Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Page Six- Just Asking: 11.19.08

November 19, 2008 --
WHICH Park Avenue socialite split from her husband when she discovered that he'd been enjoying secret conjugal relations with one of her best friends for years? . . . WHICH hit television show sidekick kicked an aspiring actress out of his cab after she refused to go to his apartment with him to "cuddle over milk and cookies"? . . . WHICH longtime New York basketball legend, whose wife handles his business, has gone bankrupt twice? . . . WHICH talk-show host has a flatulence problem so bad, he's said to have an assistant follow him around with an odor-vaporizing spray can?


duffgrl said...

#1 Tinsley Mortimer
#4 Larry King(rumored) or Howard Stern
no clue on the other 2

blurry vice said...

#4 - REEG?!

Unknown said...

No clue on any of them but can't wait to see comments!! I'm pretty sure it's not Howard Stern as he would totally talk about it openly. He's the first one to talk about his flaws and embarrassing moments. Too bad we can't recycle our own methane, LOL!

Anonymous said...

#2 is Chuy from Chelsea Lately

mo said...

Poor Regis, everyone will think they mean him for #4!!
Probably Larry King. Ha - gross!