Friday, July 30, 2010

Blind Vice: Gay Star With No Shame? No Way!

New from Ted today -

Whip ItBlind Vice: Gay Star With No Shame?  No Way!

With those somewhat closeted chicks Terry Tush-Trade and Venetia Vag-O-Matic still lurking behind their closet doors, how very refreshing is it to see Jerry Menage-e-No at least peek out from behind hers! Sure, Jerry's no Ellen DeGeneres, for sure, but Jerry's certainly got folks thinking she's preppin' to come kinda out super soon.
See, there's a gal who's already pretty much friggin' out there, sexually, and Jerry's buds are convinced this is the woman she's emulating, PR-wise: 

Jodie Foster.
You know, the woman who's never really said one way or another but who mentions her "girlfriend" in acceptance speeches, and such. Never sues when the rags say she's gay, etc. And that's going to be precisely Jerry's style, according to her chums:
"She's not hiding it, but she won't answer relationship questions. She would never do a showmance—just doesn't think it's anyone's business about her personal life."
Also, like Foster did (for a while, at least), J.M. believes in being true to her gal. The lucky babe was all over the set of Jerry's recent hit movie, Imagined Proposal, coming to visit "all the time," say other castmembers.
Added the fellow actors: "[Jerry] is super open about it with cast and crew, and doesn't hide it with friends. Everyone in her circle knows."
Fabulous! But here's hoping Jerry decides to ultimately not take the Foster route and actually come out? I mean, who was Jodie really kidding all those years?
Maybe Sarah Palin, but we would imagine that's probably about it.

It Ain't: Jodie Foster, Emma Roberts, Sofia Vergara
Top suspect: Ellen Page


tory said...

I'm rolling Ellen Page on this one. Hasn't there been a bit of speculation about her sexually anyway?

blurry vice said...

I was thinking the same thing. Also want to point out that Ellen was in the column today - Ted says he would want her to play KStew in a tWilight tell-all -

"Ellen Page as Kristen Stewart: The fact these girls aren't besties in real life is beyond us. They are both on the fast track to superstardom and share a lot of similar personality traits. Like talent and keeping their private lives way private."

Read more:

Heather said...

I agree with the Ellen guess. But because she doesn't really hide her sexuality I'm not sure how much of a "blind" this is.

And I agree with "blurry vice"... not only did Ted make the Ellen/KStew connection, he then mentioned TTT in her vice. Ted's making it pretty obvious at this point.

Molly said...

My first guess was Queen Latifah...?

The Rowley's said...

I thought of Queen Latifah as well...hmmm...

Heather said...

It's well known that Queen Latifah is gay but the blind describes someone who has a recent hit movie. I'm not sure QL has ever had a hit movie, let alone a recent one.

Also, it seems to point to someone younger. "that's GOING TO BE precisely Jerry's style". QL isn't someone who is figuring out how to handle her sexuality, the press, and the public... she's been living it for many years. Ellen, however, being much more newly famous, is probably just figuring out how she wants to do things.

Tara said...

I also immediately thought of Ellen Page. If you synonimize (is that a word?) "Imagined Proposal", it could be "Dream Project" or something of the like.....definitely points to Inception. I can't even think of anyone else for this.

Heather said...

"Dream Project" LOL. Nice catch, Tara.

Unknown said...

Yes, the link he made between Ellen Page and Kristen Stewart made me think that Ellen Page would at least be bi. But the throw off is that he says they both like to keep their private lives private, yet in the vice he is saying she is pretty open about it?

Heather said...

Ted says Jerry's open about it to her inner circle. Private lives private refers to them (Ellen and Kristen) not sharing everything about themselves to the press and public.

Brittany said...

Did anyone see SNL when Ellen Page hosted? There was a sketch she did with Andy Samberg about going to an all girl concert and coming back feeling like she was a lesbian. (Stupid sketch really, wasn't even funny.) Was she kinda outting herself there?

Fungus the Photo! said...

Jeri Ryan? 7 of 9!

She refused the menage a trois with hubby and ? a guy? in a German sex club and cited it in divorce proceedings.

His political career may have suffered .....

blurry vice said...

I agree with Tara about the "Inception" thing. And if anyone's been paying attention, Ted is obsessed with that movie lately.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Typo Ted, or was this intentional? You sly dog, you. You wrote: "With those somewhat closeted chicks Twyla Babe-Sucker and Venetia Vag-O-Matic still lurking behind their closet doors..." but the link went to Terry Tush-Trade!

Dear Whoopsie:
Total typo, C. Twyla, Terry…there's too many Twilight Vicers that start with "T." I was bound to mix the two up, eventually. Those Twi vamps make me dizzy!"

Read more:

Heather said...

I thought the "Sarah Palin" reference was kind of random but someone on another site came up with this:

"Sarah Palin" = Alaska = Juneau = Juno = Ellen Page

The Spie said...

Fungus: A lot of Republicans certainly suffered due to that. As a native Chicagoan, I certainly remember this one, and the ramifications were titanic. Ryan was well ahead in the polls of the 2004 Senate race before tripping over his own genitals, and would have been elected to the Senate if not for what happened. His opponent probably would have remained relatively unknown. That opponent? Barack Obama.

That said? This one's Ellen Page, definitely.

let said...

What about Michele Rodriguez? She was in Predators, which did pretty well, and she's fairly open without being OUT.

Heather said...

She wasn't in Predators but she was in Avatar so there's a recent hit. But she's the current top guess for Venetia Vag-O-Matic.

It's possible I guess, but there are so many things in this one that point to Ellen.

Savannah said...

I think Jerry could be Amber Heard, who has a girlfriend and just recently started being more open about it. Ted was also obsessed with Comic Con... Amber brought her GF to Comic Con, where she was promoting her new movie.

Caz1310 said...

Michelle R is well known for being a lesbian - was in a relationship with Kristianna L from Terminator 3. She also apparently had a fling with Oliver Martinez (Kylie Minogue's ex). Agree with all who think it's someone more "up & coming". Queen Latifah's pretty established as an actress already.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
What's the deal with Ellen Page. You hinted not too long ago that she and Joseph Gordon-Levitt would pretty much never get together. I always thought that she was bisexual after that Saturday Night Live skit she did two years ago. She's one of the few actresses that I can't seem to get a lot of gossip on. Thanks!

Dear Paging Dr. Dish:
You don't hear much gossip on this Indie gal because there isn't any. Not to say that she doesn't have any secrets, she sure does, but they're nothing that would exactly shock anyone. As for her and JGL, we'll they're more pal potential than romance for no other reason than a lack of offscreen chemistry."

Kate said...

That kind of sounds like Ted is saying she doesn't have a BV. What does everyone think?

blurry vice said...

He wasn't clear, Kate. I am not taking that as any sort of clear answer.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
What's Jerry Menage-e-No been up to these days? Will she ever come out publicly, or does she still think that her career will be affected? Would she be willing to do what Anna Paquin did?

Dear Nice Try:
Few babes have Paquin's guts—or insight. Certainly not Jerry, who will wither away in her indecision, I fear."

Caz1310 said...

Amber Heard has come out - yesterday articles started appearing on newsites. Could this one be her or is there another BV?

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Let's say that all of the closeted Blind Vice stars, both male and female, woke up tomorrow and made the awesome decision to come out to the public. Who do

you think would receive the most media coverage and why? How about the least?

Dear oBVious:
Toothy Tile, of course! As for the least media coverage, that's hard to say—you know magazines love their "I'm Gay!" headlines, so I think any guy or gal
that came out would get some time in the limelight. Maybe Jerry Menage-e-No?"