Monday, July 20, 2009

Page Six- Just Asking

July 20, 2009 --
WHICH troubled starlet got her first big break on TV by sending the producer a tape of herself having sex with another girl? The producer thought the ploy was so original, he cast her instead of dozens of other ingénues . . . WHICH network advertising exec is no longer welcome at upstate North Salem golf club? It's about to sue him for nonpayment of fees . . . WHICH perennial bachelor princeling should be more careful? While His Serene Highness was cavorting on a yacht in the Mediterranean with a hunky guy, he thought the servants on board would keep their mouths shut. He was wrong.


duffgrl said...

My first thought for #1 was Mischa Barton but I thought she got her big break in a movie (Sixth Sense)-not sure-
#3 could this be Harry????

Charlene said...

Harry isn't a Serene Highness. I think it's Albert of Monaco.

MamaMouse said...

I thought of Mischa Barton too. It does say her 'first big break on TV'. There were many years in between from the movie 'Sixth Sense'.

blurry vice said...

#1 - prob mischa

#2 - who cares

#3 - harry or william... hope not! but i know that those two were guesses for lainey's "chocolate" riddle.

Anonymous said...

if #1 is mischa i'm pretty sure it would be the confirmation to a lot of the "lesbian action" BIs people keep guessing her for