Thursday, December 11, 2008

NYDN-Gatecrasher Dec 11

Wicked Whispers:
Which A-list movie star and his Emmy-winning pal did a "'Scarface'-style mound of cocaine" before enjoying bedroom antics with two college girls? The big-screen actor managed to convince his bombshell that protection wasn't necessary, while the TV star tied up his lass with a bathrobe, before realizing that the blow had caused serious "equipment failure".

Whoa! have to think about this one. Any guesses???????


Anonymous said...

jude law and james gandolfini with two girls from tulane...but this is like 2 years old from when they were shooting all the kings men in New Orleans

Anonymous said...

A lot of blind items are years old. That is nothing new. This happens all the time.

Anonymous said...

leo di caprio and kevin connolly

donnaleee said...

keanu and kiefer, whoa!