Monday, January 14, 2008

Crazy Days and Nights 1/14/08

Today's blind items from Crazy Days and Nights...

#1 This B list film actor from some all-time biggest hit films has a new mentor and daddy. And when I say daddy, it really could be a granddaddy. There is an almost 40 year age difference between the couple. Of course our actor keeps insisting he isn't gay.

#2 This A list actor's daughter was recently spotted by dad making out and groping some random guy in a corner of a bar. Dad went over and scared the guy off. Not to be outdone, the daughter got back at the dad by repeatedly walking up to him and crying whenever he was engaged in conversation with another woman.

I think #1 Orlando Bloom ... he is supposedly gay and in my opinion B List. But who is the granddaddy? For #2 Rumer Willis - she is all over the place these days claiming she is "famous now" and could totally see this happen. By the way I have always crushed on Bruce Willis!


blurry vice said...

Any ideas on who the granddaddy is?