Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Update: Lainey-Because He Ignores Her

Lainey again hints that Sarah Jessica Parker is the subject of Because He Ignores Her from 9/30/08:

Alone at the ballet
Actually no. Valentino was there to keep her company, so at least one gay was by her side … and a orange one at that…just not the one she was hoping for. Seriously, how fashionable is it to look as though you’re being asphyxiated? This is Sarah Jessica Parker last night at the New York City Ballet opening in a killer short dress but no one to appreciate it. And an update on the Sex & the City movie sequel: Kim Cattrall revealed it was happening, then SJP claimed that was premature, now she’s explaining that they’re hoping to nail everything down by February, shoot this summer, and go for a 2010 release…so basically what Kim said. Apparently Michael Patrick King needs to decide on what the story should be. How about no story and just montage after montage of Carrie trying on clothes interspersed with random sightings of the mute Asian baby? At least the dress porn wouldn’t be boring and contrived.SJP also confirmed (for now) that Carrie likely won’t have babies. Then again, Carrie seemed uncomfortable talking about sex with her best friends in the last movie. Out of character decisions don’t seem to be a problem.


Anonymous said...

Why do these women stay in these 'marriages'. They have the job, the money.... why bother with the 'shadow' husband. I just don't get it!!! I feel sorry for her - and all others who are in the same boat, in hollywood (and elsewhere).