Friday, August 7, 2009

Blind Vice: Morgan Mayhem Strikes Again!

A Little More Personal (Raw)Ted today... another Lindsay Lohan BV...

Blind Vice: Morgan Mayhem Strikes Again!

Most featured Blind Vice babes just guest star in this blolumn, but Morgan Mayhem's practically a series regular here at the Awful Truth. Truthfully, she should be happy for the work, especially since she's favored her drama and drug addiction over any semblance of a once spot-on career.
We're almost falling asleep at Morg's predictable downward spiral, and it looks like she's bored, too—she's looking for a change.
Not in lifestyle, like sobering up finally and screwing her head on right, but in drug choice. M2's party days of dipping her nose in the white stuff just don't thrill anymore, which may be why she turned to meth (Wonder if she and Emma Uh-Oh ever hung out in the same crystal-abusing circles?). Morgy got bored with that, too, and has moved onto something entirely new to stick in her bod.
And it's deadlier than blow or meth, if you can believe it:
If Michael Jackson's death can be used as a cautionary tale, Morgan Mayhem's new fave things, prescription drugs, are the most dangerous things to abuse. Why? Well, (a) they're easy to get and keep getting, as long as you get that first prescription, and (b) abusers don't exactly consider themselves to be abusing drugs in the naughty sense of the D-word, since they got 'em straight from a doctor. A medical "professional" gave them to me, so it must be OK! Right?
So wrong. Morg's constantly up on Adderall, among other happy pills. Some wouldn't be surprised that the unfocused honey's got ADD, but this is strictly for recreational use as opposed to anything M2 actually needs—gives her a much-mellower high as opposed to an anxious tick like blow, and she can actually get some work done! Girl can actually fake being sober a lot better than she could before, which only encourages her to keep pill-popping like mad. But deep down she must know something's not right, since she still tries to hide her habit from everyone around her.
But she's not always successful: M2 was just caught red-handed with the script stuff by her dearest friends—the paparazzi. Spilled all over the sidewalk, reds, blues and purples falling out of her purse, M-hon scrambling to pick them all up. She begged her photo friends to erase the pics, which they did—and they would, if they wanted Ms. Mayhem to keep calling them whenever she goes out on the town.
So can't anyone help poor Morgan? Anyone?
And it ain't: Kristen Stewart, Hayden Panettiere, Mischa Barton

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Unknown said...

you think the AIAs are in reference to other girls who are mentioned frequently on his site?

sistah2 said...

we all agree its LL. its kind of fun reading these when we know who it is. Sad for her , not surprising.

duffgrl said...

I think she's been taking adderall for a while actually. Definitely her (LL) is surprising anyone keeps hiring her though.

blurry vice said...

LILO AKA Morgan Mayhem made the Blind Vice Superstar Gallery -

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay has done a lot—and we mean a lot—of despicable and dangerous things, busting up marriages and driving under the influence, just to name a few. But there are still a few gems from this drama-loving gal that only we (and a few unlucky others) know about.