Thursday, January 17, 2008

NY Post-Page Six: 1.17.08


January 17, 2008 -- WHICH slave-driving producer of a morning TV show was ordered by the network's legal department to cease and desist offering staffers tequila shots on Friday afternoons? The grinch-like suits were worried about liability . . . WHICH talented singer/guitar player seems to have forgotten he's married with children? He's been spotted entering and exiting a building in Battery Park City where he spends the night with a beautiful record company executive.

For #1 I'm thinking Gelman from Regis & Kelly...or that older dude from The View-
For #2: I'm stumped. There are so many musicians it could be-maybe Bono? He does have a place in NYC...


duffgrl said...

Update: according to Gawker, #1 is someone named Shelley Ross from the CBS Early Show. never heard of her before but she apparently is a shoe-in for this item.

blurry vice said...

Hmm a singer and guitar player. What about Gavin Rossdale? He and Gwen Stefani live in NYC I think. ??

Anonymous said...

Clapton? Sting?