Monday, October 11, 2010

Blind Vice: This Star Needs a Sex Swing, Stat!

New from Ted today -

Blind Vice: This Star Needs a Sex Swing, Stat!

Oded Good-Head is quite the good media pot stirrer. He knows how to stay relevant considering he hasn't done much career wise in forever, like twat away on Twitter to get himself press.
In Da Club [Explicit]But on that rare occasion the multifaceted hottie does book his bulky self a gig, he makes sure he has three things waiting for him in his dressing room: magnum condoms, a sex swing, and Jujubes.
Yes, that infamous dressing room where Oded first made his B.V. debut—he was caught on his knees servicing another dude, and by his manager no less—has become a debauched cave of, well, not love.
Sources who have dealt with OGH recently tell us they had to make sure ten boxes of magnum condoms were on hand, presumably to go with said sex swing—that this poor runner had to go to a sex shop and purchase himself specifically at Oded's request!
We're guessing the Jujube candy would be used post-coital, for whichever lucky lady or gentleman took a ride with O.
Yes, Oded is a platinum member of his little down low club, but he bangs chicks every now and then too—and then blabs about it to all his straight buddies so he can keep up that macho persona.
A couple ladies have been rather famous, too, which makes Good-Head shout or tweet his tales for everyone (especially the press) to hear or read.
So sad.
It's only a matter of time before Oded Good-Head joins Crotch Uh-Lastic in the Hollywood nut house. You can only hide your true self for so long, and O. is slippin'.

And it ain't: Shaquille O'Neill, Dave Matthews, John Travolta

Top suspect: still 50 Cent. 

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Rita, Montreal said...

I'm thinking this is Ted's revenge for messing with his girl Chelsea.

Kate16 said...

Probably the wrong place for this but who else is trawling the recent BVs to find one that might fit Courtney Cox Arquette or David? It's weird that neither of them are BV suspects either...

Anonymous said...

@Kate16 Completely agree! After reading Lainey today with her blatant "BLIND" comment made me wonder what I have been missing...let me know what you find :)

Rita, Montreal said...

Kate 16, must look for anything with an open marriage, as per CDAN!

Kitty Catnip said...

God I hope Chelsea didn't actually sleep with him. I love her.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Let's not put Oded Good-Head in the same boat as Crotch, unless my guesses about the two are very wrong. I was upset with you about Oded last week, but now I see your hard position and appreciate very much the "bonus" B.V. Good things come to those who wait I guess. You never let me down, Ted, except when it comes to Judas Jack-Off and Dashed Dingle-Dream. (But that is probably only because I am bombarded by crazy fandoms.)

Dear Blind Buds:
Oded and Crotch have more in common than you'd think. More so than doing dudes on the DL, that is."

hw said...

This is absolutely 50 cent! Back in a bb from dec 2008 someone wrote in and mentioned Usher, Ice Cube, and 50. Ted's respone started "Somewhere in there", and he eliminated Ice Cube leaving it being either Usher or 50. Since then he elimed Usher leaving only 50. As far as I can tell he's been revealed! Am I wrong?

Ps I'm loving the bv's and this site!! So fun!!!

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Just when I thought we knew the identities of Crotch Uh-Lastic and Oded Good-Head, you told us that they have "more in common than we'd think." We have looked them up and tried putting the pieces and similarities together, but (if we have them correct) there is almost nothing the same about these guys! What gives? Are we that off in our guesses?
—I still love ya even though you drive me crazy sometimes

TWITTER: Follow @theawfultruth

Dear Croded:
I just had the totally bizarro image of these two hooking up. Which, actually, wouldn't be that odd for either of the guys if I think about it. But you're focusing too much on the obvious—that's what's driving you crazy. Think more free-form. Ya know, like a great song that's so bad it's good."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I saw more pictures this week of Chelsea Handler out for lunch with 50 Cent. My question is, won't her new friendship with the rapper cause her to lose fans? I had tickets for her stand up show in Toronto this December but I now plan on giving them away. I'm currently writing a research essay on tolerance and maybe I'm just being oversensitive because I'm so caught up in all my research notes, but I just can't stomach the fact that Chelsea Handler is now buddy-buddy with a man who "jokes" about shooting up a gay wedding.

Dear Good Heart:
Do you what you think is right, Em, but all Chelsea cares is that you're writing in about her, mission accomplished."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I've been thinking about some of the Blind Vices and I have a few ideas. I know that you can't tell me if I am right or wrong, but maybe you could tell me if I am hot or cold? Before you answer, I live on five acres of land and have adopted four cats, two beagles, a hound dog and a chow. Alter Ego Salami is Russell Brand, Strawberry Snort 'Em is Rihanna, Lorin Sniffle Puss is Dianna Agron and Oded Good-Head is Eminem. What can you tell me?

Dear Farmville:
You're extra-guilting me today with all those pooches and pussy cats, Karen, so I'll tell you this: You're warm on one guess but way cold on the rest. I'll leave it up to you to figure out what's what."

Cecilia00 said...

Did anyone see this??

Is this sort of a reveal from Ted ??

blurry vice said...

yes I think that was a semi-reveal

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I am a volunteer dog walker at the animal shelter. It breaks my heart everyday that I can't take them all home from there and today was especially tough. So maybe you could help me solve a riddle? Oded sounds super sensitive to getting found out. So is he currently stirring up news with a beard? If so, is his beard needing him for the same, or what reason does she have to do it?

Dear Ded Weight:
Not so much a beard as a string of floozy females. It works so much better for him that way, no commitment so he doesn't even have to pretend he's not sleeping around with every chick and dick that he wants."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Just saw the photo of Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent in bed! Is he giving up all the "bitches" he tweets about for her? What's the real deal?

Dear Under Raps:
Let's just say it's a very mutually beneficial coupling."

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Have to ask, is Chris Brown Oded Good-Head? Saw this video of a guy claiming he's the reason Rihanna and Brown got into it and I don't know—the guy seems

pretty legit. He claims the text Rihanna found was from him and that he and Chris "ain't gay" but they "f--k around." If you haven't seen the video, I saw it

over on The Superficial. Not normally my first stop for entertainment news, but I didn't see it anywhere else. Here's the link.

Dear Awesome Guess:
You're very close, but it's not Brown. But if the Superficial's implying it, well, maybe it should have been. Love them!"

"Dear Ted:
Just have a quick guess for Oded Good-Head. John Mayer? Always had a feeling part of him was liking the boys.

Dear Sing It Loud:
Wrong Vice for Johnny boy. His is of a much different nature."

blurry vice said...

""Dear Ted:
I have never guessed on one of your Blind Vice's because I am just terrible at them. I have a little confidence with Oded Good-Head. Is it Trey Songz?
—Jessifuh and Cass

Dear Bad Head:
Sorry hon, très close, but no."

Kimstyle said...

This may have been brought up before, but did I read improperly, or did in the first two blinds, it's said that OGH was getting serviced by a guy fan. Then in in the last one, it says that he himself was doing the servicing... Has Ted ever cleared up what actually happened?!

Kimstyle said...

Re-read.... It says he was doing the deed in 1&3, but getting serviced in 2

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Was Chelsea Handler aware of 50 Cent's Vice while they were conducting their little dalliance?

Dear Lips Zipped:
I'm sure. But as I've said many times before, they equally got what they wanted out of that "relationship." I doubt 50's Vice was a problem for our gal

Chels. At all.

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
What's up with Oded Good-Head? Is he still spewing his disgusting bigotry on Twitter, or has he toned it down? Any chances of him coming out of the closet anytime soon?

Dear Heads Up:
Please, L, I unfollowed Oded on Twitter like forever ago. It was just pathetic. But I'm sure he still is. A tiger doesn't change his stripes, and Mr. Good-
Head won't change his dude-lovin' (closeted) douchey ways. As for coming, out? Never!"