Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekly Vintage BV - Pinchy Pepper

Here's a weekly scoop of one of Ted's oldies but goodies...

One Cheap-Ass Blind Vice - September 7, 2005

Pinchy Pepper can have whatever she wants. Indeed, when she was in the heyday of her four minutes of teenybopper fame, she never let us forget--not even for an over-mouth-lined minute--that she was all about the money.
Then she hooked up with someone who rakes in more cashola than most hunks dream of possessing in Hollywood. Oh, and the partner-unit's hot, too.

Okay, that's an understatement. He's the anti-Federline: handsome, hardworking and independent. And to top it off, said hubby reeks of the right stuff (sweat), not wrong crap (fag smoke).

So, Pinchy has it all. Such a couture gal, P.P. would never be seen anywhere near a sale rack. But this skinny mumsy does have an economical streak--when it comes to her two blessed babies.

What a surprise in celebrity-dom, huh?

Here's the deal: Double P.'s been on the hunt for a nanny to tend the tiny ones. A real headache when your guy is known for his roving eye and you've got visions of Jude Law's antics splashed across your (starved) noggin.

Ain't it lucky, then, that P2 finally found the Mary Poppins of her dreams? She loved this gal. So much so, Pinch made an offer on the spot: $1,600 a week. Sounds great, but that's actually about half the going rate for high-profile nannies.

The potential kid-wrangler was kinda confused. Pinchy knows the standard fee. And the nanny knew that she knew that. But Pinchy put her stiletto down, wouldn't budge, and the nanny walked, standing by her due.

The disappointed gal should consider herself lucky. High-maintenance Pinchy'd prolly make workin' for Faye Dunaway seem like a fortnight in Saint-Tropez.

And it ain't:  Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet, Madonna
Also eliminated were: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Julia Roberts, Jada Pinkett-Smith

Top suspect = ?
 (At the time everyone thought this was Victoria Beckham.  These days though we know celebs only get one nickname and we believe she is Roxy Couture.  So this has got to be someone else.  New guesses anyone?)


blurry vice said...
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blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
I think, for once, I figured out who the Blind Vice cheap chick is: Catherine Zeta-Jones!
Caroline Gatlin

Dear Canadian Mistaken:
Why is everybody so damn sure they've got the right cheapskate mama this time? You know, there are a lot of money-grubbing grand dames in Hollywood, folks. Not everybody throws it around like Whitney, ya know. Regardless, 'tis not Missus Douglas. Think a tad less in the social-climbing arena...though I must say, the accent's very warm."

"Dear Ted:
Pinchy Pepper from One Cheap-Ass Blind Vice is Julia Roberts, n'est-ce pas?

Dear Pursed Lips:
Nope, the incredibly shortsighted superrich mama who's trying to cut corners with payments to her kids' nanny is not Missus Danny Moder. Think far less in the professional accolades department, not to mention curve collection."

"Dear Ted:
This is the first time I've written, only because it seems obvious that the Blind Vice is about Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith.
Union City, New Jersey

Dear Joisey Dick:
Nope. I hate to tell you on your inaugural stab, but it's not even a very good guess, my dear. The Smith fam is actually pretty tight--remember, he left the Oscars early the year he was nominated because one of the kiddos was illin'! Think of someone with just as much glam but with much more guile. "

blurry vice said...

Any other new guesses besides Posh? Someone with an accent with two kids in 2005, married at that time?

blurry vice said...

some 80s british pop stars that have two kids but don't really fit:

annie lennox
kim wilde
allison moyet

Unknown said...

This has got to be Elle MacPherson.

It said she "hooked up" with someone super rich - the uber-rich French guy who owns(ed) a hedge fund and was recently engaged to Uma Thurman. They were never married and it doesn't say Pepper married the guy.

They have two kids (born before 2005) . She is all about fashion because she's a model.

My final guess is Elle Macpherson.

Unknown said...

Also I found this online:,bras,elle01,001,23.html

A couple of bras using Elle's name were called "Pepper".

And the accent part fits as well. Everybody seems to warm up to Australian accents.

Gill said...

what about one of the other spice girls? like, ginger or scary spice?

Anonymous said...

A couple guesses, none of whom have an accent:

Elisabeth Shue - had two kids in 2005, married to a director/producer. He's not exactly hot though, and not sure how she was all about the money.

Phoebe Cates - two kids, married to Kevin Kline. Not sure about the money part, and Kevin is debatable in the looks dept. She quit acting to take care of her kids, although I suppose she could still want a nanny.

Justine Bateman - two kids, married to a super not-hot real estate guy.

Jennie Garth - two kids in 2005, married to (hot) Peter Fascinelli. 90210 is kinda all about the money. But she arguably had more than 4 min of teenybopper fame.

Hmmm, this one is tough.

Anonymous said...

I like the Elle guess. Here's a few more.

Kimora Lee Simmons
Gwyneth Paltrow?
Heidi Klum - the guy she was with before Seal was supposedly very rich.

Heidi is the only one who has an accent (unless you count Gwyneth's fake British accent)

Brittany said...

What about Sadie Frost? I know it would be way too obvious for Ted but damn does she fit so many of these clues. I know she had 3 kids with him but at the time this BV was written 2 of them were "babies". I know I'm wrong but would Ted be so clever.

Unknown said...

Heidi did not marry the Briatore guy and she only had a daughter with him. She had more babies with Seal.

I understood as the partner being from outside Hollywood, so the Kevin Kline guess doesn't work for me.

I don't know, I still think this is Elle MacPherson.

Anonymous said...

I like the Elle guess, but she doesn't fit the teenybopper clue - she was 20ish when she started modeling, and her spreads were in Elle and SI, not Seventeen or whatever. (So no teenybopper audience.) Also, I don't think "The Body" would really be described as having fewer curves than Julia Roberts.

It's hard, because no one fits as well as Posh. He mentions "skinny minny" and fewer curves than JR, so it makes me think it's someone known for the anorexic look. If it didn't specify two kids, I'd guess Kate Moss.

Kelly Peeples said...
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Kelly Peeples said...

Oh, I was going to say Gwen Stefani, but I guess they hadn't had their two kids in 2005 yet. Darn, it fits so well.

Ross Family Five said...

How sure are we on Posh being RC? This reaaallly seems like her. I like the Elle idea, too, but don't think she was teeny-bopper fodder, nor did she have short-lived fame. I am going to go back and read RC one more time...this one just seems like her...

Anonymous said...

I know Roxy Couture fits VB so well, but I was googling celebs with nannies and came across this article. The Beckhams had a nanny from May 2003 - March 2005 (who then leaked confidential info on them to the press in April 2005). So the timing of this blind makes sense for them to be searching for a new nanny.

Caz1310 said...

This is a tricky one. Like your thought pattern Ross Family 5 about it possibly being Posh. Also agree Bean in thinking this may be a Spice Girl but I can't recall apart from Geri who has had relationships with gorgeous men, has 2 kids and/or if the timeline fits. For me, the key clues are the teenybopper 4 mins of fame & makeup reference (def = Spice Girls) and the cheating husband. Aargh can't make this fit to anyone else but a Spice Girl....can anyone spice up our lives and enlighten us? Is Jude Law a clue?

Caz1310 said...

Hmm should have googled before my post above. Found the nanny article on Posh n Becks others have referenced plus other articles - she seems to be the only spicey who had 2 kids in 2005. If this is them, given their predilection for suing tabloids for "false" reporting, there's no way Ted's ever going to go near revealing this one so he's going to make it ambiguous as anything. Looked for clues in 1990-2005 chart lists and the research absolutely did my head in. Couldn't see anyone who would be high profile enough for Ted to feature. Still on Posh for this one....happy to be convinced otherwise :)

Tara said...

Hey Caz, how's it going? Haven't crossed paths in a while:)

I just sent Ted a BV to see if the Beckhams have been featured in a BV together or just solo. Let's see what he says, and we can eliminate Posh for one accordingly. Excellent timing with the Roxy Couture BV that just came out this AM. We should see a few questions about Posh and Couture/La Boeuf this week in BBs.

Just had a thought....why would Ted give Couture and La Boeuf different BV last names if they are married? They have been married since 1999. That may be a good secondary ?? for Ted, to see if they are legally hitched or just common law.

Unknown said...

This one is absolutely killing me. I have combed my memory and the internet for someone who appealed to teenagers pre-2005, wore dark lip liner, and has 2 kids. I feel like "4 minutes" (as opposed to 15) is a clue, but I can't think to what. As well, the vice itself seems to point to a singer (Britney reference via KFed, and "teenybopper" is a term strongly associated with music)but the AIAs are mostly actresses. The only person who fits all these clues is Posh. Elle MacPherson kind of works, but the teenybopper and lip liner clues don't really apply to her. Plus with the article about Posh looking for a new nanny in 2005...

Still, I'm on the same page as Caz. I looked through so many 90s archives and couldn't find anyone who fit even vaguely. I wish we knew, accent aside, where this person resided at the time.
That's the biggest clue missing, for me.

Unknown said...

sisters! you should post whip-me mendelsohn from 11/06 as a vintage BV, i'm almost positive its elijah wood!

Unknown said...

Is it really great timing that Ted posted Roxy's new blind? Remember that he's linked his bitch-back to this website...maybe he saw this post and decided to post the latest B.V. too.

I like the Elle guess so much, but I do agree that the teen, 4 minutes and lipliner parts do not fit.


Tara said...

Pepper=Spice. I have always thought RC was Posh, but this is throwing me for a loop. Maybe with new clues, we can beef up RC as Posh or eliminate her through BB this week. That is tough to think of anyone else as PP!!

Caz1310 said...

Hi all - g'day to you Tara :) Have been a bit quiet on this site....LOL at the mega trail on Pepper Hartman but couldn't contribute as I know zip about American sportspeople and as for those Supernatural boys...I'll leave that one to all of you who also know more than me on them!! Now as for Spice Girls...that's right up my alley :):) I think Ted's totally messing with us on this and have somehow changed his rules to majorily confuse us. Very interested to see what others on this site come up with for Roxy Coture v this one. PS I like the quote someone made about Posh n Beck YEARS ago "No matter how much money they have, there's something still so council flat about them". Don't forget Posh was so not stylish until recent years.

The Spie said...

Tara: Ted already said that Becks and Posh had a dual BV. That's when he revealed that Posh was a BV in the first place (Becks was already known to be one), and that pretty much cinched it for Stud-Bucket and Roxy.

I still think the Beckhams are Stud-Bucket and Roxy; the name and two kids reference just seems to be trying way, way too hard to link this to Posh. It has all the signs of a classic Ted trap, and Caz is falling into it by becoming fixated on the Spice Girls.

"Four minutes of fame" can be taken literally, namely a one-hit wonder or a group best known for one song. Look at it from that perspective.

I'm a little surprised that Ted hasn't already jumped on the Beckham/hooker scandal...unless his next archive is going to be Stud-Bucket and Roxy. If it is, we can put that one in the bank.

The Spie said...

And yet again I make the mistake of coming here before going to E!. Typical Ted two-week lag time. As I said, we can now put it in the bank: Posh is Roxy. Let's not waste time and concentrate on other candidates.

Personally, I'd love to see the BV that the one Bitch-Back commenter was going on about, now that Ted essentially said it's Ah-nuld. The problem is that it's rather vague time-wise, and there's no way I'd ask the Sisters to troll the entire archive for that one.

Unknown said...

I actually thought of Madonna since she hasn't done much since she got married that he didn't have to do. And her sex book was throwing it alllllll in your face as well as she did start out as a teeny bopper kind of artist. Just a thought.

Clancy said...

A lot of this would fit Uma Thurman.

Dated Andre Balazs from 2004 to 2006 - a hot and wealthy hotelier.

Has two kids, born 1998 and 2002.

She starred with Jude Law in Gattaca. If this isn't a direct connection, Jude's nanny affair happened in 2005 so it could just be a reference to that.

Can't fit the teenybopper thing though or the lipliner (which actually made me think of Pamela Anderson straightaway but she's not couture).

Tara said...

I will take your word for that Spie, I went on AT rehab when I had my first child a couple years ago. It still bothers me that Stud Bucket and Roxy don't share a BV last name though!

Anonymous said...

Spie, I think that Ah-nuld BV is from a long time ago, before he gave names to the vicers. I don't know how to work the archives, but I'd say it was definitely before 2004.

This one has me stumped. I agree that VB is definitely RC. I almost never put any stock in the AIA's, but all three had homes in England in 2005. Combined with CZT, are we looking at someone British? Maybe someone married to a director/producer (for the lots of dough comment)?

Someone like Helena Bonham Carter, Kate Beckinsale, Rachel Weisz? (I know they didn't have 2 kids in 2005, but not sure if maybe their hubs had kids from previous marriages?)

Anonymous said... know who this sounds like? Johnny Depp's wife, Vanessa Paradis! They have 2 kids that would have been ages 6 and 3 when this vice came out. She had a hit song in France when she was young, a one hit wonder I believe (ie 4 minutes of fame). She is skinny as can be and has a french accent. And Johnny easily fits the description of the husband.

Anonymous said...

I just remembered that Vanessa and Johnny aren't married and Ted says "hubby" at one point in the blind. The rest fits so well!

blurry vice said...

cassandra, I will gladly look for that one next time.

spie, what is the ahnuld bv nickname and when was it first written? i will look into that.

agree with everyone. posh sorta fits but she is SO roxy couture that we have to find someone else for this. i too looked into the other spice girls... nope cant be them. uma thurman is american and her marriage timeline doesnt add up to this bv. heidi klum... could be but have to look into her kids ages again. i also looked into 80s and 90s pop icons and actresses etc and could not come up with anyone that fits. lots of clues here just cant find anyone.

clues: as of 2005 -
has two kids
former star
rich husband

blurry vice said...

Just realized: What about GWYNETH PALTROW???!!! When were her 2 kids born?? She fits (lives in England now, has a fake accent ala madonna, rich hubby, fashionable, used to be more famous than she is now)

blurry vice said...

Hmm Gwyneth's 2nd child was born april 2006. guess not.

blurry vice said...

It's weird that I posted this one that everyone thought was Posh, and then Ted does the Roxy Couture archive. Coincidence? Or maybe Ted reads this blog and figured he would write about Posh's BV again.

Anonymous said...

blurry: Sorry this is OT, but is the comment thread for the "list of ted's reveals" post too full? I tried to reply about the Arnold S/cigar BV hint in the BBs on there, but keep getting error messages.

The Spie said...

Blurry: That's the problem with this Ah-nuld blind: the person writing to Ted about it just gave a description of the blind and said it was old. There was no BV name or concrete date given. roseyf is right; it's definitely pre-2004, probably pre-Governator as well.

As for the timing of the archive, remember Ted's standard two-to-six-week delay when it comes to new scandals. Becks' high-priced hooker dalliance is about two to three weeks old. I do like to think that he's looking at us and watching out for us here, though.

roseyf: That's only at about 350 or so comments, if memory serves. The third Judas BV went to about 900, so I doubt the thread's too full.

The Spie said...

Here's a possibility that I found when I was researching a possibility for Whip-Me Mendelson: Natalie Maines. She fits pretty well: singer, two kids born before 2005, southern accent, married to a hard-working, successful actor. Just wanted to throw that one in.

Anonymous said...

Interesting guess on Natalie Maines. She definitely has had nannies - one of the Dixie Chicks made a comment along the lines of "our entourage when touring consists entirely of nannies" because they have so many kids between them.

The timing is a little off (her Bush comments were in 2003) but Wikipedia says her hubby, Adrian Pasdar, had a "high-profile role" in Desparate Housewives in 2005. (Can't comment, didn't watch that show) Perhaps that's why Ted wrote about them? Plus the Dixie Chicks started recording another album in 2005, so makes sense they'd be nanny hunting.

I don't get the teenybopper connection though. The DC didn't really have a teen audience, did they? And her Bush comments gave her momentary political fame, which I don't think gave her crossover into teens.

The Spie said...

roseyf: You could make a case that the Dixie Chicks (and Maines' Bush remarks) made it cool for teenage girls to get into country music. That's the audience that Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift later tapped into.

Clancy said...

Could the kids be twins?

"Tiny ones"

"Two blessed babies"

Clancy said...

I'm also wondering whether this line:

" ... that she was all about the money."

Might be alluding to the name of a sung she could have sung or was the theme behind it. I've searched on Google for money-related songs and all I've come up with are Cyndi Lauper and Donna Summer.

Could teenybopper possibly relate to anything other than music? Could it be that she was on the cover of teen mags? A model?

This is a hard one, even with all the clues, because the clues are so disparate.

I was thinking about Claudia Schiffer.

She had two children at the time of this BV: one born 2003, another 2004 (which would sort of tie in with my twin query given they're close in age).

She's married to Englishman Matthew Vaughn and she has an accent.

Obviously she was on the cover of many a teen mag.

She has biggish lips and they could be over-mouth-lined...oh, I give up.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I keep thinking about the Natalie Maines guess. I went and re-looked at the BB where Ted talked about country singers.

"Dear Ted:
I love your Blind Vices! A question from one of your Southern belle fans...has a country singer ever been the subject of one of your BVs?

Dear Belle:
Sweetums, the seemingly innocent babes are always the worst! That's a big fat yes."

March 12, 2010 3:30 PM

I always thought this was too specific to point to just Keith Urban/ Marky Sweet-Puss, it sounded like there was actual Vicey-type behavior from a country singer. Pinchy Pepper seems like a much better reference for this question. (And I bet there are one or two other country ones as well.)

Unknown said...

Here's the reason why I don't believe this is the Dixie Chicks girl: he calls her "skinny mumsy".

Natalie is not skinny (not fat either!). This blind makes me believe it could be someone like Victoria, Elle, Claudia, etc. (a former model - skinny and fashionable)

anonymous said...

Can someone please explain? Is it possible that this blind was considered 'revealed' so that Ted was free to use a new nickname for VB?

katie said...

Hi all! First time poster with a random thought - is it possible that Posh aka Victoria Beckham is both Pepper aka RC. We all know how tricky Ted is, he may be using her 'alter ego' Posh as a sneaky way to post BVs on her under a second name - that way he can dish the dirt without making it too obvious and getting slapped with a lawsuit...

Clancy said...

For some reason this doesn't feel like Posh to me. The Spice Girls are considered one of, if not the biggest girl band ever; it's not exactly a '4 minutes of fame' thing. And the rest of it feels just too obvious.

Could be wrong and could be a case of Ted being sneaky.

Clancy said...

This could be Liz Hurley if she had more than one kid.

J said...

This blind is from 2005? Totally sounds like Kimora. She was a teen model, married wealthy Russell Simmons and had 2 girls at the time. She has since moved on to gorgeous Djimon Hounsou. Kimora is couture, running her own label and being model. She's a known diva and definitely wouldn't be caught dead near a sales rack. On her show she goes through staff like toilet paper.

KiKi is my vote for the win.

Valerie Feria - Isacks said...

Kimora is not skinny and this vicer is skinny. I like Kimora's curves.

How about Gwen Stefani? Knew her brother back in the 90's when I was not even 20 and Clinton was president - to say he was frugal is an understatement. Could it run in the family? She also has that clothing line as well as a taste for expensive designer bags and shoes.

Also, I don't see this as a vice, service providers like nanny's in LA are horribly overpaid in relation to their actual academic/other qualifications and $1600 a week is 83.5K a year for a job that only requires two years of college which is really good for that level of training.

Twice that, which is what the writer is saying she should be paid, is $166,400 per year - that is a bit more than what my hubby makes based (not including stock options which makes it about even stevens - BUT he is his company's CTO! A C-level job with crazy hours and business trips!

Doing the math it seems to me this person is just using commonsense something in short supply in LALAland imho.

Clancy said...

Lol Valerie, you succumbed to the gossip! Or is this just the next stage of your study: Involvement.

Clancy said...

Can't be Gwen as this Blind Item was first posted in 2005 and the first of her two kids arrived in May 2006.

Wendy Wilshire said...

Maybe Lisa Rinna?

Tara said...

Valerie, we like gossip here. Don't really require statistics on your degree in Anthropology, background in Entertainment legalities, or your husband's yearly salary. It comes off as superficial and boastful, IMO. Several readers have caught on to your approach that seems to be more of a lab rat experiment than actual interest in BVs and gossip. Maybe Forbes or National Geographic's online comments sections would be a better fit? Just IMO, of course.

Brittany said...

^^LOL someone is getting annoyed and not even trying to hide it anymore :)

Tara said...

When on every thread you post your educational background, job experience and talents, and your husbands 6 figure salary, I would say it is a bit much when we are discussing coke habits and closet gays....doncha think? I am just saying what a lot of my homies are thinking, so shoot me.

Brittany said...

I think its whats referred to on the internets as "troll"

Valerie Feria - Isacks said...

Like I said before I'm not trying to be a "troll" and I HAVE to participate per the description of the assignment I was given, was just taking my time with smaller posts before diving in more. This is a method called "participant observer."

As a note I picked this site over other entertainment gossip and political conspiracy sites as the people by and large seemed friendlier.

Please checkout fhi dot org which has a good explanation of what "participant research" is about.

Basically without having to type the full assignment questions (which would invalidate what I've done so far) using the general topics of entertainment gossip and/or political consipiracies we are to practise this methodology and based on our experience posit some answers to a list of questions given to us by the professor. The assignment doesn't allow me to post the Q's themselves or I would to avoid this whole subtopic.

Next, I am used to using specific examples from my own life and/or those I know NOT as a means to brag but for comparison to help me in my participation, guesses, and the points I'm trying to make.

I honestly don't think I'm that off the norm - save maybe in my previous entertainment experience -which I also needed to bring up per the instructions in the assignment to "make sure the group is aware of anything about you that might be percieved as potential bias" and I really thought that some of that background could be a bias so rather than just state my opinion I thought a bit of clarifying background as to why I felt the way I did would be helpful and avoid any such lack of disclosure issues per the assignment directions and just for the sake of being fully honest in relation to the discussions of why I felt or thought things were one way or the other.

Look I am sure there are many people on this board who have just as good (and I'd bet even better) academic and/or financial qualifications as me and my hubbie who are here for fun only. Hell the professor who assigned this thing has a Ph.D from bloody Oxford but is totally addicted to 'Top Model' so who is anyone to judge this kind of thing in that aspect against intelligence or worth really? I also know of a leading biologist who is crazy into Dancing With The Stars, doesn't make her recently published paper in NatGeo any less stellar because of it (thought I'd mention her because of Tara's NatGeo comment).

No judging just maybe too TMI on the explaining of why I feel certain things.

Valerie Feria - Isacks said...

Back to the blind - and to the original reason I even mentioned what the hubster makes - I mean do you REALLY agree with Lainey that a nanny should be paid THAT much money just because it is the going rate???

Forget about my damn hubby for a minute and ask yourself how much harder YOUR job is compared to a nanny - even a celeb nanny!

I think there are probably TONS of you who are lawyers, nurses, insert harder more educated job here who deserve more $$$ than a celeb nanny and yet are getting less. Is that fair? I think not!

Should someone - even a celeb who can afford to overpay - have the right to do something about it by paying his/her nanny less than normal if normal is dumb? Darn tootin!

That's my point and why I mentioned my hubbie as a comparison - NO nanny deserves to be paid as much as any C-level exec, or lawyer or doctor or nurse or anything remotely requiring a bachelor's or more or the equivalent thereof in leadership experience. Maybe if she was helping to raise some crazy large brood like Mia Farrow's or Jolie/Pitt's or the Duggars sure otherwise no way jose!


Sidenote: Seems like the group prefers more general comparisons or examples to support a point so I'll endeavor to use less personal one's in future to make the same point. For those who still dislike me please be patient the paper is due in earlish December and I'm fairly sure based on that I'll only be active a few more weeks before long you'll start to see me rarely me (if at all) on these boards.

Tara is right though in suspecting I prefer the more academic debate on more science oriented sites like NatGeo, I do feel more comfortible there but this is ALL about pushing you to participate in things you normally wouldn't - a highly needed skill if I am to ever become a 'real' anthropologist.

For the record I detest Forbes even more for (funny enough) many the same reasons ya'all aren't fond of People - soft features, too glowing profiles, glossing over of important issues, etc.

Though I must admit through my limited participation here in some cases I now have some understanding why the mystery aspect of guessing can be fun too.

In any case we have as clues:

clues: as of 2005 -

accent (I think the use of "fortnight" and "mary poppins" would also mean someone is either from or lives in the UK or Antipodean countries)

has two kids

former star

rich husband


I'd also add 'skinny'

and High-maintenance per the words in the blind itself.

Sheesh, who the hell is it????

Valerie Feria - Isacks said...

How about Elizabeth Hurley? Hubbie Arun Nayar is totally hot and practically Indian royalty on one side, Brit blue blood on the other and as a textile heir has more money than any T-town mogul! Just a wacky thought

Tara said...

That was not the response I was expecting from you, but okay then! I certainly have a better understanding of where you are coming from.

Liz is not a bad guess, only she had one son at this point. I don't know if she has had more children since.

Anonymous said...

it's Paltrow.

beause she's so into cooking w/ that Goop blog...

Valerie Feria - Isacks said...

Paltrow? That's a great guess and it fits the clues nicely. If it is her then it is ironic she played Pepper Potts two years after this BV. ;)

Valerie Feria - Isacks said...

I was looking at this part of the blind again ...

"Then she hooked up with someone who rakes in more cashola than most hunks dream of possessing in Hollywood. Oh, and the partner-unit's hot, too." This got me to thinking maybe Paltrow is not that good of a guess afterall because hubby is a musician which Ted could lump into all performers as "Hollywood" in a colloquial sense - even though he knows this is not true specifically.

I think this could very well mean the person is married to someone who is an real industry titan like a business mogul, banker, oil tycoon, high tech maven or maybe even royalty? You know way more money than anyone in Hollywood can dream of.

Hope this helps us figure out who it is.

Since my assignment doesn't require me to do this much longer I think for now (until the end to the assignment) I'm going to try an concentrate on getting some more ideas for this one and not bother with any of the other blinds.

Ciao, and have a great weekend!

Valerie Feria - Isacks said...

How about

Stephanie Seymour fits previous profile after all the Hwood loosers ends up with Peter M. Brant
the Brit paper billionaire.

Tiffany - for off the wall guess - she had a comeback album at the time that was huge in the LGBT community (of which Ted is a part) and got ended up with pommie society dude Benn George.

Gillian Anderson - moved to UK and was linked to many an Hwood looser. I know she has kids but not sure of number. Is linked with Mark Griffiths a wealthy Brit industrialist. (Although I wouldn't consider her thin, she did have a teen career as a musician before acting and fits the rest of the profile).

Anonymous said...

Patrow - her hubby apparently earns more (and has more) than she does.

Anonymous said...

Go away already Valerie, you self important obnoxious twit. And seriously, what professor would have his student conduct an experiment where she is required to comment on gossip blogs? Are you getting your degree from The University of Phoenix online?

Anyway, I still think this is Posh. I think Ted just effed up -- did this one-time blind vice, totally forgot about it, and then created the Roxy Couture years later. He just plain forgot that he already had a Posh BV.