Monday, February 28, 2011

Bonus Blind: She-Devil Dees Screws Hot TV Guy, Oh No!

New from Ted today -

Bonus Blind: She-Devil Dees Screws Hot TV Guy, Oh No!

Darlings, if you're on overload from all the glitz yesterday, you're in luck! We've got some nice, down-home, dirty slut action for ya!
HEY OLIVIA! (MYMAG, Volume 3: Olivia Munn)She-Devil Dees (who will get an Oscar nomination about as soon as I do, the little TV tramp) has been angling her latest conquest. Girl really does climb on top of dudes better than she does television roles, but hey, that's not so unusual in this town.
So who is She-Devil crowing loudly about this time—and what particular body part?
A stud from the hottest show in the world! Can you believe it?
We can, as we'd expect nothing less from SDD, who only likes to move on the hottest guys around. And she usually can, too, as her bod's totally bitchin'.
Since She-Devil's already tired of her latest bed conquests, it makes complete sense she's now succeeding in seducing a very talented (and cute) dude from the hit show.
They met in L.A. recently at a party, and true to form, Ms. Dees lost no time in taking him right home and ripping both their clothes off.
In a moment that's worth far more notice than most of She's oncamera performances, She-Devil breathlessly whispered to her new man: "You're about to f--k the p--sy that every guy in Hollywood wants."
Wow. Who writes this chick's dialog, Charlie Sheen?
Do straight guys actually go for that porn talk? Never mind. We already know the answer because said guy did...did again...and will do again.
Maybe he'll only stop when he realizes She-Devil's the one who's been calling the paparazzi, who just happen to be around, no matter how stealth they try to be?
Yep, that's what it's gonna take.
And It Ain't: Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively, Vanessa Hudgens

Please see the label below for our post on the previous SDD BV, including a full list of who has been eliminated.

Top suspect: Olivia Munn

Hot TV Guy: Matthew Morrison


Anonymous said...

This screams olivia munn and that guy from Glee

blurry vice said...

Matthew Morrison

Tara said...

Wow she is full of herself, isn't she? Well, I guess he is not the gay one then.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Matthew Morrison and Olivia Munn? How serious is this hookup and will it last?

Dear Glee Meets G4:
Scoop is that the two were spotted, and of course it was documented, at a New York Rangers hockey game Sunday night. The Glee star and Munn, who stars on NBC's Perfect Couples were holding hands and cuddling as they got über athletic cheering on the team. Hmmm, supposedly Olivia even got in a smooch. But watch out, babe, Matthew did an interview with Details just months ago saying he's an iffy kind of BF. All I'm saying is, they should both proceed with caution, especially him."

Katie said...

I was hoping for a post-Oscars Toothy blind today. It's been awhile. Ted usually checks in with Toothy every 3-4 months.

What is Jessica Biel's deal? How is she staying with Jerry Rock-Butt and not humiliated beyond repair by now?

KaDixonLaw said...

Well, that settles it. Ted must be a huge fan of Olivia Munn if he's this blatant. Loads of sarcasm there! She really epitomizes the 'any attention is good attention' mentality.


raccoonelephant said...

How would Ted know what she said during sex? Is Olivia or her friends calling him up afterwards? This seems too specific to be real.

Katie said...

@racoonelephant, he kissed and told! clearly her bedmate (the Glee guy) shared it, not Olivia.

Jackie said...

Assuming it is Olivia Munn (and who am I kidding, it pretty much HAS to be), I wonder if she boned Jon Stewart to get her semi-regular gig on The Daily Show? That'd make me a little sad!

Unknown said...

Olivia Munn has a good body?

Gretchen said...

i really don't see what the allure of olivia is. i mean, she's pretty, but so is every girl in hollywood. dont get it!! maybe cos she puts out?? LOL!

Tara said...

@I, yes, for all of her obnoxious qualities, the girl has an amazing body. She has posed almost nude in several magazines to prove that.

@Gretchen, I think the allure comes from her early days at G4 (nerd TV). Her sarcasm and "I am a guys girl" and "girls hated me" BS helped her get in good with nerd boys and readers of all those guy magazines. She has a filthy mouth and is quite crude. Some guys like that.....I agree though, she CAN look very pretty, but sometimes she just looks weird to me, or not much more than average "yeah, she is pretty" like you said.

Anonymous said...

Tara, google Anderson Cooper's boyf-can't remember his name- and Matthew Morrison images. You will see a picture of them kissing.

If Morrison is straight, this will be a huge shock to all the guys he messed with on 'straight' broadway.

Furthermore, he just has an album coming out AND happens to suddenly be seen with a famous woman at those pr stunt basketball games? Right?

And did anyone look at the boredom on their faces? If anything Ted is saying she is a crappy beard...

Lastly 'hottest guy on TV' for real ladies? Glee that is mainly watched by gays and musical lovers, counts their goofy teacher as the 'hottest guy' on TV?

Ted has never called Morrison hot. At all. All. But he has many of the True Blood men......

lisamedia said...

Yep, @rantersparadise is right - scroll down here for some interesting pictures!

Unknown said...

Tara, your assessment of Olivia is spot on. I understand why the nerds like her, but I just find her face so unattractive. And these blinds make her even worse. She's gross.

Tara said...

Ranters, NICE! I am not sure if I believe it is Morrison, but it sure is convincing. Lisa, that pic of him in the speedo does not hurt the gay argument. Love it.

Stacey, thx. I know, right?! To me, she never looks consistent! Maybe it is her makeup artist or something, but sometimes I have to study the pic to recognize her. Odd.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Olivia Munn and Matthew Morrison? They were seen holding hands at a Lakers game recently. Who is Olivia Munn, really? I see her name mentioned in tabloids and magazines, but I have no idea what show she is on or what she really does?"
—Dollie H

Dear Olivia Who?
Besides being über-sexy (she was No. 8 on Maxim's 2010 Hot List)? This gal is currently the star of NBC's Perfect Couples. We wish her the best in her (obvious and successful) A-list pursuits, both on and off camera."

J L A said...

Wow! You guys are good. I'm so far behind on my gossip.

I have to add that I love this site. Been crazy stressed these last two months, and coming here to catch up on the latest blinds is always a welcome relief. You all know your stuff and have manners, something lacking on so many pages these days.

Rock on!

Caz1310 said...

Who the hell is Olvia Munn? Or is this the point behind Ted giving her a BV LOL? Gretchen I'm with you. She reminds me of a wannabe Megan Fox..and that's saying something.

Anonymous said...

I see where you are going Blind, but Matthew Morrison is NOT straight. Did you see those pictures? Soo awkward and that

Like is said Munn is a beard in the making who realizes that all the a-list guys are GAY and so, she is pitching her tent.

All I know is that Morrison is conventional 'hot'. Cute, Funny or adorable but not someone you think...Hot. Unless that is your taste which is fine.

Kristen said...

The curly haired guy in the kissing picture is not Matthew Morrison. Look for a profile shot of Matthew Morrison. It's a different nose and ears. As for the other picture, it was part of a Broadway Bares strip show. It's a tradition every year to raise money for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. If he's asked to do a major fundraiser and says no, he looks like an ass. So the fact that he performed in that show doesn't prove that he's gay anymore than just being an actor in general does. I've been wondering for a while what team he bats for, and I have yet to hear any strong stories about him being gay, or hooking up with guys, even in blind items. I can't believe that Ted would resist the urge to share that little detail in this blind if it were true, and he's specifically referred to as straight. So I'm thinking Matthew Morrison really is one of the rare straight Broadway vets.

Unknown said...

The thing that is bothering me about this is the "b!tchin body" comment. I just don't find her body to be that.

Is it just my awful taste? She doesn't seem to have a waist and her body is odd:



However, I find her face to be gorgeous in a unique, different sort of way. If Ted had singled out her face instead of body, I would be there. But, maybe, Ted being gay finds her body extremely attractive since there is no waist. So who knows.

Clancy said...

I, I don't know, I think you could probably lump that one in with the bitchin' group lol.

I see what you mean though, it's not overly feminine like Kim K's body - and she's not the best with the fake tan - but yeah, it'd probably be a case of splitting hairs if you argued that one given she's been in Playboy etc. :)

Whitney said...

Oh, Olivia Munn. As a geek girl, I'm appalled to see how many guys really believe she's a geek. She's a straight up poser, who knew that G4 was an easy way to get a male audience. She's not that attractive, but since she came with a fanbase it's opened doors for her elsewhere.

Ugh. She drives me crazy.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
What's the word on She-Devil Dees lately? I heard that she and her hot TV star guy aren't so serious after all and her career has taken a turn for the worse.

Dear Doubting the Devil:
She-Devil knows just how to prance around with those Dees. She hasn't lost it completely, yet. Plus, you know she has a few TV star dudes up her sleeve. So,

when one fails, don't worry, the next victim will follow. "

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Has naughty famewhore She-Devil Dees gone and snagged herself another Blind Vicer?!! Hornius Thighs, Jerry Rock Butt—does the unmentionable costar of the

latest BV already have a moniker, dear Ted? PS: Take care of yourself and your future. My grandma had emphysema and we lost her to lung cancer from smoking:(

Dear Dee-cent Guess:
You're thinking right but your time line is off, love. Think of it this way: you have to get in the Vice vault before you can get into She-Devil's pants. So

she's in luck that so many dudes have done both! So sorry about your granny, my condolences.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
How dare you tease us with Glee gal Vices without spilling them. We need something to get us through the long summer hiatus. How about hints on some of the

Blind Vices for the Glee babes (and hunks) and letting your viewers try to guess which one is for which Gleek?

Dear Listen Up:
One is sexy, one is stupid and one is just plain sad. Oh, and one is a dude."

"Dear Ted:
Well done on the cigs. How many weeks without now? You said that one of the Glee boys has a Vice, but I was wondering: Is it sexuality related, chemical,

attitude or is he a backup in the Vice of one of the girls? Oh, and what do you think of Max Adler on Glee? Some great acting going on there.

Dear Sniff Sniff:
That was me crying over how naughty this devilish dude is. Or, you know, something else. As for Maxy, I think he's great on the show. He definitely gets to

play a complex character—much to the dismay of some of his castmates who have been on the show longer and who have nada in terms of storyline."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I'm playing a round of my favorite game, Six Degrees of Blind Vice Separation, and I have a question for you: How well do She Devil-Dees and Carson Ampi-

Dickorous know each other? Any current or former connections there? Thanks from my three shelter kitties.

Dear Seven Degrees:
Like, not at all. Sorry to your sweet kittens, but Carson is so not She Devil's type. She likes hooking up with guys who can advance her "career." Ya know,

the same reason Carson likes to dabble in dudes!"

blurry vice said...

HINT FROM TED: Notice the "OH YES" - and the "OH NO" in this BV.

"Dear Ted:
Any chance Olivia Munn has a Vice?

Dear Attack of the Blind:
Yes. Actually, let's make that: Oh, yes.

Dear Ted:
Brett Ratner resigns and Eddie Murphy soon follows...interesting. Please don't disappoint us and give us some scoop!!

Dear Done and Done:
Babe, why are you looking for nasty Vice explanations (which there are, BTW) when there's a Vice playing out before your very eyes and no one is keeping

their trap shut about it? Of course I mean Brett and Olivia Munn's shrimptacular shenanigans. Cannot wait until O fires back. My money's on her."

blurry vice said...

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
How come we have not heard anything from She-Devil Dees in a long time? Surely her off-screen antics should be translating into some high-profile projects?

Dear Devil's Playground:
Sorry, She-Devil decided it was about time she actually got back to work (rather than slutting around town and talking about it), so she can stay relevant. And then go back to talking smack about everybody all over again!"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
So Olivia Munn had nude photos and captions "leaked" from her cell phone. I say she did it herself, what say you, Ted? She seems like the attention-whore type.

Dear Any Press is Good Press:
Sorry, J, but we won't accuse Olivia of leaking the nude photos. But we will say that she has posted photos of herself before (nothing X-rated, of course) and it's no secret Liv adores the attention. Remember that whole Brett Ratner sitch? Yeah, babe definitely loves power, that's for sure."