Monday, November 10, 2008

Lainey: Nicole Kidman hermaphrodite rumor

We have had multiple conversations about the Nicole Kidman hermaphrodite rumor, but had been unable to pinpoint where it came from. Today on LaineyGossip, Lainey gossips about Nicole Kidman and the rumors...

Granny with penis and Oprah

Inspired casting. Really.
For years there have been totally unsubstantiated rumours that Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman was born a herm. Someone knows someone else whose doctor attended a conference and they discussed Gran’s girly boy parts and yet when it comes down to it, there is never a first hand account.
Gran is totally frozen. But Gran is not a herm.
She put her fertility on display front and centre and pillow this year to make sure you know and I know that she’s a woman through and through. Knowing this, and her incessant efforts to fight 40, and her avoidance of those women who are aging so much more naturally and beautifully than she is, it’s admirable that Granny signed on to this next project.
The film will be called The Danish Girl, the true story of an artist couple whose lives were upended when the husband decided to get a sex change.
Nicole is attached to the role of the man who becomes a woman.
Even more amazing – she’ll be starring opposite the stunning Charlize Theron, an unusual move for Granny who does not like to juxtapose herself next to living breathing females, especially since her husband seems to have a preference for them.
But Gran is above all things an artist. She will sacrifice for art. And she will work and work and work…
Nicole will be producing The Danish Girl as well –even though she claims she’s yet to hire a daytime nanny which is about as believable as her claims that she’s all natural without injections.
And finally….
Gran and Hugh Jackman are on Oprah today to promote Australia which has yet to present a final cut. Some of you are watching as I write. And a few of you have already written to tell me Gran is working super super hard to move that forehead. Now I totally have to PVR that sh-t.

There you go! It is interesting that Lainey says that Nicole showed us all that she was a woman recently when she had her baby.... stating "Granny is not a herm" flat out, but hinting that she thinks she really is. Lainey was the one who kept dishing the dirt - what all the Australian tabloids were saying - that NK's sister who is a Fertile Myrtle hadn't been seen in months, and was rumored to be the surrogate mother to NK's baby. And kept commenting how small NK's belly was. I guess Lainey doesn't want to encourage these hermaphrodite rumors too much, or take the blame for them... but it's obvious by mentioning the rumors she wants everyone to know about them!


sistah2 said...

actually, Lainey posted about this, around a year ago. She said then that the herm rumor was not true.
I do not think its true, but I think her pregnancy seemed fake. Her tummy never really popped, then all of a sudden she was carrying a baby around.

CincyNat said...

Now, see, I have always heard the herm rumor related to Jamie Leigh Curtis and always heard it told the same way...can there be TWO successful herms in Hollywood? I vote yes! And, yeah, I am onboard with the surrogacy thing, too.

Miss X said...

That pregnancy was a fake. Whether she is a herm, who knows, but she did not carry that baby.

blurry vice said...

Right ... I know this rumor has been discussed before, I just didn't know much about it.

Yes Jamie Lee Curtis is also supposedly one too.

Either way, I agree there was a coverup with that pregnancy too. Too weird how her stomach never grew and her sister was MIA. Then going to do yoga after the baby was 3 days old with a flat stomach. Yeah right!

Cheryl said...

These rumors are old, going back to when Nic was married to Tom Cruise. They were based on other rumors that she was living as a lesbian in Australia before she became known here and that she a Tom adopted instead of having biological children. I think it is funny that Tom Cruise has had two wives with suspicious pregnancies.

Baited Breath said...

funny, and I always thought that Angelina Jolie had a fake pregnancy with her "twins"....

Anonymous said...

RE Jamie Lee Curtis: I was told by my college biology professor that she is a metafemale, which means she has an extra female chromosome (XXX instead of XX).

blurry vice said...

Interesting Jamie Lee Curtis gossip!

kanonymous said...

I really doubt Kidman used a surrogate for her baby. She has been very vocal about the adoptions of her two older children, her eptopic pregnancy, and her miscarriage, so I'm at a loss for why she would not tell the world if her youngest was born by surrogate. I've seen many women (especially with her build) look the way she did when they were pregnant, as well as lose all of the baby weight immediately after giving birth.

kanonymous said...

I'm tired of hearing the rumors about Jamie Lee Curtis. These rumors have been circulating for years, but NONE of them have been believable. They're always "Well, I heard from a doctor who heard from another doctor who heard from another doctor who treated her that she's a hermaphrodite." It could very well be that she has some intersex condition, but there is nothing to indicate that other than that her kids are adopted (something that is pretty common among people who are not intersexed). That's something we'll never know unless she tells us, and she has never commented on it.

sistah2 said...

you are right. that is something that she would never commment on, its private. However the rumors have always strong for years, because she really looks a little mannish, which, unfair or not, add to the talk.

Anonymous said...

I think that Lainey is frankly work a little too hard on the Kidman hate lately.
First, like kanonymous said above, there are people with that height and frame who simply don't show that much when they're pregnant. They do exist in real life.

Secondly, I personally think Nicole's appearance on Oprah went rather well. While I don't rule out Nicole using botox, I do find it interesting that she's okay with letting her gray roots show.

When it comes to Lainey giving out Nicole Kidman gossip, I tend not to trust her, as Lainey seems to eager to pass on everything she hears.

As for the Jamie Lee Curtis stuff, yeah, heard it forever and I'm still amazed at how people seem to think its true/relevant/their business. I've heard there's similar stuff out there about Sandra Bullock, because she's you know - not in lockstep with the skinny, narrow definition of Hollywood beauty/bodytype/gender behavior and doesn't contantly coo about how much she wants a family.

Anonymous said...

kit g, I'm with you on the whole Kidman issue. It seems like Lainey needs someone on whom she can put all her hate and bitchiness upon and for the longest time this has been Aniston, but this has worn off a little bit. So her current victim is Nicole Kidman and she'll post anything to trash her. Even the most stupid things.

blurry vice said...

On a related note, here is a letter to Ted Casablanca today about Kate Walsh:

"Dear Ted:
You of all people know that Hollywood is full of secrets. So I must ask, is actress Kate Walsh secretly a man? Or was she once a man? Everything about Kate, her size, her masculine eyes, her deep voice and her large face is very man-ish. I just saw her on Ellen and she seemed so aloof and strange and seemed to be "trying too hard." I knew you were the only person I could turn to for the real answer.

Dear Jennifer Aniston:
Stop writing letters under fake names to get the Maniston heat off you, honey. These hater campaigns do you no favors. "

Charlene said...

Herms aren't fertile. If she had an ectopic pregnancy and a miscarriage, she's not a herm. End of story.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of what she is, there have always been some thing very fishy about nicole, she is always linked to men that seems not really her type, if men were here type.

blurry vice said...


From the Awful Truth:

"Two Kidmans, a baby, and the Anatomy of a Rumor

Back in July, we let fly an odd item regarding rumors of a then-pregged Nicole Kidman wearing a fake bump, with li'l Sunday Rose being conceived someplace else. Possibly through a surrogate, or Nic's waify-lookin' bun in the oven helped by sis Antonia's eggs. No comment from Nicole. Baby Urban was born soon after, and we dropped the possibly bogus baby-bump buzz in favor of wanting a response about N.K.'s bloody bodyguard sitch instead.

A.T.'s own Becky Bain, though, was Down Undah just last week, and whispers of this conception controversy were more like screeches—Kidman's local posse loudly dished to us their doubts about the mommy status of the star, insisting to us that Antonia Kidman was Sunday's surrogate all along.

A.K.'s the host of an Aussie boob-tube program called From Here to Maternity—perf title, no?—and totally gossipy word was that Ant allegedly took some time off the show for an unexplained reason. We put word into the show's reps about it; they snipped back: "The whole shoot went very smoothly and 100 percent according to the schedule." And when was this sched? "The show was filmed in the second half of last year." So, the show wrapped with enough time for A.K. to have possibly taken on other unpublicized endeavors?

We did our own sleuthing and found out that back in May, when Nic was showing off her finally full belly at the CMA Awards in Nashville, Antonia was back in Oz looking as skinny as ever. Is a flat stomach enough to take the heat of Nic's sis? Then why are we hearing so much saying otherwise?

You can't blame us for being so utterly dubious of the whole Kidman clan's doings. This is a woman who spent a decade learning tricks of the trade from Tom Cruise, whose own biologically conceived child's birth was engulfed in just as much mystery. Even if Nicky's put her ex-hubby and his suspicious ways behind her, we haven't, and neither has anyone else. Get used to it, Kid, onlookers doubting your every move ain't going away. "

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Love your blog, love your sass. I'm wondering: What's your opinion of Nicole Kidman's rumored faux pregnancy? Do you think she really would have tried to pull off something like that? Is this just another of those Hollywood urban (no pun intended) legends, along the lines of Richard Gere and the gerbil?

Dear Frisky:
I would say it's not so much myth as it is a possibility. But let's be clear, we have nothing other than the united state of Nic's homeland, Australia, saying it might be so, nothing more—at this gossipy juncture."

Interesting how Ted is now taking claim for this, but Lainey was the first one over here to talk about the possible fake pregnancy that the Australian tabloids were all talking about.

Anonymous said...

my husband's boss was pregnant this past year and at nine months looked like she had a big lunch or gas - one week later she was a back to her really tall stick figure self. Some women are just that way.

blurry vice said...

Yes she may have been preggo, who knows. She may be intersex, she may not be.

As fr the pregnancy, if anyone notices, now Ted has done a few more times what Lainey did a lot a few months ago - mention the fake pregnancy rumors from the Aussie tabloids, but then say that they are probably false. In other words, they don't want to get in trouble by spreading it - but, here you go, food for thought.... and by doing that they are spreading the rumor!

blurry vice said...

Someone was angry and randted on a demi/aston topic that I said Lainey wasn't exclaiming NK's fake pregnancy. Here is an example of what I am talking about, from May 2008:

"Granny Freeze Conspiracy Theories
She might be Australia’s princess but not all Aussies are enamoured with Granny Freeze. Turns out the smutmongering is in overdrive Down Under about Nicole Kidman’s curious bump and her crazy botox. The speculation is delicious.

Here are my two favourites:

1. Gran’s sister, the very fertile Antonia, is apparently keeping a very low profile. Has not ventured out publicly in a while. They say SHE is the surrogate.

Do you love it, or do you f&cking LOVE it?

2. according to online reports, there is a rumour circulating that there is a digital production company called Animal Logic that works on film enhancement that has been charged with the task of “re-animating the expressions on Nicole Kidman’s face for the movie Australia”. Thanks to Louisa for the tip! This is the same company that was also assigned to Moulin Rouge.

Can you imagine???

They have to digitally remaster her face because it no longer moves??? Can we even call her an actor anymore???

These are the days that I love my job."

- She states what the Aussie tabloids state about it and that she loves it. Yes she has blurbs about the surrogate in her column frequently but says we will never know and says clearly in this article that she is not a herm.

As for YOU stating on any topic here, "its well known in Hwood", that is laughable. You and many people post here as anonymous. A lot of rumors are well known not only in Hollywood but also among people. You are an anonymous person sitting on a farm for all we know. I can claim that George Clooney is intersex and that it is well known in Hollywood too.... do you believe me just bc I wrote that?

As for me doing "research" - I don't! We are here to discuss blind items. I wasn't telling anyone to do research... I said to use our SEARCH bar to find what we discussed about something. If you don't like what we are discussing here, then don't read it or attack us.


CincyNat said...

Actually, Blurry, I believe everything you say! You know why? Because it's FUN. I love coming here. And, if we've learned anything from Hollywood, with all of its insane inhabitants, ANY of this stuff could be true!

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Just saw a pic of Nicole Kidman in Tokyo in a black flowing gown and looking distinctly fuller faced. Possibly a small baby bump was showing. Any news about that?

Dear Bump Watch:
Oh, no. Not again. Please."

blurry vice said...


Dear Ted:
Your comment about Brang's twins got me thinking. Courteney Cox's old show Dirt dealt with a few story lines that were pretty close to reality and also one where a starlet pretended to be preggo, wore a fake belly and all, and had a surrogate have her baby. Does anything like this actually happen in H'wood? Love to you and the family about Butch.

Dear Duh:
You must be a new reader. Check our archives for the chick you're looking for. Thanks for the Butch, love, too! He says me-ow from kitty heaven."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Regarding Jen Aniston being always pitted against Brangelina in the public eye, one thing comes to mind: It happened to Nicole Kidman! For many years after Tom Cruise dumped her for Penélope, she was always compared to Penélope and pitted against her ex wherever she went. Her solution: marriage! So how about a fake marriage...maybe even a fake pregnancy?

Dear I Now Pronounce You:
Jenny A. is all about her career and having fun right now, so even if she were to find her dream dude, (although, with the guys she's been cozy with lately, that's hardly bound to happen soon) she wouldn't be quick to tie the knot again. As for fake pregnancy? Maybe you've been watching too much Glee?"

blurry vice said...

blurry vice said...

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Hearing about Nicole Kidman's use of a surrogate got me thinking. Is it common for celebrities to fake their baby bumps and actually use surrogates?

Dear Faking It:
No, only crazies pull that dumb crap. If you are going to use a surrogate then come out with it and be honest. Even Camille Grammar was honest on that front.

It's not a biggie if you aren't feeling the baby bump, but don't lie—that would just be a field day for gossipmongers to bash on any celeb."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Gotta quickie for you, Ted: Why would a woman in H'wood fake a pregnancy? Is there some sort of stigma if you use a surrogate? A few ladies have been cited

for allegedly wearing prosthetic bellies, so it made me wonder, why not fess up and admit that someone else carried the load, so to speak?

Dear Duh:
No shame in using a surrogate as far as I'm concerned. But I so don't speak for Hollyweird, and the whole baby bump thing creates insane amounts of tabloid

chitchat. Which equals publicity. Which, I don't think I need to tell you, is good. So tons of attention without "ruining" your bikini bod? That's reason to

fake it for nine months…"