Thursday, January 10, 2008

NY Post Page Six-Just Asking 1/10/08

-- WHICH political candidate showed extreme bad judgment in the woman he picked to have an extramarital affair with? The New Age hippie, who friends say "mooches off other people and sleeps on their couches because she doesn't believe in money," tells anyone who will listen about her fling with the good-looking guy. She recently walked up to a Page Six pal she'd just met and said, "Oh, I'm so stressed out. I've been having an affair with [a candidate]."

Has to be John Edwards. Apparently her name is Rielle Hunter and-this is the kicker-she's pregnant. I thought she was being paid for her silence-she has moved into a gated community in D.C. which is being paid for by a man by the name of Andrew Young,who works for John Edwards. When The National Enquirer broke this story, Andrew Young claimed he was the father but that's a joke because he is married w/ kids and apparently he and his wife together have been spotted at her house.


blurry vice said...

Oh yeah, I read about that woman. Her baby is supposed to be John Edwards'.