Friday, April 27, 2012

Blind Vice! Cash-Strapped Caesar Rewrites History!

New BV from Ted today -

Blind Vice!  Cash-Strapped Caesar Rewrites History!

Caesar Anchovy-Arse has always been known for being a fairly talented man. But what the world doesn't know about him really does remain his best (unknown) achievement: Preventing the world from learning just how poorly he's treated his partner, Strippa Rip-Ya.
But Caesar's latest shenanigans really do trump all his past debauched behavior, and that's saying something:

Because fooling around or getting high is nothing compared to actually hurting your woman and then claiming you were helping her along in her career path...which is exactly what Caesar's latest line is all about.
"He's claiming he made her," says a pal to the put-upon couple, regarding Strippa's professional success (which, admittedly, has been quite mixed). "Can you believe that?" asks the friend, rhetorically.
The famous couple's pal is shocked mostly because Caesar's form of supporting his wife in the past has usually consisted of verbally abusing her. Or worse. He's been an unacceptable husband, in every sense of the word.
But now, Mr. Anchovy-Arse is claiming otherwise, just so he can be assured of spending Strippa's paychecks—for now, and forever.
Jeez, is it Hollywood that creates these men, or have they always been around?
AND IT AIN'T: Peter Facinelli, David Beckham, Ashton Kutcher

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Top suspects: Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony

Friday, April 20, 2012

Blind Vice! Match Made in Hot Star Heaven

New from Ted today -

Blind Vice!  Match Made in Hot Star Heaven

Where art thou, heartthrob Nelly Fang?
Hooking up with the most stunning partner in his fairly impressive past, that's what!
The fact that Nelly's currently smitten with golden celeb Queen Djibouti is such great news because…
As we all know, Nelly hasn't always made the wisest (or safest) romance choices in the past.
And besides, Nelly has such an impressive everything—face, career, personality, etc.—isn't it about time he settle down with somebody who's as beautifully put together, not to mentioned gifted, as he is? Totally!
Queen, who's not quite as romantically experimental as Nelly, is still probably a pretty perfect fit for her new man, as she's all about the work (just like Fang) and is totally easygoing in her private life. Which is probably why she used to date a guy just like Nelly, who also likes to do his own thing.
In other words, Fang and Queen's exes are probably each other's types! Or certainly were at one time.
But that's then. Now is all about Nelly and Queen slowly cementing their hotness for each other, which appears to be the real thing.
Kind of a shocker for Mr. Fang, who's not unused to the fake-partner P.R. thing.
We actually dig this new Nelly.
True love's always hot, right?
It Ain't: Tim Tebow and Taylor Swift, Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

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Top suspects:  

Nelly Fang = Alexander Skarsgard
Queen Dijibouti - Charlize Theron

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Blind Vice! Will Harriet Talons Ever Work Again?

New from Ted yesterday April 13 -

Blind Vice!   Will Harriet Talons Ever Work Again?

You certainly all remember Harriet Talons, right? Our Blind Vice maven was just inducted into monikered infamy and is already back for another round of d-r-a-m-a. Would you expect anything less from someone wanted killed off her own show?
Well, apparently, horrible Harriet isn't as confident in her job security as we think she should be, because the boob-tube broad has been secretly trying to book another gig...ya know, just in case!
Apparently Harriet is supremely nervous about her future—or so say people within her camp.
While we already told you Ms. Talons probably won't be canned from her juicy hit series anytime soon (or ever), she has caught whiff of the hostility directed her way and is worried that sooner or later her attitude may lead to her demise.
Hey, we're just shocked she had enough self-awareness to realize everyone thought her stuff actually did stink.
But instead of, we don't know, simply being nicer to her costars and hard-working crew, or being less of a diva at the office (that would make far too much sense), H.T. has been aggressively pushing her agents to find other work.
That way she'll stay one step ahead of any potential firing. We told you she was a crafty devil, didn't we?
Here's the thing: She can't find any jobs!
You might think producers would be eager beavers to book the seemingly so talented Harriet for their gig, but her pushy reputation precedes her. And no one wants to have Harriet's talons unleashed on their set, heaven forbid!
But really, can you blame them?!
AND IT AIN'T: Naya Rivera, Eva Longoria, Kristin Bauer

Please use the label below for a link to our post on the previous Harriet Talons BV, including a full list of who has been eliminated.

Top suspect:  Teri Hatcher

Bonus Blind! Studio Takes Revenge on Naughty Star!

New BV from Ted on Monday April 9 -

Bonus Blind!  Studio Takes Revenge on Naughty Star!

Forget the old adage about hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. It's a bitter production studio that residents of Hollywood apparently need to watch out for!
Especially if you're a featured player from a glossy new pic and you directly oppose what the studio has told you to do on the press line. Look out, Blake Barbina, who was recently made to pay the price heavily for misspeaking to the media:
Blake, who has a pretty decent fan base, was told to only talk about the new movie Blake was busy promoting for Siren Pictures, Life After Teenage Lust. Siren was adamant that Barbina only talk about Lust, and not the many other projects Blake had in the works.
But, of course, what Hollywood actor thinks he or she can't do what he or she wants, especially if a large fandom is involved? That's right. Probably close to zero.
So, when doing press recently, B.B. went ahead and blabbed all about the other projects coming up, giving second-shrift to Lust. Siren was apoplectic.
So much so, they decided to release to the press some not so valiant activities of Blake's. And Barbina was shocked, to say the least—not to mention totally caught off guard, which had been Siren's precise intent.
In other words, Blake's personal life will never again be the same, but Siren's assured compliance with their stars in the press is now pretty much assured. For the time being, at least.
Way to go, Siren, it's like you've been taking lessons from Nikki Reed or something!
AND IT AINT: Nikki Reed, Zac Effron, Jennifer Lawrence

Top suspect:

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Blind Vice! Brash Young Nobody Paws the Help and Hollers!

New BV from Ted yesterday -

Blind Vice!  Brash Young Nobody Paws the Help and Hollers!

Stars new to the scene can be so stupid. They haul outta town and they think they can act all diva-like and nobody's gonna be the wiser.
Uh, wrong! And perhaps no one's realizing this right now better than Consuela Conveyor-Belt, a newly minted star who thinks her stuff don't stink just because she went to the Oscars.
Gosh, what did Consuela do, exactly?
She ditched that boyfriend's she's so busy pretending to be all hot 'n' bothered with and went to a resort popular with disco-eyed Angelinos. With some girlfriends.
And when the partying gals hit a club which just happened to have a cocktail waitress who caught Consuela's eye, that's when things really got interesting.
Consuela made a pass at the waitress. The server then got all offended and stuff. Probably had something to do with Ms. Conveyor-Belt sticking her hand up the waitress's skirt, ya know?
The gorgeous worker-bee screamed bloody murder, at which point Consuela screamed even louder bloody murder! How dare you accuse me, don't you know who I am, and all that self-important crap.
There was a scuffle and then management swept the whole thing under the carpet, as it were.
Lesson learned: Sanctimonious B-listers who scream enough always get their way.
Until their beards who don't like the unnecessary attention drop them faster than you can say, "Who's next on the conveyor belt?"
AND IT AIN'T: Lauren ConradJessica SimpsonJennifer Love Hewitt

Update 4/14/12 - Ted has also eliminated Zoe Saldana.

Top suspect: 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Four Sisters Blind Item #2

Here is our second blind item of our own.  Like last time, there will be no reveal.

Four Sisters Blind Item #2 

This married comedian just wrapped up filming a movie.  While we've heard he was neurotic, we were surprised to hear he was sexting a young woman on the set.  When she told a well-known producer on set about his antics, she was told this was nothing out of the ordinary.  In fact, he said that ordering strippers is more his thing.  

It's NOT: Paul Rudd, Vince Vaughn.