Sunday, July 26, 2009

CDAN - 7.24.09

From Crazy Days and Nights... we don't always believe the "entertainment lawyer" but throwing this one out there.

Four For Friday

This is probably one of my all-time favorites. I have heard so many things that nothing really gets my jaw to drop, but this is one that did. Then I started thinking about the participants and I was like yeah, yeah, I could see that and sure that person is a freak, but it is still really juicy.

So, anyway there is a husband who is a C list movie actor. Honestly, he may even be a D, but he has B list name recognition and is married to a permanent B list television actress with A list name recognition. Well, it turns out they like to get their freak on with this other couple. Yes, exactly like it sounds. They swap. The other couple consists of a guy who is definitely D list and does primarily movies now. As for his name recognition? Not that great. His girlfriend on the other hand is a B list movie and television actress not exactly known for being super friendly even to her boyfriend. She had a very short term boyfriend prior to the D lister but he wasn't up for the game so she dumped him and went with the D lister she could control. This foursome has been kept quiet for about a year, but the D lister has started telling a few people who have told more and it isn't so hush hush anymore.

#1 - Married C list movie actor
#2 - Married B list actress
#3 - D list guy
#4 - B list move and television actress.



Frosty Family said...

For what it's worth, Courtney Cox & David Arquette crossed my mind for the married couple.

M said...

Courtney and David for the first couple and Jessica Alba and that Cash guy for the second?

Anonymous said...

First thing that cam to mind for me was Mark Consuelos & Kelly Ripa for the first couple.

Unknown said...

Also thought about the Arquettes for the married couple. The other i don´t know. Can´t be Alba and Cash because he doesn´t act, does he? I think he works behind the scenes.

M said...

You're right, that Cash guy's not an actor, he's a "producer" he doesn't seem to do much

Tracey P said...

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck sound right to me. She doesn't do well in movies, so permanent TV B-list with A-list name recognition resonates Jen Garner (for me). Affleck's a dud in movies; deserves D list status. Plus, there were rumors last year about them needing "help" in the sex department (can't recall sources).

But I'm more curious about the second couple! Hee hee, good dirt about the mean B-lister tv/movie who dumped her previously because he didn't swing. NO CLUE.

Unknown said...

To Locke081,

I can't imagine any Hollywood Insider considers Ben Affleck a D-lister with B-list name recognition and Jennifer Garner as a B-lister with A-list name recognition!

If anything, Ben Affleck is more famous than Jen Garner, so he would have the A-list name recognition.

If I had to guess, Courtney Cox ("Friends" makes her permanent B-list TV)and David Arquette (a few non-highly regarded movies) makes him D-list. So I would go with Courtney and David.

cctremblay said...

I think for the first couple Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, and the second couple Sarah Michelle Gellar
and Freddy Prince Jr
I think they are friends

Anonymous said...

Wow does it say something that so many of us thought of the Arquettes as the first couple? But I really can't figure out the 2nd couple :/

N said...

I do agree the with the Cox Arquette's for the first couple.

The second - Jennifer Love Hewitt & her new boyfriend come to mind...

Unknown said...

This is a juicy one. I sure would love to get a real answer to it, as opposed to just our collective speculation.

In any event, I have difficulty buying the Kelly Ripa/Mark Consuelos theory for the first couple.

Again, it's because of the labels. This is all subjective but, IMO, Mark Consuelos would never be considered a "C" lister, let alone one with "B" list name recognition.

If he weren't married to Kelly Ripa, would any of us have his name on the tip of our tongues? I doubt it.