Friday, December 5, 2008

Drugged Starlet Blind Vice

It's Blind Vice Friday! New from Ted Dec 5:

Drugged Starlet Blind Vice
There's a relentlessly infamous, many-talented star whose love life has been pretty notorious as of late. And for this reason alone, folks seem to have lost sense of the woman's far more dangerous goings-on: her drug intake. It's huge.
And like many reformed sisters in this chemically enhanced town, our mystery gal has tried to go cold turkey many times before. Never took, of course, even though she screamed to any tabloid that would listen that it did. Is it any wonder, then, that...
Morgan Mayhem is back in action, having advanced from the plain-Jane proclivities of booze and dope and coke? Yep, don't you know it, Morgan's right back where any addict goes, straight down: to smoking crystal meth.
M.M.'s beyond paranoid these days, too (at clubs, online, at events, never at a gig, natch, as the bitch is hardly working anymore), as is a common effect from crystal use. Her bodyguards know the drill, too, as they work double and triple shifts to make sure us commoners don't approach the strung-out babe in public, 'cause they know folks will know the drill once they have an interaction with her.
Too late. Morgan went off on some babes, including some who just happen to dish regularly at the Awful Truth. Bitch couldn't have been more methed out if she was playing Amy Winehouse in some kind of bad Lifetime job.
By the by, a psych teacher who used to work at a cushy, beachy drying-out tank teaches at LMU now. She was doing a whole segment about drugs and how they affect you, etc. She showed a picture of Morgan as an example of physical effects from using meth.
Now that's infamous. Not to mention pathetic, in the most academic sense of the word.
And it ain't: Ashley Olsen, Whitney Houston, Courtney Love

We know from past Morgan Mayhem blinds that this is Lindsay Lohan. Our past posts on these are here and here. Feel free to comment!


sistah2 said...

yes this is one of the undisputed "known" blind items names: Morgan Mayhem is LL.
That's sad. Cant stand her, but still sad.

Anonymous said...

From my years of working in clubs, I can honestly say: I have never met a DJ who wasn't a tweaker. They are all methed out, all the time, all of them. Seriously, look at next DJ you see at a club, and notice the twitching, the thinness, the Sam Ronson-ness.

duffgrl said...

I agree w/ BF above: SR is even more pale, thin, and generally unhealthy-looking than LL. I don't think she was ever that "good influence" people said she was-I think that they just weren't out as much in public as she had been. I agreee this is Lindsay Lohan, as we guessed in the last MM blind.
Also-Lindsay Lohan had a stay at Promises in Malibu in the summer of '07. That is likely the"cushy, beachy drying-out tank" ted is referring to.

duffgrl said...

Also- see NYDN Full disclosure BI from 11/16; thought to be LL

Anonymous said...

Well my first thought before LL was Jodi Sweeden. She was on crystal meth before dosent work really anymore,then in part of the blog thing it said something about sisters and thats what her whole career was,being a sister.

duffgrl said...

I don't think it's Jodi Sweetin. She is a mess but if you read the MM blinds, this is someone who "always has packs of paps following her"-someone much more famous-LL

Anonymous said...

Ted seems to be making sure this one is barely blind. From today's Bitch-Back:

Dear Ted:
So sad to read about Morgan Mayhem, but I can't say I'm surprised. Coke doesn't make you act like that much of a psycho, I mean really, what 21-year-old in Los Angeles hasn't sniffed the white stuff while at, say, Hyde? But the meth is just sad, sad, sad. And it was so obvious, too! You could totally tell something was up with M.M. when she gave that interview. She was twitchy and just weird, paranoid, definitely! Sad though, as that girl has a ton of talent.
—Justine, NYC

Dear Morgan Spiral:
It is sad, 'cause I really do like the babe. Hope there are some good people in her life that'll get her the help she needs.

Anonymous said...

I thought we've known for a long time that Morgan Mayhem = LiLo. And I agree that it's barely Blind. It's so sad, really. She's gorgeous and talented ... if she lets herself. I was sure she'd be dead before her 21st birthday (and I was right ... almost ... at least a couple of times). I hoped she was almost out of the woods, but I guess that's not the case.

mo said...

I didn't think LL would stay clean and sober for very long. I'm sure this BV is true... how sad. Sam R is gross!

duffgrl said...

Boss Bunny-read the first post, we wrote that this is one of the undisputed known blinds.
People are still free to discuss; that's what these comments are for.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Is Morgen Mayhem Rose McGowan? Has this crazy dame been one of your columns blind vices?

Dear Whittled Rose:
Rose may seem like a disaster, but she has it much more together than M.M."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Morgan Mayhem must most definitely be Lily Allen. Poor thing is such a mess these days!

Dear Define Mess:
You kidding? Lil's career is heating up again, her songs are fab. Morgan is just in a downward spiral with no light at the end of her tunnel just yet."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
What have Pixie Mixie, Slurpa Pop-Off and Morgan Mayhem been up to lately?

Dear Bad Girls Still Bad:
Morgan's still a blatant mess, but we're so over reporting about her. And Pixie's completely turned her partying ass around, but Slurpa? The next Lohan, clearly. "

blurry vice said...


"Dear Ted:
Lately I have noticed just how similar Taylor Momsen and Courtney Love look. While I am all for women's lib, do you think that Momsen's choice of apparel and general attitude will lead her down a similar destructive path?

Dear Lohan Jr.:
Let's hope not, but I'm not a fan of the recent bestie pairing at NYC Fashion Week of Momsen and Lindsay. This young starlet has a lot going for her, and although it's OK for her to look like Court (hey, whatever floats her boat), we don't want another drugged-out starlet on our hands!"