Friday, October 29, 2010

Blind Vice: Revenge is a Dish Best Served Slutty!

New from Ted and the Awful Team today...

Blind Vice: Revenge is a Dish Best Served Slutty!

Chiquita isn't exactly known for having a legs-closed-shut policy on the set of her über-hit TV show.
Glee: Season TwoThe "bat s--t" crazy actress was hooking up with one of her hunky costars for a while, before getting semi-burned when the dude decided he'd had enough of her cuckoo for Coco Puffs crap. Nasty stuff.
So...what's a scorned star to do?
Sleep her way up to the top and plan evil revenge, of course!
Crafty Chiquita, whose killer bod matches her ambition, started having sex with a very high-up guy who works on her show. Said dude has the power to make a lot of creative decisions. You know, like where certain character developments will go!
Naturally, C. is using that vag-trap of hers to try and convince the suit to write her ex into character oblivion (or death, whichever Chiquita can finagle first). Or—at the very least—"significantly diminish his role," according to one of our myriad right-on set insiders.
Oh, and by saying Chiquita is trying to convince the stupid suit with the faulty zipper to do this, threaten may actually be the more appropriate word. Because it's not like this was a one-night stand thingy.
No, C. and the exec have been sleeping together on the side for a while now.
If Chiqy doesn't get her way, she is thisclose to tattling about her sexy escapades (all of them!) to some folks it would have a grave impact on. And trust, the unlucky gentlemen is much older with a reputation to protect.
One thing to keep in mind?
Everyone on the set already knows. All of the actors, including her ex, are very aware what kind of slut crap she's pulling.
And Miss C. wonders why she's the outcast of her good looking cast?
And it Ain't: Lea Michele, Leighton Meester, Katerina Graham

Update 5/25/12 - Ted has eliminated Lea Michele, Leighton Meester, Katerina Graham, Taylor Momsen, Snooki, AnnaLynne McCord, Ashley Benson, Deborah Ann Woll, Polly Perrette, Blake Lively, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Emily VanCamp

Please see our label below for our post on the previous Chiquita BV. 

Top suspect: Naya Rivera 


Nicole said...

Naya Rivera?

Rita, Montreal said...

One of the Gossip Girls? Serena? Will see if Dan gets killed off. If I remember correctly Blake Lively, she was never a Blind.

Dawn said...

Courtney Cox? The Coco reference and Ted did mention there'd be more about them coming up. I'm new to this so forgive me if I'm a million miles away!

summerof84 said...

Naya seems like a good guess..

Supposedly she dated Mark Salling, and then keyed his car when they broke up, hence the "batshit crazy". And he has been absent from a couple eps of Glee.

Also the nic sounds latin, like Naya and all the ones he notted have black hair.

Brittany said...

Blake Lively. At this point it could be anyone but I'm still just waiting for him to make a Blake BV. How does she not have one yet?

blurry vice said...

I think Blake Lively.

Michelle said...

I think this could've been the one he intended as the Glee BV all along. My money is on Naya Rivera.

Genevieve said...

Yea, I immediately guessed Naya Rivera. It's so obvious it's almost too obvious- but I think it's on purpose.

PrincessTiff said...

The "Coco" reference makes sense for Courtney Cox, but I don't think the cast of Cougar Town is really considered good looking, and it's she already one of the higher ups on it? Why would she need to sleep with someone to have any pull?

And if this is ANOTHER Glee blind, I am not going to be happy (or "gleeful" if you will).

LMS130 said...

I agree with Michelle, this is probably the Glee BV that Ted mentioned on Twitter. The Lorin blind from last week was meant to be a decoy. I vote Naya all the way!

PrincessTiff said...

I just noticed all the AIAs have music careers outside of their show. Lea has done Broadway, Leighton has a couple singles and Katerina has sung back-up on some songs as wells as been in music videos. Don't know if that helps at all.

hordac said...

Yeah, Naya and the Glee blind he must have been referring to, but again so obvious as to make me wonder! That crazy for coco puffs also had me thinking Kaley Cuoco (?) from Big Bang Theory, but they would not be considered a good looking cast by any stretch.

teachergrl said...

This basically SCREAMS Naya Rivera. It was in the news what she did to Mark Salling's car after he broke up with her. Lea, Leighton and Katerina are all singers outside of being actresses and Glee is a musical ensemble show. Lea is known for having a diva reputation/bad attitude on the set of Glee. The fact that she was AIAed was a clue to me that people would automatically assume it's her because of that, especially with the line about being the 'outcast of the cast.' And like I said above, it's been implied that Lea is not liked very much on the set of Glee. So maybe that was a clue that there's actually another actress on the Glee cast that's liked even less, because her behavior is even worse. Chiquita is a Spanish word, so that could be referring to a Latina such as Santana on Glee, i.e. Naya Rivera. Just my theories.

Christine said...

Coco puffs are a slang drug term for smoking cocaine and marijuana. Maybe it is someone doing drugs! Naya was probably on them when she keyed his car! Lol!

teachergrl said...

Another clue just jumped out at me. Maybe it’s nothing, but I’ll say it anyway. Chiquita kind of rhymes with Rivera. The ending syllables sound alike.

Sam said...

I really don't see how this can be Blake Lively since Gossip Girl is by no means an "uber-hit." Not to mention her and Penn JUST broke up so how would she already be this far into her slutty plan? Naya Rivera fits perfectly. Glee is one of the biggest shows on TV, Ted called her "crazy" in the post about keying Mark Salling's car, Santana has had more attention this season while Puck has been gone 2 episodes/pretty absent even in the episodes he WAS in, and Chiquita points to a latina girl.

teachergrl said...

Exactly. While GG and TVD and such shows are hits on the CW, they are certainly not 'uber hits.' No show on that network could really be classified as an 'uber hit' in my opinion.

Savannah said...

I immediately thought Jessica Szohr. Her ex is Ed Westwick and I remember reading a recent article about how she never hangs out with the rest of the cast.

sarahp said...

My only problem with the Naya guess is that Ryan Murphy is definitely in charge at Glee, and he's gay. And I think he's known to call all the shots himself.

But the rest really sounds like it could be her and I can't think of who else it would be.

summerof84 said...

@sarahp, Could be someone above Ryan Murphy.

Someone else mentioned on teds site, the "Coco Puffs" comment and that Naya plays a Cheerio.


Moi said...

January Jones?

Rachel said...

@ Princess Tiff

I agree with you about another Glee Vice. It's bad enough that I have to wade through all the Twilight stuff at AT, now I have to wade through Glee too?? Sorry, I don't see what is so great about this show. I tried watching it a couple times.
Oh, and I have no idea who this blind is.

Brittany said...

I'm still not convinced this isn't Blake Lively yet, her and Penn have been broken up for a while now but it just came out this week. Plus if the guesses on Lainey's blinds are correct, Blake has no issue with sleeping with whoever she has to to get to the top.

If this is a Glee BV I'm going to be so pissed at Ted. I agree with Rachel above. I can't stand how Ted's entire column is about either Twilight or Glee. Twilight sucks and Glee is overrated. Ted should know not all his readers are 14 year old girls, and not every no name on the show should get a BV. Who the hell is Naya Rivera anyways?

And as a case against this being about Glee: the first line of the BV. Isn't there a no sex rule on the set of Glee? So can we just rule out all of them already.

jill said...

I think it's Blake Lively or Nina Dobrev from vampire diaries. She did the opening to the emmys with lea michele, she is bff with leighton, and she is on the show with Kat.

88 said...

Blake Lively hasn't slept around yet, so far, she's turned down the offers. Also, I heard Blake wants OFF the show, not to have a bigger role. Plus, Serena was one of the biggest roles on the show, this sounds like someone with a smaller role who wants to get more screen time. IF we were going with Gossip Girl, I'd guess Jessica Szohr, she cheated on Ed. But honestly, I think it's Naya Rivera, it just fits better with her. If it's an exec, it's probably someone who has more power and is higher up than Ryan Murphy. Yep, gonna go with Naya. I wonder about last week then, the other Glee blind, was it a Glee blind? Are there two in a row? What a dramatic bunch those Glee kids.

alindst said...

So what if it's another Glee BV? Ted writes about where the drama is.

Brittany said...

^^Ted doesn't write about where the drama is, Ted writes about what will give him hits. Half of the Robsten "updates" are the same non-informative articles everyday, but because they get hundreds of comments within hours he continues with these non-informative updates. He just follows the fan bases, just look at his latest posts about Glee. They're pretty tame and not really juicy gossip, but Ted will keep writing them because they get him hits. Its all a numbers game for him.

Tara said...

Lol Blake Lively doesn't sleep around? She's Harvey Weinstein's personal sex slave. She gets the Vogue cover being proclaimed Hollywood's next it girl, she's constantly dressed by Marchesa (HWs wife is the designer--she's in it for the cash, obvs) Gretchen Mol+Harvey Weinstein and look for the similarities. It's crazy.

What about Evan Rachel Wood for this? ASkars would be the dude who ditched her crazy ass, maybe she is sleeping with a writer, producer or the creator. What's up with Alan Ball--is he straight and married? Just trying to take some of the spotlight from CW shows and Glee here!

Caz1310 said...

Tara you just beat me to it... ditto on your info on Blake, also she is rumoured to been with Ben Affleck...Jen will have his balls for breakfast if that's true! Brittany agree with your comments on Ted and his selection of topics....why discuss some of the other juicy gossip & rumours if the narrow E! fan base isn't interested? One only has to look at other sites to see what else is going around.

The Spie said...

I think we're caught in a bit of a bind with other shows when it comes to this one. Nina Dobrev is probably Buella Band. If Dobrev is Buella, then Evan Rachel Wood is almost certainly Valyrie Tress-Trap. Ted's incessant series of vampire blinds have put a big kink into putting someone from a vamp series into this BV.

I hate to say this, but it looks like it's someone from The Latest Hot Show, a Ted MO that you have to incorporate into your guesses. I can hope it's Blake Lively, but it's only hope at this point.

Brittany said...

My main issue with guesses that this is a Glee BV is the first line. There is a "leg-closed-shut" policy on the Glee set.

Also pretty interesting that Ted's frenemy the Answer B!tch came posted this the day after this BV:

Tara said...

Caz and Britt that is so true, however, where does the Pepper Harthman news fit in with that theory? It seems abnormally out of place for someone who writes to get the most hits to his site. Sports fans go to for their news, they don't troll the E! Blog! Which was why I thought it was Tom Brady, because why would Ted care?

Anyway, I would like some confirmation about that, Spie. I am not convinced Buella Bland is Nina, but I do agree it is Vampire Diaries. I think Buella is Kat Graham or Candice Accola, Kelly Guten Shoes is Nina, and Drew Smolder and Such is Ian. I need to ask Ted to confirm whether Kelly is a girl or guy. I am thinking girl simply because of the Guten Shoes. I kind of forget about Valyrie and will go refresh, but I still think she is a possibility for this and that she is bat-poo crazy. Her character is so minor and it really doesn't matter to the story line all that much whether she sticks around or not, so I can see her resorting to disgusting measures to give her job security.

I am not against Naya Rivera for this, I watch Glee occasionally, but I am tired of Glee BVs so I can't like it. We can't have Naya for this AND Lea Michele/Mark/etc for Lorin Sniffle Puss. We need to choose and then this opens the door for other shows and guesses on the non-glee BV.

Brittany said...

Tara: I wasn't commenting that Ted's BVs are based purely for hits, rather that his whole column is. I was just disagreeing with what alindst wrote. Ted's not writing about Glee because there is drama there. Which is why I don't want this BV to be a Glee BV because there's no drama there but Ted continues to write the same lame articles about the show all the time. Ted has stated numerous times that the identities of his BVs are fairgame and maybe not column regulars, but of course since everyone loves Glee that's everyone's first guess for every BV.

Valerie Feria - Isacks said...

Before working in non-profit fundraising and starting studying my career change into anthropology I actually did work in the entertainment industry in the department where marketing meets legal (probably 'why' this particular professor assigned research is irritating to me).

Given my background I believe the timing of the Twitter where he had a Glee blind coming up and how long it takes to get a gossip column approved through legal, I would say this is the Glee blind not the other earlier one about a cocaine habit as that was too short a turn around for something like a blind item to get approved via legal.

E! for sure would want every single blind through legal to make sure they don't get sued as they have many other writers who write more on the other end of entertainment writing spectrum as well.

So I think this is the Glee blind and it is Naya Rivera. Because of aka "Chiquita" aka Chita Rivera being hispanic and she being the only hispanic on Glee. Also it works with the "Chiquita Banana" being "bananas" or crazy. Keying a BF's car is a pretty crazy thing from a male point of view. She was dating Mark Saling at some point right?

My two cents ...

Brittany said...

This was Ted's tweet last week:

"got a super-sexy #Robsten item tom, plus a new #Glee Blind Vice!"

This was the day before the LSP BV, how is that not referencing said blind? Why would Ted say he has a new Glee BV tomorrow and then post it a week later? I'm pretty sure he was referencing the LSP BV with that tweet not this one. This one could still be a Glee BV, it really could be a number of people at this point with so little clues, but using the argument that Ted was talking about this one on Twitter makes no sense.

Valerie Feria - Isacks said...

With the comma where it is only the Robsten item is definately tomorrow. The grammar is purposely vague as to how long after is the Glee blind. Get a grip, it's all supposition anyways as we don't even know how ethical Ted's source is! Guessing who it's supposed to be may be fun, but even then one can't be sure it's true.

Tara said...

Valerie, I was trying to link Chiquita with Chita Rivera as well but I cannot find any reference to Chita being nicknamed Chiquita. The Chiquita banana lady is Carmen Miranda. Unless you were merely referencing the similarity between the name "chita" and "chiquita"?

What's with the "get a grip"? I hope you weren't directing that at Brittney. Brit is merely stating that based on Ted's tweet, last week was the Glee BV, therefore leaving this one open to many other possibilities than the broken record of a guess--IE Glee. I think when Ted teases us with a show or movie specific BV, he has long before cleared everything through legal. He himself has even admitted he holds onto BV gossip up to six weeks before featuring it in a column so it is not completely obvious if mainstream tabs and news outlets catch wind and print the stories. Perfect amount of time to get the OK from lawyers and save it for the right time. Right now he probably has 4 or more BVs just ready to go, he can choose which he wants to break and when he can't wait, that is when we see a bonus mid-week. IMO.

Now let us come to a conclusion that only one of the two (LSP or Chiq) is Glee and move forth so the Gleeks can only clog one of these threads.

Caz1310 said...

Valerie, this is going to read harsher than it sounds and I don't mean it to. (can't sometimes convey tone online) I'm confused about your participation on this site. Are you writing a research paper using our comments as content yet participating in this forum at the same time? Are your comments about blinds genuine or are you trying to get reactions from other contributors and/or trying out hypotheses? If I've misinterpreted your intentions I apologise.

Tara said...

I hope that is not true!

Kate16 said...

Tara, this is definitely not Alan Ball. He's gay. And not in a rumoured-to-be-gay way but as in an out and proud way.

Tara said...

Thought that might be the case! Thanks Kate. I didn't have time to check that before:)

Gabby said...

I DEFINITELY think this is Blake Lively. It's known in many circles that she's a big team player on the "casting couch" so I'm pretty sure she'd have no problem sleeping with any other higher-ups. PLUS she and Penn just broke up and there have always been rumors about her being a royal b*tch on the Gossip Girl set.

Tara said...

If no one is on the Evan Rachel crazy train I am good with this as Blake. She was very recently confirmed to not have a BV, so let's see if Ted bites as to whether she is as of now starring in her own BV--if it is yes, we have a very little window of BVs and it won't be that hard to find hers. For someone who supposedly is Harvey Weinstein's mistress or whatever, I would not be shocked to see this is her. Maybe Penn found out once her Vogue cover came out and she started being pic'd with Marchesa on at all ties...he put 2 + 2 together and kicked her craycray behind to the curb!

88 said...

@Tara, oh, I thought the blind items were saying so far she declined. I guess she gave in, LOL, good to know! P.S agreed OVER the Glee blinds. =(

@Gabby, Aren't her parents in showbiz. I don't get why she sleeps around *shrug*, also, maybe she wants off the show to be a star and that's why she's being such a b**ch. Again, dumb of her to do.

I still like Naya for this, but Blake is a good guess too! =)

Tara said...

88 Naya totally works, I just want the conclusion that Chiq OR Lorin is Glee and not both, so those who love Glee can debate on the one and we can find a better suspect for the other. There is no sense letting both threads have a top suspect from the same show. Ted gave no indication of the sort. I don't mind Glee and I am a Twilight fan, I just cannot stand the crazed tweens/teens/tards that clog every single forum with their rants, attacks and threats, and profession of love for Pattz and Monteith. Good to know I am not the only one!!

I remember something about Blake not caving to his offer yet, but then she starts wearing all his wife's clothes, she gets the Pippa Lee movie and the Vogue--I would say she has given in. The things google brings up as well--amazing. Crazy. Don't know what to believe but there is a huge amount of speculation and similarity to some of his old tricks. Eeeeew. Shower now!

Caz1310 said...

Going through Ted's BB's I thought he directly responded to a fan's question that this isn't doubt one of the sisters will post it here.

Tara said...

Chiquita for sure is not Lea, she is an AIA. I believe Lea is notted in a recent BB for Lorin Sniffle Puss?

Mena said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mena said...

Ted's blind makes it pretty obvious that this is about a person considered crazy..."bat s---t crazy actress", "cuckoo", "Chiquita" (Chiquita is a brand of bananas).

Blake Lively has never been considered crazy nor does she need to sleep her way up since she is the star of the show she is on.

This blind is about Naya Rivera on Glee. He ex-boyfriend (or at least she thought he was her boyfriend hence her anger when she found out he was seeing others besides her) was Mark Salling.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Disappointment abounds! All your talk against cyber-bullying and yet you label this new (?) Blind Vice a slut with a trap for a vagina, but nothing equivalent for the men involved? What gives?

Dear What's Good for the Girls:
Oh, please, I talk about guys getting it on like slobbering, conniving idiots (Crescent Kumquat and Crotch-Uh-Lastic, anyone?) all the time. I also constantly write about closeted actors engaging in self-hating, anti-gay behavior—doesn't mean I support or condone it. Same with Chiquita, for heaven's sake."

"Dear Ted:
Is Chiquita on network or premium?

Dear Boob Tube:
Network, babe. Chiquita wants her face plastered all over prime time. Hate to say it, but she'll have to sleep with a few more execs to make that wish come true."

Valerie Feria - Isacks said...

Dear Tara - "Unless you were merely referencing the similarity between the name "chita" and "chiquita"?" Yes, and I was also thinking maybe Ted was crossing the references as well on purpose. As for the "get a grip" I felt some where taking my opinion as to which blind is the Glee one, as well as the various blinds in general too seriously. We have no way to knowning for sure the quality of the information coming from Ted or Lainey or any of these columists. IMHO it's all heresay to me unless I met personally one of these sources or celebs I have no clue as to how credible they are, only that the columnist in question feels they are credible.

Valerie Feria - Isacks said...

Dear Caz1310

Are you writing a research paper

(Yes, assignment forced by a prof. and definately not my choice)

Using our comments as content

(Yes and No. Not in and of themselves, but as tabulated against other comments on other sites, papers, surveys, etc. and definately not with names or as direct quotes)

Participating in this forum at the same time

(Yes please Google/Bing term "Participant observation" as it applies in social science research)

Are your comments about blinds genuine

(Yes, as serious as I can be given the IMHO none too serious nature of the topic in most cases. Plus given my former background and why I left the 'biz' ten years ago and that the topic was assigned to me rather than requested I'm a bit flippant about the whole thing. Not trying to be mean but I think this paper is bringing out a side of me only 'the biz' can.)

Or are you trying to get reactions from other contributors

(Nope, not intentionally but I know my way of trying to solve a mystery sometimes comes off this way. I call it my 'bleephole' holdover from my former 'biz' life.)

and/or trying out hypotheses?

(Only in terms of guessing whom the vice is for. Not trying out hypothesis for posits on the paper itself, being this is just one of the areas of the paper it would be silly to base just anything on just one site. Also the nature of the assignment itself does not require that level of scientific detail. It's a short paper not a full on thesis or dissertation requiring that vigourous application of social science protocols).

Hope this helps!

If I've misinterpreted your intentions I apologise.

(As they say where you're from No Worries Mate - caught a bit of Aussie phraseology in your sentance structure, please let me know if I'm wrong.)

Valerie Feria - Isacks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Valerie Feria - Isacks said...

Plus hypothesis has a whole other much more specific definition in the sciences. I would never really consider a guess for something like who a blind is meant for as a "hypothesis" or "theory" only a guess or idea or notion maybe at best?

Caz1310 said...

Valerie thanks for your answers - appreciate the detail. See... once you find this site and participate, one keeps coming back. Yes I'm Australian - no worries mate she's apples :)

Caz1310 said...

Ooops got the blinds confused - Ted notted Lea for the Sexy Photo one, not this one. This one has me stumped - think it could equally be Blake or Naya. Blake may be high on the pecking order in GG but out there competing with all the other actresses for roles it would be a more level playing field. In this day & age I think sleeping around to score roles is bats**t crazy. And she has been photographed in Marchesa a LOT. But then so is keying your ex's car. Dagnabbit hotdiggety back to square one.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Regarding Chiquita, does the cast like her or her ex more? Who are they tighter with? Does Chiquita have any friends on set (besides her sex toy)?

Dear Venus Skank Trap:
Her ex, like a million, gajillion times more, which is why they love to hand with her über-chill ex and leave crazy Chiquita out of the plans. If she does have any on-set friends, it's because they fear her, not 'cause they actually like her."

Kate16 said...

I like Naya for this one. But in his Valley of the Dolls post today, Ted called Blake's chest "man-trapping".

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
My sweet, rescue puppy, Blue, would like to know if Chiquita is a crucial character to the show? That is, if she weren't doing a higher up...
—Nic B

Dear Chiquita Bananas:
Duh, she schtupped herself to importance. Well, more importance; she's always been a big part of the show, mind you."

Valerie Feria - Isacks said...

Okay let's say that if this is Glee then it is Naya, who is the dude then? It isn't Ryan Murphy since he is super openly gay (as Ted would say born waving a rainbow flag) so maybe co-creators Brad Falchuk or Ian Brennan perhaps? Does anyone know if they are public with their sexual orientations? It could also be some random studio exec we don't know as well.

Valerie Feria - Isacks said...

Cancel Falchuk apparently he's married

Jamee said...

Being married doesn't eliminate Ian...look at ole Harvey. He's the king of the casting couch castle and he is very much betrothed. Though one of those two would make sense. I think this Naya. Ted has said time and again that the Glee cast is hiding many skeletons in their closets.

I would still like to disagree with Blake though. She is THE star of GG and has never not been (as in, it's not like she's gotten more screen time since before she started sleeping with the higher up...she always was the star.)

Valerie Feria - Isacks said...

Jamee are you talking Harvey Weinstein? Again if only my integrity (and wallet) would/could allow me to break my NDA from 'way back when' I could tell you a story of just how gross that man is - then again if you read BV you probably already know as I wasn't the only person at that showbiz event who saw what he did and others most likely told Ted.

On the other hand the video I saw doesn't make him look like the cheating type, but point taken. You could be right, only think for sure it ain't 'out and proud' Ryan Murphy.

Nicole said...

I like Glee but haven't seen every episode... Has Naya's character always been a big part of the show, like Ted said in the BB?

Caz1310 said...

I'm off the Glee train on this one...still think it's Blake, or as others have noted, Jessica Sozhr (have spelt that wrong?). It has been "reported" for a long time that Jessica is very much not liked by those on the GG set. If she's looking to get bigger/other roles let's face it she's a dime-a-dozen type of actress. Have you seen photos of her recently? She looks like she's on something and she certainly doesn't look as fresh and cute as she did when she first joined the show.

Tara said...

I am with you Caz. I sound like a broken record but c'mon--this one and the previous BV Lorin are likely not both Glee, and yet Naya Rivera is the big one here and under Lorin I don't even think anyone else other than Glee characters are being considered.

Jessica was dating Ed Westwick, her character is kind of an outcast on the show as well, and she used to have an important but smaller role and is now a main character. I am all for testing theories other than any which involve those who spontaneously burst into song in the middle of a dialogue.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
You said that some effed-up stuff is going down on the Glee set. Do you mean, like, sex stuff or weird stuff? Like Chiquita maybe?

Dear Nice Try:
Sex stuff certainly isn't a bad place to start guessing!"

Yoda Man said...

"Dear Ted:
You've talked about the casting couch a few times, including one that resulted in an Oscar win. My question is if any of the people who take part in casting couches have significant others, and do those significant others know about the casting couch activities? Also, are either Naya Rivera or Dianna Agron B.V.s?

Dear Pillow Talk:
Funny you should ask those questions together, Ezy. Any par-tick reason? But to answer your Q's: Yes, casting couch cuties often have significant others, but who cares in Hollywood. It's all part of the fame game. As for Glee Vices, well, there's at least one (not counting Pat Poisonpuss)...but who's to say it's either of these ladies?"

Make of that what you will.

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
I'm really pissed at you, Ted. I'm not surprised you ignored my first email that naming a Blind Vice Chiquita and using the term as the equivalent of an ethnic slur. Recently you wrote that you're gay so you're going to protest gay jokes. Well, guess what, I'm going to protest Hispanic slurs. But it seems when the shoe is on the other foot, it's OK as far as you are concerned. Every time someone writes in guessing about "Chiquita" it pisses me off even further. BTW I see the nut jobs have taken over the Bitch-Back commentary. Serves you right.

Dear Sticks and Stones:
First off, Pat, who even said Ms. C was Hispanic? Maybe she just likes bananas. And even if she were, your argument that Chiquita is as bad as homophobic or racial slurs is BS. The translation isn't even offensive, never mind the connotation."

Jamee said...

Valeria--Haven't been on in a few days but yep, was referring to Weinstein. Damn those NDAs! The only instances I've heard are Gretchen Mol and that he's "allegedly" gotten a hold of Blake Lively. I don't know what particular showbiz event you're talking about! I can't even remember the Ted blind right now. You should start your own blind blog:)

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Penn Badgley was spotted at Blake Lively's apartment again last night. This is not the first time after their split that I've seen him here. Do you know what's going on? I also have a photo of him at the apartment dressed up (dinner date). Why are they sneaking around? Are they back together?

Dear Didn't Break a Leg:
Penn's probably just wiping Blake's tears after she got ousted from the upcoming Great Gatsby flick! Some backbone that dude's got. His G.G. cast mate dumps him and he takes her crawling back (that is, if he really did). He should take some breakup advice from Carey Mulligan! That'll show Blake whose boss, not to mention be über-gossy!"

Kristen said...

It's gotta be Naya Rivera. And I'm positive that Snifflepuss is someone on "Glee" too, though I'm not sure which someone. If the "Glee" cast is really as "Vicey" as Ted claims, then why not have multiple BVs come out within days of each other?

While Blake Lively is a good guess, there are many reasons why she doesn't make sense as Chiquita:

1. As others have pointed out, she was always one of the stars of "Gossip Girl" (along with Leighton Meester). She's been the first billed actor since day one. She has always had prominent screen time.
2. The show is referred to as an "uber-hit TV show". "Gossip Girl" has never been a huge hit, especially not now. Fans and media insiders alike have been speculating for quite some time that this season will be the last.
3. The actress in question was referenced as being crazy, and it was stated that is why she was dumped. Granted, I have no knowledge of Blake's mental health, but she and Penn dated for three years. If she was really that crazy, I highly doubt they would have stayed together that long. Can you think of any guy you know who would stick with a crazy girlfriend (not wife) for that long?
4. Chiquita is trying to get her ex's role written out or diminished. Like Blake, Penn has always been a big star of the show (not as big as Blake, though), and his role has not diminished any this season. Plus, if Chiquita really wants him off the show, there's obviously some bitterness there. Penn and Blake have been hanging out off the set since their breakup. She even surprised him with a cake that she made herself for his birthday. Those are not bitter exes.

Reasons why Naya works:
1. Chiquita is a Hispanic name. Naya Rivera is Hispanic.
2. "Glee" definitely qualifies as an "uber-hit TV show".
3. Naya's role on "Glee" has greatly increased since the pilot. Santana (her character) used to be a non-singing sidekick of Quinn's. As time went on, she started getting solos and her own storylines. She started out as recurring, and is now a regular cast member. Granted, the same thing happened with Quinn's other sidekick, but this is noteworthy.
4. Mark Salling's role is much smaller in the second season than it was in the first. Mark and Naya broke up in the time between production of the first and second seasons. Mark has been relegated to a background player this year, when last year, he was part of one of the show's biggest story arcs. He was even absent for two episodes this season.
5. The key incident has been well publicized. If that is a true story, then she could very well be crazy. And unlike Penn and Blake, they weren't together that long.

Jamee said...

Because Dianna Agron has been notted as Lorin Sniffle-Puff, I think this is the Glee BV from that day. Still think it's Naya Riviera. Because if Lea and Dianna are NOT Lorin and that's a Glee vice, then who is Lorin?

Nicole--to echo what Kristen said, YES, Naya has a much bigger role on Glee now since the beginning. I don't think she even got more than a line or two and I didn't even know her name until Season 2. Her role and screen time have significantly picked up this season.

Yoda Man said...

"Dear Ted:
My sweet, rescue puppy, Blue, would like to know if Chiquita is a crucial character to the show? That is, if she weren't doing a higher up...
—Nic B

Dear Chiquita Bananas:
Duh, she schtupped herself to importance. Well, more importance; she's always been a big part of the show, mind you."

Her screen time this season is about the same as the end of the first season. She's still mostly a secondary character. She was never as Ted said, "an important character" and she still isn't, so I'm hesitant to say that it's Naya Rivera. That and it seems too obvious.

Rita, Montreal said...

Actually Yoda, after reading this post, it made me think of Candice something on the Vampire Diaries. Her caracter is important to the show, but not that big in the books, and the first part of the season, she was secondary. Then she got turned into a vampire and had become quite primary! The dude in question in this blind, if this is Candice whatserlastname would be that Quinn kid. you know, with the amazing lips? They were pictured wildly kissing in some bar not long ago.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
If Chiquita is who I think she is? This chick has got to be stopped! Long story short, I always knew the power of the p-u-s-s-y was strong, but damn! Is it

likely she'll continue to get her way on the show?

Dear Vag-Trap:
Yep, she's definitely getting everything she wants lately. Well, almost everything: the costar she wants kicked off ain't leaving anytime soon, but that

hardly matters with how much attention Chic is getting on and off screen."

Rita, Montreal said...

The girl's name of the Vampire Diaries is Candice Accola, she plays Caroline:

And the boyfriend she was trying to get rid of, but will be sticking around is Steve McQueen, not Quinn - sorry. Not a huge follower:

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I thought I knew Chiquita's identity, but now I'm not so sure. Can you tell me if her TV character dated or is currently dating the hunky costar's character on their show?

Dear Chiquita Gone Bananas:
Nope. But you know how those romantic teen sitcoms go: on today, off tomorrow, occasionally getting handsy in the janitor's closet. That sorta thing. It's hard to keep track."

Kristen said...

I wonder when he says "nope", if it means that no, he won't answer the question, or no, her character never dated his character. Because Naya Rivera fits this clue so well, and if his "nope" means the latter, then she's out. Unless we're going by the whole "sex is not dating" thing from "Glee" with regards to Puck and Santana, despite the fact that Santana said she was dating Puck earlier this season (which is debatable).

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
Your comment about Veronica Bee-Stings in the last Bitch-Back got me thinking about these "discreet" casting couch rendezvous that go on in Hollywood. Isn't

it dangerous for a star(let) to sleep with a director/producer type in terms of potential future blackmail? Does the douchebag exec really have as much to

lose in terms of his career or reputation? It seems to me that being revealed to the public as a cheap slut celebrity would be more damaging than being known

as a "behind the scenes" power-abusing jerk, no?
—Risky Business

Dear Questioning Couch:
Look at Chiquita. She may have already got the part, but in the end, but, she's the one with the power. Doing the deed for a role (or to keep one) leaves

both parties vulnerable, but Veronica would be too smart to put herself in a situation that would get her, or that shiny rep, in trouble. There are certain

producers and directors in this town notorious for bedding leading ladies and following through on their promises. This is the type of sitch I could see

Stings in. But again, she hasn't done it just yet."

Kristen said...

I don't know if this will get posted here because she's not a top suspect (though she should be, with all the guesses in her favor):

"Dear Ted:
If Naya Rivera doesn't have a BV already, she should—Bish is crazy! So, does she?

Dear Glee Gone Bad:
Oh, honey, you have no idea! Have heard horror stories about her on-set antics. Let's just say the reports of Naya egging semi ex-flame Mark Salling's car is only the tip of the crazy iceberg."

Read more:

I think this definitely points this blind in Naya's direction.

blurry vice said...

Kristen - I agree. I posted that bitch back comment under the "list" post although Ted did not answer the question. And now with the new BV I think this sounds like her.

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
How dare you tease us with Glee gal Vices without spilling them. We need something to get us through the long summer hiatus. How about hints on some of the

Blind Vices for the Glee babes (and hunks) and letting your viewers try to guess which one is for which Gleek?

Dear Listen Up:
One is sexy, one is stupid and one is just plain sad. Oh, and one is a dude."

"Dear Ted:
You have to give a little more. Your potshots at Naya Rivera have me more intrigued than ever. Do you think her "behavior" will ever be blatantly exposed, or

is she too good at covering her tracks? I know everyone say's she is going to take H'wood by storm, but I've always gotten a bad vibe from her. Please tell

me higher ups in the Biz will be able to see through her. Lea Michele seems like a piece of work, but Naya strikes me as being worse.

Dear A-Naya-later:
This Glee gal is definitely more of a mean girl than an innocent schoolgirl. But with certain Glee castmembers set to graduate next year, Rivera better check

herself before she wrecks herself! And you're last statement is entirely correct."

blurry vice said...

Dear Ted:
Of the Glee gals, who has the spiciest Vice that would make their mothers blush? Lea Michele, Dianna Agron, Naya Rivera, Amber Riley or Heather Morris? Also

any jealousy among the ladies, or is that friendship and sisterhood real?

Dear Detention Diva:
That's a good Q, doll. I'd have to say Naya, in this par-tick sitch. Which I'm sure will knock all your show-tune-lovin' socks off because I didn't single

out Miss Lea. Can ya believe it? But Naya's Vice is so much more blush-worthy when it comes to the parentals."