Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weekly Vintage BV: Probe Light

As requested by reader roseyf, here is one a lot of people thought was John Mayer.  I always thought this one was Adam Levine though.  See comments section for a hint from Ted.

One Vainglorious Blind Vice - Feb 13, 2006

Okay, darlings. I'm just gonna lay down the get-laid law. When you're twisting in the sheets with a lip-mashing mate, selfish behavior has got to be at the top of the don't list. Sex is all about focusing on your partner, relishing their nooks, crannies, piercings and whatnot. I mean, sure, we all get off on ourselves; it's just that usually you save that for when you're alone. And that's why Probe Light is so shocking. He's a rocker—okay, semi-rocker—a very dreamy boy from the sensitive side of the tracks. Sort of a clean-living-room thing. And so as you can predict, this saga begins backstage at one of Probe's concerts. An unknown minx makes her way into P.L.'s dressing room. One flirtatious remark leads to a lick of the lips, and before ya can say, "Top 40 music rules"...Boom, boom, boom, they go, back to his room where they do it all night. Oh. Forgot one little detail about this assignation. Ya see, Probe's own music was playing on the stereo the whole friggin' time. Such a small fornicating factoid, wonder how the hell I forgot it? Seriously, though, give us all a minute to catch our breath here. I mean, where is the romance? Who gets off on their own damn recorded music? Are you kidding me? Isn't that sort of like making love next to a sculpture of your own Johnson? Ya see, the gal was disturbed; but she didn't say anything, shy as she is. Then again, maybe Mick Jagger likes to get satisfaction while listening to one of his band's 10 zillion tunes. But he's a Rolling Stone. And Probe's, well, Probe. Hardly a legend. What's also weird about this incident is I already knew Mr. L. had some kinky quirks, which is fine. But to learn that he would get a D- in Romance 101? Shame. There is, howevah, a happy ending, at least by my standards. Probe surprised his one-night stand with a little mouth-to... Exact body location to remain undisclosed. I'll take a cue from P.L.'s sweet, preteen-appropriate lyrics. He, after all, would never be so explicit. 

And It Ain't: Ryan Cabrera, John Legend, Aaron Carter

Also eliminated: Justin Timberlake

Top suspects: John Mayer, Adam Levine 


blurry vice said...


"Dear Ted:
Is your One Vainglorious Blind Vice about Justin Timberlake?
Madeleine Spivey
Dakar, Senegal

Dear Singing Dick:
Good one! And actually kinda close! But think, uh, a tad more rewarded come podium time, and then I'm sure you'll see the kinklicious light."

blurry vice said...

5/25/07 - hint from Ted about John Mayer:

"Maroon 5 is back with a new album, and the band held a bash Tuesday night at the Lot to celebrate its second CD. And—how veddy interesting—John Mayer was listed on the RSVP list. Which is kinda funny, because it was Jessica Simpson who was linked to Adam Levine right around the time she split with Nick Lachey. But now J-babe and John are prolly kaput, so perhaps it’s all water under the booty-call bridge? (John never showed up, for the rebound record. Must have been off having wet, smelly fun with his latest.)

Sounds like Jess never got any private serenades from Adam, either. I asked the lead singer if girls ever ask for private concerts from the crooner.

“Yeah,” Adam admitted. “I never do [agree]. I get kind of embarrassed. Believe it or not, I’m a little shy.”

Aw, shucks! You don’t say? A.L. also told me listening to his own music while getting down (tween the sheets) is outta the question, too. Shame, since some of 5’s tracks are totally quasi-raunch-o ‘n’ romantic.

Fellow M5er James Valentine agreed with the no-Maroon-5-music-during-nooky notion.

“Definitely not,” he scoffed at the possibility. “I imagine that if I was hooking up with a girl and put on our record, she would probably get up and walk out.”

Not so sure about that. I hear John Mayer is a fan of getting freaky to the sound of his tunes, and it seemed to work on Jess-doll for a while there, didn’t it?"

blurry vice said...

I think that hint above could be towards either John Mayer OR Adam Levine.

Kelly Peeples said...

You guys are over-thinking this. That's totally a reveal; anyway, John Mayer's songs are much more pre-teen oriented than Maroon 5's.

The Spie said...

Warrior Two: If that's the case, then give us a candidate for Super Duper Cooper, because that's more Mayer than this one is.

Clancy said...

Cue posting of Super Duper Cooper vice :)

Kate16 said...

I thought James Blunt since it was 2006. But was he as successful in America as he was in the UK and Australia?

The Spie said...

Clancy: We already have them here. Look on the right-hand side of the main page for "Super Duper Cooper" or "John Mayer".

Kate: Right now, Blunt is considered a one-hit wonder in the US, with the one hit being "You're Beautiful", so he's not as successful as he is in the UK or AUS. However, "You're Beautiful" was a very, very big hit and even got itself a Weird Al parody, so he might just have been high-profile enough to quality for a BV.

Anonymous said...

Thanks blurry for posting this! (I ran across it while I was searching for the JLo one.)

I think this sounds an awful lot like Mayer - there are a ton of clues that point straight to him (like relishing the partner's nooks/crannies/whatnot - your body is a wonderland), and doubly so with the BB saying he's gotten awards.

I also think it's telling when he says Probe already had kinky quirks, then the first SDC is about "we knew he likes to pee/be peed on, but now we hear he also likes number two".

I think perhaps Ted's letter is a reveal. But does it count as enough of a reveal to free him up for SDC? The first SDC came almost two years later - maybe he was afraid it'd be too easy to do a quick search and decided to deem it a reveal and acceptable for a new name.

blurry vice said...

Hmmm.... good point. If Ted considered the above a REVEAL on John Mayer as Probe Light, then he could still be Super Duper Cooper. Let's ask Ted about that.

Snickers Mom said...

I like John Mayer for BOTH. I know that's not really possible. In the Feb 12 2010 Bitch Back this was mentioned.
Dear Ted:
After John Mayer's unbelievably classless interview in which he did more than kiss and tell, I think it's time to out him as Super Duper Cooper. If he doesn't have respect for his ex-girlfriends' privacy, why should you respect his? If he objects to you revealing his Blind Vice, then he is more than just a douchebag...he's a hypocrite.

Dear Eye for an Eye:
John Mayer may be a blabbermouth, but why should I sink down to his level?

I think it sounds like a confirmation...

Brittany said...

Totally agree with Kate16, this is James Blunt. He was huge at the time of this so it wouldn't be that crazy that Ted would have a BV about him. John Mayer is definitely Super Duper Cooper, I don't even see how he could fit this one but I guess that's just me.

blurry vice said...

Who TF is James Blunt?

Tara said...

I agree that John Mayer just is SDC--even the blurb at the top by Blurry says John might be off having "wet, smelly fun" with his latest= pee and poo (yuck). If he is PL, he has to be both, and that hint at the top is a semi-reveal. Adam Levine is not a bad guess, though I think if he does have a BV I picture it being juicier.

I can see this as Blunt, might be worth asking Ted if PL is still in the spotlight/hitting the Top 40 list much these days. If the answer is yes or the same as he ever was, that elim's Blunt. I also thought of Jack Johnson, as he even references making love next to a statue of one's "Johnson" with a capital J. Hmmmm. JJ sings feel good for everyone, chill PG music.

Tara said...

PS Blurry, James Blunt sang the gloriously overplayed "You're Beautiful" a few years back, and then disappeared in the US.

Caz1310 said...

Blunt, to put it Bluntly, is also considered a one-hit wonder here in Australia. Oh good lord if anyone played that horrible song as a prelude to some loving it would kill the moment for sure. Jack Johnsom's a good guess...I liked the video where Ben Stiller was trying to direct the video shoot for him. With regards to Adam Levine isn't he a total ladies man? What's with the "no hook-ups" articles?

Caz1310 said...

Part #2 I would have thought Mayer the Player would have a much skankier BV than this one.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Blunt was well-known enough in the US to make BV status. While most people knew the song, very few knew who sang it and he didn't get much press here. But I'm curious what parts point to him, other than the generic stuff.

Also, this person has to have more awards than Justin Timberlake had in 2006. That's really hard to count because we don't know if he's counting Nsync/collaborations, and if he's only looking Grammys or other things. Based on solo Grammy stuff, I do think John Mayer had won more (at the time) but Blunt/Maroon 5 hadn't.

And you have to remember this was 2006. Mayer hadn't started dating Jessica Simpson yet; he was kinda low profile and "focusing on music", still getting confused with Jason Mraz. Definitely was not the man-whore he's got a rep for today. Because of his songs, he had more of that romantic, sensitive lov-ah rep. Hence why this blind would have been pretty shocking at the time.

Tara said...

You make good points, Rosey, but Mayer just is SDC, too much evidence against him. This can only be him if he is both. Caz, Blunt is a one hit wonder here too, but in '06 it was one of the biggest songs on the radio and he was milking the whole broken hearted scorned lover thing.

You know who had a popular album come out just before this blind? Jack Johnson. The Curious George lullaby album. Very youngster appropriate. Just sayin, if Mayer can't be both, he is into way worse than listening to his own tunes while sexing. So many stories have been told of him and his affinity for backdoor entry, golden and brown showering, possible abortion with JS, gay/bi rumors, his frolic time with JA, his diarrhea of the mouth, Probe would have been a repeat offender in the BV column.

Adrienne said...

Clearly it's Jack Johnson! C'mon the 'johnson' reference was a giveaway if the living room music didn't give a good enough hint.

Sara13 said...

Hello, long time reader, first time poster. I just wanted to point out that Ted has stated that Adam Levine has not been a BV as of 6/22/2010 (see "list of ted's BV reveals")... So I don't think this can be him. As for who this is, I am still not sure...

Tara said...

Good call Sara! I didn't even check, LOL.

Anonymous said...

While Ted used to be a lot more obvious in his blinds, I don't think "Johnson" points to Jack Johnson. That's a little too obvious, even for Ted, to put the name in the blind. Also JJ never cracked the Top 40 in the US, and he barely won any awards stateside (so you can't say he's more rewarded than JT). While the Curious George soundtrack was released a week before this post, that would barely have been enough time to tell that it was going to become a semi-best-seller.

Tara, as you've said, I think Mayer has to be both of these and the thing above was considered a reveal. I can't think of any other plausible scenario (other than Team Awful forgetting about this and assigning JM a new name on accident, which opens too big a can of worms.)

Tara said...

We will see, I guess. It was just a little interesting that not only did he use "Johnson" but it was capitalized. I know that is overly obvious but, since the nature of this is so PG-13, I was thinking maybe Ted didn't see the harm in almost handing this one to us on a platter! If anyone feels like throwing a question Ted's way, that would help if he took the bait. I asked the other day if Probe Light had been revealed and given another BV dice yet but maybe tomorrow. Feel free anyone to use the same/similar question and maybe we can make some ground in numbers:)

Krystal said...

Hi everyone!

Newbie poster/longtime lurker here so be kind please!

I think this blind is DEFINITELY John Mayer and was a reveal by Ted who then gave him the new name of SDC. Didn't anyone notice a particular part of the story about John Mayer:

"(John never showed up, for the rebound record. Must have been off having wet, smelly fun with his latest.)"

That completely sounds like SDC and his icky bedroom tastes so in my humble opinion, this was a reveal for John Mayer before he was given a new name/BV that elaborated on that tiny little intro in this BV.

What do you guys think? Am I way off base here?

The Spie said...

Yes, you are off-base. John Mayer was never revealed as Probe Light. No one was. He would have to have been revealed as Probe Light in order to later be Super Duper do realize that Probe Light was prior to SDC, don't you?

Krystal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Krystal said...

Lol-so much for taking it easy on the newbie! :)

And in answer to your question, yes I know in which order the BVs were posted. What I'm saying is that I consider what Ted said to be a reveal and then John Mayer was given a new name, i.e. Super Dooper Cooper. Actually reading through the comments that is the same thing that the poster Tara said, but maybe she just worded it better than I did. From what I've read on here, not every reveal from Ted is an announcement saying so and so is this BV name. So in my opinion this was a reveal of sorts for John Mayer and based on Ted's own rules he was then given a new name.

The Spie said...

Krystal, I am taking it easy on you. I can be very rough on people here. Ask anyone. And smilies are a creation of Satan.

Ted's always said that unless he explicitly says that a person is a specific BV identity, it's not a reveal. He doesn't do Lainey-type allusive reveals, bringing up specific points from a BV in connection with a person. Not even the Mayer one was specific enough to connect it with a specific BV.

Unless Ted says that Celeb X is BV Y, there's no reveal.

Krystal said...

Oh okay, I didn't know that. I must've been confusing it with the Lainey reveals on here like you said. Thanks for letting me know and now I am officially stumped again b/c I really think SDC sounds like John Mayer (or maybe I just want it to be him b/c he makes my skin crawl!).

And considering your statement about smiles I think I owe you a 'thank you very much!' for being so gentle. Usually I would insert a smiley face here but am thinking no... lol

Anonymous said...

I disagree, Spie, I don't think Ted's always that specific. When he "revealed" Robin Leach as Moisty Mohr, he said it was one of five people. When he outed Mooney Tuna, he called out Seth MacFarlane in separate article for not wearing a condom. Even when he confirmed Butch Spit-Spat as Billy Bob Thornton, he never specifically said it, just gave a seemingly positive response in a bitch back. Yes, readers were able to use those as proof of reveal, but they were never explicitly stated as Celeb X is BV Y.

And I don't recall Ted saying he has to specifically say it - just that if they've been disclosed/revealed, they get a new name. No rules on how that disclosure/reveal has to happen.

I think SDC is Mayer, but Probe sounds a lot like him as well. And I think "I hear John Mayer is a fan of getting freaky to the sound of his tunes" sounds awfully similar to the way he revealed Seth MacFarlane.

The Spie said...

Krystal: If I think that Satan is responsible for smilies, you can imagine who I think is responsible for "lol".

rosey: Let's look at the reveals you mentioned:

I don't think either you or I consider Moisty Revealed because of the way he did it. Ted just made it absolutely plain who it was by narrowing it down in the BV Superstars Gallery to the point where it was obvious. I'd put Moisty in the same category as Toothy and Slurpa reveal-wise.

I think that a positive response in Bitch-Back is explicit enough to be a Reveal. That's the same way he revealed himself to be Pete Priss-Ass, remember.

When he revealed McFarlane, wasn't there a link to the Mooney Tuna BV? Or was that a later addition? I'd consider a mention and a link back to an old BV to be a Reveal.

I think that we can agree, though, that when Ted does a Reveal of any sort, he's a lot more explicit about them than Lainey is. Since there was nothing remotely explicit from Ted linking Mayer to Probe Light, we have to say that there's no Reveal in play, and that Mayer can be either/or, not both. And if it's either/or, he's SDC by preponderance of evidence.

Tara said...

To put my two cents in here, my position is that Mayer is NOT Probe Light unless he is both and Ted's comment COULD be considered a reveal. If that is not possible, then PL has to be someone else. It is just too tame for Mayer! He is gross.

Krystal, Spie is all about the facts and logic. I knew it would likely irk Spie when we (myself included) began to entertain Mayer for both without an explicit reveal by Ted (sorry, Spie!), he is not a fan of "fluffy" theories, that is ones without much substance to back them up. So don't go running Krystal! I like your stance on this. When you need someone to provide undeniable evidence that a certain celeb can only be one BV, Spie is your dude! I believe he has timelines on Nevis Devine, Nelly Fang, and Parrish Maguire to basically prove they are who we think they are. So don't take what he says personally, he is great at what he does--just think of it as very blunt factual opinion (he is a guy after all!). That's not offensive, I hope Spie! Speaking of your logic Spie, can you visit the Cass Stimulatia thread? They want Jessica Simpson for her, and I can't like it.

Tara said...

Just went through the Super Dooper Cooper thread, and there are several hints not only to SDC's identity but also to John Mayer's BV in general. None of which point to this as his vice. If anyone needs further proof that Mayer is, in fact, SDC, look at all the BB clues under his thread. Here is one reply to a question about similarities between Jon Gosselin and John Mayer, and any hints to toss about Mayer's BV:

"These two men definitely share more than the same name. Mayer's Vice is so obviously dirty! I mean, cover your nostrils, girlfriend."

The only thing left to do is get confirmation if Probe Light was a reveal (and we missed the memo). If he was never revealed, then the JM clues in the SDC thread in essence eliminate him from being PL. Listening to your own music while having sex is completely narcissistic, but it is not DIRRRTY in the way Ted says above.

The Spie said...

Tara: You forgot Jackie Bouffant, Drew Smolder 'n' Such/Kelly Guten-Shoes and Chet Chick-Muncher, and speaking of that last one...

Tara's right, Krystal. I don't like it when we have to start bending the rules that Ted's established to fit a pet theory. Ted's reveals have, in general, been rather explicit in the past. This situation isn't explicit at all. It requires too much of a leap from Point A to Point C. I feel as comfortable stating that what Ted said was a Reveal as much as I'm comfortable with "Oh, Ted just forgot that he made Viggo Mortensen Grimy Gus when he said that Mortensen wasn't a BV five years later."

I'm a person for the facts, and the fact is that there's no explicit statement that Mayer was Probe Light, and there's nothing that can be taken as an explicit statement that Mayer was Probe Light. There are numerous other candidates for Probe Light out there. The simplest explanation is that Mayer isn't Probe Light, and the simplest explanation is usually the right one.

Krystal said...

Awww-Don't worry, I'm not running Tara. I've been reading these comments for a while to understand why certain BVs are believed to be certain ppl and I have been amazed at the clues that you guys discover. However, I sometimes think ppl can see clues where they don't exist so the facts and logic will always work for me. So thanks Spie... and I don't even want to venture a guess as to your opinion on the origin of 'lol'. ahahahahaha (is that okay?)

And just so that I don't completely hijack this thread with all my new girl comments, my question to Spie and the other members is who are the other good candidates for Probe Light? I'm trying to think of someone who comes across as arrogant and conceited enough to play their own music while having sex and fit the other clues as well but the majority of the guys that pop into my mind seem to already be top guesses for other BVs so yet again, I'm stumped!

Violet451 said...

So here's what Ted said "Not so sure about that. I hear John Mayer is a fan of getting freaky to the sound of his tunes, and it seemed to work on Jess-doll for a while there, didn’t it?"

If we don't want to call that a reveal, can we at least agree that it is describing the same behavior as what is happening in the Probe Light blind? Like everyone else I am a big fan of the Spie's logical approach and it does keep me from running off the rails worse that I already with that in mind, I ask- Spie, what do you think? Is Paris Hilton eligible for a new BV name? (My guess is you would say no) He made it very clear and obvious who she was since he was so outraged by her blind. Yet, didn't link to her BV or name her. I admit I've always thought her to be eligible for a new name, though it's true that we can't play fast and loose with the rules where it suits us. Then again, maybe we don't understand Ted's rules as well as we thought. I notice this topic coming up more and more.

As much I think the above quote is unambiguous and at first glance jumped right to JM, I can see why The Spie would think it is not a reveal. Some people let their freak flag fly and it may just be that Ted is able to say this about JM knowing he wouldn't care, whereas the subject of this blind has a more pristine image to protect?

Violet451 said...

Ok, I just sent Ted an email asking if he considers Moisty Mohr an official reveal. Let's see if he freezes me out, as usual. Rita?

The Spie said...

Michelle: No, I definitely wouldn't consider Paris an official reveal. Here's my case for taking a hardline approach on reveals in re Ted: remember the BV involving Slurpa's dog-imprisoning habits? By that time, Ted had made it more than obvious that Slurpa was Paris, including with some statements similar to the Probe Light one. What did he say in that BV? "I swear, I may have to out this bitch." By the standards we're applying to this blind in attempting to justify that it's Mayer, he had already outed Slurpa as Paris. Therefore, I have to assume that Ted's standard for a Reveal is higher than that, and that Probe Light has never been the subject of an official Reveal. Ergo, he's not John Mayer.

The Spie said...

Oh, yeah, forgot something: I think we're all agreed that Ted's provided more than enough information to identify Morgan Mayhem. Ted has said that he doesn't want to keep writing about Morgan. Yet no one has suggested that if some new, juicy piece of goss came along in re Lindsay Lohan, she would qualify for a new BV identity. All of us would assume that we'd see a new Morgan Mayhem BV. Why? He's hasn't come out and stated directly that Morgan is Lindsay.

Valerie Feria - Isacks said...

John Mayer definately, look at it next to the Blind All Stars item on John Mayer and it fits.

In a weird way what he says about John Mayer also fits the Oded Goodhead one as well - except we all know Ted said OGH is a rapper who many think is 50 Cent. Ted is being coy about 50 in any case I think.

The Spie said...

No, Valerie. You got to see today what Mayer's BV is.

Anonymous said...

Okay, good point on Morgan Mayhem. (As one last aside, do we know that the blurb about Mayer wasn't linked to this blind? I can't find it on the AT site so have no idea if it was at one point and lost formatting. Without any evidence though, we have to assume it wasn't.)

But now we're back to ground zero - there is no good leading candidate for this blind. Yes, there are many potential candidates, but none are probable. I went through the list of people confirmed with a BV, and see none that fit. I'm officially stumped.

Valerie Feria - Isacks said...

I'd just like to give a reminder that before you respond to a person on an older the thread (here on anywhere else where you get multiple threads) you might want to check other person's later threads to see if they've changed their mind after new data came out to avoid accidental rudeness. (cc:'The Spie'in particular)

In any event since I think most feel that John Mayer is SDC we need new guesses for who this is.

Valerie Feria - Isacks said...

In any case here are some more maybes to consider for this blind. I live near a high school and can (unfortunately) hear from my living room what the kiddies are listening to these days:

Brendon Urie (Panic at the Disco)
Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy, etc.)
Tom Higgenson (Plain White T's)
Jared Leto (30 Seconds to Mars)
Chris Carrabba (Dashboard Confessional)
Brian Bell (Weezer)
Bruno Mars
Gabe Saporta (Cobra Starship)
Jason Derulo
Flo Rida
Kevin Rudolf
Any of the Followill's (Kings Of Leon)
Kris Allen
Jason Wade (Lifehouse)
Ryan Tedder (One Republic)
Rob Thomas (although it might have been a teacher listening to this last one based on the car in question)

They also listen to Linkin Park and hardcore rap but I don't think Ted would consider that stuff teeny bopperish.

I'm now partial to J. Leto for this.

Valerie Feria - Isacks said...

Oooh how about his brother Shannon Leto? He is also in 30 Seconds to Mars but also works as a professional photographer (re: light probe). Very popular band with the high school set!

Anonymous said...

Valerie: It doesn't make sense to check every other thread (unless it's about the same BV name) before responding to a post. If you've changed your mind or have seen evidence to refute an example, come back and post it in the relevant thread.

Also, this is a blind from 2006. What "the high school kids are listening to now" is irrelevant - Kris Allen didn't compete/win Idol until 2009. We have to look at popular semi-rockers who had won more awards than JT in 2006, and for whom the rest of this blind would make sense. (And who haven't been notted as Vicers.)

Finally, although Jared Leto fits the sensitive guy thing, 30StM hadn't won any awards at this point, nor were they ever very popular or close to Top 40 music.

Kate16 said...

And yeh I know I'm a tad like a broken record, but today Ted said that Probe Light and Super Duper Cooper had toured together "just barely".
Like when John Mayer and James Blunt were both performing at Glastonbury back in 2009?

Kate16 said...

Wow so in 2006 Justin had won
3 MTV Video Awards
2 BET Awards
2 BRIT Awards and
2 Grammys.
And had been nominated for a sh*tload more

Valerie Feria - Isacks said...

Sorry didn't see this was a vintage/re-post. Need to check 20 on 20 and Billboard from back then to suss some new possibles out then. Until then, happy guessing!

Valerie Feria - Isacks said...

Okay I quickly checked and 20 on 20doesn't seem to have an easy to access archive. Let me know if these Billboard links work on this site here, if not try cut and paste.

Songs that look apt ...

Dirty Little Secret
The All-American Rejects


Dance, Dance & Sugar, We're Goin' Down
Fall Out Boy

Most my original guesses were too current based on my error when skimming the article and missing that this was a repost. It still puts Patrick Stump in the running, but 'probe light' or reversed to 'light probe' hints toward Nickelback's Photograph song so Chad Kroeger perhaps? or maybe Ted just had photography on the brain that day and the name has nothing to do with anything? It could be The All-American Rejects dude Tyson Ritter?

Maybe I should check the Disney radio charts as well? (just kidding)

Valerie Feria - Isacks said...

James Blunt (other fav of the moment) could be it too! He is also on some of the charts at that time with You're Beautiful, but I'm not sure I see his music as preteen-appropriate though?

Valerie Feria - Isacks said...

Re: My Mayer mix-up.

I'm really sorry if anyone got stuck in a loop on this. I had no such intentions and if you look at when the postings in each thread were done it's really simple. You can easily see the timeline of my posts in each thread.

First, I read this Probe Light one WAY before I read any of the SDC ones.

I read Probe Light circa the 3rd or 4th and immediately compared it to the bedroom surprise comment on the Ted's gallery, as well as a few bitch backs where Ted said something to the effect as Mayer was douche and thought it was Mayer. It seemed like something that egotistical person like I've heard (from a sound engineer) Mayer is would do! I put the womanizer comment, plus some bleep backs, plus the engineer and got this one as the most similar since I hadn't seen SDC ones yet.

It wasn't until the 8th or
9th that I fully read the SDC ones at which point you can see I clearly changed my mind on the matter.

With the more specific Mayer comments I read even later overwhelmingly about bathroom stuffs it became apparent quickly he was the other SDC blind which I commented on that specific blind.

I don't usually go backward on
these things if I can help it so I left my newer comments of thinking it was gross, then thinking it was Mayer there.

Also, I've only been doing this awhile for this project so I haven't gone back to read all the old blinds, only the one's either Blurry is reposting here or Ted is doing his compiled posts on - and in general only when whomever is later at posting, posts them.

Otherwise there is simply not enough time to participate in this, read/do all the other stuff I have and if I have to choose - as much as this project has been more fun than I initially thought it would be - I have to choose to prioritize the other stuff and give it more time!

I'm sure even Ted would rather I do my work-work, my math homework, fee my hubbie, and play with my adopted dog (especially the last one).

Simple error based on not having all the data on the 4th when I made my initial (wrong) guess of John Mayer for Probe Light.


Now can anyone give me some thoughts on mine and others most recent Nickleback/FallOutBoy/AllAmerRejects/JamesBlunt guesses for Probe Light?

Anonymous said...

Valerie - I'm not a sister and don't make the rules, but here's my two cents:
If you can't do the research, and you're going to constantly write long posts defending or explaining your ill-researched "oops" lists of wrong data-dumps then please, by all means, focus on your work-work. Don't half ass it here. I like debating guesses on here, but it's getting tedious to scroll through your long-winded, repetitive, odd posts in every thread.

Anyway, please research and add if NB/FoB/AAR have more awards than JT, and how else they fit this blind, if you're going to put them up for serious consideration.

James Blunt has already been discussed, but I do think with Ted's latest bitchback that he may be back in the running. I can't find anything on whether he and JM know each other. For some reason I thought they were friends, but all I can find is what Kate16 said, that they were at Glastonbury together.

Kate16 said...

Valerie I'm also not a sister. But please - Just.Shut.Up.
I don't care why you're doing something, who you are, how you're researching, blah blah blah.
Frankly to me you sound deluded. Coz of like all the famous people you know and your super-super important college work on gossip websites. But hey what do I know - I'm sure that during the GFC American colleges have enough grant money that a report on this is a top priority.
Stop writing A4 long replies,start actually thinking about the clues - you know, the reason why we're all here.
Jack Johnson was married when this came out, All American Rejects had won nothing in Feb 2006, (and I can't see those guys or FOB thinking their music was appropriate for foreplay - have you heard it?)
Though against Blunt is the fact that he'd only won this by feb 2006:
* MTV Europe Music Awards – Best New Act
* Q Awards – Best New Act
* Digital Music Awards – Best Pop Act
* NRJ Music Awards (France) – Best International Newcomer

Valerie Feria - Isacks said...

Look Kate I'm sorry if I've upset you somehow but please calm down!

It isn't okay to call someone "deluded" just because their viewpoint or reality or experience is different than yours it just makes them different. I'm not talking to dead people or unicorns or unreal things as such so I'm not deluded - I just have a different viewpoint on life.

If I could go back and use other (non personal) examples to support my points I would. I've tried the best I can to participate and come up with other possibles that hadn't been brought up yet. If you don't think that they work for the blind you are always free to ignore my posts or say why the guess is impossible or skim them only for new guess - whatever works for you.

Again, I'm really sorry if I've somehow annoyed/offended you by accident that was FAR from my intentions. You can choose to forgive or choose to have a chip on your shoulder.

It's taken me awhile to find out this forum wants it less personal about the poster but more details about blind. It's very counter intuitive for me as I usually want to know more about the real persons behind a group than the topic at hand, but that's just me.

I've seen some really wonderful posts here from Hordac, Caz, Blurry, and Rachel that have given me some insight as to why this is an attractive hobby.

If you are serious in asking about the studies I've needed to read for this paper they are ones like and there are more but I've obviously bored people with too many comments before so I don't want to do that again if I can try and help it.

As for the guesses themselves All American Rejects and the other possibles I put up were in the Top Ten of either/both the Billboard Hot & Pop charts during that time (it is in the Billboard links). Yes I have heard their music, and especially like Fall Out Boy out of the one's listed. Is it nookie appropriate? NO, for several reasons but isn't that part of the point of Ted's post on it?

If you could tell me where Ted's comment is about Justin Timberlake in comparison to this blind that would be much appreciated :)

If that is the case then I think only Blunt and Nickleback are still in the running.

As for Blunt awards you are missing quite a few that are listed I hope that at least helps!

blurry vice said...

"Dear Ted:
My mutt Oz loves the Six Degrees of Vicers game! My question for him: Does Super Duper Cooper know Probe Light? Have they toured together? Imagine the duels of ego/kink backstage at those shows!
—Doc and Oz

Dear Dr. Light It Up:
Just barely. Woof woof to Ozzie!"

Kate16 said...

And you respond how? With an A4 reply. You're unbelieveble. And you're clogging the site.
As for not understanding how this site works - maybe you want to return the degree you have in Anthropology?
Thanks for the heads up on those awards. Though most of them are so unimportant to a US audience I doubt Ted would consider them to count.
As for the JT comment, go to the original Probe Light post. It's the first comment.

nini said...

Michael Buble? He was biggish in 2006, definitely Top 40 and I could see him as being arrogant.. Hmmm

Anonymous said...

Nicole, Buble is a good guess. He was also dating Emily Blunt at the time, (although Devil Wears Prada didn't come out til summer 2006) so this would have been a little juicier. Stuck on the awards though, he was only nominated for a Grammy by this point and didn't win.

But your guess made me think of Josh Groban. I know he's not a rocker or even a semi-rocker, but he certainly had a crapton of awards. And I can't stop laughing about getting it on to "You Raise Me Up".

Tara said...

Haaaaaaaaa Rosey! Groban is a good one, but it creeps me out.

Caz1310 said...

Valerie you're really starting to cop it from several bloggers here. I do think you're here with the best intentions and it's one of the best/worst thing about public forums is that all of us can't please everyone the whole time. I sincerely feel for you. I personally have a short attention span and tune out reading a looong post with looong sentences no matter who posts it. Sometimes a few words convey what we want to say, sometimes a long post does too.

Holly2384 said...

Lenny Kravitz? Rocker, no band, kinda pop-ish and clean lyrics.

Valerie Feria - Isacks said...

You have it wrong I'm still studying for the anthro degree. How can I return something I'm still trying to obtain? My previous degrees & certs are in other things (not listing to shorten post).

My guesses were based on Billboard's website for US charts. There are plenty of potentials for this vice there!

Blunt and Nickleback are still my front runners based on Billboard, the eliminations, ruminations, and examinations of the group.

However, I still think Fall Out Boy and All American Rejects are more than valid based on those US music charts of the time.

More Blunt awards not listed I hope that at least helps!

Oh btw we Yanks don't use A4, letter size here is 8.5 by 11 inches.

BalmCakes Bakery said...

As a recent follower of all things blind gossip stumbled across this blind - its quite apt that Ted mentions how Mick Jagger could get away with such vainness but not PL and Maroon Five recent hit Moves Like Jagger! If only Ted knew what the future would hold for a (maybe) Blind Vicer!