Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another contradiction by Ted: Jo Frost

Pardon the delay on this.  But on Saturday February 19, Ted gave us another one of his contradictions.  He said that Jo Frost was never a Blind Vice.  However, she was already REVEALED in the past as Brood-Zilla Clump-Butt.  Read for yourself in the letters below.  We are tired of the inconsistency lately.  Why bother to read Ted's column and keep up with who has been a BV or not, when he is constantly contradicting himself?  Now, watch - someone will call him out on this and then he will say that his point came across incorrectly or something.  However you say it Ted, it's getting old.  Between the Jennifer Aniston issue - denying for years that she is a BV, then to say she has had two nicknames as supporting roles; to Sandra Bullock, Jesse James, Viggo Mortensen, Britney Spears, Steve Carrell, also King Schlong having been a supporting role in a BV before... I could go on and on.  He stated certain "rules" that they could only be a BV one time, with one nickname.  Then said once one was revealed they could get a new one.  Now recently he is saying that supporting roles don't count... that someone is only a BV when they have a starring role.  Read the Jennifer Aniston post for further discussion on that.  Ayayay!

Anyway, here are the Jo Frost issues.  First, Brood-Zilla Clump-Butt's BV.  Then the letter in which he revealed it was Jo Frost.  Then his answer from this past Saturday, Feb 19, in which he contradicts his reveal.  Read for yourself.

One Domestic Disturbance Blind Vice: May 25, 2007

Supernanny: How to Get the Best From Your ChildrenBrood-Zilla Clump-Butt is so prime-time prancing on thin ice, and no, this is not a blind item about anybody on Dancing with the Stars—think I’ve already done enough plus-size derriere digging on that boob-tube offering. Agreed? Sure ya do, which is why we're zeroing in on one of the country’s other hottest offerings… How to Happy Up Your Household! You all do watch every week, don’t you? Well, I don’t, but that’s certainly not enough to keep me from reporting the following:
Brood-Zilla, host of said offering (which appears on cable or network, hmmm, I wonder which?), is scoring myriad fan-backed points for her winning ways on camera making families bond ‘n’ beautify within themselves. It’s all so touching I could puke, and quite frankly, the only thing saving me from such is the delish scoop that Brood-Zilla is turning into a veritable broom-riding be-yotch who’s getting so friggin’ corpulent not even a luxury broom built for Star Jones-Reynolds, circa the pre-wedding years, could support her.
“She’s gone way up in her size,” snipped a Household source, who’s fed up with Brood-Zilla’s overly demanding ways on set. And he’s not the only one. Other Household-ers and insiders are starting to sass supreme with scuttlebutt about the big ‘tude terrible:
“The only thing bigger than her ass is her head,” bitched back another Household vet, “which is getting horribly out of control—she’s simply a nightmare and the biggest bitch I’ve ever worked with, and that’s saying something.”
Unfortunately for these TV toilers (at various levels on the fairly popular show), Ms. Clump-Butt doesn’t look to be getting any nice-it-up notes from the show’s top brass, as ratings are good. But, uh, if I were Ms. C.B., I wouldn’t exactly inhale the craft services table when I waddled near it.
‘Cause the (edible) knives are out.

And it ain't: Katie Couric, Joy Behar, Star Jones-Reynolds

Then a letter from his mailbag June 5, 2007 -

Dear Ted:
Brood-Zilla Clump-Butt must be Rachael Ray! I can't possibly believe that spaz is anywhere near as nice as she acts. Plus, she is getting a bit rounder as of late, doncha think?
Iowa City, Iowa

Dear Midwest Woeful:
Gosh, you calorie-counting chicks are harsh! Nope, ain’t Rachael, it’s Jo Frost, supersnot of prime time—off camera, ‘course. 

THEN - his mailbag from February 19, 2011 -

Dear Ted:
Has Jo Frost ever been a Blind Vice? I hope not! I love her to pieces but I've always wondered if, because she made Supernanny, she developed any diva habits. Also, you write about so many blatant gay stars married to straight people, I have to wonder, do their spouses know? If so, why do they stay in the relationship?

Dear Vicin' Around:
Are you kidding? She was a diva coming into that show, and with reason. Did you see the nutso parents and kids she's had to deal with? But she's never been a Vice star. And about the gay stars marrying the straight: It depends. Some spouses know and some don't. It's more of a contract than anything else at times. You know, in Hollywood it's all interest all the time, as sad as it sounds.

So what gives, Ted?  Are you losing your memory?  Poor record keeping skills?  Are your interns answering all of your letters for you now?  Was the real Ted fired?  Are you just messing with us for kicks?  Regardless of the reason, it's getting old.  No one is going to read the column anymore if the gossip is no longer credible!


blurry vice said...

All credibility has gone out the window!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree Blurry! That's such crap! Like, what gives? Should we even follow anymore? I mean really, it kind of screws with the guesses, since every time he makes a comment like that it changes everything. Other blind item bloggers have questioned Ted's stories before. I don't know if some are true and some are made up stories and that's why he forgets? It's weird and majorly annoying. Anyways, thanks for following and keeping organized girls, I could never follow Ted's page anyways. Maybe he should use this website to refresh his memory since he seems to be suffering from bouts of amnesia.

blurry vice said...

I wrote a letter, as I expect other long time readers to have also. Looking forward to what excuse he gives this time. Or he could just ignore it as he does our other issues.

Unknown said...

I'm wondering if Ted is having some personal issues. Have you noticed that he posts a lot of his blogs/bitch backs at all hours of the night? I don't know... But for me if I'm losing sleep, working in the wee hours of the morning...Staying up really late a lot of nights I'm usually dealing with something. Or I could be totally off about this and someone else actually "posts" his blogs to the site. It seems like it's a recent thing that his answers and posts have been a little "off."

Kate16 said...

Between this and the constant Robsten updates (God, who cares?), I'm over him. Lainey has become far more interesting.
I just feel that he's either making things up or not exactly clarifying what is going on before he posts.
Take Nelly Fang - gay with a beard, no bi with a beard/pap attention seeking relationship, no bi but he loves his beard (well then I guess she isn't a beard then?)
Or how many of his recent BVs have been essentially about nothing? 'Person you guessed months ago is still doing that'(which seems to be code for 'I have to put out another BV, what am I going to write.')
He needs a holiday and to start writing stuff down.

Elizabeth said...


i noticed there was some inconsistencies, but didn't realize it was THIS bad.

Thanks girls for doing always taking time to organize the BV, facts and etc.. Your both awesome!

I hope he truthfully clarifies his inconsistencies and doesnt spin it around on his readers .i guess we shall see in the upcoming Bitch Backs!

Anonymous said...


But Lainey thinks Jakey G is gay. Sooo...

I also find her very similar to Perez Hiltons BV's, they pick and choose who to do one on. If they like someone they will lie, lie, lie about their status. I remember Perez makng up all sorts of rubbish about Mika not being gay but then outing every god damn person and then Mika comes out as Bi.

I think re Ted is that he just forgets he does that. When he reveals it, he's being bitchy and flippant. For me the fact that he wrote she is such a diva says it all that she is that blind item, he just forgets that he has revealed them.

I don't think he makes them up but I do think and I have thought this for a while that he isn't that straight with the truth in BV's and this could be because of legal issues.

I mean we never see one about Kim K do we? And we all know what she gets up to...

You have to be smart with it because I can connect the dots, completely and nothing has shocked me-maybe its because I used to work in these industries-so I wouldn't rule out how legit it is.

childeroland said...

You thought Ted was ever credible?

Brittany said...

Thank you! Ted is annoying the shit out of me. I just stopped trying to guess his BVs because they were either all about Glee or Twilight or some other random teen fad. I've only bothered to read this site as of late when you guys post non Ted items. His whole column is getting boring.

Unknown said...

I read this site all the time but have never commented. Wanted to say that I am totally with you Blurry. Ted is ridiculous lately. What is so frustrating to me about this is Ted knows about your site - he has linked to it before! If he knows there is a group of pretty devoted followers of his BVs here, why would he be so callous so many times with misinformation? The Jo Frost one especially annoys me because there is no reason to mention her. That show (is it even still on?) is not popular right now and has been around for years. Why put her in a BB? It's like it was on purpose to screw around. Not funny.

I do think they've gotten careless over at AT. It started with all the Twilight nonsense. They won't monitor the boards. They started the process of filing past BVs by pseudonym, and then just quit (I haven't seen one in a long time, at least). And even when they created the past BV sums, they missed information! Half of the BBs contain no real information, or random political rantings. He hardly nots people at the same rate as before. I don't know if Ted is just complacent, depressed, or what, but it is not the same column it used to be.

Anyway, what you guys do is a ton of work and so much fun to peruse. It's my go-to time waster at work. Totally support your frustration here!!

RD said...

I have always thought Ted's BVs were more or less credible as a lot of the stories come out later in the press. I guess he just forgets sometimes about whether hes done a BV on someone already or not. Not very professional but he obviously doesn't care that much about being consistent.

blurry vice said...

Thank you Tracy! And I agree, why is anyone even asking about Jo Frost?

blurry vice said...

Kate16 - Agree with that too... I do read Lainey first.

Unknown said...

Hello - new commenter here, but I was just thinking, maybe he just forgets about revealed BVs, especially if they don't involve particularly salacious behaviour? Maybe he's thinking of active BVs with this answer?

It would be nice to have some explanation, though, for sure, because his inconsistency does get annoying.

Bindi Boo said...

Ted's inconsistencies are the reason I found this great site in the first place - I couldn't keep it all straight and it has been much easier to have the sisters do it for me (thanks guys!). But unfortunately "Ted" doesn't seem to be able to keep it straight, either!

I'm curious, rantersparadise - what DOES Kim K get up to??

backhomeagain said...

Ted "forgetting" past BVs isn't an acceptable answer. This is his job!

Jolene Jolene said...

I stopped reading Ted a LONG time ago. Think about how many people we/the readers/commenters on this site have thought is a BV or has eliminated someone as a BV because of a question he answered in the Bitch Backs? If he can't even remember a Vice HE HIMSELF wrote AND revealed only TWO YEARS AGO, who the heck knows how any other questions he's answered incorrectly?

Someone above said Lainey thinks Jake is gay...actually, she doesn't. She specifically says that she knows of the rumors or rumblings about it, but she herself doesn't actually know/has never gotten word personally from a source.

Speaking of, good new Lainey blind today!

KaDixonLaw said...

@rantersparadise... Kim K. is a top suspect for the Carmelita Salami-Climber blind from last month.


Katie said...

It's frustrating what is going on with Ted lately. I think it is obvious that his interns do a lot of the writing - they're not as personable or funny as Ted is. As for credibility, I still think Ted gets more credible dirt than people like Lainey, up in Vancouver. Ted lives and breathes Hollywood. Despite the fact that he is employed by corporate media, he has more freedom. Lainey is financially dependent on her blog - she sells her own ads. If your editorial isn't separate from your advertising, there is going to be a big credibility gap. She always gets big wrap-around ads for Jake's movies. Hmmm.

Sarah said...

I've gotten the feeling for a long time that his initial BV's probably start with a grain of truth, but then he starts reacting to feedback, and the BV's change according to what gets him the most attention. Judas Jack Off and Dashed Dingle-Dream are a good example where it seems obvious this was NOT about the Supernatural guys at the start, but that gets him more attention then sticking with Hayden C., who no one cares about at this point. I also think he plays fast and loose with all the Twilight BV's, at one point even changing the GENDER on Terry Tush Trade. So yeah, at this point I look at all of his BV's as fanfic.

julie said...

I would think because of the legal ramifications involved with Ted's Blind's he would be very careful. People like Tom C. and John T. have a lot of money and a lot of lawyers at their disposal. Ted is well aware of this, so while he may be forgetful lately I find it hard to believe he would be careless because of the effect it would have on he and E.

luckylass said...

I caught this too the other day. But, playing devils advocate here, do you think he said that she wasn't a blind vice, because he revealed it and therefore it isn't "blind" anymore? Maybe once they are revealed, he just doesn't deal with the vice again, unless they star in another blind vice (with a new pseudonym).

You all are great btw.

lisamedia said...

Long time reader, first time commenter. I don't think any of the major sites are all that credible. I'm personally connected to the film industry and I've had some conversations with Lainey, back in the early days when she was just a Vancouver blogger. Off the record (because it's not my job to out people) I called her on a lot of inconsistencies in who she thinks is gay/not gay because I know for a fact that she has presented some very, very wrong information. She makes decisions to post things because of her own interests for the same reasons that other bloggers do.

As for Ted, I think he is depressed - a few years back he went through some major BS with E! which he was very public about. He seemed to have calmed down but since then he's taken up smoking again and really become very odd.

I still read the blogs because they're fun -- but I know that much of it is total guesswork and rumour. At the same time, just so you know, a good estimate of how many people are gay in Hollywood, for real? 80% of the guys and 50% of the women. And George Clooney is not one of them.

Tara said...

@Lucky, that was my thought on what his defense would be as well. However, what is the harm in reiterating? He wouldn't even have to bring the name up, just say something in reference evento it being quite a while ago and officially revealed.

Blurry, I fired off a little note too, for everyone here who has had enough of the indifference. I don't care about Frost, she is totally irrelevant, but it's the principle. I think his blurred lines in the last year or so is what makes all of us still suspect known BVers for new BVs (e.g. Jessica Simpson AND the King Schlong debacle). It drove me mad at first with the Leo/King thing, but now, how could we not entertain it with Ted's inconsistencies combined with all signs pointing that way?

sarahp said...

I love this site, and I appreciate all the work you guys do to give me a way to kill the lulls I have at work!

I'm a die-hard Lainey fan, so I'm always into her site way more than I'm into Ted's. She does play favorites, but she's honest about it. And she'll change her mind on people, but she's upfront about it.

I've wondered many times if Ted makes up some of his blinds. It just seems like there can only be so many closeted gay men with dirty secrets that Ted gets to hear about. And sometimes it seems like there's a riddle that's so clearly about someone, and then all of a sudden, it can't be (thinking of the recent one that sounded just like Britney). I also think that once a popular suspect comes up, he likes to perpetuate that idea, even if it's not true.

Really, if it wasn't for this website, I don't know how carefully I'd follow Ted!

AndreaE said...

The fact that Lainey states Jake is straight is absurd. Everyone here in Hollywood knows he's in the closet. It's a small town, people talk, things get out ... you can't trust anyone here! Given Teds contacts it's not surprising he's able to write about so many Bi/Gay closeted stars, it's no different to the Golden Age of Hollywood where many of the leading men were also in the closet. This city [LA] is the most toxic, fame obsessed place on the planet & people are willing to do anything to protect the image they've built up ... the irony is that these same stars are often so self-indulgent & entitled that they believe they're untouchable which often leads to them being extremely careless when it comes to their personal lives.

I think Ted makes mistakes but I also think he's under extreme pressure from mangers/agents/publicists/studios/celebs/lawyers to not reveal to much. In saying that, he has the almighty legal team at E! behind him which makes him able to go a bit further than some of the other bloggers ... Lainey & Perez don't have a corporate legal team to offer advice.

He's human, he makes mistakes.

Rita said...

I've discovered this site by accident when looking for the real identity of Toothy Tile.

Love what the sisters are doing, how they let people express their opinions, debate and sometimes even get on each other's nerves with their opposing views. All part of a new group dynamic that is learning to share. The time-consumming updating of the blinds, the PATIENCE it takes and the minute attention that they have to pay in order to rightly update this site, I cannot imagine! Which is why i'm guessing, with just cause, why Blurry is mad at Ted.

Although 90% of your site is Awful Truth related, you have been more successful in running the AT's data base then the AT!

I hope you understand that I support you, but at the same time, I don't want to lose this place. Most of your blinds come from the AT, people get most passionate about Ted's replies, and WOW are we excited when some of our new friends here on Blind Items Exposed gets their comment posted for the first time in the Bitch Backs.

What to do with Ted's forgetfullness if that is only it? Give him the benefit of the doubt for the mess-ups because of newbies on his team? We do tend to expect a lot of him, because lets face it, we think he is the leader in gossip sites, he has gotten more right then wrong, and his Blind Vices are juicy! Let's face it, we're not getting anything of worthy from Gossip Boy.

I've said it earlier on the FOT post: We forget that Ted C. is a gossip columnist, thus by nature a gossipmonger. So 50% of what he says is embellished, to give it oumph, to attract attention. Although I must admit, too many times he got a lot of things right waay before any other credible/official media outlet. We also forget that long-term memory in Hollywood has more power then legal ramifications, which puts Ted in a precarious position at times. If you loved your job, excelled at it, was eager to get to it everyday, loved the perks that come with it (hello red carpets, and sexy exclusive parties!), would you really quit because of Legal Department's up your ass at times when shutting up takes precedence to breaking a juicy story?

Again, Sisters, let me say that I sooo am with you on board for Ted's latest misquote. But maybe, MAYBE, this could be a chance to start sending links to Ted with corrections. Let him know that you have been keeping data, updating, and making sure that all BV related answers are computed for this site's visitors to disect. He has proven in the past that he is big enough to publicly correct his mis-statements. Legal will not allow Ted to keep such blunt data, for I think as he has stated in the past, not even people working on the AT team know of the BVs identities, so why not suggest to check-out yours more regularly?

At the end of the day, I would much rather log on this site and discuss the last Hollywood shenanigans, and knowing that your contributions to the Awful Truth is what kept it dependable, then having to read anything Perez has to write.

Hope the sisters feel the support that all are giving them today, and have the energy to continue on with this amazing blog.

ttownelizabeth said...

I think he may have said it because he already outed her therefore she is no longer a blind vice and everyone knows who she was. Or he just forgot..I know if I had that many nicknames for celebs I'd forget who was who on occasion.

blurry vice said...

Thank you Rita. It is a pain in the butt and I am usually only able to update eliminations and stuff a few times a week. I'm not really angry. Just calling him out on it. There's been so many inconsistencies lately. Don't worry, we aren't going to stop gossiping! :)

Violet451 said...

What Rita said!!

Love this site and the sisters.

Blurry, I am with you-one of the reasons we've all stuck with Ted is we felt even for all his quirks there was a certain level of trust in his rules. I don't so much care about him 'forgetting' about Jo Frost, because really-as others have said-who cares about her? It's the Jennifer Aniston thing that has me all worked up. YEARS of saying she is not a BV and suddenly supporting roles don't count?!?! And Leo as King Schlong?? Same thing. I'm holding to my hope that KS is NOT Leo so I can hang on to what little faith I still have in Ted! Blurry, I hope he reads your letter and takes it seriously even there's no response!

Glad to hear no one is going anywhere! :) I do love it over here.


Caz1310 said...

Ted is far more careful with how he specifically words things these days. With regards to Jo Frost he actually says she's not a bv star (as in the BV Superstars list). I do think he's running out of material or is being curtailed by Legal. There's some sensational blinds coming out on other sites which appear to be Miley & Billy Ray and suspicion as to who is someone's baby daddy which seems to be Alyssa Milano that Ted just isn't going near. Agree with the frustrated sentiments expressed on this site. I'd like to think our direct outrage has prompted him to clarify Aniston & Spacey LOL. I don't know the history of why this site mainly discusses Ted's BVs...if he's giving us the irits can we discuss other snippets from other sites more as well? Totally happy sisters if you want to stay mainly with Ted. This is my first go-to site for discussing gossip. The one on E is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

First...I love the sisters and this site. Feels like a homey community where we do more than toss out guesses. Lots of critical thinking going on and respectful discourse. I like reading everyone and everything.

I have a suspicion that Ted will throw a curveball if people are too close to guessing right. With the easy availability of info online and the ability to cross check and sleuth [shout out to Tara ;-)], Ted has more to worry about. It is A LOT easier to play today than 2 or 3 years ago.

I think Ted actually has more to worry about since Lainey or Perez would be personally on the hook for a lawsuit. E! is part of the huge corporate complex and a major misstep has ramifications beyond one person's livelihood. I think the gossip is generally right, but the BV game plays fast and loose with the rules.

I doubt Ted gives a flying f*** if his changes hurt our ability to figure out a BV. After all, it is not life and death to him.

However, all that being said...IT PISSES ME OFF :-D.

And yes, a huge chunk o'Hollywood is most likely gay or fluid. Makes sense to big deal, just hella interesting to watch the whole fame/publicity/image thing.

Anonymous said...

Oh! DuskyJewel here. Wrote the long thing above. AIM OpenID seems messed up.

steph148 said...

In today's bitchback, Ted said Sandra Bullock has never been a BV, when he clearly stated right after her breakup with Jesse that they had a BV together.

Rita said...

You are very welcome Blurry. Glad to hear that you guys won't be giving up anytime soon. My plea was sincere!

We should all hit Ted with corrections on his site. However this morning following the Bitch Backs, it does look like someone else is totalling taking over Ted. There is less sass, less creativity and teasing. The only answer that sounded like Ted's was the one asking about Annette Bening's marriage ending.

k smith said...

Totally caught on to that too. Such a good point. Makes you question everything else he puts out there. Lies are easy to forget and hard to keep up with.

Unknown said...

Dusky Jewel, agree. I also think that Ted messes with the rules when he feels a consensus has been reached with the identity of a BV, PARTICULARLY if he likes this person, ie Terry Tush Trade. How can this be ANYONE but Kristen Stewart? But, he does try periodically to throw people off her, because we all know he wants to be her lap-dog or something. Seriously, she is like Liza Minelli, Madonna, and Cher all rolled up into one for him, LOL. So I think its a combination of that respect for the person, plus legal issues for E. But, it seems there is no stopping him when he DISLIKES the BV subject, ie Secretia Ohio, and Cruella St. Shackles. He does not seem to care that we know who they are for the obviousness of their blinds. Anyway, it's what I have concluded as of late. Unfortunately we can't use every last word of his as 100% truth.

Jolene Jolene said...

AndreaE--I NEVER said Lainey "stated" that Jake is straight. All I meant was that she hasn't explicitly confirmed that he is gay. That's all. He's actually included in Maybe Gaybe ("could be homo, a celebrity whose sexual preference is often questioned. See Orlando Bloom, Jake Gyllenhaal, Hugh Dancy.")

blurry vice said...

LMAO - now Sandra Bullock has indeed been a BV again!

"Dear Ted:
My crotchety old rescue rat, Lard Ass, and I are interested to know how nervous Sandra Bullock is about Jesse James' rumored tell-all book. And is the book all she needs to worry about?
—The Lardy Ladies

Dear Bad Bullock:
I doubt Sandy is shaking in her boots. She hasn't even made it into our Blind Vice section for frick's sakes. Jesse may be a supreme douche, but he's humiliated his ex-wife enough. I'd be shocked if he didn't play nice to her on this one. He also has future legal battles with Sandy to worry about if he doesn't, no small concern."

Katie said...

Maybe Cruella is the one who is about to spill the beans about Fey Oiled-Tush? It's been ten years. Perhaps the gag order contract post-divorce is over.

@Dollie et al - Lainey HAS stated "Jake is straight" on many occasions in her Tuesday live blog, just FYI.

Kate16 said...

I couldn't get into the Nicole Kidman article on my live newsfeed this morning as it had been taken down, and now it's missing from the feed altogether. Looks like someone got into trouble.

I think the thing that annoys me is that Ted must get hundreds of emails a week. If someone is getting too close to the right answer - DON'T PRINT IT. How hard is that? Pick another email. Why does he need to lie to throw us off the trail. He would still have never confirmed the identity, it would still be an assumption from a legal perspective (I'd love to see that case: "Defamation of my client, who wasn't named or directly identified, but c'mon Your Honor, who else in Hollywood has brown hair, questionable talent and a history of being cheated on?" Yep that'd work).

Kate16 said...

If you want to read the now deleted article it's here:

Love the internet. Nothing is ever really gone.

Katie said...

Holy crap! Can't believe that article was taken down. Guess Team Legal had a fit about it. No wonder Ted needs to keep everything in a Vice, if he can't even say those pretty minor things about Nic. I think his timing of that piece, right after the recent FOT blind, was basically revealing both of them. And, I think it means this big scandal involving the GMD is going public, soon.

MrMoo said...

Hey, thanks Kate! I was wondering where that article went...

That seems to confirm NK for Cruella, doesn't it?

Unknown said...

Personally, I feel sorry for Ted. He used to be the guy who got the best gossip because people in the industry wanted to sleep with him. Now he's the guy who drops hits about the failure of his relationship and his inability to quit smoking.

He used to have a daily presence on E! the network. Now he's a fifty year old blogger who has to write about Twilight every day to keep page views up.

And as much as I love gossip, you have to wonder what kinds of friendships someone who does it professionally must have. His life must be a constant flood of people trying to use him to further their own agenda. So maybe he's depressed and completely losing it, or maybe he just doesn't have the energy or cachet anymore to fight the lawyers. It's a shame, because the only interesting thing about the Awful Truth is the Blind Vices. Everything else is just paparazzi shots and answers to e-mails (which are only interesting when they're about the Blind Vices).

Clancy said...

Lila, wow. If the scandal involving TC was NK blowing the lid off their contractual arrangement I think this would be gossip armageddon, heralding a new age of earmarking things according to whether it was pre or post what would be a gargantuan worldwide celebrity scandal, a la BC/AD. After all, this would be the biggest scoop ever, hands-down, and would trivialise all that went before it and perhaps even after it. This is the one we want confirmation on. Damn, I would love to hear what she says, I hope it's her! She's always alluded to the fact she couldn't talk about what happened; I once read an interview with her where she said she 'maybe one day'. Perhaps this is it.

By the sounds of some other gossip sites Katie's got him over a barrel too. The truth will always come out - doesn't matter if it's 10 minutes or 10 years, it will be known.

Clancy said...

IMO :)

Tara said...

@Dusky, love your points! Very well said.

I for one am totally frustrated, not to mention a little bitter. I don't know what to think or which direction to go with some of these vices, and I can see I am not the only one. However, I don't think it does any good for us to throw all of the AT rules out the window prior to obtaining some clarification from Ted. As a BIE army we definitely have the numbers and can inundate the inbox with questions asking for clarity. I have done so already, and you know he cannot ignore us all. So lay it out there for Ted: list your questions, ask him for new rules, a set of guidelines, something so we can set it straight and get back to doing what we love to do.

You can't deny the frustration brings down the morale and we end up "phoning in" some of these guesses since Ted became forgetful/contradictory. If we allow Ted's paradoxes to justify re-use of identities for more than one named, unsolved BV, then the BIE universe undoubtedly will become what I can only compare to a pre-school classroom with no teacher: complete chaos! Most of us love Ted and his BV madness, so "wrap" your inquiries with support so he knows we will forgive, we just want him to admit the boo-boos and re-iterate the BV rules.

Just my opinion so we can get back to the fun parts of BV sleuthing;)

Jolene Jolene said...

My bad, I guess Lainey HAS said Jake is straight. Hmmm. I don't get it. All these AT rules seem so moot now, too. Taken the wind out of my sails here.

Liz said...

Caz1310: What other sites are doing blidn items on Miley/BIlly Ray and Alyssa Milano?

Tara said...

Ted says in BB today that Jennifer Aniston nas never had more than one BV name, so looks like that part has been a misunderstanding.

Seeya said...

@lisamedia: Thanks for the insights. Other people on a couple of other sites I visit have said that Lainey has been full of crap for years and are baffled by her popularity.

So does that mean that Lainey implying George Clooney is gay is wrong? (She has George as gay in her infamous "Cuba and Chocolate" blind)

Ted is quickly losing credibility too. In all honesty I am beginning to believe that more and more of the blinds aren't legit at all and are simply invented (or exaggerated) merely for page clicks and a way for Lainey and Ted and others to keep themselves relevant.

Clancy said...

That doesn't even bother me about Lainey. I visit her site for her caustic commentary on celebs. I think she's so on the money with them, says exactly what I'm sure a lot of people are thinking and is really funny to boot. I'm totally under her spell! If there's a blind on the page I see it as an added bonus. I still think it's weird she denies Toothy Tile's sexual leanings (have you noticed how leering his smile has been lately?) but again, doesn't bother me as I see Ted as the go-to expert for blinds. Although that's changed a bit lately.

Katie said...

Sorry, Dollie - I'd meant Jamee! And Jamee wasn't expressing her own opinion - just regarding what Lainey has gone on the record saying about Jake being straight. In addition to Clooney, Lainey has also strongly implied that Leo is gay and that the models are his beards. At the time I took this to be true! But if Leo is King Schlong, well then... not so much.

I agree with Clancy in that I read Lainey for the fun commentary, not the facts.

Rita said...

Liz - that site is CDAN (crazydaysandnights). blogger, says he is a lawyer in the business, has a bunch of blind item reveals twice a year. Some are juicy. others not so much.

Gemini850 said...

I have stop reading him also. I think the last time I even been on his site was like in August. I just got tired of the twilight and Glee posts and basically I felt like his BV's were false. He kept going in circles.

paperkite said...

WOW! That was *my* question about Jo Frost that he answered! (She might be old news to you guys but I just started watching the show. Jo is fascinating!). I was shocked to see my question at AT and I'm amazed to see it here, also. :)

I asked my questions a day or two before they were answered. My impression is that his mail is answered on the fly and in the order of last in, first answered. I don't think he gives any of the mail too much thought. In fact, my guess is that he considers it his primary job to report gossip. Answering mail accurately, I'll bet, is low on the list of his priorities. In other words, I think he just forgot.

I can see how frustrating that would be to a site like this. However, I appreciate all your hard labor trying to make sense of it all. :) The organization here is ab fab! Thank you. :)

caitlin375 said...
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caitlin375 said...

To be honest, I rarely believe 'blind items' they are a maybe at best and a lawsuit at worst. Most of his information comes from 'reliable sources' so if he has not seen it for himself then it can't be 100%.

People need to remember that a good half of the media stories are made from lies, fabrication and exaggeration - whatever it takes to pull the readers in and I'm sure Ted is no different unfortunately. That's just showbiz.

What could be better than thousands of readers following his blog, generating him income on stories where he conveniently gets to give juicy gossip without revealing names and no proof of any truths, anyone could write that. I could make up a story today and call it the truth, doesn't mean it is.

velochica said...

Not to veer away from Ted but why can't Brood-Zilla Clump-Butt be Niecy Nash from Clean House? Are we jumping the gun with this Ted discrepancy?

She's gone from the show (maybe fired?). She is an admitted diva. She wore an alleged prosthetic butt/thigh piece for the beach scene in the Reno 911 Miami movie (in 2007) and it definitely was a clumpy butt. She's a diva and definitely would speak in more of a "bond'n'beautify" tone than Jo Frost. Yes Niecy was on DWTS but years after this post.

Lisa said...

I have said for a long time that Ted is making up most of his blinds the last couple of years. His sources have dried up. Unreliable!

How can EVERYONE in Hollywood be gay? According to Ted, they must be!