so nervous," dishes our insider close to Fey, who very well knows what is at stake if these extra-dirty little secrets come out. "He knows that if this movie gets killed, he will never work in this town again." And Fey's nervousness is hardly without reason—as he's been told by his shady biz partners they aren't shy about leaking certain bits of damaging info they have on the dude.
Wonder what the darling wifey will do if all this threatened exposing comes to be? Certainly she won't want to stick around to be dragged down with him. Wife still has to have some brains, right?
And It Ain't: Kevin Bacon, Kevin Jonas, Marc Anthony

Please see the label below for our other posts on the previous FOT BVs, including a full list of who has been eliminated.

Top suspect: Tom Cruise


Rita said...

Has anyone read the entire report on Scientology published, or outed, by the New Yorker a few weeks ago? Although it is 50 pages long (I had printed it from their site) it is a really good read. Starts very slow, but builds towards understanding the Chruch based on FACTS, not hearsay. Have included the Lainey Gossip links, which also include the New Yorker links, below.

That being said, if Oil Fey is Tom Cruise, is this blind regarding the «very bad people (even by Tinseltown standars, which is saying quite a lot)» about Scientology? Having read the whole report, I'd say Miscavidge will be getting the axe not Tom.

Tom had contributed millions of dollars to the Church, to which he could easily say, he had assumed would be more than enough to pay labour done on his motorcycles, as well as plane hangars, etc.

Tom Cruise could easily prove that he had no idea about free labour, as well as in certain instances, CHILD SLAVERY!

Now, Miscavidge could turn around and out him. Everyone interviewed for the New Yorker agrees that Tom was always nice, but Miscavidge handled the beatings. YES, THE BEATINGS. Miscavidge could have I don't know, tapes of Tom with other men. But like for John Travolta, EVERYONE knows he is gay and that his marriage is a sham.

Anyone having read the whole document, could please tell me what am I missing and what Oil Fey-Fish has to worry about, not including being fried for being gay?

here are the Lainey Gossip links:

Watch very weird Video right here:

The whole link to the New Yorker report on Scientology:

Can't wait to see what fans of this site have to say!

FrenchGirl said...

if it's child slavery,i believe every sportwear compagny may be more worried

Rita said...

I mean CHILD SLAVERY, as in parents signing your life over when you are as young as 5 years old so you could work on sea ships belonging to the church, never getting an education, never knowing what a TV set is all about. I am talking about US CITIZENS signing their children over to Scientology. Not some thirld-world poor country where your kids work in sweat shops.

Tinnie said...

I haven't finished the article yet, but what I've read so far reads like the Andrew Morton biography of Cruise. Weird stuff going down. There is also a funny picture in the book of Miscavige and his wife hanging over the Beckhams at a sporting event and Victoria looks ready to bolt.

I need to finish the article (it's a fascinating piece) but I have no clue what the dirty laundry could be if FOT is indeed Cruise. Which it most likely is. I scanned IMDB for upcoming projects he has and none seem particularly career-boosting, but it IS IMDB.

The more I read about Scientology the more astonished I get that people are drawn to it. They seem to have a knack for getting people to spill their secrets and drain their bank accounts. No doubt that the "very bad people" referred to in the blind is Miscavige and his crew and they are bound to have something damning up their sleeve. They prey on the rich and famous and cater to them and seem to get as much dirt on them as possible.

Rita said...

It does start very slow, wait until you finish it Tinnie. You will be very surprised.

Also, have you watched the video I had added in the links of my initial post? You have never seen Tom this way. It's like they are talking about world domination or something.

Stacey said...

I had read the article from Lainey, good stuff. I think you guys nailed it as Cruise. It's totally him. The Scientologists have all his dark secrets from the auditing or whatever it's called. The career revival movie would be the next Mission Impossible, which he's filming now, or a Rock of Ages movie he's set to star in.

FrenchGirl said...

except the pedophilia and violence against women and children,i don't care about trash gossips (i say it but i always see Sean Penn's movies or Mel Gibson's movies)

Unknown said...

I read the whole article too, but admit I skimmed a few paragraphs here and there in the middle where it was getting lengthy. I think it has to do with whatever is on the audit tapes.

I have a friend who worked for years as a limo driver in LA, this was 20-25 years ago, lol showing my age but he had 10 years on me. I remember sitting in his backyard 10-12 years ago over a few beers as he spilled a few dirty secrets. Cruise is one of the people he use to drive for regularly. He said they would cruise for very young boys in Hollywood that would be brought back to the hotel with Cruise going in one door and a handler would meet them later. He was very clear that it wasn't just male prostitutes, it was boys. I think I said he was full of sh*t! However,he had no reason to lie or embellish. Most of his stories were just about drugs, this one he said he never talked about because it bothered him so much.

Maybe that is what is on the tapes. That would destroy a career.

Rita said...

Alissa - Wow! if your friend was telling the truth, then indeed this could kill not his career, but he will have to hide in some whole and never show his face to the world again. Pedophilia. pooof.

Would explain though about the previous FOT blind, where the plane pilot has had enough and wanted to spill the beans. Imagine seeing young boys getting on the plane with Tom. And Tom locking up his pilot in hotel rooms while he spends time with..?

Tara said...

Boom, Alissa, that is what I thought when I read this too! Ted has always said, it is not the BVer being gay that makes it a vice, it is what kind of kinky crap they are into that makes it juicy and blind. If Tom is into boys or VERY young men, and the "church" knows this, then they have ridiculous evidence to support it in case he ever decided to leave.

With Travolta, it has been said the "church" has some serious stuff on him as well to hold over his head. I would think for him it would be not as serious, like he crossdresses or something. Crazy stuff!

Being that this is "BLIND", wonder why Ted did not spill the beans as to what the dirty deets are? If anything comes out on FOT in the next few weeks, we are all going to basically call FOT/Cruise (or whoever on the off chance it is someone else) a confirmation by public exposure, so why the secrecy? I find it odd. Can there be legal ramifications if there are no names involved?

Rita said...

Tara - don't know if I undertood the last part of your post correctly regarding legal ramifications, but I think it is the same as with Strippa (or JLO), if you are witness to abuse, it is your legal duty to report it.

However in this case, same for all BVs, it's hearsay. Reported/gossiped by a third party, who heard it from someone else. Never witnessed it.

Also, it seems to me that often with Ted, he stays low before revealing anything, for in Hollywood, everything can change. That is why you don't see everyone snubbing Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen and the likes. The tide turns so easily, and a lot is forgiven/forgotten. If you alieante people too obviously, when the unexpected situation turns to their advantage, they can do your career a lot of damage. Which explains how come a lot of gossip sites and magazines have never outed Tom C. and John Travolta, when so obviously, they have played with men/boys publicly. I mean come on, it took 20 years for Gawker to finally out Travolta for having very regular and very casual sex in sonas. not in private motels. In public sonas!

sistah2 said...

Wow I wonder if/when this will come out? For some reason, the mainstream wont ever go NEAR a story regarding Cruise thats a tad negative.

MrMoo said...

Heya everybody! Been lurking for awhile, and I just had to weigh in on this one :)

I read the whole article on Scientology, and thought I'd summarize some of its more explosive claims, for those of ya'll that don't have the time/inclination to wade through it yourselves. Also, I read it about two weeks ago, and I've also been checking out this website called "" So, it's quite possible that I'm mixing up some of what I read in the article, with some of what I read on the website.

BTW- Paul Haggis (the focus of the New Yorker piece) mentions in the article. I think he says something to the effect of, "...that's what really chilled my blood. Reading the stories on that website."

_My Cliff Notes for the article_

They (Scientologists) have this thing that mirrors a priesthood/seminary, called SeaOrg. In exchange for - food, lodging, auditing (which is kinda like a recorded, Catholic confession) and religious advice - individuals sign "billion year contracts," work 60+ hour weeks, and get paid maybe $50 a week. The work sounds like it ranges from menial labor (like laundry or dishwashing) to fairly advanced blue-collar stuff, let's say welding or plumbing. As a "benefit" of being in the org, you're administered/taught some of the higher-end Scientology stuff, the kind of stuff that would cost most people a lot of money. Long story short, it sounds like a lot of folks devoting years of their life to the org (at 50 bucks a week), and wind up owing the church tens of thousands of dollars.

Relationships within the Org are discouraged but not prohibitted. And it sounds like pregnant gals are vehemently encouraged/coerced into getting abortions.

The article claims that Tom Cruise owns a car, motorcycle and a plane (I think) that was customized by SeaOrg members. If I remember right, think custom eucalyptus-tree woodworking on the dashboard, and nickel-plated brushed accents and... Well, whatever, you get the picture- swanky stuff, built by slave (and possibly child) laborers. Sounds like David Miscavige (Sci's head honcho) enjoys similar perks.

Leaving the organization sounds pretty tricky. The people who HAVE left, did so under cover of night, vaulting barb-wire fences, crashing through gates, and avoiding attempts to kidnap/coerce them back into their facillities. Harassing phone calls, a dozen people showing up outside an escapee's hotel room. It doesn't sound like you can just walk out the door, if you feel like it.

Disconnect Policy- If the church deems you evil, they'll declare you an S.P. It stands for Suppressive Personality, and it means that anyone *inside* the church is prohibited from contact with anyone declared an SP. The church won't hesitate to break up brothers, sisters, fathers, etc.

MrMoo said...

Some of the higher-up folks that left Scientology describe David Miscavige (the head honcho) as consistently violent. He'll strike you for disagreeing with him, or for saying something he doesn't like. There's something about a game of musical chairs, where church members fight eachother for chairs. I'm not exactly sure how the game was played, but sounds like the end result was that people get beat up, and Miscavige really enjoys himself.

Wow... This is getting pretty long, and there's more: people get disappeared, there's religious punishment/re-education camps, internal church trials and disciplinary tribunals, claims you can achieve psychic powers once you reach the highest levels of Scientology...

Anyway, those are the broad strokes of the article... Most of the info isn't really new, there's been a fair amount of reporting about ToS over the years. The allegations of violence, slavery, brain-washing, all that stuff has been reported over the years. It seems to me the biggest deal about this article is the fact that it's coming from two fairly credible sources- The New Yorker, and Paul Haggis. If *he's* putting his name next to those kind of allegations, well I'm ready to take that pretty seriously.

MrMoo said...

Okay! Gossip thoughts!

1) Boy, this sure explains why Nicole Kidman is such a nasty piece of work... It sounds like she she learned how to boss people around from the best of 'em.

2) Why haven't they managed to recruit Sean Combs? I mean, an army slaves? That's totally OG. And totally his style, if you believe Lainey's reports.

3) Tom Cruise speculation-

There's a lot of controversy around Miscavige right now, and my guess is people (including TC) have asked him to resign his position and go retire somewhere, to take some of the heat off.

And Miscavige has said "If I'm going down, I'm taking Tom with me."

As far as incriminating evidence against Tom, I'm thinking it's definitely some sort of video. It's recognizably him, and it's something so horrible that we'll never be able to watch Jerry Maguire again. Something that would completely destroy his brand. Something BIG.

I was thinking rape, murder, molestation or torture, something really big and unforgivable. But Ted doesn't sound THAT pissed off. But he DID say that it was worse than dude on dude sex...

So, I'm thinking sex video with either 17yo boy(s) or super kinky bondage... Like, he's in a gimp outfit, or he's got one of those little red balls in his mouth... Or he's being ridden around like a pony, or some crap... Or heck, all of the above!

Anyway, it's something where he could NEVER play the macho dude again.

That's my guess. It's nothing super illegal, but something that totally destroys his brand, and future work opportunities. :)

Gretchen said...

wow mrmoo, thanks for all the info!!

also, didn't ted say in a bitch back about FOT that he *used* to be into young guys, but now is into more rugged manly type men?

so maybe FOT DID have an inclination toward the slightly illegal but willing boys. . . which would definitely be worse in the mainstream's eyes than just being gay... ??

MrMoo said...

Hey, I thought of something else. It would be just as damaging if he was seen physically abusing someone on his staff... Like, beating up his gardener or something. Or hitting Katie...

It's gotta be under-age sex and/or violence!

Gretchen said...

i have never gotten the impression fot is violent from ted's hints. crazy, but not violent. . . ?

Kate16 said...

It could just be child slavery? (I can't believe I just wrote that sentence, because, hey whatever, they're just child slaves - but in the sense that maybe it's not statutory rape or pedophillia).
I mean Cruise is meant to be a family man with a lovely littlle daughter, who's driving round in a slave made limo, that doesn't go down too well.
I hope that it all comes out as I want to see how people like Will and Jada or Peaches Geldof, Jenna Elfman, Kirstie Alley, Nancy Cartwright, Danny Masterson, Juliette Lewis, Erica Christensen, Elizabeth Moss, Laura Prepon, Bijou Phillips, Giovanni Ribisi, the Travoltas.... (My god it just goes on and on!) will respond.

Tinnie said...

Rita- just watched the video (work kept me busy). Thanks for the link, Tom's demeanor is definitely alarming. I swore I was watching a Funny or Die clip at first, especially with all of the saluting.

Off to (hopefully) tackle the rest of the Haggis article. I want to add that I agree with MrMoo that if the scandal is caught on tape it's probably pretty rough. After watching Cruise's intensity during that video it probably puts all of his couch jumping/news anchor and actress public bashing to shame.

Unknown said...
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Rita said...

Kate 16 - take time to read the article (see my first post with links to the New Yorker), what you learn at the end, is that MOST ACTORS and people in the hollywood business, or wannabes go through some sort of Schientology-related classes at one time or another. Which explains how no one dares to out them. For Scientology must have tentacles in every business.

There are beginner classes that basically separte the preferable candidates from the rest. Who are then encouraged to take more serious classes. You can spend up to 300 000$ on classes, wanting to always get to a higher level of 'consciousness'.

But most people in hollywood at a time or another had gone through basic Scientology classes. At the end of the first class, some find that it is not for them, some want to continue.

As for Mr. Moo - to add a little bit about the character that is David Miscavige (you can see him saluting in the video - little Napoleon out to rule the world):

Although L. Ron Hubbard was considered an overall good person, a do-gooder, that simply lost it by the end of his life, he had promoted goodness, open-mindedness, and getting to a certain stage of oneness with the Universe and being of service to the universe to attract one's heart desire. Which is all good and true, for it mirrors all Earth's greatest religions.

However, after Hubbard retired and spent his last years writing books, David Miscavige was introduced as Hubbard's 'chosen one'. A brilliant mind, a boy who suffered of pains and aches, but through Hubbard's teachings had healed himself, bla-bla-bla. So basically, Hubbard was giving his throne to Miscavige.

Miscavige had become brutally violent, controlling, overbearing and had in the past decade totally transformed the face of Scientology. The FBI are looking into the situation, not only because of Haggis and the New Yorker, but specifically because of

The church is as of today under Federal investigation. A lot of defectors had been forced back into the church, emprisonned, beaten up, tortured, etc. Before having the guts to run away again, and totally disappear. Again, please let me be precise, that emprisonment is happening on US soil, not on some God-forsaken island.

The New Yorker ends the document with this final comment from Paul Haggis:
'These people (Scientologist) have long memories. My bet is that, within two years, you're going to read something about me in a scandal that looks like it has nothing to do with the church. I was in a cult for 34 years (!!) everyone else could see it. I don't know why I couldn't.

blurry vice said...

I'm a little late chiming in. Definitely cruise with younger boys. I hope this does come out. Let's see how much happened and how bad it was. Would be nice to know the truth in this case. I hate pedophiles.

Rita said...

Here is YouTube link to some stories. Including one Jenna Miscavige:

Tinnie said...

I- Although I love to scour IMDB for information, they can be inaccurate. If you have an account with them you can edit information about movies and people in the movie industry yourself. Although most of these inaccuracies occur in the bios and trivia sections, acting credits can sometimes get skewed. What I meant was that the movie in the works mentioned in the blind might be too new for an average joe to mention there. That being said, I love IMDB for those "where have I seen that guy before?!" moments.

Unknown said...

Supposedly Tom just secured a role in a new movie called Rock of Ages.It's supposed to be big. I'm not sure of any more details though.

Anonymous said...

Not feeling Tom Cruise, this doesn't need to be a blind as it's all over the media.

Scientology was a smart cult. They targeted Hollyweird because it was full of desperate fuck ups all running away from something or someone who wated to be 'movie stars'!

Every single one of them has had some major drug or gay issue, so it makes sense why they are so powerful.

Someone mentioned why the media doesn't report it? Well come on, the media is the most manipulated crock of .... around! Look at Fox News? Everything can be bought.

Haggis is a funny man to not suspect he is in a cult!? How peculiar but I guess if you are not inherently can believe anything..

It's like how did Sandra Bullock get away with marrying a nutty Nazi for years and no one bought het up on it and she was still seen as this cute butter wouldn't melt person??

I wonder who gunned down that agent? Hollywood sure is DARK!

FrenchGirl said...

today ,Ted C wrote FOT isn't Kevin Costner or Matt Damon

Kate16 said...

As rantersparadise said, this is all over the media. He could do a blog post on Scientology and it's members and the allegations it's under as an org. That would be enough for most gossip mags (I just read an idiotic e! article linking the set of the King's Speech to gay porn - with Colin Firth's face splashed over the front)/
So why hasn't he? And that added to Ted's recent mis-speaks and lack of credibility makes me think it is Cruise and slave labour. It's already out so he'll make a blind out of it and see who's paying attention.

Alissa said...

We may never know what it is...... I honestly don't think it is the child slavery that would bring down Cruise or possibly even Scientology as a whole. Regarding my friend, who is not a gossip hound, never was and it just happened to be a job. He never saw anything actually go down. He drove them, they picked up boys brought them back to the hotel. Nothing really to report except for his icky feelings about it. He brought it up seriously because he was still so bothered by it even though it so many years ago. I'm trying to get a timeline, my son was 2 or 3 when I found out so it was 10 or 11 years ago we talked about it. As for the person who told me, he is really great friend and was a next door neighbor for 7 years. At the time, they were more like a brother and sister. He is an accomplished artist who has traveled the world and held this job when struggling, sleeping on doorsteps and driving a limo to make ends meet. Our conversation that night was about our trials and what we had been through traveled naturally to that story when talking about how freaky LA and some stars were. I also never brought up when reading the FOT blinds before, because honestly when I hear my friends friend blah blah blah.... I usually completely discredit that person as someone trying to seek attention. But I really think that this is what this is related to. It's the only thing that makes sense.

I also would really surprised if it ever gets out. Even if they have video of Cruise confessing on tape, wouldn't the Scientologists knowing and covering it up make them responsible too? Look at the Catholic Church priest scandal. They are trying to go mainstream and covering up pedophilia would damage them and their rep as much as Cruises.

And not trying to downplay the child slavery, but as awful and despicable as it is they can spin that. That is also something Scientology as a whole, not something Cruise specifically is responsible for.

Viking Girl said...

''And not trying to downplay the child slavery, but as awful and despicable as it is they can spin that. That is also something Scientology as a whole, not something Cruise specifically is responsible for.''

Technically, I agree. But this kind of thinking permeates the whole of Hollywood. 'Don't blame the players, blame the game', 'it's just the way things are done around here', etc.
As Paul Haggis said, remaining silent is as good as condoning whatever is going on. I can't see ANY wriggle room for anyone such as TC. They knew. They condoned and they aided and abetted. I would love to see this end up in court with all the truth coming out and justice being served.

There I go again with my naive fantasies. *Slaps self*.

MrMoo said...

@I - Think I found the domestic violence blind you were thinking about.

It's about 2/3rds down from the top, "CDAN - Monday, November 20, 2006"

@Rita- Thanks, I totally forgot to mention the whole acting teacher thing. One of ToS' best recruiters was a well-respected acting teacher; Sounds like he taught, and recruited, a lot of folks.

@Alissa- I agree that they've probably insulated TC against the whole violence/slavery side of things. I'm thinking they keep that stuff away from the celebrities. At least, Haggis says he never saw anything close to that sorta crap going on. So, I think you're right on when you say, "[it's] not something Cruise specifically is responsible for." It's going to be tough to make the slavery charges stick to TC.

That's why I think they've got a video (or some sort of direct evidence) of Tom doing something either super-naughty/kinky, or criminal (and by criminal, I mean something way, WAY worse than shooting up heroin or drunk driving).

All speculation of course :)

Tara said...

@ Rita: I was curious as to why Ted was not saying what the despicable behavior was within the constraints of the blind and if he could even experience any legal ramifications (a lawsuit from Tom or church) based on blind speculation. My guess is no, therefore why can't he say?

@Ranters, I don't know if you were referring to my comment? To clarify, I just mean why Ted did not reveal the shocking info, not media in general. Ted said (who knows) that is to come, but has not happened yet.

Ted operates behind the curtain of the blind gossip as opposed to CNN or something. That offers more protection than just outing the situation in US Weekly or something.

Rita said...

Tara - the big hiccup in this situation is Scientology. If I've read the report correctly, Scientology has «hands», eyes and ears in all media outlets and fields. Meaning no matter how hard you try approaching US Magazine, Scientology would know beforehand of what is to be outed, and would snuff it out.

Think about it: the only media outlets who had touched Scientology are the New Yorker, and Gawker. No one else would go there. Except for the National Enquirer regarding John C's gay not so secret life, but then again, a week later they are celebrating the birth of his child and how strong it made his marriage.

If this train takes speed, and not nipped in the butt by Scientology, if the Feds keep on digging, in about a few months, we would all be saying «wow Ted called it». If not, like everything else regarding the church in the past 2 decades, it would be swept under a rug, and even Ted, cannot discuss what happened with FOT.

Sometimes we forget: 1 - Ted is a Gossip columnist, thus a gossipmonger but with more truth than lies (he had proven so in the past), and 2 - a BV is a BV because of long-term repercussions. On E!, and more especially on Ted. Not simply legal, but if he unveils the truth, and no one has the guts to support him, he will be the only one to take the fall. Having said that, if you loved your job, loved what you do, but sometimes internal politics put a stick in your wheel and sometimes cuts off your steam, Would you really quit? In this economy? When the positive outweighs the negative? Lose the H-Town perks?

Rita said...

Mr. Moo - some more links on blinds revealed in the last Nicole Kidman Blind. Look-up my (very long) post.

After this blind, I too have noticed the person who thought the blind doing the beatings was Tom C. but at the time, I though no, it's silly. Also, doubt anyone could take photographs from the back of the house. Also, there was talk of girlfriend in the blind who became a wife, that was the person getting the beatings: if it were Katie, then she was PREGNANT when that happened. Remember, she got pregnant less than 3 months after their «courtship» started. Tom C. propsed 5 weeks after their «courtship» became public.

Anonymous said...

Just to be nitpicky and give credit where credit is due, the St. Petersburg Times has been covering Scientology in depth for something like the last 20 years. It wasn't until Anonymous went after Scientology and showed that they weren't as invincible as everybody thought that other news outlets like The New Yorker or Gawker decided to touch them.

The St. Pete Times reporters that have been covering this for years did it at great personal risk because nobody else was reporting it and they were keeping the story alive and digging into it while living and working in the CoS' own back yard.

Rita said...

rynthetyn- do you have any links you can share?

Have they covered the Tom Cruise link to Scientology as well? Or is just about the kids?

Thank you for sharing btw!

Katie said...

Is CDAN legit? I've avoided that site for years b/c my eyes can't take the black background. Trivial reason, perhaps, but I seriously get a migraine.

Rita said...

Lila - I'd say 50/50. He does semi-annual reveals which are juicy. Some of his reveals make sense, some not. He states his point of view quite honestly, says he's a lawyer in H-town.
Fun to read, but taken with a grain of salt.

Anonymous said...

Rita, here are the links to their main coverage:

Truth Rundown (This is from 2009, it's been a while since I've read it but I think it does go into the Tom Cruise stuff some, and a lot on the abuses and people who've turned up dead)

Scientology Special Report (has links to most of their Scientology coverage that's online, including the PDF of their 1980 Pulitzer Prize winning report)

Also, if you feel like digging, all of the St. Petersburg Times archives that aren't on the website are scanned and can be searched through google's newspaper search.

Anonymous said...

Rita, here are the links to their main coverage:

Truth Rundown (This is from 2009, it's been a while since I've read it but I think it does go into the Tom Cruise stuff some, and a lot on the abuses and people who've turned up dead)

Scientology Special Report (has links to most of their Scientology coverage that's online, including the PDF of their 1980 Pulitzer Prize winning report)

Also, if you feel like digging, all of the St. Petersburg Times archives that aren't on the website are scanned and can be searched through google's newspaper search.

Anonymous said...

@rynthetyn...I agree! I have been reading about the truth of Scientology for over 20 years. Time magazine did a big cover article in 1991! So, I am surprised people are just now learning about it's dirty secrets.

TC's Couch Jumping Era has probably brought about the beginning of the end of Scientology as a legit religion. It is a nasty cult (my opinion only!!!) that is more under the microscope b/c he was acting odd, giving odd interviews, promoting Scientology in an odd manner. Not all publicity is good.

Not sure what the damaging info is, BUT TC is apparently the closest friend to David M. According to the article, TC gets nifty benefits due to his relationship with the head of Scientology. Like a custom motorcycle and a field of flowers (turned back to grass), etc. If he is thisclose to a hyper-violent man and and getting freebies from people trapped in a vicious cult and Cruising (pun intended) for young men while having a happy new family...does he really need to be a pedophile for America to go sour on him for good????

More ex-Scientologists are being emboldened to come forward and with all that taping they do....should be quite interesting. (DuskyJewel)

MrMoo said...

Heya folks- I found a couple of vids on youtube that more or less cover the most damning allegations in the New Yorker article...

Here's a Nightline that interviews two of the gals behind, one of whom is David Miscavige's niece.

And here's another, more recent Nightline piece that covers a lot of the Hollywood connections, and explains alot of their beliefs. It's pretty long, but worth watching.

I wish this last video didn't have the uploader's comments on it, but it's worth watching because it's SUPER creepy.

Anonymous said...

Rita, here's the link to the big expose the St. Pete times did in 2009:

Archives, including their 1979 Pulitzer prize winning report:

Rita said...

Thank you ryn, will read all later and get back to you.

If all this is true, and had been going on for some time now, how come the FBI did not get into it earlier?

We're talking emprisonment, child labour, slavery, to say the least. There are moments like these where I get disappointed in the legal system, for at times it hits me, they must be part of it too to ignore all these going ons on US soil, for when it happens to US citizens abroad, let me tell you, they act FAST!

Caz1310 said...

Gotta say, Tom just doesn't do it for me anymore. He stopped being hot on the day he jumped the couch. As for all this Scientology *#&*$#*#(# he's a goner in my books. I won't watch anything he's in. Even his mega watt smile annoys me now LOL. It would indeed be staggering if his career comes to a shattering halt if this mega bad Scientology stuff or rumours about his personal life are found to be true. Curiously, JT's sauna saga has disappeared. Watching with interest.

The Spie said...

When we in Anonymous started protesting against the Scis in 2008, what we ended up doing was removing the fear. Before Anonymous, Scientology could easily deal with their critics. When the Anon protests started, CoS officials said that we'd be "handled". We weren't. They lost court cases to prevent protests. They lost court cases against protesters that they had arrested. Their aura of invincibility was shattered. That's when the flood of articles and such began to appear.

Let me assure all of you that the rabbit hole goes deeper than those articles linked to above. Once you start looking into CoS, the more you need to keep looking, because you need explanations in order to at least rationalize their level of crazy. And you can't. You never can.

Midget Miscavige has put all of his eggs in Cruise's basket, turning him into a Scientology Jesus (as long as Tommy Girl acknowledges Davey as God the Father, of course). If Cruise goes down, within five years, Clearwater will become Masada. And we will all be better off for it.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

I think the big reason why the feds didn't intervene probably has a lot to do with the fact that Scientology has done a very good job of hiding behind religious freedom. We say slavery, they compare it to the monastic orders of established religious groups with their vows of poverty. We say imprisonment, they produce signed documents saying the people chose to be there. We say child labor, they say it's kids performing chores at boarding school. And, because there are plenty of examples of legitimate corollaries in other religions, the government is reluctant to step in and be accused of violating their religious freedom. That's especially true because until Anonymous' Operation Chanology, most people didn't even know that there were any accusations. There have been occasional stories over the years, but other than the St. Pete Times no major news organizations have been documenting it long-term, and while the Times is a respected paper within the newspaper community, it's not like they're widely read outside of the Tampa Bay area (which already has a bad opinion of the CoS because of the way they took over Clearwater).

Of course, it probably doesn't hurt that if the CoS managed to infiltrate the IRS, which is well documented, they probably have people in other major government agencies too.

SpaCat said...

Ok, Forgive me if this is known to everyone else, but why isn't John Travolta a good possibility for this BV?

Viking Girl said...

Strangely, a post made on this thread has popped up in my mail box ( because I clicked the 'follow up comments' button) but it has not shown up on this thread. Anyone one else noticed this?

This thread is absolutely riveting, by the way. I'm learning A LOT. I'd never even heard of 'Anonymous' before this. I must find out more.

Anonymous said...

Viking Girl, was that my post that had hyperlinks to the St. Pete Times? I posted that, it showed up as posted, and then disappeared.

MrMoo said...

@I - I hear ya... I'd feel pretty bad if someone were to read my (our) speculations and conclude unequivacally that Tom Cruise was a pedophile slave-trader. There's no proof yet, but there *IS* a lot of smoke around ToC and David Miscavige right now- it's not a huge leap to conclude that there's fire too. At least, it's not too early to accuse Tom of hanging out with some shady folks, and running in some bad social circles.

But let's get back to Ted's BV, and Oil-Tush's predicament: It's a major, MAJOR scandal: Something that would destroy his reputation : It's way, way worse than guy-on-guy sex: If it gets out, he'll probably never make a movie again.

That sounds pretty apocalyptic to me, like something that would destroy his brand forever. And I'm having a hard time imagining things that are bad enough to destroy his career forever.

I'm pretty sure it's not drugs- the general public is pretty forgiving about that sort of stuff, if it's approached right. Robert Downey Jr's leading man status is doing okay, despite everything. So, let's call a drug scandal UNLIKELY to sink a career forever.

MrMoo said...

It *might* just be a racist (or sexist, homophobic) drunken rant, ala Mel Gibson/Michael Richards. That would be image-harmful, but I'm not sure it would preclude him from working again. If you check in to Betty Ford, lay low for six months, and then do an Oprah/The View apology tour, I think you'd probably be able to weather the storm. So, let's call angry rant UNLIKELY.

A SUPER kinky sex tape would fit the bill, if it was extreme enough - like, R. Kelley or worse. That *might* be enough to preclude his working again, so let's call it POSSIBLE.

Embezzlement of funds? White collar burglary? If he set up a fake charity to raise money for African kids, and then spent the money on a private jet, that might be enough to keep him from working ever again. Let's call that PROBABLE.

Is physical abuse, child slavery or underage sex malicious enough to permanately destroy a career? DEFINITELY.

So anyway, that's how I arrived at the whole slavery/abuse thing- it's less to do with my perception of Tom Cruise, or whether he has or hasn't been nice to fans... I was just wondering what sort of activities are bad enough to instantly, and irrevocably, kill a successful career forever. If Ted Casablanca isn't exaggerating the scandal, I think Fey Oiled-Tush is either a major kink-a-saurus, or he's engaged in some seriously immoral and/or illegal crap.

With all of that said, I do feel bad connecting all of this speculation to Tom Cruise... But he does fit with this (and all previous) BVs. At least, *I've* got no other suspects.

MrMoo said...

@SpaCat - John Travolta is the major suspect for "Seymore Plow-Me-More." And he definitely fits that one better.

In the previous BV, Fey had hired himself a pilot. I'm pretty sure JT does all of his own flying.

Unknown said...

@Mr.Moo: Thanks for the explanation.

I love your analysis on the drugs & the rant/Oprah-View apology tour (hilarious).

I also agree that embezzlement of funds & physical/child abuse would preclude someone from ever working again.

HOWEVER, I think there is something in the middle that isn't necessarily illegal and/or morally reprehensible. Just super weird. For e.g., what if it were to get out that EXACTLY what everyone is thinking is true?

Specifically that TC is gay, is on his second sham of a marriage. That his marriage to NK was a complete fraud as is his marriage to Katie Holmes? Wouldn't that p!ss people off? They'd feel they were taken and never see him in the same light again. Add to that a very kinky sex life viz S&M (consensually beating and/or being beaten by 18,19,20 year old boys)...and I can see that being a career ruiner for him. That is completely diametric to TC's image that he has built up for himself.

Oh, also agree on TCs dealings with Scientology. Very shady people. But, you know, I think TC's been/being brainwashed just like Paul Haggis. TC just hasn't realized it yet. Also, I think TC needs them much more than Paul Haggis ever did...for his sense of self.

Basically, I think there are a lot of other things that can bring TC down besides pedophilia/child slavery. And the thing with pedophilia/child slavery is...even if you are innocent...those kinds of things are so hard to shake....once you have been's pretty much the end.

Can I use Michale Jackson as an analogy? I think MJ, like TC, lived in his own self-imposed reality. Surrounded himself with the worst possible people...thought he was so powerful and just did whatever he wanted...which was inappropriate as in wanting to be a little boy & having sleepovers with little boys and girls but NOT pedophilia...absolutely no proof whatsoever of that. Yet he was hounded about it until the day he died. So, yeah, I just think that sort of thing is horrible.

Viking Girl said...

rynthetyn... no, it wasn't your post with the links I was referring to. Did you have more than one post, because I'm looking at the one dated feb 26 with 3 links in it. It's still here.

Re.the missing post I'm referring to; thinking on it, it was probably no accident that it's not showing up here. I'll shut up now.

But thanks to all of you posting links and spreading all the info. It's been a real eye opener!

Anonymous said...

Viking Girl-- I'd posted that same post before but with actual hyperlinks rather than just text links, it seemed to have posted but then disappeared, presumably blogger's commenting system being iffy.

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about it, and I'm having a hard time picturing anything short of a full blown Fatty Arbuckle-ish scandal totally destroying Tom Cruise's career. Even Mel Gibson after his anti-semitic rants still has friends in Hollywood.

I don't think even incontrovertible proof that his marriages to Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes were shams would be impossible to come back from. That could be dealt with by crying on Oprah about the pressures he was under starting out in Hollywood in a less enlightened time and how after maintaining the charade for so long, he felt trapped and thought he had no choice but to continue it by marrying again. He can then talk about how much happier his is than when he was living a lie, and everybody would feel sorry for him that he thought he had to go through such lengths to hide who he really is. Skilled PR people could get him out of that mess looking even better than he did before.

Unknown said...
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Jolene Jolene said...

I'm obviously late to this one. Scientology is so fascinating to me. For further reading, get Bare-Faced Messiah by Russell Miller. The most factual biography of L. Ron Hubbard. (My conclusion is he was brilliant, but in fact, completely insane.)

Anyways, I read the New Yorker article right when it came out, and it The one thing I'm really interested in with this blind is who are "really bad people." I feel like people are kind of forgetting that while it's easy to stick it to the higher ups of the CoS, anything that Tom Cruise does in that arena directly implicates Scientology. All of the child slavery/abuse, etc. Do you really think the CoS would bring themselves down? Tom Cruise is of the absolute highest order in the CoS. Behind Miscavige, he is like second in line when it comes to power. Miscavige was his best man in his wedding to Holmes. I can't imagine they would implicate the entire church like that. Because bringing down Cruise would be bringing down the church. Unless it's something that has nothing to do with the church, just something "they" caught him doing. Either way, this has me thinking more like organized crime or something like that. It just doesn't make sense. There's got to be more.

Elle said...

Just to add to the conversation, as I don't think anyone else has mentioned this yet but when Ted posted this on facebook there were a few comments and he responded. Not sure if he is referring to the TC reference or the being gay reference...probably the gay reference

SK: Poor Tom Cruise!
February 22 at 10:21am ·

DH: I woder what the secret is that would ruin his career?. Would it really shock people that he's gay? This has got to be a bad secret.
February 22 at 11:31am ·

Ted Casablanca: think less...obvious

Perky said...

"See, some folks Oiled-Tush has gotten involved with behind the scenes are very bad people (even by Tinseltown standards, which is saying quite a lot). If those Fey's consorted with decide to air their dirty laundry on Fey, the onetime stud could quite practically be run right out of the business."

Just to move outside the box for a second, what if the very bad people aren't Scientologists? Since the New Yorker article, everyone now knows what Scientology is about and that Tom is at the top, yet it hasn't killed his career. Ted says that the people are bad, even by Hollywood standards. Well, Scientology IS the Hollywood standard. Besides, what reason to they have for sacrificing their biggest money maker?

What if the baddies are in organized crime or some other criminal sphere?

Caz1310 said...

There was a rumour a little while ago about Tom being involved in helping someone shifty(?) get out of the country. Can't remember what the connotations were and no I can't remember where I saw it...good old google should assist. BTW it's taken me this long (60 posts) to work out what CoS stands for LOL. Perky agree with you however his career is nowhere near what it was, before he became a full-blown card carying Scientologist. A lotta people just don't like it.

Cabbiethegreat said...

I love how he says "some brains"...especially considering all the zombie comparisons Katie's been drawing lately. :D

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I have a Chihuahua I rescued from a puppy mill last summer. She wants to know if Fey Oiled-Tush has die-hard fans?

Dear Sweetheart:
Tons, still, miraculously."

blurry vice said...

The answer above makes me doubt it is Tom Cruise. Still has fans, miraculously? The scandal isn't news yet. so of course he still has fans. And Ted, especially has said how great an actor Tom Cruise is so many times. He really admires him as an actor, has said so many times!

Rita said...

Blurry - All true, but I think after the couch incident, fallowed by the all psychiatry is bad for you interview with Matt Lauer, TC had lost A LOT of fans, including myself. Add to that the crrrazy 'courtship' of KatE, well what can I say, I haven't paide to see his movies in the past 3 years. And the numbers show that I am not the only one. I think that's what Ted means by miraculously.

If however that is not TC, then the Die Hard comment must lead to Bruce Willis, but I think he has been notted before... have to check and get back.

Rita said...

Here are some interesting links where CDAN alludes more to the fact that TC never had kids, and that Katie's contract will be up soon.

KaDixonLaw said...

@Rita... I complelely agree! TC lost me following all of his antics over the last few years. IMHO, he went from being the perfect all-American movie star to being just plain creepy.


Rita said...

Kelly - The numbers prove that people are not interested in watching his movies anymore, no matter how hard and available he works at promoting his movies. He should charge us to watch him in interviews, would certainly pay for another session of couch jumping!

Caz1310 said...

Rita & Kelly I'm with ya. I recall a high profile PR person saying years ago that stars don't travel to the far flung corners of the earth to promote movies unless the movie isn't doing well. Cruise never had to do PR when he was hot. Now he does and he goes over the top and is yes, creepy. This BV is so him. Will be watching with interest to see what happens over the next months.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Has Fey Oiled-Tush been involved romantically with anyone of the same sex who is also famous?

Dear Smells Fishy:
Wouldn't shock me if true, but it would definitely have to be on the super down-low. So a famous lover may be a bit out of the question. Then again, he's one

dare devil, that Tush."

Unknown said...


I'm sorry, but I thought what I posted was generally accepted & understood behavior. Namely, that homosexual men, like heterosexual men, prefer younger partners. (I left out the "heterosexual men" comparison b/c it was extraneous to the discussion.)

This is behavior that has been found in large scale studies of psycho-social behavior in homosexual men (and heterosexual men...although more pronounced in homosexual men).

And, yes, although it is a generalization - it is one reached by research and not by me personally. Insofar as ALL behavioral research is the generalization of an ostensibly representative sample of the population. I can cite studies from peer-reviewed publications to bolster my point.

Without reference to my gender or sexuality, I'm going to say that I work in this field which is why I stated what I did.

HKCCRCLC said...
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HKCCRCLC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
HKCCRCLC said...
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HKCCRCLC said...

Agree with Blurry Vice on this one.

There's research and professional opinion to support all kinds of beliefs.

But the point, I think, is this: Why make a statement that stereotypes and singles out the entire gay culture when it's our culture as a whole that prefers the young and beautiful to the older and experienced?

What was said: "most (though not all) gay men prefer young gay boys. It's just the culture."

What would be less insulting ESPECIALLY coming from a professional in the field: "many (though not all) older men prefer younger partners. Sadly, that's just today's culture."

Clancy said...

Well, if only we could all say things as perfectly as you first time every time HKCCRCLC.

KaDixonLaw said...

@Clancy... I almost fell out of my chair when I got to your comment! LOL! Of course, perfect commentary can be rather boring. ; )


Clancy said...

Amen to that Kelly! You could hear a pin drop in this place now; everyone's sobered up and gone home.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Still can't get the Scientology story from The New Yorker out of my head. Any fallout that we should know about? Also, does King Schlong have kids? I think I

know who it is.

Dear See Ya Scientology:
Peeved as Tom Cruise was in private, he let the "Church" respond—but this battle certainly isn't over yet. Scientology's take? The magazine printed a "stale

article containing nothing but rehashed unfound allegations." And the latest? The New York Post claims the FBI is investigating after Haggis' accusations.

With so much speculation, drama is sure to unfold in the future. As for King Schlong, no, he doesn't (miraculously)."

Jolene Jolene said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

You know what HKCCRCLC? Perhaps you are correct. But I did mean to imply that although SOCIETY, in general, does prefer the physically perfect (young, wrinkle-free, etc) to the not so physically perfect (though the latter may be, overall, better)...this behavior has been found to be more pronounced in the gay culture. [Just like the gay culture boasts a higher percentage of more creative people than does the heterosexual culture. Again, this has been found by research of large scale studies.]

But, if people are offended by this I am happy to remove my initial post and will do so immediately. My whole point, though, was in saying that even if Tom Cruise may have preferred young men as partners doesn't make him a pedophile.


blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is John Travolta Fey Oiled-Tush?

Dear Blunt:

blurry vice said...

ANYWAY - let's move on!

Kimstyle said...

Reading that Colin Farrell read a poem at Elizabeth Taylor's funeral, and that they were friends... Has he been counted out as Fey?

I'm fully on team Cruise for this, but thought perhaps it might fit?

Rita said...

Colin had never been married. Looking back at ol' Fey blinds, including this one («Lawful beard»), Fey has a legal partner, i.e. wife.

Also, Farrell has way more balls then Cruise. I don't see him easily submitting to harrassment.

Am strongly defending Colin for I really like him and don't want him to be a measly weasel :)

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
If Fey Oiled-Tushed is who I think he is, why doesn't he come out of the closet now? It won't really damage his career if let's say he came out twenty years


Dear Trapped:
Are you kidding? It might now ruin his career, but it would definitely make some other aspects of his life disappear really quick. I think it's his time as

well, but it's never going to happen with this one! Hate to break it."

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
We talk so much about Hollywood's closeted stars, but we hear next to nothing about their other halves. So I'm wondering who sports the best facial hair and

who is most in need of a shave out of Fey Oiled-Tush, Judas Jack-Off, Dashed Dingle-Dream and Crescent Kumquat?

Dear Grab the Razor:
Judas probably plays the beard game the best (while Cres plays it the worst), and it's definitely time for Fey to ditch his other lady half. Was anyone

buying it anyway?"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
You said a while back that there's an imminent scandal that could significantly damage Fey-Oiled Tush's career? Care to give any more details?

Dear Fey's Wising Up:
Probably will be Toothy Tile scandalizing us first, I dare say."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
The Rock of Ages set is just teeming with Vices! So who's got the biggest and most infamous of them all: Tom Cruise, Russell Brand or Alec Baldwin? Glad you

quit smoking. It's just plain gross and doesn't suit you.
—K Bronxville, N.Y.

Dear Vice of Ages:
Funny enough, the only one not in the Blind Vice Superstars gallery. But that's not surprising to you, babe. At least, I hope not."

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
Gotta few questions about Fey Oiled-Tush. How would you describe his relationship with his beard? Lovers? Business partners? Acquaintances? Friends? Do they

ever hang out and enjoy each other's company? I, like others who have written to you, am curious how these bearding situations work. And here's a question

that you may not answer...How did Fey find his beard? Did his people call her people?

Dear Tush Tastic:
Total business sitch set up by their respective people. The two get along fine most of the time, but they are far from in love. And lovers? Ew. Not a chance!

But the whole, messy ordeal is working for them at the moment. Fey gets to play straight and his "lady" gets a little more time in the limelight. Just wonder

how long it can last...

Dear Ted:
So if Fey Oiled-Tush isn't getting it on with his beard, then they must not have children, right? Or is that part of the bearding deal now? I can't imagine

people having kids together just for show.

Dear Child Services:
There's a lot that goes down in this town that I'm sure seems totally cuckoo crazy to noncelebs. And trust, there are plenty of Vicing couples that will go

far beyond popping out a few babies to make their sitch look legit. As for Fey, I'm not saying if he's spawned or not, but there are plenty of ways to

procreate without hitting the sheets.

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
The latest post about Fey Oiled-Tush raised a few Hollywood bearding questions for me, and I'm hoping you can clarify. It seems if the guy is secure being

gay, the couple will go the test-tube route. But that leaves open the possibility that sometimes the couple will actually get busy under the sheets in the

name of procreation. The petri dish makes it clear to me that it's truly a business deal. But I'm thinking that most of these bearded babies were probably

conceived naturally, and that makes me wonder, do the beards really understand what their role is? I'm thinking that in many cases they're so desperate to

further their own career that they agree to the arrangement without fully realizing what they're getting into.

Dear Baby Oil:
It's a business deal, babe. Except for a few (extremely douchey) occurrences, these wannabe-famous beards know exactly what they're getting into. It's broken

down in contracts and paperwork galore. So whether the fakey twosome hits the sheets or the fertility clinic, the mama-to-be knows that the baby will be her

ticket to the big leagues. Kinda sad, huh?"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I was wondering what your thoughts are on the state of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' relationship. There have been rumors for years that their marriage is

fake, but I have it on good authority that they are happy when the cameras are off. He's very supportive of her, always treats her well, dotes on her and is

just, well, a great guy. Why fake it in private?

Dear Suri Says:
Honey, nobody ever said Tom wasn't kind."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Some of my favorite old Blind Vice Superstars have been missing in action lately. More specifically, I would like to ask about dear old Fey Oiled-Tush: What

happened to him and the bad people he was dealing with? Is he still under the impression that the truth will be outed soon? Please keep old fans posted on

some of your ancient Blind Vicers!

Dear Money Talks:
If you fork over enough dough, anything can be dealt with. And Fey has plenty of moolah."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Reading all about Nevis Devine and his wayward off/on Barrington Bang-Me got me to must meet many of your BVs in person at various events.

Many of your BVs know you know what's up with them. You are an attractive man. you know any BVs from personal experience such as Nevis, Seymour, Fey

or even Jackie Bouffant? Some of your BVs must have hit on you at one time or another....not asking you to name names or even can answer in general

but I'm betting the answer is yes!

Dear Teddy-Bang:
You are correct. But, only with one and a half."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
My question concerns Seymour Plow-Me-More and Fey Oiled-Tush and others who have relied on beards for years. If they were to come out now, what impact do you

predict it would have on their careers? For that matter, do they remain bearded because of their careers, or because they are getting pressure from others

whose own "reputation" could be damaged by a reveal?
—Just Wondering

Dear Little of This, Little of That:
Their careers would take a big hit. No matter how established Seymour and Fey are (and they've got some serious A-List cred in my book), things would

definitely change for them. Which they so do not want and which is the reason they're staying in the closet. It has less to do with the chicks they've wound

in to their web of lies."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I have a hard time believing that Fey Oiled-Tush's current beard unit is OK with his mile-high club ways. Is Fey upfront about his escapades before making

things permanent with a beard?

Dear Cockpit Problems:
Fey's current ladylove (minus, ya know, the lovin') turns a blind eye to anything Vicey the dude may do. That's why they work so perfectly together—despite

what peeps may have thought.

Dear Ted:
Which Blind Vicer has received the most kudos from movie critics?
—Sweet and Sassy

Dear Tough Question...
Considering lots of the Blind Vicers are big movie stars. But Cruella St. Shackles popped into mind, though more for her old stuff. Fey Oiled-Tush always

gets some lovin' from critics too. Any par-tick Vicer's reviews you were wondering about, Sass?"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Before the Oscars, you posted a sort of a follow-up on our fave BV stars. So how about grading their Oscar performances for us long-time followers: Did Fake

a la Ferocity look ferocious or high-flying sex kitten? Did Fey Oiled-Tush behave behind the scenes, or did he feel as misplaced as last year's Louboutins?

And my favorite that you don't talk much about: Trent Spent. How is old Trent doing these days with his significant other? Is he tiring of her shenanigans

and ready to jump ship? Hope he doesn't play yet again the victim though, I am tired of his hurting sad eyes when things don't go his way. Much love to you

and your four-legged fam!

Dear Oscar BV Update:
Here's the lowdown for ya R: Fake looked divine but was lacking a certain something in her Oscar appearance. Fey Oiled-Tush was surprisingly well-behaved

behind the scenes as he let others steal the spotlight (like Fake). As for Trent? He may be tired of his gal's shenanigans, but after last night, it's

obvious who wears the pants in this duo. In other words, don't expect Trent to dip out anytime soon. But the real Vice star of the night? Most definitely

Chuck Finger-Dingle, who also looked spectacular and very out of character. Satisfied?"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Wondering about some Vicey golden oldies: Glistening Gunther and Fey Oiled-Tush. Can you tell this gal (who once adopted a stay doggie my dad found and has

supported Save Our Strays) a little bit about them? A compare and contrast perhaps? What similarities and distinguishing differences do G.G. and FOT have?


Dear Easy:
Fey is richer, more famous and a hell of a lot more concerned than Gunth with keeping his homolicious secrets just that."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Some Vice stars seem to be rebounding in their careers in a big way. Like Fey Oiled-Tush. Others not so much. Like Cruella St. Shackles, who's doing the opposite! So should we expect a PR surprise from her in the near future?
—Love, Uma

Dear Slathered and Shut Down:
Hmm...Not exactly sure who you think these two Vice ├╝ber-stars are, because Fey's career hasn't cooled off in a while. As for Cruella, she's more than making a splash with her current choice in roles. Actually, I would expect a stunt from Fey before Cruella these days. Just sayin'."

Tr├ębuchet said...

Heh, I wonder if "Slathered and Shut Down" was Ted referring to himself (lost his job at that time) instead of Tom C and Nicole K.

blurry vice said...

I'm wondering if Katie found out about this scandal?

Unknown said...


i'm confused on the i.d. of fey oiled tush and glistening gunther?.... 100 % points to glistening gunther being T.C. based on that 1 post and that this was news even in mainstream magazines and other places, so if you NEVER EVER use 2 different names for the same person and gunther is t.c. then who is most likely if not totally oil fey tush?..

then again, even though all info points to t.c being gunther, there have been other "hints" that tush is t.c. one being that you have posted small pics of him from his movies in the tush postings and two you made mention that the difference between tush and gunther is tush is much more wealthier, famous and hush hush about his activities than gunther. well no one is more wealthier and famous than t.c.?

can you clear this matter up for this newbie on this blog? p.s. is it possible that t.c. is neither one?