Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bonus Blind Vice: The Sad Tale of Strippa Rip-Ya

New from Ted today -

Jennifer Lopez~ Jennifer Lopez Poster~ Rare Poster!!~ Approx 24" x 35"Bonus Blind Vice: The Sad Tale of Strippa Rip-Ya

It's a horrible, unforgivable crime when a man hits a woman. But a tragedy that's perhaps even harder to swallow is why a woman sticks around after she's used like a punching bag. That's the horrific scene Strippa Rip-Ya—a woman who usually tells the dudes right where to get off—is now finding herself in.
Makes some amount of sense, sadly, because something's keeping that woman from being the ol' reliable show-stopper that once made her a controversial household word. Rip-Ya just doesn't shock and entertain quite as electrically as she used to.
And another problem is...
Strippa's friends are too afraid to tell her she should ditch her no-good man, pronto! They think she won't like hearing it (and also won't like finding out how many of her amigas are hip to the crap that's going down).
Jeez! We say go ahead and risk the fact that Strippa just may not like receiving that message, tough! Chance the damn friendship to save her soul (and possible life), we say. We also suggest Ms. R-Y heed this advice right around the same time she calls the cops.
But so far, Strippa's told the couple of friends she's discussed her domestic abuse with that it's "not that bad." And that he just "pushes me around once in awhile."
Two things: Strippa's pals suspect she is covering up, greatly, for how much abuse the talented performer really is having to endure. And they think it will only get worse.
They are correct. Get help now, Strippa. Please, we beg of you.

And It Ain't: Diane Lane, Beyoncé, Brooke Mueller

As of 3/3/12:
Eliminated for Strippa: Diane Lane, Beyonce, Brooke Mueller, Kelly Ripa, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Lea Michele, Lady Gaga, Oprah Winfrey, Dianna Agron, Celine Dion, Demi Moore, Mariah Carey, Gwen Stefani, Miranda Lambert, Brooke Burke, Megan Fox, Kendra Wilkinson, Natalie Portman, Heidi Klum.
Eliminated for Casear: Matthew Broderick, Mark Consuelos, Josh Kelley

8/13 - Ted says that SRY's husband is a celebrity, but does NOT have a BV nickname.
8/18 - Ted has given the husband a nickname - Caesar Anchovy-Arse.
12/3 - Ted says that SRY is a pop diva.
3/8 - Ted says that CAA is the father of SRY's children.

Please use the label below for a link to our posts on the other Strippa and Caesar BVs.

Top suspects: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony


blurry vice said...

post will be updated in a bit. e online has a bad link for this post so when I click to get the ret of the bv it doesn't com eup. hopefully will be fixed soon so we can read the rest

Kimstyle said...

It's ready :)

Stephanie said...

Christina Aguilera

Brittany said...

Janet Jackson, Christina Aguilera. Sounds like she's a singer.

blurry vice said...

Geez people I was updating bitch-backs while it was taking a while needed a few minutes

Heather said...

"that once made her a controversial household WORD"

Sounds like one of those one-name performers.

Haley said...

I think it's Carmen Electra. Ted says "she doesn't entertain as ELECTRICALLY as before". She's kind of faded out of the spotlight and her fiancé Robert Patterson from Korn just looks like he could be a violent guy.

Pale said...

I thought of Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey and Pamela Anderson.

Pale said...

Could it be Pink????

Even though I can picture her beating the crap out of some guy, she has always been controversial.

Olivia said...

The Carmen Electra guess is a good one...she did that stripper pole workout thing, didn't she? And Haley's electric observation seems a big clue.

J said...

I have seen the Pink guess several times but I would have to say no, she's on tour in Europe right now and I think her and Carey Hart's issues have always been about his sobriety. I like the Christina guess... the whole "household" name thing strikes me as a play on her drastic image changes from squeky clean to "stripped" to now mother. Her last couple albums have definately been non-contriversial.

Anonymous said...

I think it's Christina.

She has a song called Electric Chair, she's hispanic (hence her "amigas"), and she was definitely a controversial household word (Xtina when Dirty came out). And this is stretching it a little, but her first song, Genie in a Bottle, kinda told "dudes right where to get off".

Luckyduck said...

I like the Carmen Electra guess. She used to be uber popular. Ted didn't specify a husband, and she's not married to the guy yet, but they have been engaged for over a year. Rob Patterson used to play guitar for Korn--electric guitar? And the cluse fits her name. Eitherway, whoever it is needs to run!

Pale said...

I think I'll stick with my original "Jennifer Lopez" guess.

The "amigas" could mean she's latin.

Also, she and Brooke Mueller have twins. Beyonce is married to another singer she's collaborated with and J Lo is married to Marc and they've collaborated with each other.

Regarding the Diane Lane AIA...I'm still lost.

Heather said...

J-LO and Diane have both been actresses in movies.

J said...

Diane Lane has long been suspected of being a "battered wife" I'm pretty sure that her hubby's BV has something to do with him throwing her around. I'm guessing that's why her and Brooke Mueller are listed.

blurry vice said...

The Diane Lane AIA is there because she is the subject of a similar BV... see our links. Her husband is suepcted to be the abusive husband.

I agree with the Christina Aguilaera guess esp with "strippa" in the name... that one video she did she was a stripper. I also like the Pink guess. Definitely think this is more of a performer type... more of a singer than actress.

tory said...

I know this is probably way off, but my first instinct was Madonna. I can't find any other BVs about her, but I may not have looked back far enough. Is she still seeing the young model guy Jesus? The circumstances don't seem to fit her at all, but everything else does. I just can't imagine her letting a guy push her around. IDK..

Anonymous said...

I like the Christina Aguilaera guess. She had CD called Stripped & her last album wasn't much of a hit so maybe thats what he means when he said she "doesn't shock and entertain quite as electrically as she used to"

blurry vice said...

Also what about Gwen Stefani?

Jaclyn said...

My first thought was Madonna, too, but the other guesses make a lot of sense, too. Probably we'll just have to wait for more info to figure this one out.

The Spie said...

Blurry: Stefani sounds like a good option, and it got me to thinking. If the abuser in question is famous, he'd be more likely to get a BV name unless he's already a BV (witness the finessing in the last Shafterella blind). Considering that Stefani's and J-Ho's husbands are celebrities themselves, and neither Rossdale nor Skeletor have been major candidates for any BVs on their own prior to this, I think Ted would have given them a BV name.

Does that make any sense?

D said...

My guess: Shakira. Latina, one-name singer with an on-off relationship. Seems to fit the clues?

bekynd said...

I agree with the Christina guess - esp. with the "amiga" reference with her being Hispanic. So sad for her... :(

Megan said...

This doesn't really make sense to me because she really wasn't ever controversial but what about Jewel. I'm confused why he would say her friends would "save her soul" That's not the usual wording someone would use.

Megan said...

Also just reading through this again he never says "husband" and refers to her as MS. R-Y which leads me believe she is not actually married to the abuser.

mike said...

1. "a woman who usually tells the dudes right where to get off—is now finding herself in.
Makes some amount of sense, sadly, because something's keeping that woman from being the ol' reliable show-stopper that once made her a controversial household word"

- Christina / XTINA

2."Rip-Ya just doesn't shock and entertain quite as electrically as she used to."

Her last album was a total flop, and she did little promotion or effort into touring.

3."trippa's pals suspect she is covering up, greatly, for how much abuse the talented performer really is having to endure."

Definitely sounds like a singer, not an actress.

the Ms. could just be a typo. but interesting point.

Kate said...

I really like the Christina Aquilera idea. She used to be extremely controversial, back in her "Stripped" days.

hordac said...

My first thought was Pink. But I don't think she's off the radar currently, nor would I sayJLo is what with all the American Idol stuff now. I also don't think she's ever been all that controversial. Xtina and Carmen Electra seem most plausible to me of all the guesses brought out so far.

tara said...

Jenna Jameson ----> "used to telling guys right where to get off"

Margo said...

Tara...I thought the same thing after reading through this...her SO is latin...she tells guys where to get off, she isnt as controversial as she used to be (since retiring and having kids)...and is Ms since they are not married.

And the blow up between her and Tito a few months ago...or does this seem to obvious?

hordac said...

Wow, interesting guess! I guess you could say Jenna Jameson is/was a "talented performer" LOL!!

tara said...

yea it almost seems too obvious but when i read it everything points to her. and yes, many would call her "talented" lol

Coniglietta said...

I'm going to throw this out here: Rihanna.

After Chris Brown, she started dating. The last photos I've seen of her with her new BF, she looks really downtrodden. Not as sharp or "electric". Plus, there have been rumours of bust ups. Rated R wasn't received well. Arguably, she went into a bit of a tail spin after the Brown incident.

That and the whole Rip-Ya makes me think of her on stage persona.

blurry vice said...

Great guesses! I like the Jewel and Jenna Jameson guesses. Although it's already been admitted in the magazines that Tito has abused Jenna so that is not surprising if it's them. Could be though. As for Madonna, true she hasn't had a BV yet... I just don't see Jesus as abusive. ???

Spie yes good point .. Skeletor (LOL) or GR would have been given a name too unless he already had one but he doesn't.

Otherwise, Christina Aguilera and Pink still also top guesses. We definitely need more hints and eliminations though.

blurry vice said...

Thoughts - "controversial household word" - the controversial part makes me think Jenna Jameson. Although him using "word" instead of name makes me lean towards Pink.

ellelle26 said...

I think his reference to 'talented performer' completely rules Jenna Jameson out...unless he was being completely cheeky!

The Spie said...

ellelle: As a guy, let me assure you that all guys, regardless of sexuality, appreciate the particular talent that Jenna has exhibited over the years, and Jenna is very, very talented.

In fact, I've found over the years that the biggest fans of female adult performers are gay men, so it wouldn't be surprising that Ted would list her as a "talented performer". If you're still skeptical, remember that Ted's admitted to liaisons with women in the past, so he has experience on that side of the aisle.

I'm not ready to eliminate her just yet, but I still think this is Xtina.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Regarding Strippa Rip-Ya, you have an obligation as a human being to report abuse (even if it's just suspected)! If you don't speak up, your hands would not be clean if, heaven forbid, something worse happened! Silence allows these kind of things to continue! Out the abuser or go to the police!

Dear Wants Justice:
I have not seen Strippa's man shove her around. This is what her worried friends are telling me. In a court of law, which is exactly where this type of behavior should be ultimately be judged, I would have to have direct knowledge myself to put forth the accusations. This is where a gossip column comes in handy—to hopefully encourage the folks who do have direct knowledge of Strippa's unfortunate situation to spill. Let's hope they do."

Caz1310 said...

Oh Spie & Tara, LOL at your JJ comments. Very well "put" so to speak. I'm with you in thinking that this is Christina, for all the reasons already noted. Whoever it is, I hope they find the strength to get out of such a horrible situation. And listen to their friends.

GoddessNow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GoddessNow said...

I agree with the J-Lo guesses. Her involvement with P Diddy and the shooting incident,she could have potentially lost her life. Diddy also has a daughter named,Chance. "Controversial" may be her style of dressing.

remyfire said...

I am with those who say Christina Aguilera. My first thought was her...the name rhymes with aguilera and the stripper tie in as she was at the height of her fame when 'stripped' came out. She was known as Christina, like Britney Spears is known as 'Britney' thats were the one word household name comes in...

LadyTudorRose said...

I would say it would have to be either Pink or Christina.

Jenna Jameson was known to have been in an abusive (or at least temperamental) relationship so the clues don't really fit her as we can all imagine it being her.

Madonna seems believable simply because of the "household word" thing which fits her or Pink better than Christina who has used one name but usually uses two. The problem with Madonna is timing. She's been very busy recently. She's been directing a movie in Europe for weeks now and she was doing promotional pictures and stuff for her clothing line. One thing I have noticed from the recent paparazzi pics of her is that while working she is surrounded by people but not Jesus. You will see her with her kids, hangers-on, people involved with the movie, etc., but I think Jesus has been in Brazil or something recently.

Of course, I think timing is an issue with Pink, too, but I haven't seen as much about her on the gossip sites so I'm less sure. I suppose I would be more inclined to think of her than Madonna because I have heard that there has been some level of tension with Carey over the years though supposedly it got better recently. They were even divorced and then remarried or something.

Plus I would rule out both Pink and Madonna because of the comment, "Rip-Ya just doesn't shock and entertain quite as electrically as she used to." Pink's last album did pretty well and Madonna hasn't recorded an album for a while but her last one did well and her last tour was really successful. So that fits Christina better than anyone else. Everyone knows her most recent CD totally bombed.

So does the "Strippa" thing. The main thing against her is the "household word" comment which I suppose could fit Christina. But it fits Madonna better and Pink probably best of all given Pink is not just a single name but a word as well.

Pale said...

Another entertainer who has only one name is Fergie.

Could it be her?

Pale said...

Dear Ted:
Is Strippa Rip-Ya married? And is her man a celebrity as well?

Dear Rip-Ya Heart Out:
Yes and yes.


Ok, that narrows it down. I would say it's either J Lo (my original guess), Fergie or even Gwen Stefani.

The Spie said...

Well, I hate it when my theories get blown to bits. However, I did cover myself. I did say that if the abuser was a celeb, the fact that Ted didn't give him a BV name might be due to the fact that he already has one. There's one candidate that fits that bill perfectly, and we've been wondering about her husband's BV for a while now.

Someone needs to ask Ted in a creative way what the nature of Josh Duhamel's BV is. If it's violent behavior, we may have a pattern here.

Tara said...

I have a really hard time believing this is Fergie. Recently I spent all evening with them at a private wedding, and they were loving towards eachother, kind, and very friendly with the guests and family, especially him. That may not mean anything at all because what happens behind closed doors is completely different, but since there is one degree of separation between myself and the couple, from everything I have heard, her inner circle adores Josh and he is the kind of dude you would want to sit and have a beer with. He literally knelt down to my son and had a 5 minute conversation about Transformers with him. Would not normally blab that, but I just have been around them in a personal way and they both seem very happy.

That said, I am working on the Jennifer Lopez theory. There is something off about her right now. And he makes the hairs on the back of my neck stick up.

Heather said...

I'm with the J.Lo guess right now too. We need to come up with a sneaky question that doesn't mention her but could eliminate/confirm her depending on how Ted answers.

Pale said...

JLo was my first guess (as you can see above). I still think it's her.

I remember reading before that Marc was very possessive and jealous and didn't let her do much.

Maybe we should ask Ted if Rip-Ya has collaborated with Fey Oiled-Tush. Remember that they danced together in the awards this year?

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is Strippa Rip-Ya married? And is her man a celebrity as well?

Dear Rip-Ya Heart Out:
Yes and yes."

blurry vice said...

So... Christina Scag-ulera's hubby probably out... he is some type of producer but wouldn't call him a celeb. And Jenna Jameson although I liked that theory, is not married to Tito. Also Madonna is now out of the running too.

I do like the Fergie guess ... and yes we do need to get to the bottom of the Josh Duhamel BV.

Interesting that the husband is a celeb and wasn't given a name. Either he's not significant/famous enough to GET a name... OR he already has a name.

Also J Lo. What about Pink... I know her and her husband were divorced but didn't they get back together? Are they definitely NOT married anymore or are they? Do we even consider her motocross man a celeb?

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this fully eliminates Christina. Yes her husband is a producer, but people know him by name and he's in the industry. Maybe that explains why he's famous but doesn't get his own name? He's not famous enough?
Maybe a question about kids is in order?
If you can phrase it right, you've got
Fergie - none
Christina - one
J Lo - two

The Spie said...

No, I'd say Xtina was eliminated with the celebrity remark. You really, really have to make a name for yourself as a producer to be a celebrity. Mutt Lange, for instance, was a celebrity before he married Shania Twain, but he produced some of the biggest acts in music (e.g. Def Leppard). That's the sign of a celebrity, when you're better known for your work than for your spouse, even if that work is simply famous for being famous. Xtina's husband doesn't qualify on that basic test.

When Ted says that he's a celebrity, our abuser qualifies for a BV name. That's Ted's basic standard. That means that the best reason why he doesn't have one in this blind is that he already is a BV. I think we need to ask Ted straight out whether Skeletor is a BV. If yes, then J-Ho is the main candidate for this. If no, then it's Fergie.

inbloom said...

I still like C. Aguilera for this one. Her husband is bordering on what I would call a celeb... but everything else screams her to me about this one.
From the name (Ted said her always assigns them a name that has some bearing on their vice/who they are) and Strippa Rip-Ya? Her album was Stripped, she stripped for it, she was in everyone's face about how "dirty" she was, and she was totally trying to go for a girl-power type of thing at the same time. Many of her songs had girl-powerish type of lyrics.
J.Lo was many things but she wasn't "controversial". Nor Fergie. I can't see Pink taking that kind of s*** off a guy, but Aguilera - I could.
And Christina has not been a show stopper for a few years now, and I could see this being her because of the "amigas" reference.

The AIA's are interesting though. We know Brooke and Charlie's history, and I've heard rumors about Diane Lane and Josh Brolin, but Beyonce - hmm. Inneresting.

Christina R. Keelan said...

Does anyone else think that there is something sorta sick about guessing who is an abusive husband/partner? I mean, I love guessing blinds as much as the next of us... But something seems seriously unfair about this one. We have so many people who are options (and who knows how close to even guessing the actual "strippa")so it's really not fair to the people who are incorrect guesses....saying someone "looks" like they could be abusive is an extremely ignorant comment....Just sayin..... <3

Anonymous said...

I think all of the AIAs point to J-Lo:

Diane - constant "whispers" of Josh being abusive, as with Marc/Skeletor

Beyonce - married to person with whom she's recorded a song, as with J-Lo and Skeletor

Brooke - mother of twins, as J-Lo is.

Any rumors of past substance abuse issues for Skeletor, like Charlie Sheen? If not, then Brooke being the mom to twins is the only reason she's listed as an AIA.

Tara said...

Some potential email questions for Ted:

Are SRY and her husband both in the same profession?

Does SRY have a child?

Is SRY a solo performer or part of an ensemble?

Have SRY and her husband been in the tabloids for a rumored indiscretion in the last year?

Has SRY ever performed on stage with Fey Oiled Tush?

Could SRY be considered a triple threat (sing, act, dance)?

Has SRY ever won one of the major performance awards?

Does SRY have a fragrance named after her?

That's all I got right now ladies:) Let's infiltrate the AT inbox with these questions and more so there's a better chance we will get through. Though they may ignore emails from me since that last BB elim was my email.

Also, there is a new tara on the board, spelled with a lowercase t. That's not me too!! No offense to her, just want to note that we r two different peeps.

Caz1310 said...

Wow Tara - sitting with Fergie & Josh at a wedding is pretty cool. And that he spoke to your son. Nice to hear that they seem Ok. I'm back on the J-Lo angle. Skeletor does seem very controlling.

cassandra said...

random guess, but maybe avril lavigne??? her first name alone is pretty synonymous with her as a performer and i think brody was a past bv so it makes sense that his name wouldnt be used

cassandra said...

just saw the post about being married. isnt she still technically married to dereck whibley though??

a said...

Dear Ted:
Has Christina Aguilera ever been a Blind Vice? Maybe recently?

Dear Genie in a Blind:
Not recently. Years, actually.

Read more: http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/the_awful_truth/b194161_bitch-back_will_angelina_jolie_ever_do.html#ixzz0vvjoUznX

...So Ted just notted Christina.

hordac said...

So, married, famous husband. We are left with JLo as a top suspect IMHO.

Pale said...

I love when I guess things, nobody agrees and then everybody realizes that my guess was actually good after all! :-D

I will ask Ted a few questions regarding SRY.

Tara said...

Bethj: Ted may be referring to how Charlie has recently held a knife to Brooke's throat, which is why he has had all the legal trouble right now (domestic violence charges).

Caz: It was cool, I had already met her but he was really friendly, even showing us pics of his twin niece and nephew. Celebs often ignore children so it was really refreshing to see them behaving as though they are "regular" I guess you would say.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Has Christina Aguilera ever been a Blind Vice? Maybe recently?

Dear Genie in a Blind:
Not recently. Years, actually."

blurry vice said...

cassandra - avril is definitely divorced and is dating brody jenner.

cassandra said...

ya i thought the divorce wasnt finalized yet, just filed and since he wrote the abuser as her "man" rather than husband i thought it could be brody, but i dont really think it fits either of them, just a guess. idk i dont think this is a huge star like fergie or jlo though. have jenna jameson and her husband divored yet?? i think she was the best guess

cassandra said...

another random thought i had on this was chynna phillips? shes married to william baldwin and they recently had some marital problems. also she is now a born-again christian which maybe relates to the soul saving thing and she has a lot of close hollywood friends like carnie/wendy wilson and her step siblings. the name kind of resembles hers also, chynna:rip-ya. as far as her performing, wilson phillips was popular in the 90's and apparently her songs from her solo album were in the movie striptease so maybe thats the strippa reference? i could relate her to the AIA's also but ill wait in case this thought gets torn to shreds

Tara said...

Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz are not married, they just have kids together.

Tara said...

Referring to Beyonce, though we shouldn't hold much stock in his AIAs, could be a reference to her being a curvaceous woman/singer/rumored diva. That is my thought on if there were a clue in that reference.

Jolie said...

I agree on the JLo guess. Marc gives me a bad vibe and my vibes are almost always right. Something is just not right in that marriage

Anonymous said...

Tara: Yeah, knew about the DV, but also wondered about any substance abuse issues, too. Oh, well. :)

I do still like J-Lo for this. Even if Ted only included Beyonce for the 'curvacious' aspect, the collaboration aspect could still apply.

Oh! Just thought of this... perhaps another part of the Brooke AIA is that Brooke's husband was married to someone before her and had kids with her, as did Marc before he and J-Lo were married.

Caz1310 said...

The more I think about this the more I unfortunately think this is JLo and Skeletor. Look at the body language in all the photos - she's posing, there is zero affection between them and he never smiles. Unless it's for photo shoots. He doesn't have any warmth & kindness in his eyes. The light has gone out of her eyes. She really did glow in her old photos. You can tell a lot about a person from their eyes.

The Spie said...

Tara-with-a-capital-T: I've got dangly bits, so...well, not a lady here.

I still think we need to know if Skeletor's ever been a BV. The fact that the abuser is a celebrity but isn't given a BV name is bugging the heck out of me. Something just seems very wrong about that, given Ted's body of work. If MA has been a BV, then I'd be a lot firmer about anointing J-Ho as this one.

Tara said...

Tee hee Spie--Excusez-moi! Because of your senior posting, I assumed you were one of the sisters. I would like to commend you on your knowledge of and interest in celeb gossip. Yay for dangly bits on this board:)

So adding to the list of sleuthy questions for Ted, we have:

Has Marc Anthony ever been a BV? If so, can you give us a hint as to what his vice pertains to?


Have Strippa Rip Ya and her no good man ever collaborated together professionally?

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
In the Blind Vices, are the names you give the subjects a clue to their identity? For example, in the sad tale of Strippa Rip-Ya, I am reminded of Kelly Ripa. I'm sure it is not her; Mark would not live to see the light of day if he tried anything like that!

Dear Clued In?
You are correct, ain't Kelly. What good would I be without a red herring every once in a while, wonder-puss?"

Anonymous said...

alomst 99% certain it's JLO...sounds like something a latina would say..not that bad..Hubby is known as a firecracker and possessive...
Amigas..maybe leah remini...the couples are close and leah remini has been doing the rounds for press..how convenient this just came out

Caz1310 said...

Far out brussel sprout. Spie I also thought you were one of the sisters due to your exemplary & stellar insight knowledge of all things celebrity. Forgive my prejudgment. I mean that in a nice way and no disrespect to anyone male or female! I love this site. I just looked at a thread on AT Bitch Back on Robsten that went for 572 (yes 572) posts and 99% of it was utter rubbish. The 1% worthy was my post telling them all to get a life (hee hee). Never again. I like that there's regulars here and lots a newbies who all contribute worthy & interesting things. Yay everyone on this site.

blurry vice said...

will edit for J Lo as our top suspect for now...
hopefully Ted gives us some eliminations or clues soon

sistah2 said...

Hey there all its nice to be back. I say Fergie or JLO. I like the chynna P. guess too. These BV's might not be superstars, they could be C listers like her. we need more clues from Ted. Creepy BV though.

Pale said...

Dear Ted:
I was wondering if you could share more on Strippa Rip-Ya. Is she a woman who clearly outshines her husband in the looks department, or would you say they're both as electrifying to look at?

Dear Glam Squad:
Strippa is hands-down better-looking than her hubby. Better personality too, obviously. Total bummer what's happening. Hope someone who can takes action soon.


And again, as I've been saying for days, I still think it's Jennifer Lopez.

The Spie said...

Pale: There may be a delay, but let one of the Sisters post Bitch-Back material. It helps eliminate double-posting. But you're right, that last entry sure makes it sound like Lopez. "Hands-down better-looking" and "better personality" points right toward her and Skeletor.

Pale said...

The Spie: I am very sorry. I never knew that only the sisters posted the "Bitch-back" answers. I will wait next time. Thank you for letting me know.

And yes, Skeletor always looks like he's in a bad mood and is NOT good on the eyes - lol.

blurry vice said...

Won't post it... saw it was here! Yeo J Lo and SKELETOR!!!!

cassandra said...

just read a buzzfoto blind item about a c-list couple creating a bunch of fake gossip about themselves including stories about abuse. made me think of this blind..

The Spie said...

cassandra: Ted is actually a pretty accomplished journalist. He tries to source his material before publishing. Due to his position, he can't do proper journalism as per multiple sources and such, but he still tries. This is why he, Lainey, and Janet Charlton are considered trustworthy by the gossip community.

That being said, if Ted is Gossip Boy's Big Mouth Billy, Ted's been burned recently, and that would make him a little more gun-shy about being conned by a C-List couple, which makes it more likely that there's no linkage between the BuzzFoto blind and this one. One bitten, twice shy and all that.

Also, one of the leading candidates for the BuzzFoto blind is Speidi, and we know that Ted invented Hilly Ho-Tox to get around E! Online's blanket ban on anything to do with Spencer and Heidi.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Why doesn't Strippa Rip-Ya's hubby have a B.V. name? Obviously, this describes his vice, being abusive to his wife. Does that mean he already has one in the archives?

Dear Strippa'd of His Name:
'Cause, honestly, if Strippa leaves his sorry ass—which, at least at this point, it sadly doesn't look like she'll do—I hope we'll never have to hear of him again. I see no point in giving this loser a moniker. Remember, they're ultimately a compliment!"

blurry vice said...

The above letter is a big hint - tells us that the husband, although h is a celeb, does NOT have a BV nickname (yet). So it's not Josh Duhamel... NOT Fergie.

Seems like Marc Anthony is the guy ... J Lo still top suspect!!!

The Spie said...

I think it's more important now that we find out if Skeletor's ever been a BV. If he has, then J-Ho's been eliminated from this. Eliminating the main candidate is usually more important than confirming one, which is why we're currently going insane regarding Twyla and Terry.

If that happens, of course, we'll be driven equally crazy. We're at dead ends right now regarding Jiggly Wiggle-Poof, No-Beave Steve, and Princess Gold-Zinger due to the eliminations of the people we were certain were them. I'd rather be in that place, though, than caught in the Twilight Tiger Trap.

Rita, Montreal said...

Wow! it can not be any clearer!
It is Jennifer Lopez:
Dear Ted:
I don't agree with your decision to not give a moniker to Strippa Rip-Ya's abuser. You have an army of readers on high alert for details about our favorite suspect's behavior. Just what Strippa needs: the stress of our guessing games. I say, shift this focus from Strippa onto her abuser. Let him worry about the Bitch-Back comments. Let him stay up at night wondering if all those brains finally put it all together. Let him feel the gaze of all those eyes watching his every move. Let him have to answer questions and issue denials. Instead of making her life worse, make his life worse. Give this abuser a B.V. name and let him suffer the consequences of his own actions. Shame him, not her.
Dear Rip-Ya to Pieces:
OK, his name is Caesar Anchovy-Arse and he sometimes smells like he looks.

Caesar = Marc-Anthony (Cleopatra reference)

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I don't agree with your decision to not give a moniker to Strippa Rip-Ya's abuser. You have an army of readers on high alert for details about our favorite suspect's behavior. Just what Strippa needs: the stress of our guessing games. I say, shift this focus from Strippa onto her abuser. Let him worry about the Bitch-Back comments. Let him stay up at night wondering if all those brains finally put it all together. Let him feel the gaze of all those eyes watching his every move. Let him have to answer questions and issue denials. Instead of making her life worse, make his life worse. Give this abuser a B.V. name and let him suffer the consequences of his own actions. Shame him, not her.

Dear Rip-Ya to Pieces:
OK, his name is Caesar Anchovy-Arse and he sometimes smells like he looks."

steph148 said...

That was a pretty big hint...

Caesar --> Mark Antony --> Marc Anthony

Pale said...

And I had been saying that it was Marc all along....interesting to see that I was most probably right.

I feel bad for JLo, I don't know why she doesn't leave him.

Tara said...

Steph148 I thought of the same connection. Caesar's rival for the succession of power was Mark Antony (Marcus Antonius), which is a clear hint. When Ted hates someone, his clues suddenly become much less vague and on the verge of a reveal--not just for punishment but maybe to help Jennifer.

I think Jen's self esteem was shot after Ben, being that he might have cheated on her with the stripper. If she was looking for a Prince Charming, he swooped in and "saved" her.....her not realizing what she was in store for until it was much too late. The worst part is, they have two small children. So will they be subject to the same abuse, or what will they (if they have not already) witness? It is crazy how us "normal" people think these celebs have amazing and luxurious lives, when the price they pay sometimes is much greater than the amount of their paycheck is worth.

Good work, everyone:)

Rita, Montreal said...

To Tara & Steph
A few years back, before having the twins, there was talk that Jennifer would be leaving Marc. It would've been her 3rd divorce, after also dumping Ben Affleck (they were engaged to be married), and hooking up with Marc Anthony while he was still married to Diana Torres (they have 2 children together). He married Jennifer 4DAYS after his divorce was finalized.

That being said, her PR people told her to tough it out, because of the public's view of her. the way she had disregarded commitments, whether her own marriages, or other women's.

The whold think all of a sudden went away. All media outlets were saying that they have worked on their relationship, etc.

Personnally, quite unfortunately, I would have at the time quite severely judged her if she had left Marc Anthony. At the time, she was losing credibility, and was quoted as saying that «if you are not 100% always happy in a relationship, you should just leave». I thought that was selfish, for all relationship go through ups and downs.

If this blind proves to be true, I would feel really awful. That girl should've left a long time ago.

Also know this, a lot of über-macho men who are attracted to strong independent women, try in the long run not to nurture that independence and personnal success, but to belittle it for there is only one money-maker in the relationship, which still is unfortunately viewed as having the bigger dick.

Some use verbal abuse, some physical, some learn to live with it, some quit. The physical, IS ALWAYS UNACCEPTABLE.

The Spie said...

Well, technically, Julius Caesar's rivals for power didn't include Mark Antony, since Antony owed everything to Caesar; Antony was Caesar's ever-loyal subordinate. Unless you mean Augustus Caesar, in which case, yeah, "rivals" would be sort of understating the case. But the connection still stands.

And that, of course, makes me doubt a little that this is J-Ho and Skeletor. This is almost Hilly Ho-Tox-level obvious. Ted usually leaves a little ambiguity, but given the situation...I'm overthinking this again, aren't I? We pretty much had it down to the right candidate without the clues. Throwing a curveball like this doesn't invalidate that work.

Rita, Montreal said...

Also, Ted had always a clear dislike for JLo's husband, always calling him the little waiter, baggage boy, etc. Never understood why he showed so much despise to the little man, thought because JLo deserved someone with more flash to twinkle her star. What do you think?

Tara said...

I stand corrected, Spie. For myself, personally, the first thing I thought of when I read Caesar was Marc Antony. Now, my historical accuracy may have gotten muddled, but the connection (regardless of rival or loyal subordinate) is undeniable, IMO.

Ted has hatred for HHT, and that is why you are seeing a similar pattern here. Ted Hates CAA, and wants us to know he is an abuser. I think Ted is pushing the envelope on this one, due to the need for immediate attention, almost calling him out to say we know what you are doing, and if you don't stop, you will be exposed for what you are. If it gets worse, someone close to her is going to start talking, to save her and help the children.

Caz1310 said...

Do any of you also think it odd that Ted hid the CAA name right in the bowels of a bitch back post? Why would he have not given him his own BV? Is he wanting to not be so obvious out of respect and consideration for JLo?

Rita, Montreal said...

Caz - I think he has been receiving a lot of negative comments on this Blind, as well as pressure to do the responsible thing and reveal a wife-beater's name.

Probably by now, he is regretting ever getting out this blind, and would want it to be resolved soon.

Let's hope in a good and helpful way.

blurry vice said...

Caz - not necessarily. He did that with Dashed Dingle Dream and also Grey Goose (I believe). Sometimes people ask him to give the boyfriend a name and he come sup with one in bitch backs.

ellyjelly said...

Hi, a newbie here...
I just wanted to comment that if one reads Anchovy-Arse reversed Arse Anchovy out loud... well, there's no doubt it's Marc Anthony.

Pale said...


I picked up the clue on "Ceasar" but I didn't even think about switching the names. You hit the nail on the head!

Good job!

Tara said...

I did not understand what good that would do ,ellyjelly, until I said it to myself out loud! Wow, that really does seem like a blatant outing. Could the hatred really be causing him to be so blatant? It's almost like the dude's BV name is Shark Manthony.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Have Caesar Anchovy-Arse's people contacted you yet and threatened with lawsuits? This would perfectly prove that your Vice is real, and stinky Caesar will watch his step and leave his woman alone.

Dear Arse Up:
No, because as far as he's concerned, he's got nothing to worry about."

"Dear Ted:
Every time a J.Lo jam comes on, I have to dance. Whenever The Wedding Planner is on, I put the remote down and settle in for some goodness. I'm a J.Lo megafan. I was heartbroken when Ben Affleck and Jennifer broke up, and I was incredibly confused when she went running to Marc Anthony. Something seems off with the two of them. Is my love for Bennifer blinding me to what's really there between Jen and Marc, or is something missing?

Dear Loopy for Lopez:
Love the saucy diva too, R, so you're not alone there, but let me just say I'm shocked that the original Bennifer still has loyal fans. Which is why it pains me to say that while there was plenty more heat between Jenny from the block and her one-time Boston babe, she's way more in love with Marc. No matter how icky I sometimes think he is."

blurry vice said...

xtina aguilera

"Dear Ted:
I am so not intending for this to come off the wrong way, but what the heck happened to well-toned Christina Aguilera? There is such a big change in her appearance, and while everyone is saying how curvier her body has become if she weren't in that dress and in a pair of shorts or jean, it would clearly be evident that she has put on some significant poundage. Clearly she was or someone was trying to play down her shape with her big hair, clown makeup, spray on tan and flowing dress. Is she OK?

Dear XL-Tina Lover:
I'm sure the diva appreciates your worry, but she's beautiful no matter what they say. Whatever Xtina's stylist was trying to hide with that dress, poundage or orange spray spots, we're glad it's on the DL, but this blondie always bounces back. Whatever end of the yo-yo diet she's on this month, you can bet that no one can out-sing her. It's only over when the pretty (not fat) lady can't sing."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
With all the splits announced this week, you must be just burning with B.V. hints to spill. Frankly, I don't care that much about Courteney and David (boring), but I would love a little dirt on the other two. There was some speculation that Christina Aguilera was Strippa Rip-Ya...Could that have anything to do with her marriage melting down? Make my day and give me a little something!

Dear Rip-Ya Lata:
Xtina had all the control in that relaysh, C. Strippa she was not. Far juicier dirt coming from the totally "boring" twosome of D and Court."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Your constant support of animal rescue convinced me to rescue my aussie/dane Kelso (as in Michael, not Bob) With the current outbreak of divorce in Hollywood, my thoughts went back to Strippa Rip-Ya. How is she doing? Kelso and I are concerned and hoping that someone rescued her!

Dear Rip-Ya a New One:
Publicly? Better than ever. Privately? Same old s--t. Wish there were more I could do for the gal. Kisses to Kelso, sounds like a lucky pup!"

Krystal said...
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Krystal said...
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blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Does Strippa Rip-Ya also like the ladies, too? And has she bedded any famous females?

Dear Fantasy Land:
Nope, sorry babe. As if her husband would even let her do that."

Pale said...

And as I suggested J Lo back in August, I think I am right as he just added her to his vice gallery today :)

Michelle said...

Yup, Pale, was just coming to mention it to. And he said her Vice was "stunning". Gotta be her.


Anonymous said...

Any chance this could be Britney, rather than J-Lo? There are stories today about Jason Alexander (that guy she married in Vegas) recording phone conversations where she said her current bf beat her.

Susan said...

J Lo makes sense - Marc Anthony is totally obviously Cesar Anchovy-Arse. You know, like the original Marc Anthony and Cesar, back in AD 5 or BC 50 or whatever. Also, his two other eliminations are of the hispanic persuasion. Maybe abuse is what caused them to break up the first time, pre-Bennifer.

blurry vice said...

New BV SS gallery -

"Please welcome, Jennifer Lopez, Tony Parker and Elizabeth Banks.

Since Eva Longoria was inducted last round, we thought it was only fair to put her soon-to-be ex-hubby in there also. Sometimes it takes two to vice.

As for Liz Banks, her Vice ain't nothing new in Hollywood (and certainly wouldn't make you think that differently of her), but she seems to be a fan favorite. As for Lopez, that one might be slightly more stunning. A lot more stunning, actually."

Read more: http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/the_awful_truth/b213648_blind_vice_oscar_bait_plus_superstars.html#ixzz16tr1Yv2m

Jazzygirl08 said...

update: Ted has eliminated britney Spears.
Dear Ted:
Is Britney Spears Strippa Rip-ya? I just read reports that her sleazy-looking boyfriend is beating her.

Dear Nice Shot:
Man, is everyone jumping the gun with these recent reports about Brit getting the beat down from her agent-turned-bf Jason Trawick. Her camp calls the tale total fiction—didn't you hear?—and plans to take legal action. Come on now, Star reports then Radar follows with supposed audio of Britney spilling the beans to her ex-husband (of 55 hours) Jason Alexander. That voice is believable (even though it's not), but we'll just sit back and continue to watch those reps shut this one down all the same. As for Brit having shady personal moments? Sure. But being Strippa Rip-ya, that's a no. Not a bad guess, though. Still, this whole Star

Read more: http://www.eonline.com/#ixzz16zkkUZaF

Jazzygirl08 said...

story ain't happening.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is Britney Spears Strippa Rip-ya? I just read reports that her sleazy-looking boyfriend is beating her.

Dear Nice Shot:
Man, is everyone jumping the gun with these recent reports about Brit getting the beat down from her agent-turned-bf Jason Trawick. Her camp calls the tale

total fiction—didn't you hear?—and plans to take legal action. Come on now, Star reports then Radar follows with supposed audio of Britney spilling the beans

to her ex-husband (of 55 hours) Jason Alexander. That voice is believable (even though it's not), but we'll just sit back and continue to watch those reps

shut this one down all the same. As for Brit having shady personal moments? Sure. But being Strippa Rip-ya, that's a no. Not a bad guess, though. Still, this

whole Star story ain't happening."

"Dear Ted:
I'm totally against abuse and keeping quiet so I really want to figure out who Strippa Rip-Ya is. Pop diva or ragin' rock star? Love you and your column!
—Mary Jane

Dear Ya Ya Sisterhood:
Pop diva definitely. And she knows it."

blurry vice said...

""Dear Ted:
Does Strippa Rip-Ya have kids? I think we're in pretty sketchy territory if she does. How can crime so horrendous continue to be covered up, even if they are

rich and famous? Aren't there friends (or at the very least, managers/handlers with a vested interest) looking out for the welfare of Strippa and possibly

her kids? She's a star in her own right, unlike Mel Gibson's ex. Why can't she just kick him out? Has Caesar really isolated and abused her to the point that

she doesn't have the confidence to leave him?

Dear Ripped Off:
You'd be surprised what can get covered up in this town if you try hard enough. Sure, people know about what's going on behind closed doors but nobody is

quite sure what to do about it. Especially since Strip herself won't fess up. It's all very sad."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Just saw a pic of the new American Idol cast (is that what you call the judges), what in the world is going on with J Lo? She is looking (almost) Angie skinny, I can't imagine she still has the "junk in the trunk" with bones poking from her body.

Dear Baby Don't Got Back:
Stress from the new gig? Stress from her Superstar-status Vice? One or both or who knows!"

Caz1310 said...

What about the articles just coming out indicating JLo took the Idol gig to pay Marc's tax bill! If true, along with the domestic violence rumours...what the hell? She must almost be at breaking point. Some recent photos show there is no light in her eyes. She doesn't appear truly happy. Why can't he work to pay his own darn bill? What does he have over her (real or imagined) preventing her from leaving him - he's a waste of space. What a sponge.

Kristen said...

I saw this short article that made me think of this Blind Vice, in a really horrible way:


One particularly painful quote from J.Lo herself:

"I say, 'Listen! I will kill you, you understand, I am from New York, my husband fights, we both fight, we will beat you up after the show'"

Anonymous said...

The new in touch weekly has jlo confessing about her explosive marital fights. The title is "my kids saved me". It sounds like she is saying they fOught befOre kids but not anymore.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
If Strippa Rip-Ya is who I think she is, she is everywhere these days. How is she holding up? Has her scumbag of a husband laid off or does he just know how to hit where the cameras won't see? Spousal abuse is a serious thing, and I think everyone is concerned about this individual especially if the jerk of a husband takes things too far. If this is well-known enough to reach the gossip circles, I hope she has someone close enough to her who will help!

Dear Mama Don't Preach:
Strippa just keeps cashing her checks (and, yes, she's had a lot lately). That's what makes her happiest."

ttownelizabeth said...

He did a new stripps vice. I def thing it is J.Lo now.

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
Could Strippa-Rip-Ya be considered a goddess? If so, despite the bad situation she seems to be in, do you think she'll decide that she's had enough at some point and ditch the little twerp?

Dear Gracious Goddess:
Strippa could for sure be considered a goddess in some countries. In her hubby's world, however, she seems to be the twerp. As holier than thou as she may seem, she ain't strong enough to get up and leave. There's too much baggage, way too much."

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
Are Strippa Rip-Ya and Caesar Anchovy-Arse Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton? My Texas roots feels like I got this and my tired dog perked up when I

mentioned it. Close?

Dear Howdy, Hell No:
No. Trust me, your Texas roots won't help you with this one doll! They are not a fiery, Southern pair. Sorry, not even some really smart pups could figure

these two out!

Dear Ted:
I've been thinking about Strippa Rip-Ya and her sad tale. Would she be hesitant to leave her abusive hubby because she's afraid of what people would say, by

any chance? Have her previous relationship choices and failures been widely discussed in the press?
Dear Sad:
We feel you. Wish Strippa could grow a pair and just leave the douche, but I feel like it is likely situation where she still loves him rather than one where

she's afraid to leave for bad press. And yes, her breakups have always made the front page."