Monday, July 26, 2010

Bonus Blind Vice: Who's Cheating at Comic-Con?

From Ted today -

Bonus Blind Vice: Who's Cheating at Comic-Con?

Babes, the most fun stuff going down in San Diego is never at the Comic-Con panels. Oh no, it's when the supercelebs need to unleash all their geek energy they've been storing up during the nerd fest.
Naturally, for Chubster Hunkster, this means proving to himself that he is no longer the quasi-loser guy from high school. As if. Now he is…a star! Chubster can bed practically any woman he wants now that he has A-list movie credits, not to mention an adoring, equally beautiful family. And you know the ol' story there, right? What's more attractive to the ladies than an unavailable, good-looking daddy-type?
But maybe he's not so unavailable?
Apparently not!
See, Chubby is totally doable in the offbeat kind of way. Unconventionally handsome and super charming. This is why he scored himself a Hollywood equal. But as is the case with most men (and women, really) in this business, one hot babe is never enough.
Several onlookers in San Diego were shocked when Chubster Hunkster, alone for his trip, was seen canoodling up to a blonde gal not his famous significant other while at a bar during a Comic-Con pit stop.
"If I were [Chubster's] girl I would be pissed at the way he was so touchy-feely with the random women in here," one nosy bartender told us who was witness to Hunkster's flirtfest.
Of course we're not surprised at all, being the jaded L.A. gossip reporters we are. The random blonde is not the first girl we've heard Hunkster may or may not have crossed the line with...nor the first babe he was seen escaping into an elevator with, for that matter.
Indeed, Chubs boozed it up and then left with the bimbo, so we can only imagine the party for two didn't stop at the chic hang. Where does he take them? Her room or his? Maybe the roof?
Chubby and his amazing girl are totally the perfect couple, too, but it's not out of the question that C.H. and his babe have an arrangement of some sort, because Hunky was not hiding his gropage, like, at all.
Nor, as we said, has he in the past.
Why do women put up with this in their men?

And it Ain't:  Michael C. Hall, Will Ferrell, Joe Manganiello

Please see the label below for a link to the new Chubster Hunkster BV.

Eliminated as of 10/22/11:  Michael C. Hall, Will Ferrell, Joe Mangianello, Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum, Rob Pattinson, Ryan Gosling

 Top suspects: Liev Schrieber


BP said...

I saw Jerry O'Connell's name on E's thread and have to admit it kind of fits...

Haley said...

Mark Ruffalo?

blurry vice said...

duffgrl said...

My first thought was Jerry O'Connell too! Wasn't even sure he was there! The name fits since he was a chubster as a kid. Would not be surprised at all if he and RR have an open marriage.

FrenchGirl said...

Mark Wahlberg? he was in Comic con and he wan't faithful before his marriage so...

blurry vice said...

I agree Jerry O'Connell does seem to fit. He wasn't a BV as of June of this year so could be. Also, wasn't Rebecca Rojmin rumored to have an open relationship with John Stamos also?

Gabby said...

I don't think Marky Mark was a "quasi-loser" in high school lol. I have to agree that Jerry O'Connell fits all the clues...which is extremely unfortunate because his wife is GORG and he has 2 adorable twin babies!!

Unknown said...

peter saarsgard or liev shrieber? jerry oconnell hasnt been in anything a list

Unknown said...

and it doesnt say hes an actor, just that he has a list movie credits? so maybe judd apatow or another director?

Unknown said...

I like Liev Schriber and Jerry O'Connell. Maybe more the latter, now that I think about it. BlurryVice is right, there were rumors about Rebecca/John Stamos, too...

blurry vice said...

Some of the guys who were at Comic Con that I know of so far:

Jerry O'Connell
Harrison Ford
Mark Wahlberg
Jason Schwartzman
Nicolas Cage
Bruce Willis
J.J. Abrams
Joss Whedon
Joshua Jackson
David Duchovny
Aaron Eckhart
Daniel Dae Kim
Wesley Snipes
Michael Chiklis
Danny DeVito
Chris Evans
Ron Perlman
Joel McHale
James Marsters
Seth Green
Seth Macfarlane

mk said...

I'm a first time poster so please be gentle...Okay, this may be kind of obvious or kind of dumb but all of the AIAs have a double letter L in their last name. Because of that, I like the Jerry O'Connell guess.

Kate said...

I like the Jerry O'Connell idea too. I've been going over the list, trying to eliminate, and I know for a fact it isn't Chris Evans, because he isn't married, and I'm sure it isn't David Duchovny because he's had public scandals about his infidelity.

Sarah said...

A few other male celebrities at Comic con this year to add to Blurry Vice's list include Jeff Bridges, Michael Sheen, Ryan Reynolds and Peter Sarsgaard.

The person is apparently married to a Hollywood equal, was a bit geeky in highschool and is appealing in an offbeat sort of way. So it can't be Mark Wahlberg or Judd Apatow because not married to celebrity equals. Wahlberg also not geeky in highschool... was too badass. Jerry O'Connell could work, though I don't think you could ever say he is offbeat in terms of attractiveness. He is incredibly mainstream all-American in his appeal.

I think Peter Sarsgaard (married to Maggie Gylenhaal) is more likely. I could also imagine her agreeing to an open relationship... they are super offbeat and artsy, after all.

Also possible: Liv Schreiber.

I guess Jerry O'Connell and Ryan Reynolds also possible, but I don't think either of them are offbeat or unusual in anyway.

Unknown said...

Hmmmmm, Jerry sounds pretty plausible to me. I recall rumours about Romijn and Stamos too. Weren't they swingers? Not a stretch to think its happening with new hubby too. One thing is for sure, it's gotta be an open relaysh (ted speak) as this dude is not hiding his interest elsewhere to display this at such a venue.

remyfire said...

I first thought of Ryan Reynolds, but Jerry O'Connell seems a better fit. Yet I dont think he is anywhere near A list. Was Jerry O'Connell at Comic-Con? I didnt see any photos of him.

Very confused now.

remyfire said...

Ah, Just seen photos of Jerry O'Connell at the Pirana launch at Comic Con. Its a big film so I guess that does make him sort of A listed.

Frosty Family said...

I like the Jerry O'Connell guess except for the A list credits part. Also, Ted mentions "daddy-type" and adoring family so I think anyone w/o kid(s) is out (i.e. Ryan Reynolds). That mention of maybe doing it on the roof really stands out to me as a clue. It's an odd sentence to throw in there for no reason. All those things considered, I think Liev Schreiber.

Heather said...

mk, nice find with the double L thing! That actually makes me lean towards Jerry more. Like others have said the "A-list movie credits" is the one thing that doesn't exactly fit. I can only think of Jerry Maguire as an A-list movie for him.

Frosty Family, can you think of some connection between Liev and "roof"? Just wondering why you think it's him.

blurry vice said...

I didn't mention Ryan Reynolds on the list because the link to the article about him at Comic Con was listed above, and also honestly he doesn't have kids and doesn't fit.

Jerry O'Connell does have A list credits in my opinion esp Stand By Me when he was a chubby teenager.

Just4Fun said...

I know this goes against the grain but I feel like this BV is NOT married, unless Ted is just sending up a red herring. He talks about "significant other" and "his girl" which to me sounds like he's not married

Caz1310 said...

I'm with those thinking this is Jerry O'Connell. As a few have noted, RR and JS were very open about swinging - assume Jerry & Rebecca are too. This may be a silly question-why the Stand by Me photo? Was Jerry in this movie? Congrats on the arrival of the new baby!

Heather said...

Jerry played Vern, the chubby kid, in Stand By Me. I remember back then thinking he would always play the fat guy roles and then one day he totally transformed himself. That's why it would make sense for Ted to have a BV for him and call it Chubster Hunkster.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
After looking through your B.V. gallery with my shelter rescue cat, Kissandra, I noticed there were some pretty big Vicers at Comic-Con this year! Any of them up to something scandalous this weekend, or were they all on their best behavior?
—Super Curious Fan

Dear Comic-Con-troversy:
It was no Robsten lovefest like last year, that's for sure. But no, San Diego didn't go all Sodom and Gomorrah, as any Vice action that went down was kept ├╝ber-secret. Well, except for Chubster Hunkster's wandering eye, and hands, of course."

mo said...

Jerry O'Connell for sure. It fits. Plus, Ted mentions him 'boozing it up' and I think that Jerry and his brother are known for their drinking.

Unknown said...

"up on the roof" is a song by the drifters. "stand by me" was a song by ben e. king. ben e. king was in the drifters for some period of time.

seems like another clue pointing towards jerry o'connell? No?

crila16 said...

Jerry O'Connell???? That is the most insane guess. I doesn't fit Jerry O at all. Not even remotely. I thought this was resolved as being Lieb Shrieber by another site. Jerry O'Connell is FAR FAR FAR AWAY from being an A list or having any A list credits. Jerry is lucky if he's a D lister. Lieb is the one that is close to A-list credits.

crila16 said...

Also...Lieb has a chubby round face. That's the Chubster Hunkster. That's a HUGE stretch thinking it's Jerry O and going all the way back to Stand by Me, where he wasn't an A list then either. Wake up people.

Heather said...

First of all it's Liev, not Lieb.

Secondly, the blind doesn't say the person is A-list, only that he has A-list credits. And it's specifically in the context of him thinking he can sleep with any woman he wants now especially since he's no longer a "loser". You may not like it but Stand By Me and Jerry Maguire are A-list credits. Everything else in the blind fits him to a T.

It may not be Jerry and it could be Liev but Jerry's not an "insane" guess based on the clues Ted gave.

Tara said...

Ahem, just sayin'........

JO admits to attending some of Hoe Francis' Hollywood skankfests--but makes sure we know it was prior to becoming the family man he is today.

Piranha 3D (what he was promoting at Comic Con) may not seem A-List, but Elisabeth Shue, Richard Dreyfuss, Jessica Szohr, Christopher Lloyd, and Ving Rhames are all in it. JO may not be in the Twilight films, but he has pretty good name recognition, is photographed regularly, and is married to Rebecca Romijn, which helps too.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
What gives? You haven't answered any questions about Chubster Hunkster—and I know you've received some—since you wrote the Blind. Is legal breathing down your neck on this one? Should we just give up? Enquiring minds want to know.

Dear Blinded by the Vice:
The guesses for that horndog Hunkster must have gotten lost in all the Q's begging for info on Nev or Nelly Fang. Send ‘em my way tho, I'd love for you crafty commenters to peg this cheater."

Jolie said...

Jerry O'Connell. I agree alot of the clues fit him...

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
So about Chubster Hunkster...a few more clues, perhaps? Is he chubby now or does that description refer to when he was younger? And is he better known for film or TV?

Dear Chubba Chubba:
He's definitely not fat now. Which is why all these chicks are so willing to bed him. Pretty good-looking most days, I guess. And definitely movies these days; he's kind of a big star, ya know."

Tab said...

New story about Chubster from Ted, and based on what it says I'm thinking it's more Liev Schreiber than Jerry O'Connell. Ted sez Chubsters' "less hunkster and far more chubster these days". Based on the current photos I can find, Jerry seems to be still slim whereas Liev seems to have gotten some extra weight. Additionally, Liev's in the news right now for allegedly stepping out on Naomi Watts with a model on the set of his new film.

Also, Ted's comment about Chubster being known for movies these days makes more sense for Liev: Jerry's best known of his TV work whereas Liev's been in top ranked movies recently such as X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Salt.

David said...

Agreed. I don't think Jerry O'Connell fits the latest Chubster Hunkster BV. He still looks slender in all the photos I've seen.

blurry vice said...

So Ted says he was "definitely not fat now" in Aug 2010. He used to be fat but slimmed down. Now in present day he is chubby again.

Franny Glass said...

I think it's Liev but if it's not at least we know that Chubster and his wife aren't married. In the blind Ted refers to her as his "partner" and in a bitch back he basically confirmed it by saying something like "Who ever said they are married?" Successful Hollywood couple who have children together but aren't married should narrow it down.