Monday, August 20, 2012

Lainey - Who Did Your Eyes?

Yeah, this is way late.  Sorry!  From Lainey August 10 -

Who Did Your Eyes?

One of the best pieces of gossip I’ve heard lately. I wish I could have watched it go down. Wait, but now I’ve built it up too much. So I’ll pull it back first: this does not involve sex or cheating or secret gays or garden vegetables which means some of you may find it boring. But it does involve two celebrated actors, super powerful, super respected, neither of whom seem to be particularly vain physically beyond staying trim.
A few months ago, one wrote the other asking for some advice:
Actor A: I was just wondering...who did your eyes?
Actor B: I don’t know, I’ve never had my eyes done.
Actor A: Yeah, ok, sure. Merry Christmas.
And then they spent the rest of the season sh-t talking each other while smiling down the carpets at all the events during the season because one suspects the other of holding out on him for a good surgeon. In Hollywood, you’re never too mature to be pretty...and petty!

Top suspects:
Actor A:
Actor B:


Caz1310 said...

Plucking names out of nowhere...Michael Douglas, Harrison Ford, Robert Redford....oh hang on...Pacino & DeNiro?

blurry vice said...

Hi Caz!

I was thinking Bruce Willis or George Clooney, somewhere in that age range. But I love the Pacino and DeNiro idea.

EV said...

Actor A: Brad Pitt
Actor B: George Clooney

MISCH said...

Actually I think Brad Pitt has had work done within the last year

Kiki said...

When I initially read this, I thought
Actor A: George Clooney
Actor B: Brad Pitt

Could it be a Clooney reveal in her intro today:
Perhaps a hint that it was Clooney who went around bad-mouthing Pitt???

Unknown said...

Actor A: Billy Bob Thornton

Actor B: Tom Hanks

Billy Bob was in Badder Santa

Hanks was in Polar Express

I would have said Clooney also, but Clooney admitted to his surgery. Perhaps it was Brad Pitt, but I think with the clues, these two make more sense.

nycgal212 said...

Totally brad pitt and George clooney

nycgal212 said...

They also both try to stay slim, especially brad. But other than that they seem fine looking haggard at times. And bc they are friends I could see George c. contacting brad about something kinda private like plastic surgery.

The Real Dragon said...

I go with everyone else. Brad Pitt and Clooney

Anonymous said...

OK I know this is off topic but how is John Cusack not Toothy Tile, I mean he is younger than Tom Cruise, damn it, what am I missing, and yes i know jake gyllenhaal been the top guess for a while now for toothy, but seriously am I missing something, or has ted actually notted him, or am i ignorant j C is actually married, maybe i should go do some research...?



Rita said...
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MD1979 said...

I had a look through the nominees for some of the various awards and here's a few more names to throw into the mix:

Gary Oldman - was nominated for Tinker Tailor so he'd be attending awards shows - but not sure if he's 'super powerful.'

Nick Nolte and Kenneth Branagh were also nominated for Oscars and fit the age range, both celebrated actors.

Daniel Craig wasn't nominated for anything but was in Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, so would have been making the awards show rounds, definitely starting to show his age a bit.

Leo DiCaprio was nominated for a Globe for J.Edgar and you can really see he is aging around the eyes. He would fit the clue and seems petty enough to bad mouth the other actor.

Also as Lainey doesn't say it's movie actors, it could be TV actors, in which case: Steve Buscemi, Bryan Cranston, Kelsey Grammer, Jeremy Irons or Alec Baldwin could be contenders.

Just thought I'd put some different names out there as Brad Pitt and George Clooney seems a bit too obvious...

MD1979 said...

Other TV actors who would have been attending a lot of awards shows - Bill Nighy, Dominic West, Paul Giamatti (not sure if he is really focussed on staying slim?), Guy Pearce, Tim Robbins.

I don't watch the majority of these TV shows so I'm not sure if these actors are 'super powerful' but they all seem quite celebrated.

I'm going with Steve Buscemi and Tim Robbins just for fun. :)

MD1979 said...

Anyone think this might be a hint that one of the actors is John Travolta? Lainey goes on about how he wants us all to see how thin he is now.

FrenchGirl said...

Travolta was at some ceremonies this year???

jessmica said...

lainey revealed this at last night's smut soiree to be tom cruise asking george clooney