Monday, August 10, 2009

Page Six- Just Asking

From yesterday:

August 9, 2009 --
WHICH elderly print journalist is deep in the closet and trolls Craigslist for younger men? When one asked him what he does for a living, he replied, "Write nonfiction books, news (can't I be a little discreet?)" . . . WHICH unmarried Hollywood couple have an open relationship? He's been sleeping with a much less attractive actress, but she prefers women anyway . . . WHICH reality-TV starlets swing both ways? The 20-something co-stars were kissing at a recent getaway and stayed together in a hotel room.


duffgrl said...

The first person I thought of for #1 is Dominick Dunne(?)who I really like-
#2 Could be the brange but there are a lot of other couples who could fit this too-
#3 some wannabes-Hills chicks-etc

sistah2 said...

Wow I thought D Dunne too. I always wondered if he was gay.
also - with all the Mad Men promotion, I thought of Jon Hamm for #2.

duffgrl said...

Jon Hamm is a good guess for #2 because his GF wrote Kissing Jessica Stein-seems to fit- Love him!!!

L said...

#3 Hayden Panettiere.. both Lainey and Ted have been hinting at her liking the ladies and generally being sex crazed.

sistah2 said...

With the death of DD this past week, I am thinking that some jerkoff in the NY Post who has a beef w/him may have heard that he took a turn for the worse. They then decided to 'out' him just days before he passed away, apparently. THATS LOW!

blurry vice said...

RIP Dominick Dunne! We don't know if this item was about him... but we were big fans! :(