Thursday, January 24, 2008

Recent Clues To Past Blind Items....

Ted's column on Wednesday 1/23 included an item on SJP and Matthew Broderick which (I believe) drops several clues to the exposure of MB as our Corny Beefy, from One Lamentable Blind Vice. He ran a photo of the couple taken last weekend at Sundance, and complimented them on looking better than usual.
"See, Matthew was slowly morphing into a chubby, frumpy hub-unit"-one clue.
"Matty's halfway doable in this pic, which is 50 percent more doable than he's been in the past decade." 2nd clue...(quote from the BI: "Mr. B used to be such the doable little hon")...
I think it's him!

Also-I hate to mention another past Heath Ledger BI but here's one from the NY Post from 10/07, said to be about him:
Which recently separated star had his sidekick secure two young ladies to join him for a wild night back at his new bachelor pad?


blurry vice said...

So true! I saw that and missed the Corny Beefy hints.
Yeah another Heath BI.. I bet that was him. Sounds like he was dating a random bunch of people post breakup.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone ever figure out what Heath Ledgers Blind Vice was. I'm thinking that since Ted said that his was about sex that it probably wasn't blatently about all of the drugs he was doing. It had to have been written in 2007 since he died in 2008. I wonder if like Toothy Tile AKA Jake Gyllenhall his was about gay sex. Is there any way to go through all of Ted 2007 blind items and cross reference those against all who were gay and all who had something to do with sex and or drugs?