Friday, August 6, 2010

Blind Vice: The TV Cast That Vices Together, Stays Together!

New from Ted today...

The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Second SeasonBlind Vice: The TV Cast That Vices Together, Stays Together!

Here's an Awful Truth first: This entire friggin' cast is in on the Vice! But instead of focusing on the entire group, we decided to introduce you to the three biggest troublemakers, 'cause we know they'll be making future appearances.
So let's welcome Buella Bland, Kelly Guten-Shoes and Drew Smolder 'n' Such to our Vicey vault for some truly Teddy O'Bong-type behavior...
But before we get to the ganja goodness, let's set the scene for this trio and their night out on the town. See, Buella, Kelly and Drew work extra hard to maintain their fame. Trust, it's a full-time gig aside from their full-time jobs as, you know, actors.
So it's only fair that when the trio clocks out from another long day on the 9 to 5 (or whatever hours they happen to be shooting their sometimes-sexy scenes), they get a little R and R.
And when they relax, they always bring along the rest of the folks they work with. Thoughtful, don't you think? So refreshing to see a cast (and crew, no less) full of folks who actually like each other—whether Vice-induced or not.
On this particular night, BB, KGS and DS2 took the gang out to celebrate one of their fave directors, and where better to create some mildly wild memories than a strip club? Dudes and ladies, alike, packed the place to peep some babes grinding on the pole and flashing their hoo-has.
And when that director—who, no doubt, has just as much reason to need some dubious downtime as his star threesome—innocently asked the cast if anyone might happen to have a little bit of weed, the answer was a resounding hell yes!
Buella, Kelly and Drew even had pipes and other paraphernalia on ‘em—because there's nothing like kickin' back with some g-string types and some not-quite-legal smokes...not when you're young and hot, that is, which they totally are.
See, we're not exactly surprised by this kind of behavior from Kell and Drew, totally chill if you know what we mean, but Buella, on the other hand, can be a downright bitch. Tightass, too.
With all that pot puffin', you'd think her nasty ‘tude would improve, but no. Jeez!

And It Ain't: The Office, Gossip Girl, 30 Rock
* Top suspects: The cast of Vampire Diaries

*Proven by timeline of when Ian Somerhalder was and was not a Blind Vice: The cast of Vampire Diaries.

(one of the males is definitely Ian Somerhalder.  See comments section for reader Spie's proof of this timeline.)

Also included in this BV: Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley


blurry vice said...

First thought - Glee. ??? Lea Michele could be used again since her old name was revealed.

tory said...

Glee was my first thought too!

Anonymous said...

It says "sometimes sexy" though.
Glee is a good guess and I like the Lea Michele part, but I'm not completely sure. I guess that would make Kelly and Drew, Cory Monteith and the guy who plays Puck? (his name escapes me right now) or maybe the guy who plays Will?
It has to be a young cast given the "you know, actors" line.
Off the top of my head other *young* casts/teen shows would be Vampire Diaries, FNL, Pretty Little Liars, reality shows? (Jersey Shore, The City), Gossip Girl (who would be the prime suspect if Ted didn't AIA it)...
Glee seems a better fit than all of those.

Unknown said...

Glee was my first thought too because the uptightness of one them - Lea Michele

Unknown said...

Glee was my first thought too because the uptightness of one them - Lea Michele

Kate said...

I was thinking possibly Vampire Diaries, because Smolder reminded me a bit of 'Somerhalder,' but I've heard that Nina is super sweet.

I like the 90210 guess. I don't know much about Glee, but due to Lea's past BV, it sounds like her as well.

I know some AIA's aren't clues, but is there any connection between the three AIAs?

Tara said...

I am also feeling 90210 on this! The uptight one may be Shenae Grimes?

Although nothing says smolder like Ian Somerhalder! He is the definition of such for sure. Good call on that one, Kate.

daydreamer said...

I don't know, this is the second recent blind vice I have read that could be about the vampire diaries cast. Only problem is there are a couple of holes in my theory, the first: two of the vicers are women I think and the show has two male leads and a female, the second: they film in Atlanta, and while I am sure they can get into trouble there I am sure in a location that small we would have heard about something like this. Ted said that Ian Somerhalder will be a blind vicer soon so I hope this one is it so I can stop going crazy waiting for it lol. By the way if anyone has any idea what BV he is please share :)

Brittany said...

Can Kelly be a guys name too?

remyfire said...

Glee - Corey Monteith, Lea Michelle and possible Diana Arragon?

Tara said...

Kelly is a guy's name too. If this is VD, then I would say our original VD BV theory is actually a True Blood BV. Then again, the other is only one person, not an ensemble, so they both could be VD. The only hesitation I have is that Ted placed emphasis on Buella being a beotch, which Nina is not known for, where Lea Michele and Shenae Grimes are.

daydreamer said...

You guys are right, i guess Kelly could be a guys name also. However I doubt this is Glee even though Buella having a attitude does point to Lea Michele ( but would Ted make it that obvious?). And Ted posted an article a while back about how Mark Salling and Cory Monteith ( spelling is wrong , I know) went clubbing and Cory didn't drink, so if this is Glee, the male or males would probably exclude him. I guess I will stick to my VD guess since Ted said there was a diva on the VD set and said it was either Paul or Nina( I will post the link), which means there could be a fair chance Nina is Buella, and Ian could definitley be Drew. Please share any thoughts on my theory

Sian said...

I was thinking the Jersey Shore cast?

Kate said...

I reread the BV, trying to find clues.

I was looking up some of the directors for upcoming Vampire Diaries episodes, and both of them I saw have been pretty packed lately, one of which just got done working on True Blood. "When that director-who, no doubt, has just as much reason to need some dubious downtime..."

"See, Buella, Kelly and Drew work extra hard to maintain their fame." I'm guessing it's not someone established, like the Grey's cast. It sounds more like an up and coming cast, which Vampire Diaries, Glee, 90210 all fit into.

Ted says both Kell and Drew are 'chill.' I know Ian is pretty laid back, but is Paul? That makes me lean towards 90210. Annalynne is laid-back, so she could be Kell. Maybe Matt Lanter could be Drew?

Tara said...

I like it, Kate. Shenae (Annie) as Buella, Kelly is Annalynne (Naomi), and Matt Lanter (Liam) would be a great choice for Drew--he is the brooding character on the show.

daydreamer said...

90210 is definitley a possibility, I guess I just want this one to be the VD cast so bad, only thing is Ted said that the cast and crew all like each other, and Ted said that Shenae and Annalynne aren't much liked by the other cast, and the VD cast is quoted as saying they all get along "digustingly well" or something along those lines ( however for all we know it probably migy not be true). I am sure we can figure this one out, cuz let's face it: after Glee all the other popular teen dramas are on the CW. If we can get Ted to narrow this one down it should be reaally easy. So as of now I am torn between the cast of 90210 and VD

Unknown said...

What about Gossip Girl?

Buffalo66 said...

I don't watch enough TV to know which series this might be, but I'm betting it's filmed in Canada.

Canadian strip clubs go fully nude (the hoo-ha reference). Canada (in general) is also very 420 friendly.

It would also not be uncommon for the crew to hang out with the cast on a location shoot. Less likely in LA.

Anonymous said...

I think the VD cast is out, I have heard on several occasions that Nina Dobrev is the nicest girl. 90210 sounds good

blurry vice said...

Pretty Little Liars?

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Please cheer me up by answering my question: Have any of the castmembers of Community been B.V.'s? Are there any salacious goings-on during filming?

Dear Community Collage:
No salacious goings-on. That show is one of the more chill casts for sure."

- No answer on the BV part, just said that nothing "salacious" going on.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Mark Salling! I have become obsessed with him after seeing him in Glee. What's his dirty secret? And also, what about Cory Monteith? He seems as naive as his character to me.
—Mark's No. 1 Fan

Dear Gleek 1:
The Glee boys are hardly squeaky clean, trust! Check back later to hear the Glee gals dish the dirt on ‘em least, what they can talk about."

blurry vice said...

blurry vice said...

Vampire Diaries

Kate said...

I feel like I have two clues from the Nina Dobrev article. 1. "not like the BS most actors spill, gabbing that the cast are "all a family" (lookin' at you, Glee cast)." To me it sounds like the cast of Glee isn't this BV.

Also "But we have a sneaking suspicious about what goes on between takes. And no, nothing too sexy."

Do you think Ted was giving us some subtle hints?

Rita, Montreal said...

Ted outed the cast of Vampire Diaries today with his interview with Nina Dobrev, and quite intentionally said that unlike other stars on shows that pretend they are like family (Glee), the VP kids do chill together. Here is a part of Nina Dobrev's interview: "We are really awesome individually and together we have a lot of fun hanging. That's the main thing. We're a really cool group of people, and we're in this small town, and we all really rely and depend on each other, so we're really good friends."

daydreamer said...

Yeah after reading that article I am pretty sure that the VD cast is this BV, but does that make Nina Buella? that is the only problem I can't seem to figure out, since Ted usually likes to out celebs for the diva behavior and he definitley would have thrown out hints about her personality with this article.

The Spie said...

Daydreamer: Ted wouldn't do that if his outing of Dobrev's behavior makes it obvious that she is Buella. Remember, there's illegal substances involved here as well, and Ted knows what side his bread's buttered on. He tends to keep behavior that can get you busted under the Blind Vice shield unless the celeb him/herself lifts it, and sometimes not even then (he hasn't outed LiLo as Morgan Mayhem, for instance).

Rita, Montreal said...

The Spie: you are absolutely right on Ted.

Daydreamer: also note that in B.C (Canada) where they are filming, pot is VERY tolerated. Last time I visited, someone passed me a doobie on the street in broad daylight. A complete strager, walking downtown!

I of course, hmmm, refused.

Kate said...

The cast of the Vampire Diaries do their filming in Atlanta, Georgia.

Tara said...

Ok, if this were VD, which Ted was leading us toward with the big Nina article, what if Drew were Ian, Kelly is Nina, and Buella would be one of the supporting cast chicks, like Katerina Graham or Candice Accola? Either of them rumored to be bitchy?

Kate said...

Ted has said before that one of the cast members of VD is supposed to be slightly diva-ish. I always thought it was Candice, but it could also be Katerina. I like that idea, Tara.

Rita, Montreal said...

Kate: it is Katerina Graham, she was very rude and obnoxious to a lot of the interviewers on the Blue Carpet at the TCA. Surprising though, how far off from her character she is, and how dumb of her not to be nice to those people who sometime make a star or break a star.

Kate said...

So then it could be the vampire diaries, with Nina being Kelly, Ian being Drew, and Katerina being Buella?

I don't know, for some reason something feels a bit off. Maybe it's the fact that Katerina, who hardly gets any publicity, gets her own name in a BV.

daydreamer said...

Now that the majority agrees this is the VD cast ( I think) the only wild card is Buella. Ted said there was a diva among the three LEADS and he excluded Ian which leaves Paul and Nina, at the time I was sure it was Paul, given Nina's reputation as a nice girl but with the blind I am going to go with her as Buella. Ted also seems very strong on his opinion about Nina and Ian not dating, but never saying why, other that the fact that the CW likes to create fake relationships. Maybe it could also be because of her personality. Anyways if this is VD I am dying for more info cuz I love this show....and Ian Somerhalder :)

Rita, Montreal said...

Daydreamer - I think that your dream man Ian has beards. Nina would probably not go with that, or if I base my judgment on interviews in the past few months, Ian and Nina think they are the leads in VD, they always try to up each other and cut each other off during interviews. In one with Kristen from E! Nina was rolling her eyes when Ian cut her off again, as well as Paul. My thinking is, they have tried to go with the fake relationship, but Nina could not stand Ian.
But, Valerie Tres-pass is Katerina. If I understand the blind, it means that she had slept with ALL 3 leads!

The Spie said...

So, if Buella is Dobrev, is everyone happy with Evan Rachel Wood being Valyrie Tress-Trap? Or is Dobrev still the much stronger candidate for that one?

daydreamer said...

Rita- as much as it pains me to say, I wouldn't be surprised if Ian had beards, still holding on to a teensy bit of hope though. As for Valyrie I don't think this is Evan Rachel Wood. For one, she has a pretty decent amount of fame anyway, some of the cast of true blood are less famous then her....don't think she would have to sleep with any of them. And for some reason I feel that if she had a vice it would be alot juicier than that one. This one sounds like someone younger, the true blood cast seems pretty comfortable with their amount of fame( just my humble opinion...don't know much about true blood). As for Katerina Graham from VD, I wouldn't be surprised if this was her...she seemed kinda fake and isn't pictured much with the cast off-set like everyone else, which we fit in to how Ted was saying Valyrie is starting to be isolated from th rest of the crew. Maybe we just need to mix and match stars from VD for both blinds

Rita, Montreal said...

Daydreamer - sorry to disappoint on Ian, but let me assure you, a lot of guay men visit the vejay-jay from time to time before they hit their 40's, so you still have a once-in-a-bluemoon-drunken-night chance.
As for Valerie Tress-pass, the only 2 girls on popular shows that are being snubbed very publicly by the cast are Katerina from VD, and that girl who plays Vanessa on GG (she broke that guy`s heart...)

Tara said...

I like Evan Rachel for Valyrie. I have heard many times that Nina Dobrev is nice though, so that is my holdup on her as Buella from this blind.

In related news, Kat Graham is looking to become a pop star on the side. You can find her song, Sassy, on ITunes. Perez also is obsessed with it as of a few weeks ago. This kind of early attempt to cross-over is somewhat desperate, and makes it seem like she would do whatever to be famous. So does that make her bitchy Buella or skanky Valyrie?

Tara said...

I am not convinced Ian is gay--I have not heard this before. However, I have heard about Matt Bomer (White Collar hottie), who looks similar to Ian, being openly gay without an official coming out . Even has a child with his partner.

Rita, Montreal said...

Hein. Did not know about cutie Matt. As for Dobrev, she could at times uptight, or her uneasiness with Hollywood would translate as uptight, but seems to be more on the receiving end of Skanky Valyrie.

That is the feeling I get, since watching her interviews since she was a kid on Degrassi... But, who knows, it is Hollywood.

But Bella fits more with the fact that she and her costars 'Drew' and Kell have been working extra hard in the past 6 months to promote VD. They are everywhere, they answer the same questions time and time again, and they are being extra careful lately not to be seen in public with significant others, so to fuel rumors of hook-ups with each other... Comicon, Tweets, People, Watch with Kristen, Sci Fi outlets, the works!

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I'm curious about Lea Michele and Dianna Agron. Back when Glee started and they lived together, they were practically inseparable, and now they rarely even walk the same red carpets and avoid being photographed all together. Did these two have a falling out, or did the rumors of their "closeness" lead to a destruction of their friendship? If it's the latter, then it's quite sad. Or, does Ryan Murphy have puppet strings on his entire cast and tell them to stay apart?

Dear Glee Be Gone:
Ryan Murphy has no problem with his cast being über-tight offscreen—or at least saying they are. He loves the "we're all a family" schtick the kids are selling 'cause it works for the show. As for Di and Lea, the two are still supertight, trust, no—well...very little—drama between this twosome. Shocking, we know! Both gals are busy this summer and have different work priorities, which leaves little time to be besties."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
What TV show casts are actually close? They all say they're "like a family," but obviously that's not the case most of the time. Thank you!

Dear Family Matters:
Sometimes the ones that actually play families get along best—ya know, less competition when everyone isn't of the same age bracket or celebrity, always trying to outshine their costars. Off the top of my head, Modern Family. Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara are regular gal-pals, you know."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Can you please tell me, does Buella Bland play a vampire, human or witch on her hit show? Love!

Dear Type Cast:
Human, of course. What makes you to think this boring be-yotch is mixed up in any supernatural shenanigans?"

Tara said...

That would be my BB question above. With his answer, I feel I'm gonna have to switch gears to go with 90210. Ted makes it seem like the Glee cast is not as close as they make it sound, which wouldn't work. It doesn't rule out VD entirely, but he is making it sound like it isn't a vamp show.

Kate said...

I agree with Tara. I'm leaning more towards 90210 now.

Brittany said...

Well Ted admitted today that Ian Somerhalder was a BV. This one has to be the cast of Vampire Diaries.

heather_p said...

Yep. And someone at the E boards just went through the vices from the time Ian wasn't one (11/3/09) till now and none of them could fit Ian except this one.

Brittany said...

Now that's confirmed, is he Kelly or Drew? Not that many clues for a distinction between the 2.

The Spie said...

Heather: You know better than to trust those skanks at the E boards. Trust your uncle Spie instead. He just ran the numbers and...well, came to the same conclusion. Here are the BVs between the dates:

Sandy Boob: Was once on a hit TV show with lots of sand and lots of boobs. Not Ian.

Quidget Barks-a-Little and Harry Fun-Tanked: Both have children from their current long-term relationships. Not Ian.

Nelly Fang: Proven to be Alexander Skarsgard. Not Ian.

Parrish Maguire: Proven to be Taylor Lautner. Not Ian.

Chester Shorts-Off: Married to Secretia Ohio. Not Ian

Elijah Schwad: Married to Henrietta Hard-Ball. Not Ian.

Marky Sweet-Puss: Married to Cruella St. Shackles. Not Ian.

Barrington Bang-Me: There is no known connection between Somerhalder and RPattz, and there has to be because RPattz has been proven to be Nevis Divine, Barrington's boyfriend. Not Ian.

Moisty Mohr: Ted's essentially revealed him to be Robin Leach. Not Ian.

Buck Me-Good: Buck is known for movies. Somerhalder is primarily known for TV. Not Ian.

Chet Chick-Muncher: The "ridiculous antics going on for decades" line pretty much eliminates Somerhalder. Besides, if you believe that Ted was not wrong in 2009, I've proven this to be Viggo Mortensen. Not Ian.

Dougy Dry-Hump: Married. Not Ian.

Buddy Rib-Toast: A movie actor working on a sequel to a blockbuster. Not Ian.

Teddy O'Bong: AIAed. Not Ian.

Chubster Hunkster: Somerhalder has no A-List movie credits. Not Ian.

Drew Smoulder 'n' Such and/or Kelly Guten-Shoes: The leading candidate for this cast blind is Vampire Diaries, and there's been nothing contradictory posted since the blind that would eliminate Somerhalder as either. So which one would he be? Doesn't matter, but "Smoulder 'n' Such" sounds a bit like Somerhalder, and Guten-Shoes has a Germanic feel to, it really doesn't matter which one he is.

Pepper Harthman: Sports star. Not Ian.

Yep, that pretty much confirms it. Ian Somerhalder is either Drew or Kelly. This BV is about Vampire Diaries.

The Spie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Spie said...

Sorry, the deleted one was me accidentally double-posting. Dunno how that happened.

The Spie said...

Please note that Ted's Bitch-Back response today does not eliminate the Vampire Diaries gang from this blind. The question was specifically about whether Somerhalder's BV had anything to do with sex, not drugs.

blurry vice said...

Excellent detective work Spie!

Also -

ian somerhalder

"Dear Ted:
I was elated to discover Ian Somerhalder has joined the grand ranks of A.T.'s B.V.ers. Can you tell me, does he have any costars within his B.V., and because I know you love him as much as we do, give a little hint as to what the nature of his Vice is? My shelter tabby Hobbes says hi! P.S. Thanks for the swag goods! I won the #CozyMom gift pack for the True Blood Tweet contest! I haven't heard from anyone though! I tweeted @theawfultruth...guess I will have to wait.

Dear Biting Blinds:
It doesn't involve him in any sexy biz with his costars, if that's what you mean. I've already told you that he and Nina Dobrev aren't canoodling between takes—same goes for him and the rest of the cast. Congrats on the win, doll, we'll have your goodies in the mail ASAP. Enjoy!"

blurry vice said...

So who is who? I am thinking Ian is Drew, hence the name "smolder" sounding like "somerhalder". Does this also make Nina Dobrev Buella BAnd? Paul Wesley Kelly? (or Drew?) Who are some other stars of that show? Don't watch it.

Also, congrats on the win Tara, that is awesome.

The Spie said...

The "Somerhalder"/"Smolder 'n' Such" thing is what makes me think that Somerhalder is Kelly Guten-Shoes. Ted's only that obvious with naming when he wants the BV identity to be known (Hilly Ho-Tox, Morgan Mayhem). The name similarity is there to point us toward Vampire Diaries, but not to anyone specific. That went out the window when Ted said that Somerhalder was a BV.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I have some questions about the Vicey TV cast you mentioned a while back. Firstly if Buella is such a bitch, how can she be friends with two laid-back folks like Kelly and Drew? And do they have any other Vices you want to share with us? By the way, you've worn me down with all your shelter talk. I'm planning on going kitty hunting shortly and will go for a rescue, which honestly, would never have occurred to me before. So congrats on using your public profile for good causes...

Dear Vice City:
With all that pot they're puffing, Kell and Drew could put up with anyone! Plus, the be-yotchy babe is probably a lot chiller—and friendlier—when she's got some ganja herself. Isn't that always the story? Oh you bet, I've been digging around K and D's closets for nasty little secrets. They're good at keeping their dirt on the DL, but not quite good enough. And congrats on your shelter decision! I guarantee you your lucky new adoptee will thank you like you've never been thanked before. Bless you for doing this. You are saving a life."

daydreamer said...

So now that we know this has to be the VD cast, we just have to figure out who is who. I am sure Drew is Ian but not to sure who the other two are. Nina doesn't seem bitchy and Paul doesn't seem laidback ( though I could be wrong about both). This is driving me crazy since I watch the show every week. For some reason I am imagining Katerina Graham for the Valeryie Tress Trap vice because she is ignored by the cast so much that you almost feel bad for her( none of the cast wished her a happy bday on Twitter, the whole cast is pictured without her, no one congradulated her on her songs, etc). I am dying to know the scoop on that one cuz she is the only african American lead on that show and it would suck if she was a diva.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Any good dirt on my favorite Vampire Diaries castmember Ian Somerhalder?

Dear CW Wild Child:
Ian is the member of that cast with the least amount of juicy goss lately. If you're looking for good dirt, I suggest you check with a few of his costars first."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I insist you dish on three yummy boys who share a lot in common looks-wise. Zac Efron, Chace Crawford and Ian Somerhalder! These boys need to play brothers stat, no? All three are known B.V.ers, so I was wondering if their dirty deeds have any similarities, or are they each in their own respective classes of naughty? Much love to ya, even if you won't spill!

Dear Pretty in Vices:
Sure, they share a lot more in common than just their oh-so-delish looks. Two of ‘em more than the third though. Can you guess which guy is the odd Vice out?"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I wanted to ask if you knew anything about Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder of the Vampire Diaries. I wasn't a huge fan of the show, but their chemistry was undeniable in a scene that I'd watched recently. I would like to know if they're indeed a couple (secretly dating like Kristen and Robert, who seem to be more public now). If you shed some light into this couple, that will be fantastic.

Dear Not So Robsten:
Nina and Ian may share some steamy screen time on the set of Vampire Diaries, but they are definitely no Robsten. The two have been viciously promoting their TV series, but no romance rumors. Plus, for some reason I don't think these two will make it to an offscreen romance, but if they do, never fear, I'll be filling you in!"

Anonymous said...

^ I am so not buying Ted's claim that Ian and Nina are not together. Sorry, but I think he's full of shit with that for so many reasons. And seeing as how I really don't believe 90% of what he says anyway, this is nothing new for me.

daydreamer, I'm with you all the way. Nina is definitely not a tightass, so I highly doubt she's Buella. But, I can see Drew being Ian. Matt and Paul both smoke (as do Ian and Nina), but Matt seems to be more laidback and he's always hanging out with Ian offset. So, he could be Kelly (if Kelly is a guy that is). For some reason, I can totally see Katerina is Buella (for the reasons you mentioned about the cast ignoring her, not being with her for her birthday or wishing her a happy birthday, rarely being pictured with them, nobody congratulating her on her album, etc.) Plus, I don't think Valerie Tress Trap is from TVD. I tend to think that has to do with TB, but that's just me.

Anonymous said...

Rita, it's been said for years that Ian might be bi. I'm not saying this because I'm naive and don't want him to be one who has beards, but you can't rule out the possibility that he might lean both ways. A lot of Hollywood is probably bisexual.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I love you, I do, but your misinformation about Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder is killing me and I finally had to write! It worries me that you really don't know the things you're telling us (but if that means you're also wrong about Skarsgård, I'm in heaven). I have a friend that works on Vampire Diaries and they are so doing it. On the sly (sort of), since that means cheating, but doing it none the less. Truth.

Dear Source War:
First off, babe, both the delish Diaries stars are single, so even if they were getting freaky between takes, it wouldn't be cheating. That said, not only does our on-set source work very (and I mean very) closely with these two in par-tick, but he parties with them, too. And they are not hooking up, sorry."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I think the Six Degrees game is awfully fun! I would love to play too! Has Judas Jack-Off ever worked with Drew Smolder 'n' Such? Take care, hope you're doing OK on the not-smoking front. It's hard, I know.

Dear Sex Degrees:
Nope, but very close, though. And thanks for the no-cig support. Just hit three weeks, unbelievable!"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
So what are your thoughts on The Vampire Diaries do you think they would of given Twilight a run for there money if they hit the big screen. I'm a total die hard Twilighter but TVD is so dark and Sexy and it just makes me wonder if the fan base for TVD would of been just as big as Twilight or not.

Dear Vamp for Vamp:
If TVD had come first, I'd say maybe. Twilight was less about the celebs in it and more about the vampire first. However, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and the whole gang are responsible for keeping the momentum going. Not only are they totally fab, but their behind-the-scenes dalliances only add mystery to the sought after cast. Not sure if the Vampire Diaries crew could have done it. They have a few cast secrets, but nothing like the Twilighters."

The Spie said...

Okay, so Paul Wesley is a BV. Whichever of Drew or Kelly Somerhalder isn't, Wesley is. Now, does anyone have any other good suspect than Dobrev for Buella?

Tara said...

Spie did you see the comment Ted made about Paul not being as "goody-two-shoes" as his on camera alter ego the other day? To me this strongly insinuates Paul as Kelly. I like Kat Graham for Buella better--she is such a debbie downer on the show and just seems so....blaaaahh.

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
Any dirt on Nina Dobrev?

Dear Vampy Girl:
But of course! She may be in our Blind Vice section, but it's not a biggie, promise. I dig her.

blurry vice said...

" Dear Ted:
In the comments section, does anyone guess the Blinds correctly? Also any dish on Vampire Diaries?

Dear Smart Readers:
Yes. And working on Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder scoop. They were for sure just friends a while back, but hearing rumblings it's changed. Stay tuned."

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
Waiting oh so patiently for the Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder scoop you mentioned earlier this week. Will we be receiving this soon?

Dear Vying for the Vamps:
Still waiting on it, hon! But I'm sure there must be more there since the info is taking a bit to get over in my direction. Ian and Nina have been getting

cuddlier than usual, but this could be all image, and show, boosting. So let's wait and be certain."

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
I need gossip on Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev please! There has to be something going on there. How could two single people as hot as they are not have something going on? It only makes sense unless Ian is worried about their age difference?
Dear Bored:
As much as we keep asking this same damn question ourselves, we keep getting told the same damn answer: Nothing's happening. We didn't buy it then, and we don't buy it now."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I'm getting antsy waiting for the new season of True Blood, tell me, how many of the castmembers have Blind Vices? Just a number, pretty please!
—ants in my pants

Dear Bloody Vices:
There is only one you should really care for (and about). Let's be real."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
What's the deal with Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev? Lately we've seen them at Coachella, the White House Correspondents' Dinner...Is it all PR?

Dear Uh, No:
That is not just PR, babe. That is far more charisma, sex appeal and mystery than John and Emily (above) ever showed, so let's brace ourselves for the

eventual eventual, which you so know is coming down with these two."

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
Are Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder another CW costar match-up? It all seems way to convenient now that they're always out together. Seems like a showmance

to me!

Dear PDA Police:
If it was all fakey they could have come out with their relaysh—or at least hit up a few paparazzi hot spots to get fans buzzing—a long time way

back in season one. Sure, it's every PR peep's dream that the leads of their boob-tube hit couple up, but just because people behind the scenes are crossing

their fingers these two keep gracing tabloid covers doesn't mean it's a total con job.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Do you know anything on Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev? I heard somewhere that their relationship was just for publicity and that he's got a lot of girls on

the side? Does Nina know...or care?

Dear More Bark Than Vamp Bite:
It's not just for show, babe, tho that's a convenient cherry on top of the sexy Sunday. But as real or whatever as they claim their relaysh is, I just don't

see the spark. Or any chemistry, at least when the cameras aren't rolling.

Dear Ted:
So are Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder a couple? For a while we saw them everywhere together, now you don't see them anymore. He's by himself. Did something

happen, or is she extremely busy on the show?

Dear Late to the Game:
Where have you been, doll? The couple haven't exactly been shy about their romance lately. The couple have great chemistry—onscreen and off! But I hardly see

it lasting.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Please, please, please give some news about Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev. They have been very quiet. Do they have Blind Vices? Do you know anything from the set? I now you can do it. And if you give me good news I will love you forever.
—A From Mexico

Dear Most Boring Diary Ever:
Do I really need to tell you that the vampy couple you should be paying attention to right now is Robsten? Especially since—believe it or not—Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are getting way steamier than Ian and Nina are...or ever will be, for that matter. All four Vices included.

Dear Ted:
OK, seriously, stop the evading and just be blunt here. Give a clue as to what Ian Somerhalder's Vice is. I, along with many other girls, need to know that it doesn't have to do with sexual preference.

Dear Here's Your Hint:
He Vices with a costar. But that's all you're getting, you greedy gal. Maybe if you ask nicely I'll tell you which costar."

Rita said...

Today Ted confirmed that Ian has viced with Paul Wesley. This makes them the better suspects for this blind, for sure!

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Which Vampire Diaries costar does Ian Somerhalder Vice with? Pretty, pretty, pretty please with cherries and candy on top!
—Curious Mind

Dear Since You Asked So Nicely:
Paul Wesley is involved. Happy?"

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Are Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder still together? It seems like ages since they've been out in public together at an event when for a while we saw them a

lot. Do you have any gossip on a quiet breakup?

Dear They're as Hot as Ever:
Which is, to say, not very. No, these two haven't decided to go their separate ways—they're just not the hot and heavy couple that everyone thinks they are."

Kim said...

This was all but confirmed today when Ted said that Ian and Paul were in the same blind item, along with Nina.

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
Loved your dish on the delightfully Vicey CW. I wonder if Paul Wesley's Vice is more similar to Jensen Ackles' or to his onscreen bro Ian Somerhalder's BV?

Also how aware or involved is the lovely Nina Dobrev when it comes to Ian's Vicey business?

Dear Fang Bangers Unite:
Paul's Vicey ways are definitely more similar to Ian's. Actually, they're the exact same! As for Ms. Nina? She's in the know…and in on the Vice. Probably

makes shooting those sexy EW covers easier, since they're all so close!

Dear Ted:
You mentioned that Nina Dobrev was involved in Vicey business with Ian Somerhalder. Does this mean she's an earner herself of her own moniker? Or is she just

a supporting character? Also, has Ian been Vicing long before his Vampire Diaries days?

Dear Bloody Bitchin:
In the order you asked: She's got a moniker but I'd hardly say she's the star; absolutely! (Why do you think we love him here at A.T. so?)

Dear Ted:
I absolutely love The Vampire Diaries. I am a huge fan of Nina, Ian and Paul. Please give me a hint as to what their Vices are! I would be eternally

grateful! My dog, Nikko, would be grateful too :) I have been a fan of yours for about 10 years now and think you are wonderful!

Dear Bum-Kisser:
Why thank you, sweetheart! This is when I kinda hate calling the activities of some Hollywood stars Vices. As if there's anything wrong with piles and piles

of libidinous, sweat-dripping hours of fun time between the sheets! All good, T, and nothing Nikko himself wouldn't be happy to do whenever he/she got in the

mood (depending on whether he/she's fixed)."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Ok, both Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder have Vices per you; that leaves their Vampire Diaries costar, the lovely Nina. Does she have a Vice? Thanks
—TVD Fan

Dear Yes:
It's a trio deal, doll."

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
Any update on our favorite toking trio Buella Bland, Kelly Guten-Shoes and Drew Smolder 'n' Such? Have any of the three moved onto juicier Vices? Or has the

group kept it tame behind the scenes? Maybe their show has been canceled...Thanks for continuing the spread the message about rescuing pets.

Dear Three's a Crowd:
It's more about Buella and Kelly these days—sorry poor little Drew! And while the trio spark rumors of far naughtier deeds, they never live up to Vice hype

(i.e. no, their secrets aren't exactly more sordid than last time we checked in on them). As for their show, it's still going strong.

Dear Ted:
Do Valyrie Tress-Trap and Buella Bland know each other?

Dear Sugar and Spice:
Hardly—though they do share one very crucial thing in common. But Buella's all boresville while Valyrie lives for a thrill.

Dear Ted:
Has Harriet Talons worked with Drew Smolder 'n' Such?

Dear Nope:
Not on TV or the big screen."

.. said...

So Drew= Paul & Kelly= Ian, right?

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Recently, you said The Vampire Diaries stars, Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley have similar Vices. So my question is does that include Paul's

wife, Torrey DeVitto? Also any other hook-up on The Vampire Diaries? Thank you!

Dear Four is a Crowd:
Nope. The Vicing that earned them a moniker didn't include the Mrs. But that's just one Vice, the gang has partaken in some Twilight-light fare that Torrey

has gotten involved in. Just haven't added it to the Vice annals."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I have been a loyal reader for a long while now. I love your column! It's my escape from reality. Speaking of fiction vs. reality, I have recently become a huge Vampire Diaries fan. I know I'm late to the party. I was shocked to find out Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley weren't a couple in real life—not sure why, because they're
smoking hot together! So after reading they're fellow Vicers, now I'm dying to know more! Did they ever hook up offscreen and the same chemistry onscreen didn't
translate off? Much love to ya!

Dear Bite Me:
It's hardly the sexiest of Vices, Michelle, which means that nope, the two don't have a history of swapping spit…or anything else. Their chemistry is exclusively for
TV viewers, whereas Nina has parlayed whatever sexy stuff she can muster with Ian Somerhalder into the real world."