Friday, July 23, 2010

Bonus Blind: TV Star Gets High-larious!

Sorry we missed this.  Family issues this week so everything is just getting updated this weekend.  Bear with us!  Anyway, this was from Ted on Tue July 20 -

DOMINIC MONAGHAN 24X36 COLOUR POSTER PRINTBonus Blind: TV Star Gets High-larious!

Not all of our Blind Vices are totally upsetting. In fact, today's bonus job is a total riot!
Some of you might remember Teddy O'Bong from his days on the big screen, but recently, the scruffy dude has been making his appearances on network television. In fact, it was his antics at a wrap party for his latest on-air gig that's got us all happy-go-lucky. Though maybe not as much as him:
Teddy isn't exactly the most talented dude we know, but he's always likeable, y'see, and easy to approach. And it turns out, now we know exactly why!
At a semi-recent pricey wrap party for Teddy's latest show, Photo Op, the dude was apparently stoned out of his mind the entire night. We're talking bloodshot eyes, philosophical musings, and everything else that comes with a little puff of the ganja!
A lowly crew member who worked on the show was hangin' out on the patio when, wouldn't ya know it, O'Bong trotted on up and offered the chick's beau a joint, how incredibly gracious. However, the rather shocked guy politely said no, but Teddy wasn't too upset. He scooted on over to another end of the party and made his offer again. Score!
Then, Teddy hit up the karaoke machine, and started jamming. Naturally, the guy wouldn't share the mic with anyone and hogged the whole thing all night long. Literally. And as far as how angelic his voice was (usually, he can hold a tune)...well, he was high as a kite, so just imagine how good that was.
We say, let loose, dude, and keep on flyin' high: pretty much everyone seems to be enjoying his happy nature (even his sometimes-scowly sometimes-girlfriend). We've seen his old work...maybe it's method acting?

And It Ain't: Taylor Kitsch, Zachary Levi, Ian Somerhalder
Update 7/23 - Ted has also eliminated James Franco.

Top suspect: Dominic Monaghan

Proven by timeline of dates when Ted said he was not a BV and later confirmed as one: Dominic Monaghan.


blurry vice said...

Hmm could be a lot of people. Can anyone figure out any specific hints from this? Not married/has a girlfriend, was in movies, now on TV, likeable - pertains to too many people.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is Teddy O'Bong the adorable, lovable, oh-so-doable James Franco? I was totally convinced by his character in Pineapple Express. It must have been Method acting, right?
—Ms. M

Dear Love You More:
Ms. M, clearly you have never checked out our Blind Vice Superstars gallery or you would know that James was headlining Vices long before O'Bong blew into town. J.F.'s secrets are far naughtier than Teddy's penchant for pot."

thomasonclan said...

Sounds like Dominick Monaghan for the following reasons: Method acting - he smoked weed in (his big screen) Lord of the Rings & in the TV Show Lost. He's scruffy & dated his Lost costar. He had his own band for awhile, so we know he can sing.

thomasonclan said...

Oh, and he also was in Lost w/ Ian Somerhalder - one of the AIA's.

Meri said...

Love the Dominic Monaghan guess. It wouldn't have crossed my mind before, but I think that's spot on. All the clues fit him like a glove. So while it could definitely be someone else, my money is on him.

The Spie said...

Monaghan being the answer to this one also explains one of the strangest AIAs Ted's ever printed in Bitch-Back. On July 7th, he put up a very vague mail asking which one of the four Hobbits was a BV, implying that one of them had (my money's on Elijah Wood). There was no reason for him to print that, and Ted never prints anything without a reason. But if he had this one in the queue? Now it makes sense.

mo said...

Yeah, Dominic Monaghan is a great guess. He seems like he would have a 'happy nature' in real life. Is he still sometimes-dating Evangeline Lilly? If so, that would fit for her.. 'sometimes-scowly'.

mo said...
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Unknown said...

i think this is scott caan maybe? he was in varsity blues, oceans 11-13, gone in 60 seconds, but recently hes been in a lot of television. hes on entourage and is about to be in hawaii five-0.

remyfire said...

Dominic Monaghan has worked with all the AIA's - guest stared in an episode of Chuck with Zachary Levi, stared in XMen-Origins with Taylor Kitch, as well as lost with Ian Somerhalder.

Unknown said...

Ted also confirmed today that Teddy was in a major movie franchise. Hast to be Dominic.

Unknown said...

I noticed that too when I read BB today. Good call people! Wish I was at that party!

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I think I love Teddy O' Bong. Sounds like his biggest crime was hogging the karaoke machine, which would have been fun to watch. Was Teddy, by any chance, in a big movie franchise?

Dear Teddy Eclipse of the Heart:
Sure, you could say that."

sistah2 said...

"some of you may remember him from his days on the big screen"...this makes me think the guy is older - older than D. Monaghan. James Caan or someone like him is a good guess. also Ted says..."we've seen his old work." To me this points to someone over 45-50.

Unknown said...

"Dear Teddy Eclipse of the Heart" this line either indicates that it's an 80's movie with the song in it or is it a member of the twilight cast that's also on tv? Just a thought. Or it could be what he was singing at karaoke too. Maybe I'm going down the wrong route here.

Jolie said...

How about the guy that plays Evan in Royal Pains on USA Network. Paulo Costanzo. He looks like a stoner and he played one in Road Trip. I'm not sure about the girlfriend part

The Spie said...

This one took a while, and I apologize.

Part the First:

Ted stated that the entire cast of Lost was not a BV in August 2009; this obviously includes Dominic Monaghan. Ted stated that Monaghan was a BV on October 21st, 2010. I'll eliminate all obvious female BVs and those introduced prior to August 2009. The time period may be extensive, but there are a number of BVs in here that can be eliminated easily. Also, Monaghan has never married Evangeline Lilly, so that helps extensively. Here we go:

Tobey Yum-Yum: Underage at the time. Not Dom.

Fruzzy Tuna-Stench: "Quasi-sculpted bod" and someone who's available to play the field. Neither fits Monaghan. Not Dom.

Horace Hum-Brow: AIAed. Not Dom. This is an important elimination, since Dom's a perfect fit for it.

Jackie Bouffant: Proven to be Zac Efron. Not Dom.

Maxwell Meat-Mingle: A new BV identity for a revealed BV. Since Dom had never been a BV before, it's Not Dom.

Topher Hairy-Tuchas: Topher was not part of a movie franchise. Monaghan certainly was. Not Dom.

Whore-Hey Hoeman: The description doesn't fit in the least. Not Dom.

Stinky Carrot-Crotch: A 1) comic actor 2) better known for television than his 3) "silly" movies. Three strikes, Dom's out.

Dumbo Pecs: Married to Slink-a-rella Jiggle. Not Dom.

Rocky Trailer (gender unspecified): Twilight blind. Not Dom.

Adam Pounce-Prick: Has done a nude scene in a film, which I don't believe Dom has. Also, Dom's not that paunchy. Can't do a full Not Dom, but it's a Less Than Five-Percenter.

Sandy Boob: Was once on a hit TV show with lots of sand and lots of boobs. Lost did have lots of sand, and a lot of the characters were boobs, but I really think that this isn't what Ted was going for here. Not Dom.

Quidget Barks-a-Little and Harry Fun-Tanked: Both have children from their current long-term relationships. Not Dom.

Nelly Fang: Proven to be Alexander Skarsgard. Not Dom.

Parrish Maguire: Proven to be Taylor Lautner. Not Dom.

Chester Shorts-Off: Married to Secretia Ohio. Not Dom.

Elijah Schwad: Married to Henrietta Hard-Ball. Not Dom.

Marky Sweet-Puss: Married to Cruella St. Shackles. Not Dom

The Spie said...

Part the Second:

Barrington Bang-Me: There is no known connection between Monaghan and RPattz, and there has to be because RPattz has been proven to be Nevis Divine, Barrington's boyfriend. Not Dom.

Moisty Mohr: Ted's essentially revealed him to be Robin Leach. Not Dom.

Buck Me-Good: Ted would not describe Monaghan as one of "the hottest studs in town, looks and career-wise." Not Dom.

Chet Chick-Muncher: If you believe that Ted was not wrong in 2009, I've proven this to be a certain other member of the Fellowship. Besides, the description really doesn't fit him. Not Dom.

Dougy Dry-Hump: Married. Not Dom.

Buddy Rib-Toast: An actor working on a sequel to a blockbuster, which Monaghan was not doing at the time. Not Dom.

Teddy O'Bong: And here we have our leading candidate. Nothing Ted has said since the BV has contradicted Monaghan.

Chubster Hunkster: Monaghan and Lilly do not have a family together. Not Dom.

Drew Smoulder 'n' Such and/or Kelly Guten-Shoes: One of them is Ian Somerhalder. The other is his co-star from a TV show that is still on the air. Lost had ended by the time of this blind. Not Dom.

Pepper Harthman: Sports star. Not Dom.

Mooney Van Dangle: The description doesn't fit. Monaghan hasn't gone into a moralistic frenzy that's been noticed by the press. Not Dom.

Unless you can convince me that he fits Adam Pounce-Prick, this one also goes into the Solved File.

Dominic Monaghan is Teddy O'Bong.

blurry vice said...


The Spie said...

Blurry: I got a little extra emphasis for doing this one when Monaghan appeared on Top Gear two weeks ago. If you watched him, it was obvious he was on something. The thing is, it was more probable that it was tootski rather than weed. Whatever it was, it really didn't impair his driving skills.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
In regards to Monaghan vs. Fox: meee-ooow! Leaving out the issue at hand, I must say as a huge Lost fan it certainly sparks my curiosity about how that cast got along. Would I be correct in assuming Dom is not the only one who'd like to take to their Twitter account and spew some harsh things Fox's way? Was it all Losties vs. Fox on set or more cliquey? Hugs!

Dear No Man is an Island:
While what happened on the island mostly stayed on the island, I think it was pretty clear that it wasn't totally a paradise over there. Hey, just look at how many of the stars got DUIs during their stint in Hawaii. That said, Matthew wasn't the only castmember ruffling feathers—but he did ruffle his fair share."