Friday, January 18, 2008

Another Toothy hint today...

Today Ted Casablanca was blabbing about Matthew McConaughey's pregnancy news and mentioned Jake Gyllenhaal, with more hints from Ted that Jake is Toothy Tile. Excerpt below...

So, looks like M’s been nude 'n’ bangin’ on something other than his bongo
set. 'Course, Matty and his girlfriend, Camila Alves, are expecting their first
child together, which is absolutely mind-blowing to us, especially since when
has M2 been spending terribly much quality time with someone other than Lance
Armstrong or Jake Gyllenhaal? I’m surprised neither of those two are
expecting, after all those shirtless bike rides and panting parades in the
Maybe Jakey’s been teaching our sexy surfer stud about the
joys of domesticity...He himself has been spending an awful lotta time
getting all cozy and family oriented—and we don't mean Reese, trust.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what you think about Toothy and Grey Goose's Baby Tile. How do you interpret Ted's clues about the baby?

blurry vice said...

Whatever happened to Baby Tile? we haven't covered that yet, and that is a good question. Supposedly toothy and BF Austin Nichols (you call him Grey Goose?) were planning on becoming domesticated and adopting a baby. Has that happened or not... we don't know. We here at BIE are not aware of Ted mentioning anything about Baby Tile lately. Perhaps TT and GG were scared off by people knowing about it. TT is too scared to come out.

blurry vice said...

I just found the "Gray Goose" thing, I missed that Austin was given a name too! Here it is for those out of the loop too:

In October Ted was asked to give him a name and said "Fine. Let’s call the poor boy Gray Goose, ‘cause that’s what he’ll look like by the time G2’s closeted homo actor guy comes clean."
(Love it!)

Anyway, Ted hasn't spoken much of the baby lately, except for to say that it was in a frying pan (when asked if it was on a back burner). It was so long ago that Baby Tile was first spoken of... for all we know he/she is a toddler by now! I really just think they got scared, and put the plan on hold.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the answer.

Ted also mentioned recently that Gray Goose was still with Toothy in spite of the bearding.

I think Ted's insistence on Toothy domesticating, could be part of Baby Tile.

I think Ted's latest baby tile clue means:

"in the oven": pregnancy

"back burner": on hold/cancelled/postpone


"in the frying pan": plan accomplished? difficult situation?

Ted could be suggesting they had the baby.

Thank you for this great site! I love it!

blurry vice said...

That is an interesting analyzation of the frying pan comment. I just don't think that Baby Tile has been born, it would be so hard to hide him or her.
Yes, there have been so many comments about Jake becoming domesticated, and so many about Toothy becoming domesticated. Hints that TT and GG are having such a serious relationship and possibly living together, pondering a family etc.