Monday, January 21, 2008

1/21/08: Lainey's "Holiday Detox": solved?

Update on Lainey's blind vice from 12/10/07...
Lainey today posted this blurb ( w/ pictures) on Liv Tyler:
Liv at the Beach
Looks like Liv has her curves back spending the holidays with her husband and son, photographed by at the beach still on vacation. I prefer my Liv healthy and fuller and not spending time with Kate Moss… don’t you? source Full Story

... Funny because she was one of our suspects-and the only one Lainey didn't rule out. (Kate Beckinsale was recently ruled out). There were pics of Liv and Kate partying last summer in London-I didn't want to believe it was her but maybe? Is Lainey giving us a hint?


blurry vice said...

You know what, I also just read something about Liv that reminded me of the detox thing recently. I think it was a recent picture of her in NYC with a blurb, something about her spending the holidays hanging with her family and now she is out and about. It's totally her.

Anonymous said...

sounds good to me. I like your blog.

blurry vice said...

aldo today when LAiney eliminated Liv for a different BI - "Liv Tyler is not wasting blow. Liv’s been on vacation for a couple of months – resting, not working, word is she is looking and feeling gorgeous. "